Monday, December 31, 2001

Hey I just remembered.... since we're not on a host right now, I can post whatever the fuck illegal shit I want. Oh baby I feel so fucking hardcore!! Well not really, since the most illegalest thing I have left on my computer after the big hard drive crash are a few mp3's. But whatever, here's one of my very favorites, you just CAN'T go wrong with Sublime!!

  • Sublime - Santaria (2.9 Mb)
  • Sunday, December 30, 2001


    FUCKING AWSOME page layout, all thanks to the tallents of King Mike. It's so nice to finally have a somewhat 'Decent' place to call Home, sort of... And that DAMNED Scottish guy has finally shut his trap, it got real annoying hearing it every time I opened the page, so Good Ridance. As for the New logo... I absolutely Love it, and so what if it 'SOMEWHAT RESEMBLES' A Fucking Swastika, If you are that Fucking worried about it, then I have this message for you... "PISS OFF, YOU JEWISH BASTARDS", this goes especially for Josh, who lives in a hut, in the bush, sorta buy the railroad tracks, sorta.

    -Movie Reviews-
    Rating guide:
    (1) Worse than going on a date with a 'Dumptruck'
    (2) I'd rather Fuck 'George'
    (3) So - So
    (4) Highly reccomended
    (5) Compareable to 3 blowjobs at once -Amazing-

    Along Came a Spider: Good story, suspense (3)
    Blow: Well I was dissapointed caus I mistook it for porn (3)
    Dr. Doolittle 2: Well it's doolittle (4)
    Enemy at the gates: Great Shooting film based in russia WW2 (4)
    Final Fantasy: Had NOTHING to do with the game(s) Good graphics though (4)
    Green Day, Int superhits: Well it's good old green day (5)
    Jurassic park 3: Absolute SHIT, They went for graphics (2)
    Legally Blonde: Arrgh, my eyes are burning... dissapointing (1)
    Lord of the Rings: This is gonna be one of the greats (5)
    Monsters Inc.: It was geared for the younger crowd (3)
    Pearl Harbour: Excellent; Graphics, Storyline and Action, all there (5)
    Planet of the Apes: Good until the ending (4)
    Rush Hour 2: Very funny, and a good story line as well (4)
    Scarry Movie 2: This one was Really cheezy and not nearly as funny as the first (2)
    Shrek: This movie is funny as hell, and an excelent soundtrack (5)

    These reviews are based on my opinion and my opinion only... Use at your own risk.

    I know there are more but I'll do those later.

    -World News-

    Well, those Fuckers in the Middle east just won't stop. Currently we have Osama 'who sucks his mamas tits' Binladen running around like a slipery weasel blowing Shit up, we have the everlasting battle for jerusalem 'Dumbshits', and now even Fucking India and Packistan are going at it, and the scarry thing is they have Nuclear capability, I mean their people live in woden boxes which makes Josh's hut look nice, and yet they have the money and resources to build weapons of mass destruction, go figure. President Bush is currently planning to blow up the Entire Middle East so they're not in any kinda danger, Hmmmm Genocide, that reminds me of the infestation that's hitting pretty close to home, I'm beginning to like the term Genocide more and more every day. Maybe we do have the right logo... Well that pretty much sums up World News for to day.

    !!!Dissregard the other post like this one!!!

    Saturday, December 29, 2001

    Recovery efforts for all our old stuff are going well. So far I've recovered all the pictures from field trips 1-12, all the misc images in the images directory, and some other crap that people sent me. I will be re-linking these all soon.

    Tuesday, December 25, 2001

    No updates for a while eh? Yeah things have been hectic for the past week or so. Sorry about that, but soon everyone will be updating every day!!

    Wednesday, December 19, 2001

    Well, here's the new layout. It's not finished yet, but now the entire site has been PHP-ified and it looks amazing! Keep checking back until I finish the top bar, the site tracking, and put up a new poll!

    Uh oh yeah.... and the site is now being hosted on my computer again. It shouldn't be any slower than before.... Windows XP has done wonders for my connection speed. It will be hosted on there until I find a good FREE host that supports PHP!

    Monday, December 17, 2001

    Ladies and gentlemen, my internet connection is back. Now the reconstruction of shall begin. Gone will be all the little fucking annoyances that drove people away from this site. Not only will the layout change, but so will the content. It will grow to be entertaining to the entire slurrey population... young and old, whore-ish and semi-whore-ish, and everyone in between.

    PS yeah I've gotten a few complaints from people who use retardedly low resolutions about this layout. Don't worry, soon it'll look just right on your puny 320 x 240 resolution monitor. Gah.

    Saturday, December 15, 2001

    There were big winds last night. Big BIG winds. Winds so powerful they rival the farts that flow through Osama Bin Laden's wind-tunnel of an ass. And with those winds comes power outages. So I slept pretty much through the howling winds, garbage cans rolling down the street, and loud crashes.... but as soon as the fucking power went out I woke up in a cold fucking sweat.

    There are so many things running in my room, that about 3/4 of the electric bill is just outta there alone. I don't need any heater in my room, because all the electronics and computers and shit always running keeps it warm. And of course, my room always hums. Yep it hums like a motherfucker and I have gotten so used to it that I can't sleep without it. So when the power went out, the hum was gone, and also my body felt all the static electricity sucked out of it. Yeah, that's what I get for living with so many electronics.

    So I wake up and my room is pitch black and deathly silent, with the wind making a hell of a noise outside. I was pissed off and went back to bed, I didn't have to wake up until 7. Well somehow I woke up at 7 without an alarm clock (my biological clock seems to function normally without the damn 60hz hum I would hear all the time) but my room was still pitch black. So I turn on my laptop screen and.... listen to this.... I use my fucking laptop screen as a flashlight to find all my clothes and shit!!! Oh the ways technology has benefitted me! So yeah I used the laptop in the bathroom to get ready, and the damn thing nearly ran out of batteries as I was messing my hair up to the point where it looked freaky enough. Damn thing.

    Well right now the power is back, but I have no fucking internet. When the power went out my ISP got fucked up in some way or another and my cable modem is blinking those 2 lights that all Shaw @home users are used to, and I felt the need to go to Shaw offices and defecate in their lobby. My internet access still isn't back, and I am writing this on an old shitty AMD-450 with only 256 megs of ram, a 15 inch shit monitor, and the operating system that does not deserve to be called an operating system, Windows 98. Did I mention I'm on a 56k modem? (that enjoys really running at 14.4k?)

    I don't know when my connection will be back, but shit this sucks. I feel like a fucking caveman using dialup. So yeah I won't be on ICQ or any other thingies until Shaw gets their shit together. Bye.

    Friday, December 14, 2001

    Ahh! At last! It's finally Friday. For some of you this is the last day of School, and for others its just a temporary break from school. Anyway, for me it means going to work. I don't feel like going to work today. The chill cold windy weather of Slurrey is enough to keep anybody in doors. It's supposively going to snow tonight. I hope it does because I want to make a snowman! This Thursday I have three tests! eek! Also, my family is celebrating Christmas this Wednesday and I haven't bought anything! EEK! So, I will be busy all week, except for Friday... which will be the first day I will be skipping a full day of classes! Hahaha! I am such a rebel!

    Today, I was pissed off because of how my school was like the only one that was in session in surrey! :O Also... people don't know how to fucking walk in my school. It's like driving on the streets of India. (not trying to be racist) On most of the roads in India, people can drive wherever they want... and the rules of driving have not been inforced. (that's what I have heard from people who used to live there) I wish people would learn to walk though... if you are walking down a hall, can you please keep to the right of the direction that you are walking in. (Or, you can follow the general crowd) Also, if you are going to walk in the right direction... make sure you walk at a moderate pace.. Don't be a jackass and walk 2km/hr. There is nothing worse than being caught behind someone who is walking like a fucking grandma. Another thing... if you decide that you are NOT going to walk slow... then don't walk so fast that you are walking into people. I had some little shit crash into me when I was walking up the stairs. I mean... fuck! When you are walking up the stairs... you should be walking.. and NOT running. Please remember to not enter into peoples personal spaces even if you are standing around waiting for a ride home. Today, I was waiting in the glass corridor. I was standing by the window... and some little fucks decided they'd hang out behind me... then they started pushing each other around.. and one of them flew into me. I've never seen someone run like their life depended on it after I dealt with them. Yes... you got it... I am NOT in a good mood right now. Thank you and goodbye.

    Tuesday, December 11, 2001

    My hard drive obviously isn't going to be recovered any time soon, I don't have the $1,200 - $3,900 US to do it right now! So the only hope of getting back any of the lost content from this site is robbing a bank and possibly getting killed, or recovering files from YOUR temporary internet files folder.

    I need you all to do a big favor for me, do a search on your computer for anything slurrey-related. You do that by clicking on the start menu and choosing "find" or "search". Usually anything found will be from your temporary internet files folder.

    Here is some examples of search phrases to use while looking:

    "slurrey" (duh)
    "dsc" (field trip images)
    "rm" (slurrey show)

    Also try "chad", "mc rae", "mike" or any other name of a slurrey staff member.

    There will be a prize to whoever recovers the most files for us! A very GOOD prize!

    Monday, December 10, 2001

    Well my 60 GB hard drive died. The fucker. It had like 5 years of my life stored on it. And it also had all the content like the slurrey shows, the videos, the field trips, EVERYTHING. So fuck I'm pissed, and the only way to get everything back is to pay over $1000 for some data-recovery bullshit.

    Anyone want to contribute to the "save slurrey" fund? I'm accepting donations now? If you see a bum downtown with a coin cup in one hand and a busted hard drive in the other, begging for some spare change, you'll know who it is.

    Sunday, December 09, 2001

    Do yourself a favor and check out the staff page, it has been updated with new staff and new pictures.

    Thursday, December 06, 2001

    My dad told me about this, but I didn't really feel like typing the whole thing out. Then I saw it on Ashley's site and decided to put it on here! It's quite intense!

    Canadians: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the South to avoid a Collision.
    Americans: Recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the North.
    Canadians: Negative. You will have to divert your course 15 Degrees to the South to avoid a collision.
    Americans: This is the Captain of a US Navy ship. I say again, divert YOUR course.
    Canadians: No. I say again, you divert YOUR course.
    Canadians: We are a lighthouse. Your call...

    Wednesday, December 05, 2001

    Ok I changed DNS servers again. So in the next 24 hours, either tha frame banner on the bottom of this site will be gone, or will not work at all. So it stops working, use the address: for the 48 hours it takes me to bring the site back!

    Tuesday, December 04, 2001 was down for a few days... yeah I know. I should have known not to let my retard host try to handle the DNS server for
    But anyhoo I have a million projects due, and next week I have one or more final exams EVERY FUCKING DAY OF THE WEEK. I obviously won't be posting for the next week and a half until the 15th. So all you other slurrey staff members, post something! :Q
    Wow! It has been snowing off and on for the past couple of days! :) Today was the first day that I drove in the snow and while it was snowing! :) It was really neat! It was so neat that I almost got a little distracted and started to focus my attention on it instead of the road. Naw... I couldn't get distracted, cuz after all, I am the best driver ever! :P Actually, lol, you might have to be the judge of that yourself. I'm just saying... no accidents...+ no tickets....+ no road rage = good driver!

    I decided to post today not because I had something to tell you all... because I thought that this site hasn't been updated since Nov. 27th! *gasps!* I did some pretty cool things last weekend! Yet, I really can't tell you all about it.. because... well, lets just say... I don't want certain people to read it. :) Good job! I hope to have some more fun times! Now, as for this Slurrey field trip, it's still a go... I hope! I really am not excited for the holidays... as I will be working most of them and the most important thing about holidays is family.. and that will be gone. So, maybe this idea will cheer me up. LoL... isn't it sad when you know you need to be cheered up? (don't laugh!) How would you guys like to be working on the 23rd, 24th, and the 26th!? LOL! I don't mind it, but, whatever!