Friday, May 18, 2001

Some fucker on the message board dissed us, and this is what he/she/it said:

hahaha, put a dent in my skull sissies, i aint gonna sign your fuckin guestbook, why you ask? cuz yer all fags, donkey raping shit eaters!!!! tell you what, if you actually have the sack to respond, or for that matter post this shit, ill send you an address, and you can come "put a dent in my skull" ill be waitin......

Then my reply:

What we have here is a fine example of what happens when retards are bred with monkeys. Sir, your farts smell like fish, you masterbate to pictures of your parents wedding, you give your little sister ATD's (Anal Tongue Darts), you suck your dog off, your dad rapes you with a shovel, your grandpa rapes you with his semen-crusted cane, and your mom rapes you with that frozen fish she always has stuck halfway up her ass.
Because your mom has not tits cause she was once a man (she couldn't afford to get the FULL sex change operation) she got your dad to cram his dick in your mouth... but I guess it was a little too big and it shot a load of semen into your brain cavity, which is now your brain. Thus causing your fucking lameness. So now you know.
Have a nice day!

And then MC Rae's reply:

Studies have shown that individuals with that IP address have extremely small genitals

Now that's fucking classic!! See I tell you, post in the fucking message board, it's quite hilarious in there.

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