Tuesday, August 07, 2001

Oh wait I forgot to add this. When I went to buy some food for coffee break at the store closeby, some stupid raccoon-felcher budges ahead of me in line, what the fuck! I mean all I buy is a single Twix bar, which would take less than a second for the cashier to ring up a dollar and for me to pay for it, but this fat oralbeefstick intaker faggotwhore comes up with 2 bags full of small assorted shit and jumps ahead of me. 4 minutes into my tooshort coffee break later I finally get to pay for my Twix bar and get the fuck out of there. GODDAMNIT it would have taken me just a second to pay for my shit, and he makes me wait in there 4 fucking minutes!

That inconsiderate foreskin chewer..... he deserved to have a large block of solidified goat cum hucked at his head repeatedly until his skull caved in.

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