Thursday, May 31, 2001

Ok so I talking to this guy,and out of nowhere he starts talking about how to make seagull's explode! I
thought what the fuck!
He's how the conversation went:

S = The crazy guy

M = Me


S: So yesterday i made a seagull expolde...

M: What the hell, you serious?

S: Ya man it was so cool!

M: There's nothing cool about killing a bird, what did you do to it?

S: I put baking soda and drano on bread and scattered it in my back yard.

M: Then what?

S: Well a seagull came down and ate some of scraps, and then tried to fly, man it was flapping its wing like
hell, it was like ten feet off the ground and couldn't fly any higher

M: Then?

S: Hey and birds can't fart, so after a while of stuggling, pink stuff started shoot out of his ass

M: What!

S: Then you could see his guts coming out and then he exploded and hs carcus fell onto the gound!

M: You are one sick bastard

S: and you know what else works well? anything that "fizzes"

M: Get the hell out of my face.


Now that was something I did not want to hear!

Wednesday, May 30, 2001

Convict escapes then breaks-in to prison

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- For Arnold Ancheta, it was out of the oven and into the frying pan. Ancheta, an inmate at Elmwood Correctional Facility in Milpitas, broke out of a medium-security dorm only to hop the wrong fence and end up next door at the women's jail.

Last week, Ancheta apparently stood atop a bunk bed and punched holes in the wall to use as steps toward a skylight. He then used a bed sheet and a mop handle to pry apart two bars that blocked the roof opening. He squeezed through the bars and broke out the plexiglass-covered skylight.

He jumped down about 20 feet from the roof. However, instead of heading toward the fence that leads to a public road, he jumped a smaller fence and ended up on the women's side of the facility, according to Mark Cursi, a Department of Corrections spokesman.

Female inmates saw the 25-year-old man running around the yard and told correctional officers. He was taken to a hospital and then a downtown jail.

Ok, this guy is either a mentally retarded gimp, or a horny genius. That is all I have to say.
The word on the street is that some people (students and teachers at LAM, and the school board) are not too happy about this site. So, to cover my ass, a few things shall have to change around here. Specifically, personal insults made towards some people. More on this later, it is time for me to go out and chew on my basketball hoop while little kids throw sticks at me.

America A Fascist Police State, Stoned Underage Drunk Driver Charges

SMYRNA, GA -- Outraged by the brutal suppression of civil liberties that has defined the nation's history, stoned 15-year-old Corey Shifflett denounced America as a "total fascist police state" following his drunk-driving arrest Saturday. "This whole country is, like, totally Hitlered-out," Shifflett told friend Glen Withers, who posted his $500 bail. "These cops, they're just looking for any excuse to pull us over and hassle us, just to feel like fuckin' Superman." Shifflett then knocked over an orange highway cone and vowed to move to Amsterdam.

Hahaha... Hitlered-out... I'll remember that one.
I just saw on the morning news that some psycho teacher named "Tammy Anne Chibanoff" set 3 sections of Whalley Junior Secondary on fire reciently and that's why it's closed down! She burned another teacher's desk, the main resource room, and the Upstairs Staff room. I wonder why She was named one of the "coolest" instructors in the school? Seems pretty FIREd up to me!
YEAH!! Down with edu-makation!

Tuesday, May 29, 2001

Ok people, I've not posted anything on here in a while due to working and sleep... but now I am on a day off, I have decided to dig up some stupid shit and write about it. (As usual)
Today's topic is rejected childrens items... Stuff that has actually made it to stores, and then has been recalled because fatal or harmful.
The list is as follows:

#1 "Especially for Baby Wipe Warmer" produced by Saftey 1st
Why? Because they have determined that some of the units may crack in the tub area that holds the wipes. Some consumers have received electric shocks when they touched the wipes in the units that were cracked.
Comment: hmm... electrified babies... why was this being recalled again? I say, fun for the whole family!

#2 "18-speed EQUATOR Mountain Bicycles" produced by Dynacraft
Why? They contain a problem with the crank arm that will allow the pedals to loosen and possibly fall off while riding.
Comment: How many idiots flew down the mountain without the ability to pedal before this engineering reject came back to the store? My guess: as long as it takes to recover from the multiple fracture ward.

#3 " Brunswick Bicycle Mongoose 24" R30" produced by Brunswick
Why? The CPSC has recalled Ballistic front suspension forks installed on certain Brunswick mountain bicycles. The forks on the bikes can break apart, causing the rider to lose control and fall.
Comment: Exchange suspension for a face full of concrete/gravel/grass/stone... Hey, at least the rider will get more minerals in their diet.

Well, That's all the shit I gots for now.. I'm gonna go have something to drink, go outside and get ripped, then watch Short-Circuit 2 (hilarious if you're "conditioned" properly)

Till next time kiddies...
Requiem for a Dream. --

This is a masterpiece of a movie, and shows exactly how drugs an fuck people up. This movie is very disturbing, especially considering that shit like this happens to people evry day. So go to your local video store, and rent the movie cause it just came out on video. Watch the DVD version if possible, cause then you'll REALLY enjoy the nauseating effects and camera angles used here. It's just like my other fav movie, Natural Born Killers, in that sorta way.
Ever seen the movie "Me, Myself, And Irene", where, after a night of crazy sex with that Renee chick, Jim Carrey goes to take a piss, and the stream of piss flies in a totally different direction and hits the wall? Well, that happened to me this morning, except the piss stream hit me in the face.

Now I know how that big hole on my couch got there last night. Eww.
MC Rae is the new Vice President of this site! Chadlei has been kicked out cause he never really got sworn in as VP... hell he didn't even know he was VP until 2 weeks after he won! Anyways we welcome MC Rae back as the VP!
Well hello there ladies, Disco Stu can finally post whats new. Hey thx MiKE for finally givin me the link lol. Anywhose... Todays editon of "Snappy German Uniforms" goes to ... jkjkjkjk ... I have an obsession. Well heres a funny pic that *blows* ... literally.

Monday, May 28, 2001

I am buying a GameBoy advance when it comes out in a couple of weeks. This thing is pretty much a portable Super NES. It comes in 3 colors, purple, clear purple, and white. Of course, I am getting the white one cause it look the coolest and will camoflauge any cum stains that somehow might happen to get on it..

I sent mail to Nintendo asking whether the plastic for this thing was the same type as the stuff used for the SNES, cause after a few years my SNES turned yellow. I certainly hope that it's not the same material, because I don't really appreciate people accusing me of urinating on my video game systems.

Saturday, May 26, 2001

I would like to give out a nice, hearty FUCK YOU to the anus-scraping faggots who have been packeting my server the last 2 hours. You are a bunch of sad, pathetic losers who have nothing better to do than hack people on the net. It gives you a feeling of power that you normally lack in real life cause you're short little antisocial shits who's only purpose in our society is for everyone to pick on. Go fuck yourselves.


Node: I5M4I2
MAC: 444553540000



Friday, May 25, 2001

The Slurrey Show EPISODE 7 is up. Check it out, it will be in the SLurrey Show page soon. It may or may not work properly for some people with shitty computers.

To view it, right-click it and choose "save as".

Thursday, May 24, 2001

Hmm, I'm bored... Gotta go to work in T-8 hours and counting...
Hmm, empty house... Full bottles of Vodka in the cabinet... anyone wanna come over?
Shee ya'll nesht time kidshh
The highly anticipated FEATURE 10 is now up!! Check it out for some really hilarious pics!!!! Fuckin great.

Tuesday, May 22, 2001

I saw the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" yesterday, and it is fucking sweet. I sure had a great tme watching/reading it... oh yes it is in subtitles. But I think that it was a wise choice to put it in subs, cause if they dubbed over the characters voices with english, I would be laughing so hard at the horrible japanese lip suncing that I wouldn't notice the awesome special effects. Anyways this movie has everything, and the special effects (fighting in mid-air) blew me away. The story also rocks, it sorta reminds me of some japanese RPG, and Shenmue too. Watch this movie? Hell yes. Better than the matrix? Well, special effects are, but I prefer the Matrix's awesome original storyline.
And that was Sonic Tsunami making his great exit folks, we will all miss him and his extremely intriguing posts I'm sure! On to other news...

I just found out that one my favorite video game music soundtracks of all time (and the catchiest), from the game, Knuckles Chaotix, was composed by 2 really hot chicks. Check out the SEGA Sound Studio "Wave Master" staff page for their pictures, their names are Junko Shiratsu and Mariko Nanba.
yo this is my last post...accessing the web from the local library because of bitch-sister taking my home comp...
it's been cool peeps..
I love postin here...
I'd like to welcome Disco Stu 72 back to the staff. He was fired unfairly and for no real good reason while I was away, so I'm bringing him back to the staff. Welcome back man!

Monday, May 21, 2001

So as you can see in my webcam, I got new flourescent lights for my room, cause regular incandescent light bulbs piss me off. Now it's so bright in there that going outside in the sun seems dark. You know it's too bright in a room when you close your lights and still see white. Ugh.

SO YOU WANT TO BE VICE-PREZ OF THIS SITE?? Like MC Rae said below, email me before May 30th!!!
[icefactor] I'm shedding pounds with "Weight Loss Through Sex" video tapes
[Kalen] hmmm
[Kalen] thats interesting
[icefactor] Every pump is a guaranteed 20 pounds gone
[slurrey] I use "weight loss through masterbation" playboy magazines
[slurrey] I bet I lose 20 pounds of semen every day
man...stupid hacking crap...oh well...
man I'm just burned out on life...I know you guys dont care but no one listens to me IRL anyways..
I forgot what I gonna say....It was something important but the migraine I had last night musta done that..
simpsons was funny..the duffman character is funny as hell...

duffman is thrusting in the direction of the problem! oooh yeah!

Sunday, May 20, 2001

I'm plannin on getting my comp upgraded as soon as I get some of them green paper presidents in my wallet..
I'm hacking sonic 2 and sonic 2 beta and creating them into one full game...
another hacking project is sonic cd...I need a cd burner to do it..
I need to update my site...
yo discostu72 start postin man!!!(I know I messed up on the spelling...I'm too lazy to fix it)

Saturday, May 19, 2001

sorry for those last two posts...blogger was actin up....I've been workin
on game hacking tools and I have an idea how I can make the PC version of
sonic cd have the japanese version's look and sound..
well the sound anyways...
simply burn the info to a new disk...and burn the japanese version's music tracks into the new cd..
and run it(ya gotta know the track layout)
and if anyone could tell me how i get the damn blogger for my site to work I'd be grateful..
now...time to hack some more roms and bust them open...
question for the slurrey staff:when's the next slurrey show?

Friday, May 18, 2001

ok the bitchsticks who created blogger are idiots...I'm bored....
some assholes keep trying to break in to my house...I need a gun.
ok the bitchsticks who created blogger are idiots...I'm bored....
some assholes keep trying to break in to my house...I need a gun.
I downloaded the trial version to macromedia flash 5...holy shit it's impossible..
I put in a sound and action and the sound wouldnt play...
then the action didnt work as well as the sound..I'm like..YOU ASSFUCKING PEICE OF GOD DAMN ROTTING SHIT!!
so being pissed off I close the bitch out and get online...
and get this..I have only 30 days to use this bitch that will probably take 2 months to get the hang of and buying it will cost 400 fuckin dollars...YES 400 dollars on some stupid program that is almost impossible to work...
I was downloading the flash 4 thing then for some reason it became flash 5..
those monkey wankers!!
I coulda gotten a keygen crack for flash for so it would be mine for free...
noo...flash 5 came out of the filename flash4-trial.exe
damnit...oh well..I'll just have to plot for some fuckin sweet revenge...or just learn how to work it..
a site I'm gonna try to learn how to use this bitch is fineline.
awesome site with this flash lookin intro that is actually javascript's fuckin awesome..
and the dude who owns the site has flash,photoshop,java,javascript tutorial...even a few script downloads and generators..
fuckin awesome...
check it out..
here's two sonic adventure chao pics I made(they'd better link...believe me..they arent just regular pics)

my response to that tree raping asshole who dissed this site:
I think you put a dent in your scull already asswipe...I know you're insecure about not having any balls or a dick and you have to get raped by various objects and animals to get some...and if you dont like it here,go to your favorite kiddie website ( or any other gay website) and wank off to cartoon characters...I know it must be tough finding a good object to have fuck you...go find a rock and scream at it to rape you..
and fine..dont sign the's not like we want your scum touching it anyways...

Some fucker on the message board dissed us, and this is what he/she/it said:

hahaha, put a dent in my skull sissies, i aint gonna sign your fuckin guestbook, why you ask? cuz yer all fags, donkey raping shit eaters!!!! tell you what, if you actually have the sack to respond, or for that matter post this shit, ill send you an address, and you can come "put a dent in my skull" ill be waitin......

Then my reply:

What we have here is a fine example of what happens when retards are bred with monkeys. Sir, your farts smell like fish, you masterbate to pictures of your parents wedding, you give your little sister ATD's (Anal Tongue Darts), you suck your dog off, your dad rapes you with a shovel, your grandpa rapes you with his semen-crusted cane, and your mom rapes you with that frozen fish she always has stuck halfway up her ass.
Because your mom has not tits cause she was once a man (she couldn't afford to get the FULL sex change operation) she got your dad to cram his dick in your mouth... but I guess it was a little too big and it shot a load of semen into your brain cavity, which is now your brain. Thus causing your fucking lameness. So now you know.
Have a nice day!

And then MC Rae's reply:

Studies have shown that individuals with that IP address have extremely small genitals

Now that's fucking classic!! See I tell you, post in the fucking message board, it's quite hilarious in there.

Blogger is about to go into maintenance again in 5 minutes. Fuckers. Lickers of Satchel. Wads of goat cum.
I'm tired and my creativity has dwindled. Again, I cannot post anything interesting tonight. Blame it on the lack of sleep the past few nights, and extreme sexual encounters with certain vegetation in my back yard. Ouch.
Just to let you all know, no Sonic Tsunami is not 6 years old. Though I can't prove that since I have no evidence.

Thursday, May 17, 2001

kill blogger...idiots....and what kinda name is blogger? it sounds like a type of afterwaste of something...
whne I finish downloading macromedia flash 4..I'm gonna make some funny as hell animations..including if I beat up vladamir..
but then he's mike's alter ego...
so nevermind...
sorry for that wait in the post thing...someone wouldn't get off the damn connection was bein a bitch,blogger was bein a bitch,my e-mail wasnt working...that sorta thing..
I hope the person who made the damn blogger thing gets raped by a tree...
yes RAPED by..that's sad..
tree porn..LOL!
I cant wait for the next slurrey show..
Although I am no longer a member of staff due to my retirement that was effective April 30th, 2001. I still have some concern over some decisions that were made under the communist influence at the end of "my" term.

After the communists were defeated by MiKE and myself there were some decisions made and they are as follows:

1) Make My retirement effective immediately and honour the election of Chadlei? as Vice President for the remainder of my term (until Aug. 17, 2001)

2) To severely limit the power of the Vice President. We have removed impeachment and referenda and given all final decisions to the site President. I know many of you will regret losing your say, but this is what you wanted so it shall be.

3) We have installed a communist filter, so the site will not be taken over by: communists, nazis, facists, barbers, or janitors.

Although this is not binding I am personally recommending that Disco Stu 72 be placed back as a staff member as I personally feel his dismissial was unfair.

Thank you,

M.C. Rae
holy's 4 am..and blogger is acting like a gimp on steroids..
ok I'll return from the pit I sleep in tomorrow(after school stuff,a certain family member monopolizing the comp...bitch)
wait...UNGH!!!! no no....UNNNGGHHH!!!! UUUUUUNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!!*plop* aaahhh...I thought I'd never shit out that remote...
ok.....I hate microsoft's so slow man......damn microsoft
microsoft:cheap ass motherfuckers who gives you a glitchy OS and by the time all the patches become available,it's outdated..assmonkeys..
I'm gettin linux as soon as I get a new fuckin HDD and DSL to download Red Hat Linux...
and my server cant even get visitors or my comp will crash...DAMN 32 MEGS!!
one more message:
fuck you damn commies!! >:)
yo peeps..this is sonic tsunami..yes I'm the winner of the contest!!! WOO HOO!!
ok that was just fucked up man...
you assholes who come here and dont sign the guestbook need to put a permanent dent in your scull..
oh I'm sorry you already do..
it's almost 12 at night man...if this post is shitty I apologize..I've only had one fuckin hour of full sleep!!! tree raping hour....
get this...this is HOW retarded my local news is..they talk about the expensive x-box and show the game cube...
power outages must fuck their brains up...
I'm gonna go into my "special area" and wake up....
there's some kids who were smoking the leaves off a maple tree...they were tryin to get high..
they said "it looks like a marijauna leaf...we wanted to check out what my older brother does in his room!"
then I said "you guys are fucked up..keep away from your brother so he doesnt scream at you for stealing his stash man!!"
then they ran away from the tree....WHAT A BUNCH OF RETARDS!!!!
I mean these guys were 11,12 years old man!!
later I stalked them and scared them screaming "YOU ASSWIPES STOLE MY STASH!!"
they havent been outside for a week...>:)
and yesterday I saw this german shepherd humping this cat....that's just fucked up man!!!
and this is the strange part; there were grown men holding out dollar bills at the dog and cat...
I ran away from that....also wondering if that was mike and the staff visiting california..
and speaking of the downloading mp3 thing...I was downloading this 15 meg mp3 on my crappy 56k connection(with a proxy hack so it goes at 64k)
and I disconnected when it was at find out this psycho man was calling to ask me if I wanted to die...
he kept calling asking for sexual pleasure....I yelled into the phone "STOP CALLIN HERE YA FUCKIN HOMO!!"
he called 20 more fuckin times..I just disabled the call waiting and tried downloading this mp3...
I gave up afterwards...
I also chased a squirrel and field kicked it..GOAL!!!
check out
there's some funny shit at this site..I think MiKE should see if he can put his fight between vladamir
need protection on your car? click here!
I want that on my car(when I get one or pull one out of a lake)
sorry this is sooo long man...I have a lot to post will be shorter...
I'm gonna break windows on cars and kick this fatass at my condos...
remember kids:the best accident you'll ever see is a two buses and a chicken truck! buckaw!!
I was going to post a massive post on here, detailing the meaning of life, but then decided, "Ah fuck it.." and that sleep is more important than my great discovery that would help millions. Good night.
Sonic Tsunami, the guy who's been buggin me for almost a year to let him post on this site, still hasn't posted after a day and a half of me giving him access. Go figure.

Tuesday, May 15, 2001

So Im downloading this MP3 off some guy on Napster right, and he decides it would be funny if he disconnected me when the song was downloaded at 88%. So I get pissed, utter a few words that would even make Cartman cringe, and tried to resume the download. It goes to 92%, and the guy disconnects me again. So message him, and this is the conversation that followed:

Me: What's your problem, bitch? This is the only copy of this song on Napster!
Him: fuck you
Me: I would but your mom beat me to it. Lemme download this MP3!
Him: har har no
Me: That's it. Consider your ass kicked.
Him: Yeah right

So I go over to his house (yes, he's my neighbor) and I kick down his door. There he is, sitting at his computer desk, wanking off to a video of 2 monkeys trying to mount each other. He's like "Yeah man, you were taking my porn bandwidth that I needed for my pumping session" so I'm like:

"So you wouldn't let me download the last bit of the MP3, cause you wanted to spank it to monkey porn? That warrants a thorough beating." So I take the keyboard, smack him across the head with it, and then stick it up his ass. I laughed at the humorous situation that had resulted from this, as he was running around the room, trying to get a computer keyboard outta his ass, while "SDJWSEHWEOIHJSADJF*(#@$(*@#&(*#UREISJ" was appearing on the computer screen, over the monkey porn. Then I stole his computer, and used it to listen to the MP3 that I had wanted. Vengeance is sweet and rewarding.
If you want to visit a great site, check out Kalen's site. It's got a layout that is nice looking and simple too, and has a whole shitload of neat stuff on it. She even does in-depth reviews of breakfast cereals on there... yeah I think she's crazy, but in a most excellent way!

She's also quite a GREAT singer!
Ever had to take a shit during the most inopportune moment? There's nothing worse than needing to exorcise the big brown demon(s) from your ass, and not having a nice, white, porcelain priest to do the job. Today I was at work, and I suddenly had the urge to take a shit. Now everyone knows how horrible the toilets are at work, so I run over there, open the toilet lid... and see a pyramid of shit inside there that rivals the pyramids in egypt and on Pamela Anderson's chest, in massiveness. Normally something that scary scares the shit out of people, but a sight like this scared the shit back INTO me!!! Fuck that was gross.
Sonic Tsunami, aka some guy who's been stalking this site since it was, is now posting for this site. He will be posting for a week, until Midnight Tuesday, cause he won the "Who Beat Up Skeef" Contest. We should see some.. interesting stuff from him!
ARE YOU A HOMO?? Well, to find out if you are, try sticking these object up your ass, and if they fit, read the description to see if you are a homo.

Basketball - Extreme Homo
Football - Extreme Homo
Baseball - Moderate Homo
Lemon - Moderate Homo
Gerbil - Moderate Homo
Banana - Slight Homo
Pencil - Slighter Homo

So you see, if you took the test above, you are automatically a homo, for sticking objects up your ass. All this test did was measure the level of your homo-ness. You probably enjoyed that test didn't you?

Monday, May 14, 2001

Everything is now back in order, and we will continue on just the way we were before those fucking communists took over the site.
You're the poo poo in my toilet
You're the pee pee in my cup
You're the tree branch in my short shorts
You're the booger on my forehead
You're the cherry up my ass

But whenever you get too close
...I always get a rash!!
I woke up in the middle of the night and saw that Fateback deleted this site. I'm pissed.
So here I am at 4 am re-uploading the site to the servers.... not everything will be fully back up until I get home from work later today. Sorry.

Sunday, May 13, 2001


So the big fight did happen, and I discovered something REALLY SHOCKING about Vladamir, which you can find out by clicking the link above. So yes, I now have COMPLETE control over the site once again, and I will now re-enable IP posting in the discussion board to find out who that asshole who impersonated everybody is.

I am now taking the time to revert the site to its original form, but it may take a while. Also, I sorta like that brown color scheme so I might just leave it. Now, back to fixing the site!


Thursday, May 10, 2001

As you all don't know, (and probably don't care), this weekend the battle for this site will be fought. Vladamir seems to be up to something big, since we haven't heard from him the past couple of days. Actually, we haven't heard from ANY of the communists for the last couple of days, leading me to believe that either they are plotting a method to take over the site once and for all, or they died of natural causes (yelling too loud in those communist accents).



Sonic_Tsunami, a messageboard addict, has won the "Who Beat Up Skeef" contest!! He wins a free slurrey movie CD, and gets to post on this page once we get it back this weekend!

So who the hell beat up Skeef the Sock Penis? Well, judging from there surveillance photos, it appears to be none other than MC Rae and Chadlei!. The punishment for their actions will also be decided this weekend... fuck this is gonna be one hell of an important wekend isn't it?

Skeef The Sock Penis has now fully recovered, and will make a speech about the incident this weekend.
Pimp Theme
I Like to Watch
Behind the Green Door
Bass Porn

And the best theme, the one you hear in American Pie in the intro and also while the guy has the intimate encounter with the pie... SEX WORLD!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Today at work I was cutting lengths of metal rods so some guy could stick them up his ass (just kidding, I do not work at Gayaventa), and there were sparks flying everywhere. So I'm sitting there cutting this metal with the grinder, and I smell something burning. I keep grinding, enjoying that great burning smell, when I started to feel a little hot. So I look down and notice that the burning smell was coming from my pants, which were on fire. I was like, "whoa" and started beating the flames out, but they just wouldn't go out!


I contemplated just letting the flames burn themselves out, but then realized that it would take a while, and it would probably start hurting. So I beat the flames harder and eventually they went out. VICTORY!!! Not only can I start fires very well, I can also put them out. But I still felt so retarded, cause I keep catching fire all the time.

Speaking of retarded, here are some retard-themed MP3's:
Howard Stern - Retard Rap
Anal Cunt - I snuck a retard into a spermbank
Retard Choir: The insects will get you (personal favorite!)

Tuesday, May 08, 2001

What the HELL.....

SHIT I hibernate once and every thing all goes to hell.... Where is this Damned Vladimier Idiot..... I'm gonna strip the skin right of his skinny ass nut sack and feed it to him.... Grrrrrrr...... And What the HELL happned to this site and all of it's members??? Hmmmm Pretty soon no one will post...... GGGRRRRRRRRRR....... I'm Gonn'a KILL SOME of you FUCKERS..... But..... I'm tired so off to never never land I go..........

Monday, May 07, 2001

Vladamir, you faggot goat-impregnating smegma collector. You can't delete my posts, you can't take over my webcam again, and you can't even moderate the fucking forum properly. Our site fans have even cause 3 of your beloved commie staff to quit!! How do you expect to keep this site communist, you stupid shit? All you can do is sit there, on your fat communist ass, and watch me take the site back again.

In other news, I got a brand new video camera for only $300!! It's a bitchin JVC with tons of features and shit, and we will be using it to film Copside 3. Yes, contrary to popular belief, Copside 3 is still getting filmed. We might also be doing a fight video soon involving webmasters from other local sites such as PH33NDS and Dagimp!!! Should be some nicely violent shit!

Well, I must go back to taking control of this site, fixing the gimped-up layout, filming some wack shit, and having sex with my alarm clock.

Sunday, May 06, 2001

AUGH!!!!!!! MiKE has somehow managed to hack his way back in this page! But no worries, he no match for the great VLADAMIR!!! So if you reading this, MiKE, you capitalist primate, YOU NEVER GET YOUR SITE BACK!!! EVER!!! It now communist, and everyone like this site a lot better the way it is NOW!!! COMMUNISM FOREVER!!!

I sorry to hear that 3 of our great communist staff members have quit this site. All because of arguments in the forum. YOU DAMN FANS!!! WHY YOU DRIVE AWAY OUR STAFF LIKE THIS? CAN'T YOU SEE COMMUNISM IS BETTER?

Saturday, May 05, 2001

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yep guess who's back... ME!!! After disabling all IP's when hacking into our message board, no one knew who was who, and things turned ugly!! COMMUNIST BASTARDS!!! So everything about this communist regime that has taken over this site has fallen apart! Well... almost. There are still other communist members left, who will put up a worthy fight to retain this site's communism, but I gurantee you, the visitor, fans, and the occaisional fags, that this site will return to normal!

But now... the battle begins. Things should get even MORE interesting around here!
I have fired the following staff members:

Eric Van Egdom

Jagdev Parhar

Chad McRae

Thank You.

Wednesday, May 02, 2001

The pictures to L.A. Matheson "pedophiles looking to get laid by a group of younger children" are finally up on the internet.

And if you have a problem *cough*cough* Jen*cough* we'll take down the pictures because we are HONEST COMMUNISTS HA HA HA

Anywho Features section #9!

Tuesday, May 01, 2001

I've received word that some visitors to this site are looking for the L.A. Matheson pictures, they are not up as of yet. However, they will be under the features section when they are ready under "feature 9."

They should be up soon. Stay tuned.
AUGH!!! Today while I walk down the street, some bum sitting there asks me for my hard-earned money! I say "YOU GO FUCK OFF YOU CAPITALIST TURD ROTTING ON A CAPITALIST SIDEWALK!". So he get up kicks me in the head, and I go flying into a wastebasket. Then he start doing kungfoo moves, so I pick up the wastebasket and dump it all over his head. He say "AAAGGHHH" and I say "HAHAHA CAPITALIST PIG COVERED IN CAPITALIST GARBAGE... IT IMPROVES YOUR SMELL!!!". He gets angry and tries to spit at me but misses, and hits an old snooty lady instead. She say "Oh my heavens" and lifts her head up high and walks away, with a big loogie oozing down the side of her face. So I elbow the bum in the gut, and then steal his little cup of coins and ran away! Looks like he won't be eating today! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I WIN AGAIN!!!

........Oh shit, where the fuck is my wallet?
Kink Calb, you are one of the most loyal members of the new regime! The regime saluts you. In addition your "stuff" is actually really good. You are a vital member and are not a disrespecting stool pusher like the other former members. Your future is very secure indeed.
I notice the removal of other staff by Communists... I shall never be removed because I am the connector of Connections... plus I can get Reeeeaaalllllyyyyy cheap $#!T (good quality) And we all know the communist government wouldn't exist without their ability to market controled substances to little children, so my future, I believe, is secure. Still single, yeah, but hoping to end it soooon. (Never shall I embark on an adventure into ANY member of your family, the gene pool needs WAAYYY too much chlorene and anti-bacterial additives to make it safe for my family jewels... Plus the fact that it's way too difficult to tell which sex is which.. I'll be up all night doing nothing (day off work), So I might add to this later..
Till next time kiddies...