Monday, January 29, 2001

All weekend I couldn't do SHIT to update the main page, and now, I write up a huge summary of all the shit I was gonna say during the weekend, and piece of baboon vomit eating shitstick Blogger deletes it!! Sucker of cock!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, here we go one more time.

I got a new $400 synthesizer. This little bitch can make some awesome music, and also has a good bunch of porno tunes built into it. You heard right. All the built in music for that thing sounds like it belongs in a triple X film. Anyways we need it to make music for our movie, Copside 3. I'm still figuring out how to use this fuckin thing, but you can listen to some of the music I made so far on the EARGASM page. I really recommend listening to song #4 (my latest one). It's fucking amazing.

Jessica had a pretty kick ass party on saturday. Too bad M.C. Rae and Chad didn't show up until everyone had left. But it sure was funny watching Eric's girlfriend being 100% wasted. So then we head off to BP, and Chad made the funniest impression of my brother I had ever heard. There ws something about the ways he yelled out "Mike!! Green Van!!" that made me laugh so hard I'm sure I suffered internal bleeding here and there. It will be on the next Slurrey Show for sure.

Speaking of the Slurrey Show, we haven't had one for a while cause we're busy preparing for Copside 3. We'll have a good one pretty soon though, with naked chicks. Or not.

Now, I must pray that Blogger posts this fucking thing, and then go back to writing the Copside 3 script. There's something about writing a script for an hour and a half long movie that TAKES A REALLY FUCKING LONG TIME, and it has to be done soon too. So still, there won't be many updates until it's done (end of the week?).

So go and post on the fucking message board!!

Thursday, January 25, 2001

Well, the Copside 3 script is coming along REALLY well, it's quite a masterpiece right now actually. I'll start updating again this weekend, and adding a whole bunch of cool shit.

Anyways, we will be having an election for who will be the next vice prez of this site. The poll will be on this page soon.
Back to writing the Copside 3 script.

Tuesday, January 23, 2001

For the next few days, I won't be updating as much since I will be quite busy finishing off the Copside 3 script, encoding the grad video, and raping various types of plants.

Quoth the penis: "Spank me more"

Monday, January 22, 2001

Vice President's message:

I would like to formally congratulate Chad E. Whittingham having been proclaimed Vice President-elect. Having known Chad for many years since the "Marassa Baseball Incident" I have known him to be a unique individual to say the least. However, despite his claims that I am "out of the way" I will work until the last hour of the last day of my Vice Presidency to defend, protect, and preserve this great site. I wish the Vice President-elect every success in his tenure as Vice President (however long that is as we have no term limits).

You can expect a series of executive orders from me during my last days of this lame duck Vice Presidency. I look forward to leaving the spotlight.

Vice President Chad McRae
Smack Jack Dilly Wack yall!

With vice president Chad B. Mcrae out of the way i shall step up as vice president of (sorry mike but that's the way it works). As soon to be V.P. i have a few new rules from now on you must use the words mobile and pimp (not necicarily in that order) in every pharagraph. Also when refering to the old V.P. you shall use the words super slosher in front of it and every thing shall be flash i.e. flash smack, flash jack, flash dilly, and flash wack.

If people don't obey these rules they will become the losers of the site and shunned by the slurrey representitives.

Thank you and always remember to leave the safety on.=o
Well, I got this email today:

Dear Mr. Twisted Mike:

This is to inform you that I have been presented with
time constraints recently. Therefore, I am tendering
my resignation as Vice President of and as
a member of the "Slurrey Show." I wish to advise you
that this is effective February 5, 2001 at noon.

I would like to thank you for the experience of having
worked for, a truly outstanding and
honourable organization.


Vice President Chad B. McRae
Ok I fixed this page. You can all see it now.

Saturday, January 20, 2001

I am experimenting with new layouts and shit. If this page looks screwed up, check back in a few minutes.
Chad Whittinhm's party kicked fucking ass I drank so much evryone is wondering why i didn'tr puke.... I even ate A FUCKING NEWSPAPER... well jnot the entire paper, just a whole page, and I swallowed most of it and shiiiit it's gonna feel wierd coming out if you know what I mean so I off to bed lookig forward to tomorrows beutiful hangover!

Ill go into detail tomorrow when i feel not as drunk but a lot more headache.
I apologize for the earlier incoherence of this message.

Thursday, January 18, 2001

I have been hearing reports that some people can't watch the Slurrey Show. I don't know why some people can't watch the Slurrey Show. So from now on, I will encode the Slurrey show in windows streaming format, which may be more compatible with people who have CPU-deficient computers.

I caught my cat giving my dog a rimjob.

Wednesday, January 17, 2001

So I was sitting playing cards with Pimp shit Diego at SFU and he was like "man lets go pick up some hoes! dood!" I was like "yeah!"

it was cool

Tuesday, January 16, 2001

Everytime windows doesn't shut down properly I have to re-install ICQ cause it won't start up.

Another contributing factor to me going insane and blowing up a few cities later on. Thank you, AOL, for setting back the human race a couple of decades. Retards.

Monday, January 15, 2001

Louann kicks ass!!! I just love it how she terrorizes people on my ICQ list whenever she's over!! Amazing.

It's playing Lawnmower Man 2.. what a pice of shit... but I seem to be watching it anyways. In the same kinda way that people like to look at accidents and plane crashes.
OH MY FUCKING GOD... at work it smells like someone shit in the underground parking!! Jesus it's really dark in there too and tonight I am gonna have brutal nightmares of me walking in there and stepping on this massive brown coiler, which will bite my foot off and then I'll wake up and realize that I shit myself having a shitty dream like that! Why the hell would somone shit in the underground parking? There's rats there the size of fucking possums! You can't even take a piss in there without a rat jumping up and swinging off your dangler for fun.

Then, I look at the jiffy johns. Most people actually fear the moment when they realize "Oh oh... I have to pinch a sizeable loaf", except there's no actual toilet around, just a portable potty filled to the top with feces (and other assorted.... feces). Seriously, I will never shit into a jiffy john for as long as I live... just open the lid and look in!! Mountains of different colored turds that if you look at them long enough, you'll swear that some of them are moving. Hell, if your asshole sees a sight like that it will probably close up and you'll never shit again, you'll just get fatter and fatter and smell more and more like shit... I think I now realize that some people would rather squat in the parking lot and lay a big steamer while rats jump up and bite their nuts.

Goddamn I'm bored.

Sunday, January 14, 2001

Chad Whittingham VS Eric Van Egdom!!!!

...I will never say blame Canada again.

Friday, January 12, 2001

Hey, watch my webcam tonight, it's gonna be quite live.
"This one time at band camp... I stuck a tuba up my ass. It's still there, as I am unable to retrieve it. I can fart out Beethoven quite well though."

Hey, I'm not called "organ grinder" for nothing!
I'm in love with Michelle (or rather FLUTE GIRL) from the movie, American Pie, and I hope to make love to her and her lucky little flute in the near future. Uhhm. Blame Canada.

Thursday, January 11, 2001

The 4rth Slurrey Show is up (okay... half of it), and the 7th feature is also up. Go and check them out, more funny shit!

I ate a piece of chalk on the Slurry Show. And today I shat it out onto the middle of a sidewalk. Then a dog came by and started licking it, then a rabid purple cat jumped on the dog and humped it up the ass, and a seagull flew by and said "You are a licker of assholes" while shitting out small sperical lead pellets, which hit the dog on the head and killed it. Then I bought a Pepsi.

I wonder if eating the chalk had anything to do with the things I saw today.Yep, it must have been that funky colored chalk.
I don't make any apologies or concessions for my questioning of Louann, if you come on the Slurrey Show prepare to be grilled on very personal and/or controversial topics.

"That's just my perspective on the situation"
Slurrey News

Hello here is the latest updates on your favourite slurrey show cast members.

Twisted Mike: Mike has been placed under house arrest due to another attempt to break into the insane asylum and get a room. I caught up with Mike and he had this to say. �Why is this guys dick in my mouth.� Thank you mike.

The platypus: Eric the platypus was sent to a local prison for breaking a British mans jaw. His comments were. �The fucker asked me if he could bum a fag so i broke his jaw and stomped on his head several times.� Eric has been released due to the fact that the only witness was a Hindu and couldn�t speak English and local authorities didn�t want to get a translator.

M.C. Rae: This past week has been a hard time for Chad because of the drug addiction due to his attempt to assassinate Al Gore for loosing the election. Chad�s friends and family are staying with him until he comes out of the coma. While in the coma Chad had this to say. �That stupid Al Gore I�ll get him yet. Wait a minute I�m in a coma.�

The little rootbeer & Beaner: While i am being pummelled to death by Beaner because of a comment i made about his girlfriend and her brother looking alike and when he does stuff with her it is like doing stuff with him. I would like to apologise to the people in the stories and to Louanne for the comments i made about her The past few days. I would also like to thank Mike for taking down the mean ones i put up about Louanne.

Thank you and Bye sexuals

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

Tuesday, January 09, 2001

Saw that painting Mike was jabbering about. Me, myself am into magic and supersticious and all that weird junk and I am imagining some scary shit right now. Now I'M going to have nightmares. Grrreeaat! I allready hallucinate in the dark enough as it is! Guess it's time to bust out my old night light.
As Chadlei? posted on her earlier:

"Due to the fact that our last guest an the slurrey show became a Ragein' bitch after the show but couldn't say anything to to our faces we will be carefully screaning the guests........Ha Ha Ha AHAHHAHHGAHGHA GWAHAAHHHaaa

Bye sexuals"

That was really mean Chad, even if it was for a joke. Go ahead and make fun of people that deserve it, thats what this page is pretty much for, but not someone who doesn't deserve it and that I really like.

Monday, January 08, 2001

The Slurrey Show is taking longer than expected due to Adobe Premiere not being able to join 2 large AVI video files. What the fuck.
There is a big indian and a little indian walking down the street. The little indian is the big indian's son, but the big indian is not the little indian's father. Who is the big indian?
I'm feeling really sick right now, no updates (x_x).

Sunday, January 07, 2001

When you are dreaming, and you are having a nightmare when you know something really bad is about to happen, well that's what I feel like right now!

I put a certain pic (of a supposedly haunted painting) up as a wallpaper, but I'm still feeling this way even after I took it down.... and weird shit is just starting to happen.. try it yourself and post what happens to you on the message board. Take the pic with both the kids in it, right-click it, and choose "set as wallpaper".
Mmmm ... grow up ..
When I grow up I'm gonna be Homer Simpson!
Yes Louann was certainly a good guest on the show. I'd recommend that everyone watch that show.

Saturday, January 06, 2001

Well, whoever noticed the live webcam yesterday (yes the cam was LIVE almost all night) or looked through the cam archives, saw a new face on the cam, Louann!!! Yes, the same Louann who reached #2 spot on before taking her page down!!! It was really fun and I like her a lot. Kickass.

We did another Slurrey Show too, and that should be up in a couple of days.
bored bored bored bored bored bored bored bored i think ill go find a lobster to masturbate with.

Thursday, January 04, 2001

Well I am running this page with different server software... If this page loads slower or faster than before please post on the message board so I can see it this is still worth using.

Blogger sure is slow these days.

Wednesday, January 03, 2001

I was as tired as a dog addicted to licking it's own nuts, so I went to sleep at 8 pm,. then I woke up at 11 pm.
How fucking sad.

Slurrey show has been fixed, the picture quality is 128kbps so it doesn't look like diarrhea anymore.

Tuesday, January 02, 2001

Well I changed the image at the top of this page, cause no one really liked it, and it even started making me feel sick after a while. Webpages with pictures of freshly squeezed bowls of cumdon't really get any normal visitors do they?
Hey I've made some changes around the site, see if you can find them all.
Well, next Slurrey Show we have a very SPECIAL (not in a retarded way!!) guest appearing, who will defnitly make the slurrey show worth watching.

By the way, Slurrey Show Episode 3 is up!!! PENATH UUUNNNGGGHHH!!!!
Good Morning to all

I woke up today with a splitting headache, I suppose that it may just be another brain hemmorage from all those calculus equations wandering through my head whilst I was asleep. Apparently there have been rumours of a very "special" guest on next week's Slurrey Show. Stay tuned for more action