Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Anybody thirsty?

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Ok people, if you phone my cell, at least tell me who you are? It's quite unsettling getting a call from a chick asking me what my last name is, and when I try to find out who she is, she hangs up!

Cause... well you know, she could have been hot!
I got this in an email:

According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, while both male and female reindeer grow antlers in the summer each year, male reindeer drop their antlers at the beginning of winter, usually late November to mid-December. Female reindeer retain their antlers till after they give birth in the spring. Therefore, according to every historical rendition depicting Santa's reindeer, every single one of them, from Rudolph to Blitzen- had to be a girl. We should've known. Only women would be able to drag a fat-ass man in a red velvet suit all around the world in one night and not get lost.
Every now and then I'm gonna post a one of my posts that was really good, but no one would have ever seen it cause it's now buried in the depths of the archives and no one ever dares to venture there! So here it is! From 5/15/2001, back when I was still working in construction:

Ever had to take a shit during the most inopportune moment? There's nothing worse than needing to exorcise the big brown demon(s) from your ass, and not having a nice, white, porcelain priest to do the job. Today I was at work, and I suddenly had the urge to take a shit. Now everyone knows how horrible the toilets are at work, so I run over there, open the toilet lid... and see a pyramid of shit inside there that rivals the pyramids in egypt and on Pamela Anderson's chest, in massiveness. Normally something that scary scares the shit out of people, but a sight like this scared the shit back INTO me!!! Fuck that was gross.

Well, it's me again! Yes I now have enough time to post something, cause school really has been raping any free time I ever had. I just had 3 in the last 3 days, and while I did pretty damn ok on them, they caused me more stress than beer can up a poodle's asshole.

But friday night we had a kickass time. There are 15 MB of pictures we took, look for them on the fields trips page soon!

So yeah friday night i hear a knocking on my door, and MC Rae, Chadley, and The Platypus have shown up at my door without warning. I put my pants back on and answer the door, and they're like "let's go". They had booze in one hand, and firecrackers in the other. I could tell already this was gonna be an interesting night, as always.

So we get in the big green van, and go off to Prince Charles secondary, and park in the parking lot. We walk down the grass field, which was really muddy from the rain, and tried to find a way down to the gully. Well, it was fucking muddy and dark so we're like "fuck this" and on the way back, we see some little fuckers shooting firecrackers at MC Rae's van. So me, The Platypus, and MC Rae start running towards it, while Chadley stayed in the middle of the field with the booze. They started running so we jumped in the van and cruised around looking for them. Well it was getting tiring looking for them shits and we figured Chadley would be drinking all the booze so we went back to the field. He was sitting there with a beer in his hand, and we just sat there and started drinking beer. Someone described the situation like in King of the Hill where everyone stands around drinking beer. Then it started raining. So we were all standing there, getting totally soaked, and drinking beer in the rain.

Chad threw a beer can over the fence, but it got stuck on the fence! The odds of that happening are a lot to one, so we posed in front of the can for a picture. Then The Platypus had an idea! We could just hang out at his girlfriend's house. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time, mainly cause it was a lot better than standing in the middle of a fucking mud field getting drenched in the rain So we go there.

Well that's when things got interesting. We drank... and drank... and drank... while playing Mario Kart and Goldeneye on the not-so-good-ole N64. So then Brandon came and we all drank more booze, and I was totally fucking hammered and taking 7-minute pisses. I also saw this grade 7 yearbook with everyone in it looking pretty fucking hilarious! And then the night became pretty much of a blur, The Platypus was going on a raping rampage, so I ended up with a sore ankle, many bumps on my head, a sliced up finger (thanks to Chantel for that bandaid or I would have bled to death), and I *SOMEHOW* ended up with 3rd degree rugburns on my back! What the fuck? Yeah those burns hurt like a son of a bitch I can't even sleep properly anymore, but that just goes to show how even a party with only 6 people can turn out to be really fucking awesome.

Friday, October 26, 2001

It appears that there has been a stabbing at our old school, LA Matheson. More on this as the details come in.

UPDATE the person who got stabbed his name was Clayton; someone on ICQ told me he got stabbed in the stomach 4 times.

UPDATE: The freaky thing is that this happened on October 26th, EXACTLY one year after another grade 12 student, Ray Wilson, was killed after a schoolyard fight.

Saturday, October 20, 2001

It's link time link time! I've been promising this guy a link for over a week now, and here it is! Everybody, check out G27.NET!!! It's a prety good site and has a tons of stuff on it, and some good shit on the main update page thingy. They liked Zoolander! Cool, I might even go see it now.. And for the ladies, especially check it out because you'll be surprised who he looks like! (hint: obsessed screaming fans... too many of them!!).
Yeah I haven't posted much lately, I've been so busy with school, I don't have time to do ANYTHING. Fuck eh?

Well I had the worst fucking day of my life yesterday. I had this huge ass assignment due yesterday, and I was having touble with it so me and a few other people spent the entire night at school working on it. Yep, from 6 pm thrsday evening to 9 am, I was working on some piece of shit assignment that only the cruellest of the cruel teachers in the world would assign. And I didn't eat dinner either, we ordered a fucking pizza but the idiot working there didn't know where the fuck BCIT was, and we waited for 2 hours and the pizza didn't come. So my supper consisted of a coffee and some donut thing. Fuck.

So came the time to hand in the shit and we ran a little lat (about 5 minutes) cause the printer wasn't working and there was a huge ass lineup at the other printer. So when we handed in the assignment, the lab instructor said it was too late nd we got a zero on it. FUCK I've never felt such a fucking rage in my life. I was just close to having a psychopathic fucking breakdown. It was mostly the fact that I was up for about 30 hours with no sleep, but I was going insane. Spending so much fucking time on an unreasonably difficult project and then getting a zero on it for being 5 minutes late is no small thing. 20 hours of total work on it, fucked by it being 5 minutes late? Where is the fucking logic in this? Then the instructor had the nerve to say something in class like "well yeah that's the way things are, in real life if your boss needs something done by a deadline you need to get it done.".

First of all, I would not work for an asshole boss like that, that defines "late" as being anytime, even 1 second, after the deadline. The instructor even said something like "you should have allowed yourself some time to finish it."

JESUS CHRIST DOESN'T HE KNOW HOW MUCH FUCKING TIME I ALLOWED MYSELF?!?! I had originally planned that night to finish the project by 12 am and go home, but I then decided to spend the whole night just in case something came up and it took us longer than expected to finish. I mean, we had like 12 hours ahead of us and I thought it would be way more than enough time, to not only finish it, but make it absolutely perfect. Well a few things did come up and it took us the entire night, and it was printing while the deadline passed. FUCK!

So yes, I had a bad day. It takes a LOT to piss me off. And this incident was one of the rare events that cause me to get really pissed. But I'm almost over it now. Thanks to all my classmates for making me feel better, it sure helped. But I'm nt giving up trying to get at least some marks for my assignment. I'm going to email them, and if they have any compassion at all I'll get at least something for my assignment.

Well that's my rant for the week, it should be enough to cover all the postings I've missed from being too busy. But I'm not done yet!!

Last friday we visited Ashley, who used to run FrostyFx.com. She has a big fucking house wow. Her room is the size of my basement almost, it's HUGE! And her room has even more stuff in it than mine does... I swear you see her webcam and her room looks so small, but when we were there, it was big enough to like almost run around in. Geez. And it was really weird meeting someone who's site I would read once every few days and whose cam was on my portal. She's pretty cool and stuff and we had a great time meeting her. I also heard some weird J-Pop song, which made my brain want to rotate inside my skull! She also wrote about that night in her page, go check it out! She has a new layout too! She runs a site kinda like this site but more personal and not as "E/N-nny". And it's still under construction

Blah. Last nght I was supposed to go out with some chick I like(d) but she stood me up again. This time she didn't want to go because it was "too late" (it was only like 10 pm, and I was waiting for everyone to show up at my place) and she "didn't feel like doing anything". She sure makes me feel like shit sometimes.

So that's my update. Sorry for not posting all week, but now you're all aware how busy I am. And I'm still looking for people to post on this site! So email me!
The day started excitingly (heh) enough, with me waking up weeellllll after I was supposed to have. I adore my alarm clock, really. I putzed around for a while, did laundry, had an extremely interesting afternoon. Probably the only stress in my world at that moment was that my clothes were not dry quick enough for me to get dressed, throw them on and get to Forestview H.S. in time for kickoff.

Yes, I went to a prep football game tonight. South Point vs. Forestview. (Makes no difference to you but oh well) These happen to be, respectively, the school that I actually attended and the school that my county was trying to force me to attend instead. Heh.

The final score? 44-41 South Point in overtime (yay?). I really don't understand the way that they handled the overtime period, but I was never too big on football to begin with.

I managed to split before a major traffic jam ensued and went to O'Charley's, which is basically my hangout because most of my friends work there. Heather was beer wench tonight...she loves that because she gets tips on top of a paycheck. Everything was well and good...a little boring perhaps. I was actually prepared to leave at one point until I was asked to help do a few things. I really should have left.

O'Charley's became PACKED far beyond its usual number on Friday nights. It was claustrophobia hell, but it seemed stable for a while. Then--very suddenly--there was a loud noise and people started running. I got the table I was sitting near shoved straight into my abdomen, which temporarily blocked all thought and comprehension. Finally Christina snapped me out of it and told me to get down...and we crawled behind Heather's makeshift beer stand into another, significantly less crowded area of the restaurant. Glass was flying everywhere, people were running and then the fire/emergency alarm went off. After about fifteen minutes, it calmed down slightly and then I began to feel the actual pain in my stomach. It's a dull shooting pain and it's still doing it. It sucks. Christina had fallen off the tall bar chair that she was using to check ID's at the door, so she was hurting, too. Heather was shaking. The police were there and people were cleaning up the rivers of beer mixed with glass that were EVERYWHERE. It turns out that some guy just suddenly broke a bottle over another's head and then the shit hit the fan and everyone started throwing bottles of beer, people brandishing guns, and the stampede.

Even after all the cleanup and chores that were done, we were still scared to leave the restaurant without escort. We went to Waffle House (oh the joys of late night dining in America) but none of us wanted to eat. So we finally resigned ourselves to a night without sleep and here I am...putting a close on a weird and overall crappy day. I really wish I had some pain reliever because I'm in a lot of pain. C'est la vie, I guess.

Sunday, October 14, 2001


It was gonna happen sooner or later, yeasterday the Americans bombed an Afghanistan residence by accident (My ASS), And claimed they were aiming for an airstrip near by. This is what they said "We had targeted a terrorist Air strip, and accidently hit a residence in the vicinity by accident" they were later asked how they could make such a mistake, they replied "Well the hellicopter was there when we shot the missle, and well, I guess it moved" So, I guess you could say accidents happen, and that's what they're sticking to, so it's good enough for me. I wonder what they're gonna hit next.

Well, the terrorist's figure it's a holy war now, so we can expect lot's of nice little explosions and other goodies to start pooping up everywhere. Man that really sucks, and you know the only people who are going to get hurt are the innocent people. Oh well I guess we can only cross our fingers and hope for the best.

But, don't hide under rocks and beds, because that's what they want. Be strong, have fun and go out and live your normal everyday lifes. And if you really want to make a difference you can always join our army.

NEW SLURREY SHOW, And a movie?

Well, what can I say Slurrey.com needs a new slurrey show and I think everybody is getting sick and tired of that DAMNED scotish guy in the back ground, so it's time for new show, hoopefully it'll happen soon. The members of Slurrey.com are also in the midst of filming a music video, who will star in this video, what song will be played and when it will be finished are all being kept secret until further notice.


Jason Newstead may soon be back in business as a Metallica brother. Jason said he would gladly play with Metallica again. And all it would tak is for all of the members to ask him. So maybe Metallica's future isn't looking so bleak after all. Anyways I hope Jason re-joins the group, it will help Metallica's image from going soft, because as we all know it was Jason wo made them look mean in concert. So cross your fingers and pray.

That's all for now so good night.
Yeah, I've been working on my math assignment for about 8 hours straight yesterday, and I'm still not done. So expect a nice big chunk of an update after I'm done, including new plugs, and meeting up with Ashley (aka Fr0sty). But in the meantime I still have like 12 hours of homework to do. Weeeeeee!

Thursday, October 11, 2001

I have so much fucking work to do for school, holy shit. The teachers are relentless in spewing out tons of assignments, that are all due ON THE SAME FUCKING DAY. This monday, I have 4 major assignments due, then every day for the next week I have another assignment due. And when I say "assignment", I mean something that will occupy at least 4 hours of my time. The math assignment itself will take up ALL OF SATURDAY. Fucks sake, until mid-december my life will consist of eat, sleep, spank it with my goat, and study. Hmm weee.

...oh wait, I just remembered I don't have a goat. Life sucks.

Monday, October 08, 2001

I'm stuck in Hokieville.

On Wednesday night, I was just fooling around with astrology.com because I was bored witless waiting for my best friend's shift to be over. I had just gotten through posting my birthchart (I do not know what any of that shit is, I just thought it was cool) when suddenly the screaming begins. For two hours this goes on, while I have one sister sitting back with a grave face, a brother embarassed that his girlfriend is over while this is going on, another brother trying to distract himself with the TV and a younger sister in my arms ready to cry. Glass breaks, doors slam, then my father is gone.

The aftermath of this episode is a little lengthy to explain...nothing is conclusive yet, but my father is stubborn and will probably not do the things required by my stepmother to keep the relationship together. So he's going to smash a 7 person family to bits--the long and short of it.

The first night, I got high as a kite and rather alcoholified, too. I did not go home, I was afraid to. The next night I got drunk as a fish. I was on a roll, man. I was determined not to think.

So on Friday my best friend brings me up to Virginia Tech, my former home. I enjoy a few hours of seeing old friends, showering forever without worrying about my water going cold (even though I had to shower with shoes on), sleeping in, etc. I went to my former EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT hangout...and redeveloped an old crush, but that's another story. It was all good, a great distraction.

Sunday night we're poised to drive me back down to Charlotte. 50 miles (80km) later, Paul's car breaks down totally. We almost didn't make it off the interstate highway. A friend of mine helps us get his car towed and we drive back to Blacksburg. So I'm stuck here.

Misfortune is my middle name this week. And I'm very tired of it already. All of this is excluding the little things that have also been building up. I can't even think about the national events going on...I have no mental room for it right now.

Sunday, October 07, 2001

At this moment, the US is attacking Afganitsan... pardon my spelling, my eyes are glued to CNN!

Saturday, October 06, 2001

Stupid Accountin midterm... braarrg.
I haven't updated in a while, probably most ogf you think I'm dead or something. But stop your mourning (or celebrating) cause I'll try to update more often. It's really hard now, cause now college take up 99% of my time. I don't even have a spare 2 minutes to spank it anymore. Kidding.

My weekdays pretty much consist of going to school from 8:30 to 5:30, getting home at 6, eating supper and studying or doing homework until 12, then sleep, and repeat for the rest of the week. Weekends are a bit better off, as nong as I don't have a midterm or a hugeass assignment due then fridays and saturdays are scott free. But that still doesn't give me time to update you know, cause on those 2 days I have to catch up on all the shit I've missed, like worshipping Stacy's ultra-hot webcam pics. She linked me too! Well she linked me with the wrong URL but I still feel loved anyways.

Oh and our new video is done. It will be on the videos page soon, I just need to "mpeg" it and it'll be available for semi-mass consumption. It's REALLY good, right up there with Copside. 1.

Now it's time for me to go hit the books again (literally sometimes, but I can't burn them just yet, they cost me over $600). I have a fucking midterm on tuesday. I can't enjoy Thanksgiving in peace I'll be sitting there this my face emdedded in the fucking accounting book being thankful for this WONDERFUL midterm the next fucking day!

Wednesday, October 03, 2001


So all Leaders, Presidents and VP's are alike, wether they are the Slurrey guys or the ones running the United States (Geeze always hitting the Bottle) It's no wonder The American Presidents are always getting them selfs into Great Big Steamy Piles of SHIT.... Jessus Guys GROW THE FUCK UP.... And a side note to Bush "If your Gonna Dirnk and drive, and hope to become president... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD... DON'T GET CAUGHT".... Stupid FUCK... geeze What the hell is wrong With The Americans.... They must like the Bad-Boy presidents... It's no wonder their kids are all Fucked up, I mean What kind of roll models are they, take for example our beloved Bill Clinton, what did he teach us?


- Cheating on Your wife is a "GOOD THING", and then go right a head and "LIE" about the FUCKING thing after
Quote: "I Did not have sexual relations with that woman"

WOW... That was a Double header, Two for one, What ever the FUCK you want to call it.
As for the Newly Elected George Bush... What message does he bring to us?

- Drinking and driving is a Good thing.
Quote: "There's no Blood in my Alcohol System Offislur"

Well, Have I made my point America?

I hope the next time you elect a president you use some common sense, because well let's just say they haven't been the pick(s) of the litters... And let's try and keep away from the ones who want to kill everbody and have the nerve to think that people are "EXPENDABLE"....


Now every body, with the lessons that we have learned from these Impressive roll models, let's go out, Get plastered, Cheat on our Wifes/Girlfriends, Drive home as DRUNK as Skunks, and LIE to our Spouses/Girlfriends after... Well it sounds like a plan to me, so I'm gonna go live the American Dream of "Lies, Alcoholism and Adultry"... Remember Mike, I am American.... At least at Boston Pizza....


I'm Gonna find me some booze and a woman, Later...

P.S. Don't worry Guys if the President of the United States can do it, So can we... POWER TO THE PEOPLE...