Thursday, February 28, 2002

Survivor kicked my ass around the block. Kay yeah if you didnt watch it or hate the show (which is a real shame) turn away now.

Peter so deserved to go, what a dork! I mean you NEVER release your strategy like that right away, what a dumbshit. and the whole holy thing? Fucking dork. I like Rob, he's funny but not mean. Sean freaks me out. The whole religious thing when he first got there and the holding hands and shit has GOT to go. The whore girl Sarah is pretty lame, she reminds me of Lindsey from Survivor Africa, and Lindsey was fuvcking annoying after a while. I like Hunter, he takes charge but he's not an asshole about it. And there are a few other people i like but not enough to talk about. So my family is after every show picking who they think will win it all, and we're putting in a quarter betting system its kinda cool. So my choice right now is... ZOE! She has a nice smile and the way she talks makes me want to never vote for her. She just sends off "im a nice person" vibes.

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Today things are looking down. Hi folks I haven't posted in a while, but still I am today. Don't worry it's not that depressing. So yeah, as we all know I am going to Hawaii. So I'm goping to the tanning beds because I don't want to fry in the sunshine, I want to ENJOY it. So today I realize the hard way that MY ASS IS BURNT. Thats right. It's really comfortable. I'm lucky it's high enough that if i wear my REALLY low cut jeans i can have some releief.... otherwise im in my slippery sleeping bag because silk doesnt hurt my sensitive bum. Also the lights in my bedroom are burnt out. Not just my ceiling light, and not just my lamp, but my lava lamp as well. I have to navigate my room with my television. And then I get up to turn the TV off as my remote is um gone I have to find my bed using the light from my step dad's watch. -sigh-. My mother gets mad at me for the lamest reasons as well. Today I was SUPER hungry so i grab myself a plate and leave the cupboard open so she starts yelling at me because im such and "inconsiderate bitch" and i never help out around the house! And yesterday she takes the cake by my YAWNING and her going off on how i never do my homework and i lie to her and she's never buying me clothes again. What a twisted mother i have. Pleas,e don't even let me have children, I don't want me to grow up to be her! ACK! -sigh- anyways! Thats enough from me! Todays saying (compliments of my pal eric) "slick as candy baby WHHHOOOSH!"
lalala you know what i guess im feeling better about my self then i normaly do, i was getting a little more aware yesterday of how many guys look at me...granted i wouldnt give half of them the time of day, but you know thats just me even if i wanted one of them id be to damn shy to do anything about it. I try so hard just to figger out these guys im with but iv come to the conclusion hey man thats there problem i get asked out like almost everyday and if they cant aprishiate what they have FUCK them there gone with nothing to show for it...well execpt my niceclean old schooler up there ass hey wanna get some good songs alright then :)

sum 41- Crazy Amanda
Linkin Park - with you
Linkin Park - A place in my head
Linkin Park - My December
Treble Charger - Red
Kittie - What i always Wanted
Gob - Licence From a Cereal Box
Josie - Three Small Words
Mary J. Blige - No More Drama
Nickle Back - Money Bought
Puddle of Mud - Blurrey
]Scott Weiland (not stp) - cool kiss
Josie - Pretend to Be Nice
Offspring - come out and play
Slip Knot - Spit it Out
Penny Wise - Fuck Authority
NIN - Closer
NIN - Hurt
NIN - Heresy
NIN - Something I Can Never Have
Ludacris ( <3<3<3) - whats your fantisy (mmmmmm luda)

Much Love
Miss Mya

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

You might be Canadian if....

  • You're not offended by the term "HOMO MILK"
  • You understand the phrase "Could you pass me a serviette. I just spilled my poutine".
  • You eat chocolate bars not candy bars.
  • You drink POP not SODA
  • You know that a mickey and 2-4's mean "party at the camp, eh!!!"
  • You don't care about the fuss with Cuba, its a cheap place to travel with good cigars and no Americans.
  • Pike is a type of fish, not part of a highway
  • You drive on a highway, not a freeway
  • You have Canadian Tire money in your kitchen drawers
  • You know that Casey and Finnigan are not part of a Celtic Musical Group.
  • You are excited whenever an American television show mentions Canada.
  • You know what a touque is.
  • You design your halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.
  • You live in a house with no front step, yet the door is one metre from the ground.
  • Your local paper covers the national news on 2 pages but requires 6 pages for hockey.
  • You know four seasons: winter, still winter, almost winter and construction.
  • You understand the Labatt Blue commercials.
  • You perk up when you hear the theme from Hockey Night in Canada.
  • You are in grade 12 not the 12th grade.
  • "Eh" is a very important part of your vocabulary.
  • You actually get these jokes and forward them to all of your Canadian frends!!!

    (kudos to Ashley!)

    So I go on to Morpheus today to download some good MP3's, and it tells me that I can't connect to the network because my software is outdated, and to download a new version of the software at the Morpheus website. Well I go there, and see that I have to download it off! So I download it and install it, but when I try to run it it still gave me the same damn message!

    What the fuck? It looks like only has the same version of Morpheus that I already had installed. So why the fuck can't I connect to the network? I've concluded that the people who created Morpheus are actually the offspring from monkeys that escaped from a city zoo and were raped by old homeless retards with carrots up their asses.

    I guess it's back to using WinMX for now. Lickers of cold scrotum.
    All of my online conversations tonight, for some unknown reason, have been about sex or consequences thereof.

    **edited** : So when are you coming up to take my v-card?
    Lilliah 24 : your huh?
    **edited** : V I R G I N I T Y
    Lilliah 24: holy christ every guy I know is propositioning me tonight
    **edited** : lol

    Lilliah says, "I'm going to call you Juan in bed ;) "
    AllYourPantsAreBelongToMe says, "what will you call me on the kitchen table?"
    explicit_thoughts_about_midgets says, "or the sink?"
    AllYourPantsAreBelongToMe says, "dude, I dunno bout you but i cant fit in the sink"

    Lilliah says, "I think I need to go back on Ortho"
    AllYourPantsAreBelongToMe says, "ortho?"
    Lilliah says, "Ortho Tri-Cyclen (birth control)"
    AllYourPantsAreBelongToMe says, "yes, lil johns are bad"
    Lilliah says, "LOL"
    AllYourPantsAreBelongToMe says, "hell I piss myself off, i dont need anymore of me"
    Lilliah says, "who says it would be a boy?"
    AllYourPantsAreBelongToMe says, "who cares, it's gonna be eeeeeeeeeeeeeevil like me"
    Lilliah says, "Hey, could be like me :P "
    AllYourPantsAreBelongToMe says, "oh so it would smoke up and then be evil :O "

    Monday, February 25, 2002

    I need a hair cut. Now when I try to spike my hair instead of staying up, it falls limp in an impotent-looking way. And if I do put enough gel in it so it stays erect, it looks like an afro and people keep telling me that the 70's called and they want their retard back.

    I got midterms coming up next week. I've fallen behind in school so I'm gonna work extra hard to catch up. It's pretty hard though when I'm tired as hell. I seem to have developed isomnia or something? It's been hard for me to fall asleep lately... I just lie there and don't feel tired at all! Last night I finally fell asleep at around 4 am, only to be woken up 2 hours later by my fucking alarm clock. Then I fall asleep in clock. I wish I could bestow my wrath upon my biological clock the same way I did to my alarm clock this morning.

    So for the next 2 weeks, I won't be around much! I'll still post in the message board, and maybe the occaisional post on here, but don't expect much! I'm counting on the rest of the staff to post some really good shit while I'm busy! Do your best guys!
    Howdy do boys and girls. My name is Jackie and I�m the new poster Mike mentioned a few days back. Mucho gracias to him for letting me post here. I�m so excited. I am 18 and I live in Texas. Yay for the USA. Um�I like baby goats, potatoes, and designing. If you want to talk dirty or know more about me hit me up on AIM (pretty jackeh). Later.

    Sunday, February 24, 2002

    Want to see a movie we made 2 years ago? It's a 45 minute action/comedy about two corrupt cops trying to stop the evil villain known as "The Goodfather". This is the best video we've ever done, got an A+ on it in video productions class, and we even got to show it to our high school in the gym on the giant screen, on the last day of school. EVERYONE loved it, and you will to!

    Copside Trailer (4.2 MB DiVX)
    Copside Full (104 MB DiVX)

    To watch these, download the Divx bundle from
    Everyone go visit Mandi!!! I've been reading her site for a few days now, and she's a really fucking good writer. I can totally relate with everything she says. She's quite hot too, so go to her site!
    Some major linkage goes out to Pheends for linking me in a post, on their sidebar, and putting me in their local cam portal.

    Their local cam portal inspired me to bring back our own version of the local cam portal too! Back when I first had it on this site, it had only like 3 people on it! And those people were already either in the Staff Cams section or the regular cams section. So it wasn't worth it! But now I know many more people from around here who have webcams, plus I also got a lot of people in real life who have webcams to put their cam image up on the internet!

    Local cam pages and local links are good places for people to meet each other from their own area! Jillian, MadMonkeyRage, and Karyn also have a local links portal! We get around 100-300 hits a day, and most of those are from around here. So I hope other sites start using local links too, it's a good way for everyone to get to know each other!
    Well last night I went to a stag party!! Yep I saw many of my cousins and people who I haven't seen for years!! It was quite excellent. We went to a club, I drank much alcohol, then we sorta just went outside, walked around downtown, and we went to the strip bar. The strippers there looked great! I didn't get a lap dance this time, but it's probably a good thing since it's torture having some really hot chick's twat only a tongue's reach from your face.

    What a shitty rule eh? You can't touch a stripper. Well if you wanted that just go out and get a hooker! The only difference is you wouldn't be able to tell a Surrey hooker's pussy from her hairy unwiped asshole! No wonder strippers are so hot, they don't go through the wear and tear that hookers go through. Yuck!

    So here are the top search terms people used to find this site yesterday!

    "fucked nurses"
    "wifes fucking other guys"
    "the moffats ate my balls" (must-see!!!!!)
    "beautiful fart"

    Saturday, February 23, 2002

    Strippers. Beer. Strippers and Beer.
    Tonight should prove to be quite interesting! More on it later!

    hehe its me!!!!!


    Friday, February 22, 2002

    Ostrich Penises. Someone found this site by going onto a search engine and typing in "Ostrich penises". Are these the kinds of people who visit my site? Why would they search for ostrich penises? What purpose does the genital of an animal that doesn't even fuckin LIVE around here serve this poor misguided soul, who has to go looking for one on the internet? No seriously this is really bothering me. Why would someone look for an ostrich penis? Is it to save the world, or to be used in some sick fantasy? Was this person ever able to find an ostrich penis on this site? Was the search successful?

    Fuck I dunno, I shouldn't be bothering about people coming across this site by searching for "ostrich penises". Hell even I look up weirder things myself on those search engines.

    The world is going to hell!

    The British have invaded SPAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Run for the hills!!!!!
    Heh heh heh. I used to be on anti-crazy pills. then I sold them for $100 to a guy I worked with in winnipeg. HAHAHA!! I wasn't taking them.. ANYWAYS, a new addition to the Mark-ives. Everyone LOVED the MATRIX <---- CLICK!!!

    Okay, I'll ease off the shift key now.

    Don't ever Ever EVER (okay, so I was kidding) let yourself go through any type of withdrawal or detox because it's pure hell�. I am bipolar and on a moderate dose of an antidepressant called Effexor. My last psychiatric appointment to renew my refills and discuss dosage was in January and I was supposed to have been set until March. Well, I called in my refill four days ago hoping to pick it up the next day. *bzzt* Wrong, please play again. They told me that they had to contact my doctor because I had run out of refills. That confused me because supposedly this had already been taken care of, but whatever, I had two days' worth of medicine left. Talk to my doctor, get it straightened out, no worries.

    I call back yesterday to see if I could pick up the damn prescription because I had not had a dose in more than a day (if the math doesn't work out, please chalk it up to the fact that I've always had a problem keeping the days/dates straight regardless of whether or not I was in school). Apparently, there's a booby prize behind Door Number Two, too, because they hadn't been able to contact my damn psychiatrist yet. I was having slight issues that I know now to associate with withdrawal from my medication (heh, I have forgotten before on occasion *slaps wrist*) and started to get upset. Since it was way past office hours, I figured I would try again tomorrow (today) to get my prescrip and/or talk to my doctor myself.

    At around midnight, I had had it. Because I had no appetite all day, my body was weak from no food and it collapsed. Parts of me were tingling as if they were going hands, my lips, my ears...all very random places. I was shaking like I was naked in Antarctica. My pupils were dilated. I looked strung out, which terrified me. By three I had fallen into a totally irrational panic attack.

    All in all, not a fun night. The pharmacy gave me two days' dosage to tide me over while they straighten my refill prob out with my doctor, of whom I couldn't even get ahold. So now I feel normal. But last night was one of the scariest, most uncomfortable and distressing nights that I've ever had...all because I hadn't dosed myself down with my anti-crazy pills.

    Thursday, February 21, 2002

    Uh oh... I didn't have time to put up Natalie's cam in the webcam section, and she left a pretty scary guestbook entry! What am I to do? She lives very close to me and and would have no problem tracking me down... I fear for my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That should calm her down and keep her from violently attacking me! ;)
    I'm not going to be around much for a week or two. It's called midterms!
    But, I hired a new staff member, you will all urinate and/or defecate yourselves when you find out who she is!
    (well, maybe the response might not be THAT extreme, but she's an awesome writer!)
    Top 24 keywords people used to find this site in the last 2 days:

    1. pornholio
    2. sex
    3. dirty
    4. crabs
    5. violent
    6. penises
    7. ostrich
    8. korean
    9. cams
    10. way
    11. Die
    12. going
    13. Jewish
    14. super
    15. You%27re
    16. videos
    17. nintendo
    18. shit
    19. monster
    20. productions
    21. fucked
    22. games
    23. Jokes
    24. to
    I guess my exhibitionist phase is over.

    I am on the internet far less. I pay much less attention to the things that go on on my favorite sites and even my own site! I used to post twice daily or more to my journal, and nearly daily to my blog, and about every other day to other blogs. Now it's like I have nothing to say, no interest.

    It's highly likely that this will pass and the fascinations with the net and the real world will balance out again...but for now...forgive me as I'm rarely seen and heard from on weblogs and my journal. =/

    P.S. Does it make anyone else feel a little old to try to remember when you were excited to be turning 17? It feels like aeons ago to me...
    yaye happy birthday carly!!!! YOU RAWK THE CASBAH!!!!!!! thanks Kink for the complaments you rock too!!!!! im feeling better now cause well shit is happening and i shouldnt linger on it why because im better than the unnameable dude that just cant stop lieing *EvilCackle* what a dummy thinking hes gods gift to woman god gift to woman is vin diseal, ryan phillipe and all the wayans brothers and well depending on the woman Angelina Jolie hehehe. hey heres something i dont know i guess im a perve but dont you have to be to be a staff at slurrey?

    The height of...
    Height of Patience:
    A naked woman lying down with her legs apart under a banana tree.

    Height of Frustration:
    A boxer trying to scratch his balls.

    Height of Innocence:
    A teenage girl applying Clearasil to her nipples.

    Height of Laziness:
    A guy lying on a girl and waiting for an earthquake to do the rest.

    Height of Competition:
    A guy peeing beside a waterfall.

    Height of Sophistication:
    Sucking nipples with a straw.

    Height of Disgust:
    While wiping after a good toilet dump, your finger pokes through the paper.

    Height of Technology:
    A condom with a zip.

    Height of Trouble:
    A one handed man hanging from a cliff and his arse is itching.

    this is fucked up there both me one from last semptember ones from like a week ago its magor freaky!!!

    i always put this weird madonna type change like every year HAHAHA IM INSANE!!!
    hey i like the sound track to josie and the pussy cats haha im a geek!
    ps: george w. bush is a nerd!
    Happy Birthday Carlita!
    Legal age HERE is 16, remember that huge discussionnn on here a little while ago?(memory can't be THAT bad).
    Well, in this message I'm gonna be saying a lot, yeah, lotta stuff happening in my life. Listening to Swollen Members on MuchMusic right now... Fuel Injected kicks ass!
    HAHAHAHA Ed the sock just said about Alanis Morrisette "...You can get your hands on this Alanis Morrisette CD, and if you get your hands on Alanis, you could end up on her next CD... " HAHAHAHA Stupid Alanis. That whole "IRONIC" song doesn't even have ONE thing on it that is ACTUALLY IRONIC... now THAT is Ironic. Anyways...
    Winnipeg, looks like I'm going back AGAIN, I'm not too crushed.. At least I won't be one of those unhappy people being gouged by Campbell. HAHAHA Taxes went up today. $1.00 on every pack of cigs.. that means that when you are scalping cigarettes at highschool, you'll have to charge 54 cents to break even, instead of 50 cents like before.. hahaha. Also, when I move there, my mum is GIVING me her '89 Mustang. WOO HOO!! Free Car!! It still runs great, and a block heater is already installed! (Keeps the engine from turning into a large block of ice in the winter)
    It's 10 am.. *yawn*
    Mya, You're ugly? Who said that? As former "Alcoholic Guy" my beer goggles aren't THAT fogged up, I think you look phat (who the hell says that anymore???) Not ALL guys are in it just for sex. It's your mission, should you choose to accept it, to find a guy who is nice, (like me >8-} )and in it for the fact that he enjoys your company, not a booty caller. Old fashioned is good. But there is a question of importance.. Remember the old addage: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" Can you cook? I can cook moderately. (I'm rambling aren't I? oh well, I'll keep going) I hope to take a beginners Culinary course, as well as Mixology. not for a career, just something I'd like to have on my list of skills. Bartending is something I could fall back on, if I ever got laid off or something. But yeah, There's a J-lo-a-thon or something... that Jarule guys is fugly... looks like a pair of lips with a bandanna on top... and wha's with that wussy little 'stash? Mine used to look like that, WHEN I WAS 15!!. Shave buddy... lol. Hmm, what else...
    Wanna see all the cool vids and songs I got???
    My Yahoo! Briefcase is using 27 or the 30 free MBs. The Camaro one and the guy hit by car are great, most have audio. Pool Jumper will make the guys cringe.
    "In 1812 we were just sitting around.
    Minding our own bussiness putting crops into the ground.
    We heard the troops a'commin' and we didn't like the sound.
    So we took a boat to Washington and Burned it to the ground."
    That's there too!

    I hope this post boosts everyone's mood just a bit more than not at all.

    Wednesday, February 20, 2002

    you know what sucks? or boys rather people always say to me oh mya your so pretty mya your to nice mya your so funny blah blah blah when in real life all guys ever think about is sex i mean sex is nice but its not life no guy ever wants me just my body its suck im an old fashioned girl i treat people with love and respect and i think im abliged to be treated the same i mean what the hell is wrong with that fuck men im ugly im a fucking hole to put there dick in FUCK!

    Tuesday, February 19, 2002

    OMG YAY!!! my birthday is in 2 HOURS!!!!!!! [on my clock,, not yours]

    ALMOST 17!! hahaha I AM SSOOO EXCITED!

    Monday, February 18, 2002

    A-N yes it's her,

    (hahaha this shit never gets old!)
    This link goes to Kalen, cause she's really cool! She's one of the funniest people I've ever known, and is realy fun to talk to! I remember her crazy Yahoo chats a long time ago, and her awesome message board (well, the SEX section of it anyways), and her site, which would change layouts approximately once every 2 hours!

    I don't know what was going on with her for the past like 2 or 3 months, but her site would go down, come back up in some different form, go down again, etc. But now I'm glad she's back! I missed her a lot! Take a look, it's VERY bookmarkable!
    Lately I''ve been getting a lot of calls on my cell phone. A lot of calls from little kids. All asking if "Britney" is there.

    What the fuck?

    I'd get these calls anytime during the day, in the middle of the night, and even during school (fuck you grr). Most of these would also be long distance. Sometimes whoever called me would hang up as soon as i spoke. I was getting freaked out here, how the fuck did these little kids get my number? Who is this "Britney" they are asking for? It was like something out of the X-files (except more entertaining). It wasn't until I got two phone calls on saturday morning that I really got pissed off. You see, I sleep in on the weekends. Until 12 pm. I got a phone call at around 9 from some little shit asking for Britney. Then someone else called at around 10 and woke me up for the second fucking time. The following conversation took place:

    MiKE: "Hello?"
    Kid: "Is Britney there?"
    MiKE: "BRITNEY WHO?!?!?!?!?!"
    Kid: "Britney Spears"

    Aha! The answer was right there the whole time! You see, in my ICQ profile, I have "Britney Spears" as my real name. I have my name as that because it's quite entertaining getting messages from all these weirdos/freaks/pedophiles/horny bastards/Britney fans/teenyboppers/losers/refugees that think I'm THE Britney Spears, and they ask anything from "do you wanna talk, I'm your biggest fan" to "hey may I please have your naked pictures?". It's extremely pathetic to say the least... what is even more pathetic is the fact that the rest of my ICQ profile states that I'm a 19 year old male who lives in Canada, who has a website called Can't these brain-deficient supertards read my info?

    So no I know where I get these rather strange phone calls from. Vaccuum-heads who really think I am Britney Spears.

    Sunday, February 17, 2002

    I had to fix Mya's double post, but while I'm here, I might as well say something.

    No, I am not dead. I haven't posted lately cause I have nothing to post about. I've lost all interest in pretty much anything I do on here, and I have other things (in real life) to worry about.
    its my sixteenth birthday today yaye! I celebrated yesterday i went to studio 54 it was so fun yaye to me im cool!! o

    Saturday, February 16, 2002

    Guys. Can't live with them.. or you can't live with out them. All the bull shit that I went through with being with them... I have to wonder.... maybe we can live without them. I mean, how can you be in a relationship when the feelings are not mutual through out the whole thing? The biggest turn off is someone who is such a pussy who can't tell you that they don't like you and are just staying in it to use you. Why live a lie? It seems that I am constantly living in someone�s lie... Who can have the heart of calling you a "sow" while you are dating them? Obviously a heartless basterd who really never did give a fuck in the first place. I mean, I truly pity them more than I do myself or their victims. I mean, everyone knows what a nice person I am, and for someone to take advantage of that, I'd say it's more than just cruel... it's very manipulative and deceitful. Then, there are the sick fucks who are only concerned with their dicks and whether or not they can get laid or not... Why don't you grow up or get a male vibrator? Life isn't all about getting laid, it's about living. I have one thing to say to all you twisted fuckers out there who have young girl fetishes: Fuck you and stop trying to take advantage of younger girls... No wonder you have to result to the younger crowd... because girls your age won't stick around with LOSERS like you. Yeah.. that's right, losers like you. Young girls are easily tricked because they are at such an impressionable age and state of mind... if you said jump, they probably would. It's because you are older and they look up to you, doesn't mean you should stick your dick in their mouths you fucking bastards. I also hate guys who can't stand a girl being nice to them.... Is it a crime to want to make you hot chocolate once and a while or do something nice like that? Maybe if the world was as arrogant as you are, there would be no need to be nice or even have friends for that matter. It seems like arrogant assholes don't need anybody except for themselves... Oh well, I know what they will be doing alone at night all by themselves in the darkened corner of their little cramped bedroom....

    What pisses me off more than anything else in this world is being lied to. Lies are the truth of how cruel this world can really be. Lies harvest pure evil. If you like your mask so much that you can't take it off to show your true colours, than don't even bother showing your face anymore. You might as well spend the rest of your life in it, because I can tell you what is happening... the more assholish you get, the more transparent your mask becomes. Stay in it longer please, I'd like for people to see the real you. Another thing about lies and relationships is that if you are being lied to the whole time, and you find out about it after the fact, it just makes matters a whole lot worse. I don't think I could ever respect anyone after being in a relationship with them and finding out things they said about me like me being too much for them to have handled the whole time. If you can't handle being with your other, you tell them the reasons, not their friends. You do NOT pretend things are great when they are not. That will not only make you look like the dirt on the bottom of my shoe, but it will also affect your future than you will ever think. Let's put it this way, if I don't vote, they won't either.

    Guys can be ignorant little bastards who don't give a fuck about who they hurt. Just remember this. If you would like to hear more about my stories, feel free to email me, and I will give you all of the scoop on the poop. When I say poop, I mean the scum bag sows who make others look bad.

    Friday, February 15, 2002

    What fun. Valentines day is pretty neat. Everyone is either sooooo happy or so sad and pissed off. Heh. My friend Mark asked my friendSarah out on V-day, it was SO SWEET! I made dinner for my family and boyfriend, casserole, in heart shaped dishes. That was their gift. People bought me lots of chocolate... I think it's a conspiracy to get me to join the rest of the females in my entire family... that is... make me fat. I'm going to Hawaii on March 15th, and we are staying in the Waikiki Sands Villa. Am I retarded or is that the one with the rainbow wall near the ocean? Pardon me while i piss myself with excitement. My father is an intense Christian, and he hates swearing and alochol and drugs and sex and this and that blah blah blah. My mother is agreeing to buy my a string-y bikini, normally she would have said no but, she's letting me since im going with my dad. Oh, I wonder why. I have decided that many more good things come from one little bad thing. Psychology class is helping think of ways to understand my father and possibly get him to annoy the hell out of me less. Anyways. I'm pretty excited about alot of things, I'm throwing a party the weekend before I leave and
    I'm inviting almost everyone i know in Vernon, it's going to be huge. I told my mom i wanted a party she like squealed andstarted talking really fast: "OhMyGod YAY! I'm so excited! And I can go to the neighbors and sleep in the trailer and all your friends can stay over eveen the boys and its gonnah be so fun im so excited for you!!!!!" And she almost took her hands off the steering wheel and crashed into a semi. I almost had to miss school, damn. Well, yeah my mom must be on drugs.

    Well, I have Psych homework to do, ho0ray for essays. No. Oh, Mike, and well everyone, thats a bad picture of me at school in the morning on the staff page. Can I please change it? -beg beg beg-
    Ciao babes <3

    PS, sorry to all of you who dont like V-day, i hope it wasnt too bad! -grin-

    Thursday, February 14, 2002


    I was walkin down the street mindin' my own business, when I see this blonde with some gigantic squeezables waiting at a bus stop! I say to her "Hey baby wanna be my valentine?" and she says "Tee hee sure!". So I whip out my 10 incher and say to her "Well then how about you choke on my beefstick bitch!!" and almost instantly it's in her mouth, with her furiously sucking it like she's never seen one before in her life! So there I am standing at a bus stop with this damn surrey ho on her knees giving me the best head I've ever gotten in the last 2 hours! No one really paid any attention to what's going on here (remember, this is SURREY). I'm about to bust a nut and scream like a woman, when I suddenly I get an idea, and pull my joystick outta her mouth and shoot the load down her shirt! I doubt that my jiism will ever again see the light of day after descending down her bottomless cleavage! Then I threw some loose change at her (enough for her bus fare) and went on my way!

    I woulda been Cupid and "poked her with my arrow", but I had so many Surrey hoes to pimp and so little time! Well, THIS is what Valentines Day is all about! Have a good fuck and don't catch too many STD's you nadpickers!
    yep its valentines day and it sucks donkey shit im single i hate nobody loves me execpt for my spick buddys who just wanna get in to my pants i feel like an ugly lil fuck and this sucks soooooooo much cause everyware i look everybodys got someone but me "Oh you got some roses great now FUCK OFF"
    All work no play make Jack a dull boy.
    All sad no happy make Kayla a bad girl.

    I've decided to wreak a little havoc for Valentine's Day. When I read other things that I have said, it makes me sick to see what kind of sentimentalist this shit brings out in me. Wish me luck, first stop is to get paid then the next stop is to raise hell.

    Wednesday, February 13, 2002



    I've recieved the folling info from Piltdownman84:

    Following standard tendency to in Microsoft Products, a security hole has been Exploited in M$ Instant Messenger Virus. Anyways they Virus comes as a message saying "Go To NoW !!!", or any similar message, as there are several different variations. If you click on the link, that page has code which will send the same message as you received to all the people on your contact list, as well as hits a file called

    So please until this bug if fixed do not click on any links that you receive in MSN, even if they are from your trusted friends, as it might not be from them at all.

    This : : patch is at this time thought to fix some if the problems that this worm compromises; however, until there is a public statement about this virus, and a proper fix I would suggest that all slurrey viewers and the people they know to stop using msn (or at the very least stop clicking on any links you are sent). AIM is a far better product, and ICQ while not having all the crappy smiles has more features. I would suggest switch to one of these other clients, as M$ exploits are a dime a dozen.

    Thanks for the info! MSN FUCKING SUCKS!!!
    Here are some scenic pictures I took a while ago up in the mountains. They look REALLY amazing, and in some you can see all of greater Vancouver in them! Check out these awesome pictures (with thumbnails) here!!

    Imagine them filming Terminator 3 up here, it'll be quite asskicking if you ask me!
    Hey I'd like to give Natalie some hardcore linkage. I found her site through a freind of a friend, and it's pretty good! Check it out.

    Do you hate old printers? We do. Do one want to see one get the shit beaten out of it on a high school parking lot? Who doesn't!!!


    Tuesday, February 12, 2002

    To the people who frequent

    I have something to say. It may be hard to swallow, but you'll just have to bend over and take it!!

    The internet and the real world are two different fucking things! Whatever happens on the internet should NOT cross over onto the real world. Pretty much everyone knows what happened to Webpig. I will not post the whole story or my opinion about it here, there are other sites to read about it at. To make a long story short, he had pictures of underage girls from netmeeting that he collected, and some of the many people who hate him decided to send a nasty email to the company he worked for about his pedophile antics, and now he's jobless. This is the best example I can think of right now about shit that happens on the internet that affect a person in real life (of course there are other examples that I won't get into).

    What the fsck is the internet? It's nothing more than what you see on your computer screen. 1's and 0's that come in from who the fuck knows where and are translated to text and images you see. In one way, it's not real because the only portal into this internet is your computer screen, and in another way, it's not real because anyone on there can be whoever the fuck they want to be.

    So why the fuck does does the internet affect people's real lives so much?

    It always puzzled me why people would get offended if someone they didn't know, who probably lived 3000 miles away, would insult them. What the fuck does it matter what someone on the internet says? People could be whoever they want on the internet, and for all you know the person insulting you in your guestbook or whatever could be some little 9 year old kid, or an old cranky 90 year old granny. Like I wrote on Karyn's comment board: "
    People who just go around and make fun of others are sad little fuckers. They won't do it in real life because they'll get their asses kicked in, so they resort to the internet to get their jollies! Pathetic!". What does this stuff have to do with the real world? Just the fact that it has jack shit to do with it! The internet is just another world, where people can be who they want to be and say what they want to say, however retarded and offensive it may be. Shit shouldn't cross over into the real world, but it does, and whoever lets that happen has a big problem on their hands!

    Lately there has been too much personal shit happening on this site, and things have gotten out of hand. People have used this site to piss off others, to get pissed off, to fight on, and in general to affect other people's lives beyond the internet and onto the real world. The difference was, these weren't people from all over the world, they were people from around here, who all knew each other in the real world! Well, that has pretty much ended now, but that doesn't mean things will not change.

    A part of me is leaving the site. Well not only the site but also the internet. No, not like that. I will still be around, but from now on I will post for entertainment purposes only. That's right, everything I post will be for people to laugh at, or otherwise entertained in some way. It'll be lust like things were about a year ago. No one except people I know offline (and a few good friends from far away who I talk to online) will ever hear about what goes on in my personal life anymore. It is really nobody else's fucking business, especially on the internet. (No one should want to hear about my life anyways, they come here for entertainment, not personal journal bullshit). That goes for programs like MSN/ICQ and also e-mail. If you know me in real life, and have something to say, don't email or message me. You see that thing somewhere in your house, with a keypad on it and a part that looks sorta like a banana/weird sex toy attached to a cord? It's called a phone. PHONE ME. I'm sure you all know my cell phone or home number.

    Just don't go phoning my cell while I am in the middle of class, or I will hunt you down and shove squirrels UP YOUR ASS. That's right, I had to mphasize that part in CAPS. And squirrels are known to be ferocious little buggers, especially when violently inserted into the rectum.

    Oh yeah, I'd like to welcome SKEEF to the site. Well he's always been part of the site.... actually..... he's the one who really does all the work. I just take all the credit from him! Hah stupid sock penis.
    To the people who frequent

    Allright. Ive had enough. ANYBODY ELSE THAT WANTS TO ABANDON THIS SITE DO SO NOW! I will not allow anyone else to leave after today. Otherwise I will hunt you down and shove a flagpole up your ass. Im sick and tired of all the people leaving here because of problems with others on the site, get over it and stay online. As for Ashlee, I realy wish you would stay, you rock! Please everyone, so many people have left already, lets not allow this to happen again.

    Oh and since Chad has left Slurrey, I hereby throw my hat in the ring for the Vice Presidency of Bring it Mark.

    Monday, February 11, 2002

    To the people who frequent

    This was going to a happy post today, but seeing as I have made more enemies than friends I have decided to resign from my position at Some more resent accusations have been brought to my attention. These regarding myself not leaving things in the past. I have tried my hardest to stay out of everything. The last thing that I did and was my fault was that picture of me and that girl. I'd admitted to it, appologized to the approriate parties involved and never talked to them since. If they would like to harp on something that is in the past and turn everyone against me, then so be it. When you guys finally sit down and realize who was right and who was wrong... you will know the truth, and let me tell you now... the truth does hurt. This has been a constant battle of sides. Either you are on "his" or "his" side. There is no inbetween. If you are stuck in the middle, you automatically get labled as being on "his" side if the other party hates you. I don't need politics in my life other than the ones I have to pay my taxes to. Fairwell you guys, and have a nice life. This will be my last post. If I am needed, you may email me at Don't bother trying to get a hold of my on the message board, through icq or msn. I've deleted any message program I have installed, and if you are going to harrass me about anyone saying I'm starting Crap, don't even bother. I'm not involved anymore in this than I was in the begining. It seems like all of you guys needed someone to hate this whole time... I'm glad I could assist. Now that I am gone, I am hoping previously destroyed friendships will get back on track. Good bye everyone and have a nice life.

    -Ashlee Smith.
    oops forgot to post the link hehe

    see its fucking superkalafragalisticicspaladouchus

    holy shit my hair is dark wow itsnt that great world shattering news people OMG!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! slap my ass and call me sally this is exiteing! ;c)
    Birthdays are always better when they are in NOVEMBER!!
    The NEW VJ is REALLY Freakish! His Picture isn't up yet, but when it is, It'll be here. Ugly dude does have one good quality: He's a Shakira NUT! "If you like Shakira, I got your Shakira right here!" (VJ's don't get to choose the videos, so we all know that's a crock of crap).

    On a different note, I was looking through the site, and, well, doesn't this guy look wierd? It's the lead singer from System Of A Down. He looks like he's made of plastic or something. I dunno, maybe it's the weed talking. Whoa... talking weed..... Anyways, I'm outa here.
    Till next time kiddies........
    lol Mya! your birthday is so close to mine!

    9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!!9 dayz till my birthday!! ok. enough!

    <3 carly

    Sunday, February 10, 2002

    7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!7 days till my birthday!
    luv always miss mya
    I remember when I actually used to get GOOD forwarded emails, like this:

    Today's scientific question is: What in the world is electricity? And where does it go after it leaves the toaster? Here is a simple experiment that will teach you an important electrical lesson. On a cool, dry day, scuff your feet along a carpet, then reach your hand into a friend's mouth and touch one of his dental fillings. Did you notice how your friend twitched violently and cried out in pain? This teaches us that electricity can be a very powerful force, but we must never use it to hurt others unless we need to learn an important electrical lesson. It also teaches us how an electrical circuit works, when you scuffed your feet, you picked up a batch of "electrons," which are very small objects that carpet manufactures weave into carpets so they will attract dirt. The electrons travel through your bloods stream and collect in your finger, where they form a spark that leaps to your friend's filling, then travels down to his feet and back into the carpet, thus completing the circuit.

    AMAZING ELECTRONIC FACT: If you scuffed your feet long enough without touching anything, you would build up so many electrons that your finger would explode! But this is nothing to worry about, unless you have carpeting.

    Although we modern persons tends to take our electric lights, radios, mixers, etc. for granted, hundreds of years ago people did not have any of these things, which is just as well because there was no place to plug them in. Then along came the first Electrical Pioneer, Benjamin Franklin, who flew a kite in a lightning storm and received a serious electrical shock. This proved that lightning was powered by the same force as carpets, but it also damaged Franklin's brain so severely that he started speaking only in incomprehensible maxims, such as, "A penny saved is penny earned." Eventually, he had to be given a job running the post office.

    After Franklin, came a herd of Electrical Pioneers whose names have become part of our electrical terminology: Myron Volt, Mary Louise Amp, James Watt, Bob Transformer, etc. These pioneers conducted many important electrical experiments. For example, in 1780 Luigi Galvani discovered (this is the truth) that when he attached two different kinds of metal to the leg of a frog, and electrical current developed and the frog's leg kicked, even though it was no longer actually attached to the frog, which was dead anyway. Galvani's discovery led to enormous advances in the field of amphibian medicine. Today, skilled veterinary surgeons can take a frog that has been seriously injured of killed, implant pieces of metal in its muscles, and watch in hop back into the pond just like a normal frog, except for the fact that it sinks like a stone.

    But the greatest Electrical Pioneer of all was Thomas Edison, who was a brilliant inventor despite the fact that he had little formal education and lived in New Jersey. Edison's first major invention, in 1877, was the phonograph, which could soon be found in thousands of American homes, where it basically just sat until
    1923, when the record was invented. But Edison's greatest achievement came in 1879, when he invented the electric company. Edison's design was a brilliant adaptation of the simple electrical circuit: The electric company sends electricity through a wire to a customer, then immediately gets the electricity back through another wire, then (this is the brilliant part) sends it right back to the customer again. This means that an electric company can sell a customer the same batch of electricity thousands of times a day and never get caught, since very few consumers take the time to examine their electricity closely. In fact, the last year in which any new electricity was generated in the United States was 1937. The electric companies have been merely re-selling it ever since, which is why they have so much free time to apply for rate increases.

    Today, thanks to men like Edison and Franklin, and frogs like Galvani's, we receive almost unlimited benefits from electricity. For example, in the past decade scientists developed the laser, an electronic appliance that emits a beam of light so powerful that it can vaporize a bulldozer 2,000 yards away, yet so precise that doctors can use it to perform delicate operations on the human eyeball, provided they remember to change the power setting.
    Hey hey hey you crazy ass motherfuckers! My name is SKEEF and I'm in da house to fuck some hoes! Oh yeah baby there's nothing better than writing a post for SLURREY with a 2 dolla hoe under my desk with her lips around MY FUCKSTICK! Who here votes that I blow a big load in her eye?! You think this site needs democracy? Well there ya go!

    I was watching Britney Spear's new video and I figure, what a HOEBAG!! Dayum I wanna urinate, defecate, and bust a good nad all over her ugly face! (and not in that particular order either!). She thinks she has talent? The only talent she has is in the ORAL SEX department, how else would you explain someone who sings like she got a BIG RUBBER PHAL up her poop chute be on a record label? Even Listening to the shit she calls music is enough to give my ears herpes! Why don't people treat her like what she is, a 90% plastic human waste receptacle! She needs to get her fat slut ass under my desk and give my Mr Winky a good clean with her dirty mouth. BITCH!

    Well that's enough SKEEF for today, I know all you bitches n hoes just LOVE me! So join the line up there's enough SKEEF for every cock-magnet Whalley cumsponge who wants some lovin'...DOGGY STYLE!
    I havent posted for a while, I've been busy for once. Switching to the school I tried to get into for like 6 months is great. I actually hang out with like people instead of being by myself or with one person all day. I used to have two classes a day now I have four half classes. I love that because teachers are boring, so it's a great thing only dealing with them for like and hour instead of two. Anyways! I also went to a birthday party on the weekend and met some really cool people. I also got a lecture from the biggest hypocrite I know about how hypocritical I was. She's telling me I'm soo closed minded for shutting Ryan out because he was really nasty to me last year and said somethings that you just dont say to a friend. And I've gotten over hating him I'm like oh hi bye whatever and I don't care about him. So she's saying that's closed minded. WELL She told Vanessa (it was Vanessa's party) that she wouldn't go if Vanessa let me bring my boyfriend. WOW Who's being closed minded now! Ho0rah! Stupid cow. Anyways, I think I'm done bitching now...
    I'm going to Hawaii! I'm pretty excited, I decided no matter how annoying or otherwise my father is, I will smile and force myself to enjoy my trip. Think positive! I'm throwing a huge party a week before I leave and my mom was like "Oooh! And you can have everyone sleep over and the boys can stay in a different room of course and ill sleep in the trailer outside and I will stay out of the house for you!" I was like oh my god, my mom is almost as excited as me :P But yeah I have to go type some stuff out for her now... so Ciao babes <3 Ashlita.
    Yeah for most of the day was rendered impotent (our host was DOWN) and many people could not view this page, and were busy masturbating in anger as a result.

    Well it was an interesting night, and we got a good video of the shit we did. It's quite entertaining, and I'll post it up soon. It involved smashing the fuck out of a printer, ShLeE drinking 2 liters of water in hope of puking it out, me driving like a fucking quadriplegic (and you can imagine how bad they drive), and other assorted shit!!! We were gonna pull a Kenny Rogers style JACKASS video, but I forgot all the milk at home. LICKER OF HORSE GONADS!!! Oh well, we'll do it soon!!

    Saturday, February 09, 2002

    its me..carly.. i am at mikies.. 0o0o0o0 yay for me

    uh ya.. anywhooo byebyebye
    Movie Review

    "Roller Ball"

    Kick ass movie. Lots of action. No "American Patriorism" crap. Great acting by LL Cool J. His 21st movie role, he almost killed himself, in one of the stunts in the movie

    ***1\2 (3 !/2)

    Go and see it!
    Everyone go check out Jan's site!
    She can write pretty really well, and there's always some depth and intelligence in her posts... something you won't find 99% of other places on the internet!

    Arrogant Worms - Dad Threw Up on Christmas Day.mp3 (1.95 MB)

    Kinda reminds me of the time I puked in the middle of my room! It's so cheery!

    Friday, February 08, 2002


    woo hoo.. im back wut fun -=im not amused=-
    mike tells me that everyone here loves me.. thats BS you all hate me.. but oh well im back so suck it up.
    i wont post much.. and i wont check back much. but oh well.. you will all have to deal.

    sorry, im just not amused. -=shrugs=- oh well

    ciao <3 carlita
    First of all, I'd like to welcome Jag back to Slurrey, and I'd also like to link Karyn. She lives very close to us, and writes pretty good on her site. Her latest post right now is about the police searching a pig farm for evidence/bodies of over 50 missing prostitues! Holy shit Batman!

    I think I'll go see the movie Collateral Damage. Even though Jag's review said it sucks, I still want to see it for the explosions. Mmmmmm explosions....
    In today's world, being a pyro is truly a gift.
    Well check it out, you can now rate each post that is posted on the main page!

    This rating system has been in development for a LONG fuckin time! It's finally up and running, and I'm pretty sure all the major bugs have been squashed (and eaten by George). Lots of thanks to Halkeye for doing all the hard stuff. I'm actually paying for this rating system to be coded and installed! Did you know he did coding for Livejournal? He's even been to the house of the guy who created Livejournal! So yeah go visit his site, he's also the one who sent me that "kid practising foreplay with a teddy bear" video down below, and even took that picture at school. So check out his site now!

    It's great to have this rating system! It kinda promotes competition between staff members to get the highest ranking, and post the best shit! And this time, it lets the actual visitors of the site give feedback on how good someone is at posting, instead of just the staff deciding who should be staff or not. Oh baby, it's the people's site!

    So yeah, have fun rating everyone's posts!
    Yo yo yo waasssssssup!??

    Yeah, best fucking weekend ever and it hasnt even started yet. Had a kickass day, tomorow Im going to hang out with Jess, spent some quality time with the girlfriend today. Awesome fucking day!
    Movie Review

    Let me tell all you something:

    "Collateral Damage" Sucks! Its the worst movie that I've seen since I don't know what! Its a bunch a freakin "American patriotism" crap, which pisses me off. Never will I see movie like that. What a waste of $8. I should have seen "Roller Ball" Like I first intended. Fuck you Robin!


    It Sucks!

    Don't go and see it!!

    Thursday, February 07, 2002

    The Adventures of the Fellows of Northeast Nebraska

    You know how we go around and take a pictures of every crazy fucking thing we do, and then make an adventure/field trip out of it on the field trips page? Well these guys pretty much do the same thing! On one of their adventures (Trip To Scott's) they had gone to visit a friend of theirs, to show him one of our videos! So they linked our site and that's how I found them. They have lots of adventures at their site, I suggest checking them out!
    I haven't posted for a few days because I've been busy with school.
    But to make up for it, check out this video!!!

    Wednesday, February 06, 2002

    I'm back! didn't know I left did ya well I took an unexpected trip from home when I sorta got kicked out for two weeks so I spent all of that plaser faced at my best friends house partying everyday cause I also got suspended from school, actually I'm pretty sick of my schools shit I'm thinking about getting a job and going to night school at langara I need my own place anyways. I heard there's this new law that students only get paid six dollars an hours until they work 500 hours what's with that bull shit, a student can be just as good as an adult maybe even better but whatever man with this crap they can all lick my tit!

    Booty call Agreement


    1. No sleeping over-unless it is very good and we need to repeat it in the morning.
    2. No meeting in public except for dinner or drinks before the events of the evening.
    3. No calls before 9 PM-we don't have shit to talk about.
    4. None of that "lovemaking" shit - only mind-blowing sex allowed.
    5. No emotional discussions - Ex.: Where are we heading with this? Do you love me? The answer is NO, so don't ask.
    6. No plans made in advance - that is why you are called the "Backup," unless you are from out-of-town, then it's only a one-time advance arrangement.
    7. All gifts accepted - money is always good.
    8. No baby talk - however, dirty talk is encouraged.
    9. No asking for comparisons with former lovers -it's really none of your damn business.
    10. No calling each other "friends with privileges" - we are not friends,just Sex Buddies.
    11. Calling out the wrong name during sex is OK - don't be offended.
    12. No extra clothing - I don't want your ass leaving anything behind when you leave.
    13. No falling asleep right after sex - it's over, so get your ass up and go home.
    14. Don't be offended if I don't ask if you enjoyed it - I don't care.
    15. You cannot borrow my car for any reason.
    16. If anyone asks who you are, the standard response will be: "My roommate's girlfriend/boyfriend."
    17. Doggie style preferred - just hit it hard and right or get the hell out!
    18. Reason for doggie style: the less eye contact the better.
    19. We hook up absolutely whenever the mood strikes ME - so don't keep calling. 20. The most important one - no condoms, no f*&king. Carry your ass home.
    21. Bring your own drink - I am not your liquor store.
    22. No phone use, please - don't want anyone calling back looking for your ass. 23. Please don't call me after you get home..I don't want my next Booty Call picking up the phone.


    The aforementioned rules may only be altered by the holder of the agreement. If the other party attempts to change or alter any terms of this agreement it will automatically become null and void and you will then be removed from the BOOTY CALL LIST and deleted from phone memory and email list. BLOCKED from all communications until your silly ass understands the rules.

    lol I'm a dork I know

    luv always miss mya

    Tuesday, February 05, 2002

    Fucking Losers! Mike Banned EVERYONE's IP from posting on that subject because he knew you whiney shit-eating morons would bitch and complain as loud as you could. Well tough shit. GO HERE if you want some fluffy happy happy Bullshit to calm you quivering delicate emotions. If not, shut the fuck up and bite down hard on your tongue. Discussing something and Bitching how you don't get enough attention from your friends in a little room where it doesn't even have any actual connection to the real world are completely different things. GET A LIFE YOU LOSERS! Complain all you want on the discussion boards, that's what it is for, OPEN DISCUSSION. But if all you are going there for is to look for something to bitch about, then you can screw yourself, cuz nobody would ever want to fuck a whiney bitch. I rarely am seen and hardly ever post messages that are anything more than simply commenting on a current subject or bringing up a new one. Thanks to the idiots who caused this whole thing and made mike drop the Diss Board now I can't go see what the responses to my last post were. I was curious as to how you people took it.
    Wait, never here.... not seen often..
    I officially throw my hat into the ring for the position of Vice President. How hard could it be? Do what Mike asks regarding distribution of info, polls, surveys, and what ever little shit he doesn't wanna deal with. I could do that. It beats listening to M.C.Rae rant on and on about referendum all Fucking day (No offence, but you need a new topic, the "I'm Prime Minister" attitude was getting old back in 10th grade)
    K_L_C IN 2002!
    I, Kink Luigi Calb, hereby nominate myself for the position of Vice President.
    All in favour, say "AYE!! PASS THE BOOZE!"
    All opposed, say" NAY!! PASS THE BOOZE!"


    Monday, February 04, 2002

    Wow today is entirely the weirdest day I've ever had, not only did i start going to a new school and had to take the school bus for the first time ever, but now i scome to Slurrey after being pretty much gone for a weekend and all this shit has happened. I hate buses, especially mine. and I have the following to say about this site:
    -Carly, I'm sorry things make you feel that way, and I'll miss ya hun
    -Mike I can see why you made the message board go away
    -Arrogance does not justify arrogance.
    -If someone is leaving the proper thing to do is not say things like "don't let the door hit your FAT ass on the way out" or "make sure you close your legs when you leave" so please, shut up.
    -If Mike does put up another message board, like he said in one of the comments I think we should all make a point to keep the conversations nice. If you dont like what someone said, dont reply, or reply nicely, or find theire msn or aim or email or whatever and duke it out there, lets not waste everyone else's time with a stupid fight. Now I know i did that before, but seriously, it needs to stop if it makes everyone hate this site.

    Good luck everyone. Cheers. <3AshlitA
    Damnit Mike, I realise theres shitty problems going down, and yeah I probably missed the last posts which led to your decision but comeon, now how is anyone going to chat?? This was a gathering point for a dozen or so people who posted regularly and I personaly, not speaking for anyone else but I had alot of fun while I was here. True I cannot change your decision and true it is your site but still, I can try cant I? Dont get pissed off at me for this, Im just saying what I think, ignore me as much as you want. Fuck even take me off of being staff if it pisses you off that much but I just cannot let you do this without giving my two cents.

    Sunday, February 03, 2002

    I took the message board down. Good riddance.
    well well well.. this is my last post on the site. in 24 hours i am gonna to remove myself from it. i still love and adore you all. i just dont like the bull shit. i cant stand it. i have enough problems with friends killing themselves.. i dont need to join them, b/c staying on this site and talking to most of you ppl makes me wanna put a gun in my mouth.. or jump off a bridge. i dont like how everyone is so judgemental. and how critical they are. why cant we all just get along? is that to much to ask? NO its not!
    Kayla, your post was grand, but I have some things to add that wont fit in a little comment box.

    the Superbowl is no longer a sporting event. It is a silly TV special that uncludes really lame commercials compared to previous years, U2 a shitty band making a shittier 'comeback' from when they were slightly cool in the 70's/80's and a massive pathetic whine-fest about September 11th. Oh yeah, and there was a bunch of men running around on a feild too. Don't get me wrong you guys, I like football, I just hate the Superbowl. If the 1/3 of American men who are balding pot-belleid louts who sit on the couch eating Doritos and drinking Bud (two SB sponsors) think they are being faithful to America by sitting in front of the idiot-box yodeling about whos a genious and whos an idiot, they are even more pathetic than I once thought. If you think you can support your country and it's 'heros' by sitting on your ass, than you, my friend, aren't deserving to live in a country which is so connected with happiness and dreams. To many people in poor countries (like the helpless one they are bombing insistently because of one man hiding in it) America is so appealing because they can work and make money and live, instead of being oppressed poor and starving. The American dream is not to become a lard ass sitting on the couch being a "patriot" by cheering for a football team.-Sigh- people don't know how good they have it, and they totally take it for granted by being big pigs.

    I'm sorry if you take offense to this, but it's what I see in people, and I can't help that. So deal with it.
    What a funny way to find out how the Rams lost the Super Bowl... with about 4 or 5 MSN login alerts, with people's names having something to do with the Rams losing. Mmmmm technology.
    It's Super Bowl Sunday. And really, I couldn't give a shit less if it were Super Freak Friday. It's pointless and extremely overrated. Football sucks, first of all. Second of all, if I cared about either team it would probably be New England...but since my living room is a hazard zone right now, I won't know who won until tomorrow because I refuse to go in there.

    Third of all, I cannot stand that the championship of this particularly retarded sport is so worshiped. No one makes this big of a deal over the World Cup, the Stanley Cup, the World Series, big tennis tournaments, the Final Four, etc. I have asked a football fanatic what the hell the big deal is before. His response? "It's a man's sport." An overly complicated and overly hyped one at that, Bubba. I don't hate it as much as NASCAR (Hi, we like to go round and round the big circle! Har Har!), but eh.

    The two perks are: the commercials (though if I see that horrifically gay one with Britney Spears singing about Pepsi while changing eras, I'll throw something at the TV. I don't like Britney and I don't like Pepsi, so the combo really irks me.) and watching this guy that I'm interested in get all worked up about the game. Sure, I don't understand it. But he's hot when he's wired. ;) He has that whole wildly competitive streak and that's so very sexy because it's a challenge.

    ANYWAY, before I lose it on that topic, I'm going to go escape my house before the triple F's (Freaky Football Fans) drive me insane. Hasta!
    lol that made me feel like a cheerleader
    WOO HOO go me!

    6'4 Bodybuilder with Gun Beaten to Death by two guys with an Umbrella

    The unidentified man, who was seeking revenge after two individuals were talking to his girlfriend on the phone, was met with unexpected force when he arrived at the Surrey home.
    "I came to kick some ass, I even brought my gun," he said in his last few words, "but they had an umbrella! A big black one!".
    Police investigators have no suspects in custody yet, but they have retrieved the murder weapon, pictured above. It is currenty facing murder charges.
    It's hilarious how what's going on at pheends/angylgurl closely parallels what's happening here at Slurrey. Jesus fucking christ everyone makes me sick! Go read the post on Tara's page in particular, it's the most recent thing up about all the shit that's going on with them, and worth a good read.
    II always thought that 90% of the people living on this fucking planet should be exterminated. And burn their fucking corpses too, just so there's no chance in hell for anyone to replicate their inferior genes.

    Have you ever thought about where there are so many wars still happening? So many crimes being commited, people being murdered, innocent lives being fucked up. All because of what? Money, greed, anger, among other fucking BULLSHIT. In this so-called civilized world we're living in, 90% of us are acting no better than the cavemen we were thousands of years ago. Yeah we have advanced technologically since then, but does that make us treat each other better? FUCK NO!

    It's people like this that need to be eliminated to ensure that our species doesn't eventually destroy itself. The only reason that everything is so fucked up right now is because of loser shitholes who would fuck other people up for their own benefit. It could be for money, for power, or just to make themselves feel better or put themselves ahead. And then there's people who are just plain assholes.. throw them in the bin too! What we need is some psychological cleansing here.

    But who's to tell what a person's personality is like, when they can easily fake it and appear like a good person? How the fuck would purification of the human race happen if people can just bullshit themselves out of it (and remember that people like this would have much experience in the area of bullshitting). Fuck!

    Hell, I guess the only thing to do is wipe out most of the earth's population, by some nuclear war or any other catastrophic event. Let the survivors pull together in order to survive. Yeah, who is going to try to get ahead when there's nothing left on this fucking rock? Oh gee wait maybe they'll still be killing each other for food, oh yeah of course!! "Fuck everyone else, I'm going to do whatever the fuck it takes to stay alive". And then everyone will die, except maybe the only good people left who didn't kill each other over a burnt piece of food.

    It pisses me off that I will never see a perfect world in my lifetime. A world where everyone helps each other out and is good to each other. Yeah, aworld where we wouldn't fucking need cops, or even money! Where everything you'd need to survive and live a happy life would be free. Maybe if we don't destroy ourself that day may someday come. But it doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon.

    Yeah this is an angry post, and if you don't agree with it I don't really give a rat's ass (or have a rat's ass to give). It doesn't really make sense anyways, I could probably bang my head on the keyboard or urinate in the floppy drive and probably still come up with a post that makes more sense.
    YO! Im staff!!! Woohoo!
    There are so many stupid people in this world that it makes me want to roll over in my pre-dug grave and start laughing. I hate people. I decided that I am not a people person and that I want to run around murdering people with my semi-automatic that I have hidden in my purse. Well, maybe I'm not that crazy.. but if anything else pisses me off.. be very careful! ;)

    Saturday, February 02, 2002

    Yeah field trip #13 is finally up. Well, the field trips page wasn't updated for so long that I had accumulated like 3 or 4 field trips worth of pictures, so I got rid of a whole bunch of pictures and combined it all into one field trip. Some things to look for in this latest field trip:

  • My brother fucking a stuffed chicken (what a creepy looking kid)
  • How I parked my van like a retard
  • A dog wearing a bra
  • Britney Spears- BEFORE and AFTER she became a cum sponge
  • New years fun
  • Having fun in the middle of a blizzard

    So yeah, I think I'm gonna head to bed, I'm bored to shit. Fuck y'all and have a good night!
  • Friday, February 01, 2002

    just giving an update. even though there is nothing to update about.
    i did and iq test.. and i got 140! WOW! im scared. i some how got smart :iq test its easy if you read the questions right. lol chad will get 150!
    anywhoooooo im out.. ciao babes.