Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Check it out, I finally got a tagboard set up, thanks to Kevin and Mike from Pheends!!! I'm sure visitors of this site can put this tagboard to good abuse.

I would post something extremely intelligent and witty, but... meh fuck it I'm tired. So here's a post I posted 2 years ago, I hope you all enjoy it!

There once was a guy named Booger, who liked to stick small animals up his butt. One day he decided to stick a rat infected with rabies up his butt, so he threw the rat into his ass (he also had a fetish for shoving hockey sticks in there, thus making his asshole quite large). Then, the rat bit him on the inside of his ass and took a shit in there. Booger screamed in pain, and later on that day he pooped out rat poop, and his wife (she had a penis) made fun of him ("Haha you pooped rat poop! You rat! Haha!"). Then he went to the doctor and the doctor told him that he had gotten infected with rabies. He started foaming from the butt.

The moral of the story:
Don't stick rats up your butt.
I dont really like doing this, but I thought I would anyways.
My dream of becoming a cam boy is slowly starting to fall into place, check it out.

Now if thats not elite, I dont know what is.

today i got threatened for being "punk" by an old friend of mine she said omg mya i cant belive youv turned punk fuck thats just gross if i ever see you again ill swear ill kick your ass, then she pushed me aside (literly) and walked off and this girl years ago was a good friend fucking people man i dont understand what ones apearence of taste in music or anything its the personality that counts and its not like im a bitch or anything fucken ignorant people. i dont understand it :(
lookie lookie

This Is Shlee

This Is MiKE

This Is Me

This Is Mark

This Is Carly

This Is Pat

arny they cute!

if you want one ill make you one just email me

- (o:3 bunny luv <3

Monday, April 29, 2002

Weell Ashlee was supposeed to post this since it was HER field trip! But she had to leave so I'm stuck here doing all the work! Anyways this is Field Trip #21!!! You might be wondering where field trip #20 went... well we didn't really have it yet because it's supposed to be a special one (with all the locals), so I just thought I'd bump Shlee's field trip up to #21! Here's her writeup:
Okay people! This is my art 11/12 class at Skank Hurt. This is an average day at art class.... We sit around, joke, read books, eat, and basically stay off task. This explains the reasons why we are all stressed out right before report card cut offs... We are always scrambling to get it done on our own time! Normally, if I don't have work in front of me, the teacher comes over to where I am and gives me shit! He always asks me where my work is and I say that it is at home! LOL!!! Which isn't a lie since it is, but it hasn't been started or finished.

We have many odd characters in my class which makes art class a creative environment to work in. My other art class is connected to this room in fact, and it is taught by a biology teacher.. Oh, the guy that is teaching me bio12 this year. I'm doing better in his art class then in bio! LOL what an insult!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these pictures. Maybe you will get to see me actually working one day!!!


I was walking home from my AAmeeting today, the sun was shinning and the birds were chirping. All of this fresh air was really taking its toll on my legs, so I decided to go sit on a bench at the local park. There was a shinny penny lying on the ground right in front of me. I was going to reach down for it when I happened to notice this little blonde haired girl playing with her puppy. She had a really cute face accompanied by the perfect set of little dimples. Her smile out shinned the sun and those little blue eyes seemed to glimmer. She had very long legs and you could see the little blonde hairs glowing on her legs. Her tiny body was in the premature stages of development, and she seemed incredibly playful. Those bouncy little blonde ringlets excited me in ways no one will ever understand. I reached out to touch one and she screamed.... I had to get her to stop so I put my hand over her mouth and dragged her into the bushes. She kicked and squirmed but could not get free. She wouldn't stop trying to yell so I took to the back of her head with a stick. She fell to the ground and was out like a little light. I just wanted to touch her curly blonde hair... but one touch lead to more touches. I don't remember exactly what happened after that... it all happened too fast.
these are my pictures from today yeah im prettie hurting and have nothing eltse to do hahahah


c ya later cocks and chickens

- (o:3 bunny luv <3


ps. theres a movie on friday who wants to come??? ;o)
As if ya'll didn't already know I'm always either working or sleeping @ my GF's house, so I'm in Slurrey.com about once or twise a week, so I'm trying to keep up with all the polls and quizes and crap. here's my friend one:


On the subject of deceased animal sex, flaming or otherwise, I am opposed. semi-antidisestablishmentarianismists is the damned longest word I ever seen...

Penith.. Vagina, flaming pubes... all that's understandable... but Pat getting some nookie.. not gonna happen. I'll buy that little beatnik a 26er to share w/him if he can prove it. (preferably via her telling me herself.)
that's all for now peeps.

Sunday, April 28, 2002

I forgot to tell you guys this on friday when you where all in the
laundry mat, and i was waiting for kyle out side of value village
a bum came up to me and started talking to me i went along with it
because i didnt have anything eltse to do.
then he noticed my belly button pierceing and said " Oh my god you
have a hole in your stomache" then i said " Yeah i got it pierced a few
years back you guys must not be verry used to that in maple ridge"
"where are you from?" he asked
"east vancouver" I said
then he looked at me with a face of pure disscust and said " well you
dont belong in a place like this" then he gave me one more dirty look
and rode off on his bike
Yo yo yo motherfuckers, Mya's done (well, sorta) another Slurrey comic, here it is:


Yeah, I'll put up a page later on with all the comics on it!
Friday nights are usually good nights for me, but Sundays are when I do the best. I never really understood this until last weekend. I was walking down the street in the pouring rain. I had thought for sure I would be going home as fast as I got there. No cars were on the side road at all on this late Sunday evening. Even if there were, I thought for sure my running eye mascara would send them away. Just as I decided to call it a night, a little red honda pulls up beside me. The windows are rolled down, and there is a truck full of older men. Me being the sicko that I am decides to hop on in. There are exactly four men, two in the front and two in the back. We drove for blocks in silence, and then we turned into a church parking lot. I had a puzzled look on my face when they started to leave the car. They told me to follow them and they opened the church doors. When they took off their jackets I noted that they were in a dark cloak of some type. Then it finally clicked into me, they were ministers of the church. I had no idea why they would pick me up off the side of the road, I didn't think priests and ministers were like that. So, this finally makes sense... the reasons why Sunday nights are good nights for me. lol, it proved to be good in both ways! ;)

Saturday, April 27, 2002

Some Good songs

Veruca Salt - volcano girls
Veruca salt - seether
Vuruca Salt - born entertainer
Exit this side - rubber room
Audiophile - in your dreams
staind - for you
Stabbing Westward - violent mood swings
Stabbing Westward - Save Your Self
Princess Super Star - Bad Baby Sitter
Slick 60 - path of ghosts
Slick 60 - Left Alone
Slick 60 pale
Hole - Violet
Hole - dieing
Penny Wise - Fuck Authority
Gob - Licence from a cerial box
Finger eleven - broken words
Finger elevem - awake and dreaming
Finger eleven - bones and joints
NIN - Dead Souls
NIN - Heresy
NIN - Closer
NIN - A warm place
NIN - Something i can never have
NIN - Hurt
NIN - The only time
Linkin park - A place for my head
Linkin park - my december
Linkin Park - in the end
Stone Temple Pilots - big empty
Stone Temple Pilots - Inerstate love song
Stone Temple Pilots - Big Bang Baby
Fluffy Starr - Candy Ass
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - After the flesh

c ya later cocks and chickens

- (o:3 bunny luv <3
Okay. So. Where the hell have I been?

oh wow!! looks like you all had an awesome time last night! I wish I could have attended, but my mom said no! LOL! Anyway, I ended up going over to Heathers house, and meeting up with a lot of old school girls! We hung out, put her web cam on for a bit, had some "beverages", and then went for a car ride. About 12, we decided to meet some guys in the johnsten Hights parking lot. Well, They were pretty gorgous!!! There were only two guys though! :( lol! Anyway, they drive us back to heathers house, they go away, and I go home! ;) It was pretty cool meeting heather again though! The last time I saw her was like in grade 5! She couldn't believe how much I changed, as I her! lol! ;) Anyway, I'm blogging out for now! seeya!

Great show! Tim rocks!! Plus I got dragged away for that qucikie in the bathroom...

Penith and Vagina rock!!

And hey, that red haired chick that dragged me away was pretty hot eh?
Yes, I guess last night was field trip 19... I wasnt going to write to much about it on pheends but decided to write about it on slurrey.com

The big event started at around 4:00 for me when I went to Kevins to pick up Kevin and Ben, then we hopped a skytrain down to Metrotown. We where a bit early so we all decided to go to the foodcourt to grab a quick bite. After our yummy meal was taken down we met up with the slurrey crew (being MiKE, Mya and pat) I stuffed my face with a taco as soon as I saw them so Id have a reason for not talking... the first few minutes of meeting people is always akward so I figured I would just avoid it.

On the trip to the show everyone was still a bit akward but everyone was getting alone with each other. It took a skytrain and two busses to get to our destination and a constant "Hey does anyone know where we are going really?" from everyone.

We got to the area and just walked around a bit so Mya could call up a few of her peeps. She called up Karyn who couldnt end up making the show, and she phoned up a friend (kyle?) while the everyone else watched ben play some arcade game in the laundry mat... Soon after it was back to the show.

We go back and sort of stood outside, the first band was just setting up so I asked about going to a beer and wine store. I didnt plan on drinking anything that night but did anyhow. We found the beer and wine store and bought what we needed. Everyone drank besides Ben and Kevin who watched everyone else drink. I finished off my bottle and waited for the slurrey people to finish theirs. Pat couldnt finish his 3rd of his 4th beer so I drank it, and then me and MiKE had a chugging contest with another one... and I won! Boooooooya! (but now I owe you guys two beers)

By then we were all talking and used to each other, everyone was making jokes and talking about each others sites. Time just flew by as we stood in some small forested area throwing back our drinks. Next thing you know we had already missed two bands, by the time we got back to the venue I was pretty out of it and the bands where busy setting up. Me, kevin and Pat all hackied with a group of guys. I was doing pretty good seeing as how I could barely keep track of where it went. The show started and the fun begin...

Me, Kevin and ben started the first pit since we got their and things started getting fun. Pat was constantly in and out of the pit while MiKE was taking pictures of all the girls that walked by, and Mya looked like she was enjoying herself. Pat went to the washroom with some girls in hope he was going to get laid, poor guys never seen a real boob even. Turned out it was just all a cruel joke, I feel for you.

Marlinspike and TIM put on a good show and the whole thing was over sooner then you knew it.

On the bus ride home we had made a few friends so everyone was talking to each other, some people had beer in the bus so I stood in front of them as the guys threw them back. Next thing you know the bus driver came to the back of the bus and started lecturing us and saying how he was going to throw us off the bus if this all kept up. Nobody really payed attention to him and continued with being loud and abnoxious... it was great.

We all made it back to the skytrain safe and sound, and Mya waited for our skytrain to come... she was our bodygaurd and made sure no one started anything with us. Then we got on and she got on her train. Everyone slowly departed and the night was done around 12. Early but we got a lot accomplished.

So, to keep things short.
It was a great night and thanks to everyone that made it out.

FIELD TRIP #19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOLY SHIT!!!! We got over 215 pics of everything from hanging out in a laundromat in the middle of nowhere to walking around in the middle of nowhere to finding a liquor store to drinking in a bush to seeing the show that we went to see!! We and the Pheends guys went to the Maple Ridge show to see Marlinspike and Tim play, and they definitely kicked ass!! Pat even bought a Tim CD, I would have too but I was in a broke state at the time.

Anyways we met these chicks there, I don't remember their names but one was called "Penith" and the other "Vagina" (look in the pics section, they're wearing name tags) and it brought back memories of the Huppe days! Yeah and Penith let us vandalize her arm with our website addresses! Awesome shit dude! Then we met these other two chicks who had stolen the bathroom signs and stuck them onto various places on themselves! They were hilarious and even told a funny story about sticking straws or forks through their ear piercings? Great! Well they were really cool, for Pat it was love at first sight! Well I'm sure we met some more people but I can't remember jack shit right now (note to self, in the morning look at the field trip pics for reference)

Well, anyone care to do a writeup of what happened last night? Cause I sure as hell don't feel like doing it! Imagine last week's field trip #18 HUGE ASS writeup, and think of it multiplied by 10. AAAAAH!!!

Friday, April 26, 2002

well kiddies since i shal be HELPING plan the amazeing #20 theres a few things we all need to talk about....

Location: we need to be somewhere where the locals can reach so basicly we can't hae this in say port moody because it would be harder to get to. pluss it has to be big enugh to hold everyone no my place is out of the question, unless you guys (meaning the people who have achuly been to my house) think that we can have it at my house. it certenly would be easier well its up to you guys i need opinions here

money etc..: We need to figger out money for the location unless we are doing it at my place. also we have to figger put liquor i know i want some but i know that everyone isnt going to also we need to figger out how much everybodys willing to pitch in. And then theres the muchies factor (chips,chase etc.) i think i can handle that one though

people: we need to figger out how many people are coming also we have to make sure everybody there will be ok with each other for example:
will it be ok if i invite Ryan and Steve and Natalie? i just dont want people fighting or being in bad spirts in my house i have enughf negative energy in here

music: isnt really an isue im usealy the dj person consider i dont like people touching my electronic things (that didnt song good) but if any one wants music either bring it or most likely i already have it.

sleeping: i live in a one bedroom appartment there fore i cant have everybody that came to the party be passed out here i mean my bottom bunk can hold about four people the top bunk can hold two (recemendid for couples its kind cramped) then theres the little chair bed thing can hold one person then theres the chair once again once person. Anybody is wellcome to stay up all night with me :o)

hmmm i guess that covers everything

see ya later cocks and chickens

PS. the previous post was me being mad at my Ex for calling me last night i was a tad pissed mmmm mind games yummy ;o)

- (o:3 bunny luv <3
Rants Of A Single Chick

well im sure your all saying to ur self oh shit here she goes again, well here i go and go i shall. It seems at times that all men are the same, why you ask? A man see's a beautiful talented unique single woman, they gawk and say te them selfs "why is a woman like her single?". Then they think BANG there has to be soming thing wrong with them, because god forbid a "normal woman" would be single. Wile 48 persent of the male population walks off thinking "wow im glad i didnt get caught up in that mess!" and walk away without a care in the world. Then the other 48 percent (my true favorites ladys and gents) "charm" the seemingly desprite women in to sleeping with them. Therefore leaving 48 percent of women loney and single, and leaving the other 48 percent loney single and fucked.

this little rant was not ment to offend anyone its only a refection of my personal expearience, of four brothers nine male roommates and plenty of asshole mother fucker boyfriends. Though as you all might have noticed i did leave 4 percent for the male viewer ask your self am i in that four percent? if i did offend you your probley one of thoughs four percent so good for you

dont worrey boys i havent turned in to a man hateing lesbian i still verry much love all my boys but i do find it amuseing to point out these little things

like i said this is based on my expearience dont be mad

- (o:3 bunny luv <3 ts
Well well well, tomorrow (friday) is field trip #19!!! It will be a blast, and a very long-distance field trip too, since it's all the eway down in fucking Maple Ridge!! Well it will definitely be worth it! Just wait till you see the pics we're gonna take!! We're going with the Pheends guys so you can expect twice the amount of wild shit happening than usual.

And the fun doesn't end there. Field trip #20 is coming up, and since it's a special one (somehow the number 20 is better than 19 and 21), there's talk of getting all locals together for one huge party! Where will this party be? Hey I don't know yet I'm not gonna plan it (whenever I plan something it ends up in a big flaming disaster!) but it's coming!

And what's this I hear about a Slurrey camping trip? ;)
More details soon!

Anyways, if anyone else wants to come to tomorrows (friday's) field trip #19, send me an email or call me on my cell or something.

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Pic by Shlee! Looks like this field trip is gonna be extra good ;)

*cue drum role please*

c ya L8er cocks and chickens

- (o:3 bunny luv <3

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

I am a mess. A horrible horrible mess, it's cool though. Today my mom is going all gungho on cleaning the house spotless so the realtors can come and she can interview them ITS THE FUCKING REALTORS why does she have to cleasn the inside of the fridge? why does she have to clean out the pantry? why does she have to wash every single areticle of clothing bedding etc in our house? I still don't know. But... now i have to clean my room and pack away half of my stuff so we can move. FUCK! we haven't even found a realtor yet! crickey! So yes, I wil NOT pack up my room until necessary. So, Instead I had to go under the deck and move the 3 wheelbarrow loads of wood down the street. Now, I am a waif and this is very hard work. Also, there was a heapin helpin of spiders, spider webs and other assorted goodies under the stairs hiding in the wood pile... and I hate spiders and they make me want to die. So, I'm going along a spider that is like 2 inches long and wide and everything its like a big 2 inch ball which is damn big for a spider runs out under the wood i screamed and tried to run out of the area but my mother had blocked me inwith the wheel barrow! I started to cry. But then she gave me the broom handle so i chased the spiders away then grabbed the wood... but one clever little bastard crawled into my glove, which resulted in me crying screaming and running away. My mother then made me finish picking up the wood... despite the spider. All this to avoid moving.... god... I am a problem child.
You know what today is day 5 that i havent had a ciggerette (OMG) this is not good im really fucking dizzy and i feel like im going to puke ( and not in the happy drunk way) and another thing i think i just coughfed up half of my right lung i am the biggest bitch right now seriously yesterday i started throughing shit around the kitchin (knifes pans cats) because we didnt have any bread another thing i have ten dollers siting on my table right now and its calling to me saying " buy smokes Mya Buy smokes you know you want them!" fuck you talking money i shall continue to listen to loud music sit hear by my self and ignore the objects that talk to me, now the real test will be not smoking wile im drunk because i ALWAYS smoke like a chimney when im drunk


- (o:3 bunny luv <3
If you ever read pheends you probably would have noticed that Kevins reaching his 200th celebration of NO SEX!!!! (if you wanna call it a celebration). We dont have any plans on what we are going to do on this special occasion... someone suggested I give him a blowjob but im thinking thats out of the question for obvious reasons (he doesnt shake after hes done).

So keep an eye on that dreadful meter and be sure to give him all your support when he reaches that magic number (no one congratulated me when I reached 100... a group of friends was supposed to go out for dinner but instead I just went to McDonalds alone and shed tears of despair all over my happy meal). Also if you have any suggestions how we should celebrate the day it would be greatly appreciated.
I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me...but it's hard to stay mad when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much, and my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst...and then I remember to relax and stop trying to hold on to it, and then it flows through me like rain, and I can't feel anything but gratitude for every single moment of my stupid little life...
Hate is baggage, life's too short to be pissed off all the time. It's just not worth it

lol you love it

is pretty funny just do the hole thing man i betcha there some people that achuly take this for real (weird old men)

lol wanna get married everyone (dont tell my husband)

- (o:3 bunny luv <3

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Okay everyone, I am asking you all for advice. Pretty soon I will have the internet in my room... which means my web cam will be hooked up in there. I am thinking about becoming a cam gurl. I don't intend on getting naked or anything, but I just think that since my web cam always seems to make me look a hundred.. (wait... a thousand) times better than in real life, lets not just take advantage of that fact! I have seen some cam gurls.. and lets just say they are C- quality, well most of them are, and dirty ol'men still do anything they want.. Should I become a cam gurl ppl???
Everybody go visit Marissa. She writes on the page along with Ruca and Cleo. All three girls write very well, and their posts are excellent reads! The layout is also VERY well done!
Here's some more things to think about! (thanks Sarah!!!)

Why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor when you can't drink and drive?

Why isn't phonetic spelled the way it sounds?

Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?

Why are there flotation devices under plane seats instead of parachutes?

Why are cigarettes sold in gas stations when smoking is prohibited there?

Do you need a silencer if you are going to shoot a mime?

Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

How does the guy who drives the snowplow get to work in the mornings?

If 7-11 is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, why are there locks on the doors?

If a cow laughed, would milk come out her nose?

If nothing ever sticks to TEFLON, how do they make TEFLON stick to the pan?

If you tied buttered toast to the back of a cat and dropped it from a height, what would happen?

If you're in a vehicle going the speed of light, what happens when you turn on the headlights?

You know how most packages say "Open here". What is the protocol if the package says, "Open somewhere else"?

Why do they put Braille dots on the keypad of the drive-up ATM?

Why do we drive on parkways and park on driveways?

Why is it that when you transport something by car, it's called a shipment, but when you transport something by ship, it's called cargo?

You know that little indestructible black box that is used on planes, why can't they make the whole plane out of the same substance?

Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio?

Why are there D batteries, C batteries, AAA batteries, AA batteries, but no B or single A batteries??
Fuck, I can't believe how people find this site. Here's some search terms people used to stumble across slurrey:

"jessus galleries"
"dog fucking"
"japscat videos"
""her asshole" and "the smell" and teacher"
"shit in the urinal"
"fucked julia stiles pics"

And the number one search term that someone used to find this site:

"pics of horny elementary kids"
hey assholes get this or ill rape your first born (hehe brent)

candy ass -fluffy star

good bye for now my little chickens and cocks

- (o:3 bunny luv <3

Monday, April 22, 2002

Today over all was a great day, I dont know what was better... the fact that my ex gf was bragging to me about how she was going to suck some guys dick tonight or the fact that my plans for the weekend are fucked because of some complications. Turns out the The Static Reunion show on April 27th has been cancelled (check out pheends for the link to the details... I dont remember it now).

Thats a shitter, what a great day today, I wonder whats in store for me tommorow.
But luckily Marlinspike are also playing in MapleRidge with a few other bands so maybe we can direct the masses to that show (hopefully).
More funny pics for Ya'll
Perfect Job
Fun fun, Friday and Saturday!

** Why does the sun lighten our hair, but darken our skin? **

** Why can't women put on mascara with their mouth closed? **

** Why doesn't glue stick to the inside of the bottle? **

** Why don't you ever see the headline "Psychic Wins Lottery"? **

** Why is "abbreviated" such a long word? **

** Why is a boxing ring square? **

** Why is it called lipstick if you can still move your lips? **

** Why is it that doctors call what they do "practice"? **

** Why is it that rain drops but snow falls? **

** Why is it that when you're driving and looking for an address, you turn down the volume on the radio? **

** Why is lemon juice made with artificial flavor, and dishwashing liquid made with real lemons? **

** Why is the man who invests all your money called a broker? **

** Why is the third hand on the watch called second hand? **

** Why is the time of day with the slowest traffic called rush hour? **

** Why is the word dictionary in the dictionary? **

** Why isn't there a special name for the tops of your feet? **

** Why isn't there mouse-flavored cat food? **

** Why can't they make the whole plane out of the same substance that little indestructible black box is? **

** Can fat people go skinny-dipping? **

** Why do you need a driver's license to buy liquor when you can't drink and drive? **
Well now, Kink Calb here saying some important stuff... um... uh... Johnson, huh huh huh....
Aren't Mike and Vanessa a cute couple? She's a vegetarian, and according to Mya "She don't like meat but she loves the bone!" LOL

Kink Calb AKA Mark, being stoned and buzzed ( ME )

Anyways, I gotta work in the AM, so I'll chat w/ya'll when I get a chance.... Bar Friday... Concert Saturday... Sounds FUN FUN!
You pheends are nutz. lol
I watched the hits slowly go down after I left Slurrey. But damn I didn't know you fuckers liked me that much!

No those stats aren't fixed, you can see them for yourself here! I hope it has nothing to do with the fucking HUGE Field Trip I posted today... HAH!!
Mya does comics!
Here's Mya's first comic she did for Slurrey.com! (future comics won't be in massive animated gif files haha!)

Comic Strip #1

Sunday, April 21, 2002

well i got AIM its offical now there isnt in instent messager i dont have YAYE ME BUT i have no fucking idea on how to use it im seriously clueless stupid peroxide damageing my brain anyways my computers being a cockin the ass because a bunch of shit got erased from it like half of my damn songs! FUCK I AM SOOOOOOOOO MAD I LOVE MY SONGS I HATE DOWNLOADING THEM THOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

- (o:3 Bunny Luv <3
Hey, looks like I pulled a Kalen and came back!

Yesterday was field trip #18. It started off earlier in the day than usual, because the original plan was to go drinking at the beach. I had to meet everyone at Metrotown at 2:30 in the afternoon, but I was a little late or something. Anyways by the time I got there it was 3 or something. So yeah it was me, Mya, her friend Vanessa, Mark, and his girlfriend and we just stood there for half a fuckin hour trying to think of what beach to go to.

It was hilarious really... it was all pretty much:
"Which beach do you want to go to?"
"Well what beach do YOU want to go to?"
"I dunno what beach would you like to go to? Mike?"
"I don't care, pick a beach."
"I dunno!"
"Where's the closest beer & wine store?"
And yeah that conversation repeated itself about 217 times. Finally we went to english bay. So we go to get on the Skytrain, but those people who check tickets were hanging around... checking tickets. So Mya had to buy a ticket. Well, it's funny how ticket machines are SO FUCKING CROWDED when the ticket-checker guys are present. What's even funnier is that there are more ticket machines RIGHT ACROSS from the crowded ones that no one seems to notice, thus there not being any line up and Mya didn't have to wait for 10 minutes to buy a fucking ticket! Hooray for stupid/blind people!

We got off (huh huh huh shut up) the Skytrain at Burrard or something and walk around downtown Vancouver in the general direction of the beach. I took pictures of lots of buildings because I have a building fetish. We went to McDick's, and there was this bum sitting across from it. Then a while later another bum came and they switched places. Wow, I didn't know being homeless was so organized, these guys seem to have a whole schedule or something set up to share all the good spots where people would give them more change. Then some weird ass guy started yelling talking weird shit to a chick who was inside eating, and Mya made the observation that she takes it up the ass. I dunno how she can tell, but that would sure be a keen ability to have.

Has anyone ever seen the movie Trainspotting? Mark mentioned we sorta looked like the 5 guys walking down the street with a duffelbag. Anyone ever seen the movie Jay and Silent Bob strike back? Well, you know Jay's rap? Well, if somone starts singing the first few words, Mya has a thing where she has to sing the rest of it! Just like Cartman off south park... well let's just say I had lots of fun pissing her off like that ;)

I saw 2 firetrucks and being the pyro I am I was like "WOOHOO!!! FIRE!!!" so I drag everyone over there, there were two fucking firetrucks with their lights flashing... but no fucking firemen! The place was fucking deserted! I'm sure I smelled smoke, but there was no fire to be seen, so I guess it must have been some hardcore stoner who farted. Mya talked to one of the people who looked like they knew what was going on, and they said that a sprinkler went off or some shit like that. It was pretty obvious that this wasn't gonna be anywhere near as cool as the other fire that I took pics of.

Next stop, beer and wine store. I had to do the buying since I have something called ID, which comes in handy when purchasing alcohol. We bought 50 bucks worth of beer, which Mark stuck in his duffel bag. Did I mention that I didn't get ID'd? OH MY GOD!!! That was the first time I didn't get ID'd! Shit man how did that happen I look like I'm fucking 12 years old! (I LOOK like I'm fucking 12 years old, not I look like I'm fucking 12 year olds... for everyone out there who misunderstands everything I say). Maybe it's because I forgot to shave for a while that it kinda looked like I was past puberty. Anyways Mark's carrying the booze, and the strap breaks off! Fuckin shit, so he had to carry the booze all the way to the beach.

On the way there I realized that there was a large empty space in my wallet where money should be. I couldn't get into the show later that night without any money. New mission objective, find a fucking bank machine. We go to some cheap corner store and I try to use the bank machine, with no luck. Fuckeneh.

We go to the English Bay beach and sit down on a log to have some booze. Legally we can't drink in public, but technically we could, cause there were no cops around and a crime isn't a crime until you get caught right? Mya continues to beat the crap out of Vanessa, and we drink and stuff and Mark points behind me, and says "Hey look, it's a REALLY homeless guy". I din't know how you could be "REALLY" homeless, but I turned around and saw this guy sleeping on a bench in broad daylight!

Then some guy with a guitar started singing about riding on swirly ships, answers blowing in the wind, and his nuts. It was a fucking riot, funniest thing I ever heard. The thing is, people gave him like $20 worth of change!

I gave this plant some beer and we joked around about plants getting drunk and having parties with strippers and Mya pulled another plant out of the ground and said "Here's the stripper" and then I said "wow it has a really big root" and she was like "AAAH it's a MALE stripper..!". Yeah, I guess you had to be there.

Eric and Sara showed up. I looked at my watch and was like "holy shit we're gonna be late!", but for some reason we stuck around and drank some more. Some seagulls started having sex on top of a streetlight... well I'm not sure but they sure looked happy together, sniffing each other's butts and all.

Eventually we get on a bus to go back to the Skytrain station, and Mya did some kickass aerobic shit on the bars there! When we got to the Skytrain station Mark and Nicole got on the wrong train, and everything after that until we got to Surrey central became a blur. I did take some cool pictures of the downtown vancouver skyline. Somewhere along the way we met up with them again on the train, and FINALLY got to central.

It was fucking COLD there, and we had to wait for the 501 bus for 20 minutes. It was 7 pm, and the show had already started, so yeah we were gonna be slightly late. Eric and Sara ditched us and didn't come to the show, well it was their loss cause IT FUCKING RULED!!! More on that later tho.

On the bus, Mya sat beside this really weird guy who kept talking to us and giggling and stuff. Well without him we wouldn't know where to get off the bus to get to the Langley Civic Centre, where the show was. Oh well, he gave me the creeps. Somebody took a picture of the preeety sunset to! Not much to do on a fucking hour-long bus ride!

When we finally got there we probably missed 2 or 3 bands that played, but at least we were in time for Slick 60. They are FUCKING AWESOME!!! I first heard them on pheends radio, and downloded some of their songs at MP3.com. Fuck fuck fuck mother mother fuck, mother mother fuck fuck mother fuck mother fuck (sorry Mya) THEY KICK ASS! If I still had any cash on me, I'd buy their damn CD!! Seeing them live is one of the coolest experiences possible, right up there with pissing on NSYNC'S faces!! Slick 60 is a band that beats the fuck out of anything out on the market today, I can definitely see them becoming big in the future, and having to pay over $40 too see them live, rather than $6. Damn!

Go to Slick 60's official website.

At one point I really got into it and started moshing and shit, it was fucking great, especially when I had to keep puttling stuff out of my pockets and giving them to Mya because they were either too expensive or were stabbing me. I sure took some good hits and even kinda landed on my head at one point, it was fucking rad.

I also saw my old buddy Chad Whittingham there, his band had just played right before we go there!! Shitty timing!

We finally met the guys from pheends.org! They weren't sure if it was me or not, probably cause of the gas mask I was wearing in my webcam pic. They're pretty damn funny, and sure like doing crazy shit! They look shorter in real life, but apparently so do I (everyone I meet tells me that!) I also thought I saw Kat there, but I wasn't really sure if it was her or not!

Anyways it was time to drink some more so we went around back and started drinking some more. Some guy wanted a beer from us and traded a roach for it, happy 4/20 to you too man! So yeah a few beers later things had started kicking even more! Audiophile came on last, they play some really good shit also!!

Overall the show was awesome, and well worth it. I wish Karyn and Sarah could have come too!

Anyways, to see all the pictures we took (ALMOST 100 PICS!!!!), all in glorious sexy thumbnails, click below!!!


Today was fun mark nicole mike vanessa and I went to the liquor store then the beach and drank after meeting at metro town and waiting like an hour well we played around there for a wile and listen to mr.tamberine man like A MILLION TIMES then nessy had to go home so i beat her up a bit to let her know i loved her, then eric and sara showed up then we all went to surrey central then waited for the STUPID bus to langley and freezed my pastey ass off (it fell off but luckey i had some super glue in my bag :o) ) then we got on the bus and said bye to eric and sara. Some old guy on the bus kept talking to us and giggleing and i had to smarts to sit beside him ( why am i fly paper for fucking weridos?) then we finaly got there and i had to pee soooooooo bad so i ran in and gave them my five dollers and caned food (arnt i swell) then hawled ass to the bathroom, i got out feeling oh so verry fresh and clean lol,
then i went inside and found my peoples and watched people smash each other around i wanted to join in but i was too shy *blush mother fucker*
then i met the guys from pheends.org(y) ..sort of anyways lol... then we listened to some more bands then we all went around back and drank a bunch...which reminds me *cracks open one off the beers mark left for her* anyways i drank a bunch a beer then we all went back in side i was feeling PHAWKING GREAT and i was haveing fun till *bing* it seems on que a person i didnt want to talk to calls me so that kind of depresed me for the rest of the night plus seening nicole and mark together i always get all jelous of happy couples me being a BIG STUPID PHAWKING SINGLE PUNK ASS BITCH so that kind of depresed me nearing the end of the night ( so no i wasnt giveing nicole dirty looks i think she rawks!) pluss i was getting tierd and burnt out but to my luck to show was over so we all walked back to the bus stop and i bought JERKEY! mmmm dryed meat wet or dry i love my meat ;o).
then we got on the bus and i went home, so here i sit unable to sleep as usual drinking beer and pondering if i have enugh energy to put on PJ's pttf whatever nobodys home so now im rambleing but i think maybe i have been all this time well whatever.... i had fun! vote for me www.wmodels.com
- (o:3 bunny love <3
ps. the last band that played that night does anybody know the name of them and where i couldnt get there music i tryed x fm i could find em i really liked them too:o(
pps. mike from pheends.org is phawking hot!! :o9

Friday, April 19, 2002

Today went well, I got a free muscle car (I just have to pay for insurance) I got a free pop from the (hot) NYfries girl for no reason... she just gave it to me. And I saw dagimp working on his piece of shit car and got the chance to finger him as we drove by. Overall today was a great day, and tommorow should be an even better day full of weed, booze and ... well, Id say girls but who am I kidding. Either way its going to be a good day.

Which Empire Records Character Are You? Find out @ She's Crafty

Lucas rocks. I rock. The end. blerp.
hello my little sexys you know what i will love you all forever IF you go to here and vote for me im in secend OMG 2ND ACK!

please please please
ps im getting on fixxing that link for my hair

- bunny love

look i died my hair #1 is what i was a long time ago #2 was yesterday #3 is now

what do you guys think?


ps. NO im not whereing any make up at all in the third and final picture YES i do look ugly SO FUCK YOU

- bunny <3 (teeeee bunny love teeeeeeee)

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Weird Shit:
If you ever reach total enlightenment while you're drinking a beer, I bet it makes beer shoot out your nose.
-As the light changed from red to green to yellow and back to red again, I sat there thinking about life. Was it nothing more than a bunch of honking and yelling? Sometimes it seemed that way.
Cont'd next post.....
-If you go flying back through time and you see somebody else flying forward into the future, it's probably best to avoid eye contact.
-It's easy to sit there and say you'd like to have more money. And I guess that's what I like about it. It's easy. Just sitting there, rocking back and forth, wanting that money.
-Whenever you read a good book, it's like the author is right there, in the room talking to you, which is why I don't like to read good books.
-If trees could scream, would we be so cavalier about cutting them down? We might, if they screamed all the time, for no good reason.
-Instead of a trap door, what about a trap window? The guy looks out it, and if he leans too far, he falls out. Wait. I guess that's like a regular window.
-If I ever get real rich, I hope I'm not real mean to poor people, like now.
-The face of a child can say it all, especially the mouth part of the face.
-Sometimes I think you have to march right in and demand your rights,even if you don't know what your rights are, or who the person is you're talking to. Then on the way out, slam the door.
-If you're a cowboy and you're dragging a guy behind your horse, I bet it would really make you mad if you looked back and the guy was reading a magazine.
-One thing vampire children have to be taught early on is, don't run with wooden stakes.
-Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff.
-Sometimes you have to be careful when selecting a new name for yourself. For instance, let's say you have chosen the nickname "Fly Head."Normally you would think that "Fly Head" would mean a person who has beautiful swept-back features, as if flying through the air. But think again. Couldn't it also mean "having a head like a fly"? I'm afraid some people might actually think that.
-Somebody told me how frightening it was how much topsoil we are losing each year, but I told that story around the campfire and nobody got scared.
-I think a good product would be "Baby Duck Hat." It's a fake baby duck, which you strap on top of your head. Then you go swimming underwater until you find a mommy duck and her babies, and you join them. Then all of the sudden, you stand up out of the water and roar like Godzilla. Man those ducks really take off! Also Baby Duck Hat is good for parties.
cont'd next post.....
-I can picture in my mind a world without war, a world without hate. And I can picture us attacking that world, because they'd never expect it.
-To me, it's a good idea to always carry two sacks of something when you walk around. That way, if anybody says, "Hey, can you give me a hand?" You can say, "Sorry, got these sacks."
-Is there anything more beautiful than a beautiful, beautiful flamingo, flying across in front of a beautiful sunset? And he's carrying a beautiful rose in his beak, and also he's carrying a very beautiful painting with his feet. And also, you're drunk.
-If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let'em go, because, man, they're gone.
-If you ever catch on fire, try to avoid seeing yourself in the mirror, because I bet that's what REALLY throws you into a panic.
-To me, boxing is like a ballet, except there's no music, no choreography and the dancers hit each other.
-Probably the earliest fly swatters were nothing more than some sort of striking surface attached to the end of a long stick.
-I wish I would have a real tragic love affair and get so bummed out that I'd just quit my job and become a bum for a few years, because I was thinking about doing that anyway.
-Maybe in order to understand mankind we have to look at that word itself. MANKIND. Basically, it's made up of two separate words "mank"and "ind." What do these words mean? It's a mystery and that's why so is mankind.
BUMS are funny The first one on Mike if he ever lost EVERYTHING in a natural disaster

When you drink,
Don't Park.
Accidents Cause People.
i quit! no more 'fun' people are on the staff anymore. its lame.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

mother fucker i have an idea!

i say for feild trip #20 when it roles around we have a big fucking party and im not talking about fucking 12 people drinking at my house again thats boring cause theres no sex drugs or violence (almost violent) anyways im think we invite all the locals (ALL OF EM) well i dont know all the locals pluss other people that i might bring or others might bring SO you guys will have to help me talk to them because all i know IS the people from slurrey steve, ryan, hmm oh yeah iv talked to nat like once before anyways WE SHALL PARTY AND I SHALL BE DRUNK yaye for drunk mya yaye me!
well who wants to help me because i CAN NOT do this by my self so dont be a bunch of sellout asshole and help this fucking damsel in destress damnit!

Which Firearm are you?
brought to you byStan Ryker

i <3 guns
Saturday is slowly aproaching and im already getting prepared for it.
I just cashed in my 27$ worth of change to buy my booze, and im trying to get as many people as I can to go to a local rock show in langley. So far I've only managed to get about 6 people, and about 12 maybes... cock suckers. The show starts at about 7:00 pm, but me, Kevin, Ben and Ivar are leaving at around 3:00 so we can hit the skate park for a bit (Ill most likely be to out of it to skate).

How does a saturday get any better then that? Getting drunk, listening to music, and meeting new people! So if you live in the area, and can drive... or have buddies that can drive you then your going... you have no choice but to go. Who knows, maybe Ill meet miss lucky that night, much like Ivar does every time we go.

APRIL 20th, 2002
Langley Civic Centre 20699 42nd Avenue, Langley, BC.
$6, $1 with a can of food (donation for the Langley Food bank)
Show starts at 6:30 pm.
Audiophile, Erase, the Flippin' Jiggers, Slick 60, the Infinite Madness, and Blunt.

Thats what it said in my e-mail, I dont know for sure so bring $6 dollars with a food donation just incase... $1 sounds too good to be true.
If your going, or want to go then leave a comment or msg me... or some shit just so I know. AND SERIOUSLY THINK ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT SHOULD BE FUN!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Well, i went camping all weekend and missed monday and tuesday of school, well, me and my boyfriend were stranded in our cabin in fear of the crazy psychotic drunks. now i dont mind drunken louts, but these people were SCARY. They started drinmking at 10am and didn't stop until well after 3am the next day Can we spell hangover? YES! So anyways the times that i was near the drunks not in my cabin, i noticed some patterns. There are four major kinds of drunk.... Angry Drunks, Happy Drunks, Kinky Drunks, and Quiet Drunks. If you want to know more about this i suggest you go visit my website... (http://defunkt.cjb.net, sorry whenever i trying linking on blogger it will not work, so i can't) Anyways, I have crap loads of homework, so off i go. Ciao!

it doesnt mean i want to die i just want it to end
these lovers have grown apart and the the contrary i con not pretend
it makes me sad when i think about the times we shared
it makes me angrey when i think of how i thought you cared
you dont understand what im going through and i doubt you ever could
you dont understand the feelings i hide and i doubt you ever would
its hard to have something in front of you that you could never hold
its just me to sit there and not act like it bothers me its me to try and be bold
the time i spent thinking it would get better it never did
the times i tryed to make it better resulting in an unheathly bid
theres nothing i wouldnt give to be with you and thats no lie
because the i know hardest thing ill ever have to say to you is good bye
- mya 02

Monday, April 15, 2002

hey so heres the DEAL YO!

brent (aka easy E) is my hoe you mess with him you mess with me (im a big scary italian looks)

im ghetto you know it!

watch your back "Anonomous"


luv bunny
I guess its best for me to introduce myself, Im brent from handsworth. I'll fill you in a bit about myself, Im 68, and i like little boys. Ever since they got rid of my favorite kiddy porn adult web site posting board, Well i havent had any where to rant and rave about all the little boys ive mollested.

Its been exactly 2 weeks since ive gotten laid, I mark each passing day on my wall as a tear slowly trickles down my cheek. Hopefully 2morrow i can end this poor streak of luck and improve my sex life tomorow as i take my weekly visit to the elementry school playground.

I'll probably use this site as a place to find little boys who sign the guest book who want to meet up with me. Hopefully i can find this little boy and lure him into my big bad pedaphile van.....Whoops did i say pedaphile van?...I meant my magical candy van where i have all my cute kittens and pretty puppys to show your son.

Well, Its time to go out into the real world and try to find that one special little boy...Which consists of going to the local playground and luring kiddies into my magical candy van and proceeding to molleste...i mean...show my puppys too and play cards with right mya?

Anyways i best be going now because i have a long day of pedaphileness ahead of me and i need to get my rest.

Do you know where your kids are sleeping?..........I DO!...

Sleep tight kiddies

Sunday, April 14, 2002

well hulo mike.

im gonna bitch now to.. since mike did.

chris i know you come here.. and like i said.. you dont even know.. and now everyone that i know is gonna see this. i dont care if they take sides.. and i dont care about anything.. i dont care if this 'offends' you. cuz for all i care.. im in pain.. i feel as if you took my damn heart and just put it in the dogs bowl to eat! you have nooooo idea what you have just done. you dont.

you give up.. thats the same thing you did to rachel.. you just gave up. i dont want you to hate me like you do her! thats just not even fair. so if you give up. i give up. i dont wanna fight for something that was never mine to begin with.

<3 you.
My friend wrote this for me. (my nick-name is Luff) Cuz today my friend Jack moved away for the rest of the year. And last night he wrapped his arms around me and smooched me and told me how great I was. Pfft. Is that why you choose to be a carnie rather than live with me? DAMNIT JACK! Anyways this is from Limpy.

Words cannot describe one as kooL as LuFF
She's rough, She's tough, she's defenitly no puff.
I find her unique and very kooL
It doesn't bother me that she likes Tool.
There's a fire that burns not only in her eyes,
but in her beautiful red hair, which captivates my eyes.
She does a Bart simpson impression that no one can beat,
when she first did it I thought that was pretty damn neat.
She has a cool website that I like to visit,
Its filled with kool facts not worthless shiznit.
Luffy owns her own level of coolness,
People try to match her, but she laughs and sais "Bitch I rule this."
BiLLionAirBizKiT: She is one of a kind just like Curt Cobain,
if she was gone I would live life in vain.
It's not fair that love always seems to give her the shaft,
she is left in a sea of heartbreak, floating on a raft.
But I know one that one day to her love will be kind,
that special some one that truely loves her she will find.
When she needs help, advice, or just a shoulder to cry on ill be there,
I couldn't leave her alone in the middle of no where.
This is for a girl for whom I couldn't say enough,
This is my Ode to LuFF.
I guess its best for me to introduce myself, Im mike from pheends.org. Ever since we got rid of uglylosers.pheends.org and pheends.org turned into a local music scene site I havent had anywhere to rant or rave... besides b0g of course.

Ill fill you in a bit about myself, Im 19, single and im probably going to stay that way for a long time. Its been exactly 127 days since I last got laid, I mark each passing day on my wall as a tear slowly trickles down my cheeck.

I'll probably use this site as a place for me to vent about my love-life or lack of one.

Time to go out into the real world and try and find that one special girl (which consists of going to surrey place mall, buying food and staring at the newyork fries girls with Kevin).
welly well a bit of the ol in and out eh mate? ah SNOOGANS!!!!!!

what was that sparky you want my ass HAHA who doesnt want this "fine ass italion ghetto ASS"

i want a fucking fan club NO fuck that i want a religion id be like " IM GOD NOW MUTHAH FUCKAH" then id pimp slap me some ho's

hmmmm..im going to go get a hooker, then put on my strap on and FDA so hard her tonsels will bleed...

thats all for now HOME BOIZ


- bunny
ps ooh so sexy!

Saturday, April 13, 2002

I love you Mike...
Byebye Slurrey. Yeah I'm leaving my own site. It's still staying up for people to post what they want, but I'm gone.

I can't take the shit anymore. Not from any visitors or anything, but my own friends. Everyone is pissed off at me right now, they all have their own reasons. It's all because of this fucking site that I've probably lost most of the friends I had left.

No one knows what's happening to me. I have problems that no one could even guess I might have. I wouldn't dare mention it on the site (or to anyone else). It's because I can't tell anyone, that they don't understand what I'm going through.

To everyone who's mad at me, words can't describe how sorry I am. Everyone makes mistakes, I just hope mine didn't permanently fuck everything up. It's funny that when I need people the most, I have almost no one. Haw haw.

To all the people who visit this site, is this the end? Will you ever see me again? Don't ask me, I'm just as uncertain of my future as everyone else is.

If anyone has anything to say, email me: mike@slurrey.com


Friday, April 12, 2002

"And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years." - Abraham Lincoln

Go see Sarah. She rules.
I am all I can be, I don't try to be anyone I am not. It is better to be loved for what you are than what you are not. I don't really let people's opinion's get to my head. Just because society says something is cool doesn't mean I am going to accept it. I don't want to be the typical carbon copy of society. There's already enough people around to fill that job.
you know what fuck you and the horse you rode in on im so sick of all of you fucking grrr your all out to fucking hurt me god damn like the people iv trust most ( jami brandon brent james mike luke kyle max bodel fucking carlos dave vanessa) i bet you there all gonna turn around and fuck me over because all i fucking do is try and make people happy and what do you get you get stabed in the back because wanting people to be happy aparently is a sign of weekness fuck you FUCK im going to move and not tell anybody where im going and then.. well its not like people will give a shit anyways gad damn i just want to go.. leave here get away from all this bull shit that i really dont think i deserve i mean am i such a bad person that i need to be fucked around so god damn much what did i ever do to deserve this i mean im not exacly the model sitecin but shit man i never thought i deserved all this im just tierd...so fucking tierd.. i just want to sleep

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Look, yes im bitching about this whole thing alot and yes i whine. look my mother and my stepdad have been married for 10 years, and my dog has been with me since he was born and could fit inside a very small glass. He was the runt, and he is my baby but now he has to leave. I'm sorry if people think im posting just for sympathy, but if anything has ever made you sad before, just think about that, except for some of you, you should times that by ten. My family has been riddled with divorce, with my father having three and my mother in her second, i am 16, i am an emotional girl, and almost everyone i know is ignoring me today, for no reason. So if you feel like leaving a damn comment, be nice or shut the hell up because the last thing i need is someone being a little bitch (this title extends to the men) about it. Thanks, and have a lovely damn day.
Last night Mike fucked me with a 9-iron. I loved every painful minute of it. And that was ALOT of minutes. Mmmm sodomize me...
I am Lich.
So long, farewell, aufwiedersehn, goodbye.

byebye everyone. ill come back and check slurrey out a bit.. but im not gonna post anymore. i mite be like the mysterious McRae . :D ciao.

Love you all

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Woohoo I got blogbot back. It didn't like my other computer for some reason, and this one doesn't like the web-based updating client.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Angry Nerd Rock By The Ataris

Time to burn it all away, time to think of what to say
Time to go right back to yesterday.
Time for movements in the past, time for something that won't last.
Not just fire quick and die off fast.
Things are never what they seem,
I'm stuck inside of someone else's dream.
Problems never go away...
I'm sick of being caught in yesterday.
Every day it's still the same, different faces, different names,
But still stuck here playing these stupid games.
Maybe soon I'll figure out what giving up is all about.
My heart is filled so full of doubt.
Don't turn around, don't look ahead
I won't listen to all the lies I'm fed.
Don't have to listen to you
So don't you fucking tell me what to do.
35% cruel & unusual!
You wanna know how Cruel and Unusual you are?
On a totally different note, September 11th... lots of wierd stuff about it.... CHECK THIS OUT!
I'm sitting here with clamps smashed down into my nipples. They are very much violet coloured right at the moment. Moving into a blackish colour almost. No pain though, just sensation! Trust in it! Allthough once you have gone through it all you are NEVER the same. It is quite the experiance though!

PIERCE IT ALL!!!!!!!!!
Guess what? Tara's site is finally back up! Go check it out, now! Her webcam has also been added to the local cams page!
Well I finally met Nat today. It kicked some ass. I was supposed to meet her 8:30 in the morning at Metrotown. I said I was going to meet her at the benches right in front of the towers, but it was pissing rain outside so I waited under cover by the escalators. I was half frozen by the time Nat showed up, so we hung out at Starbucks. She took shitloads of pictures of everything from me to my laptop to random people to herself... you can see all the pics she took on her site. I took some pics too, they can be found here!!! So we just talked about stuff, I showed her some of the Copside movie we made, then we walked around the mall and took pictures of random things (like me humping the glass in front of a Celine Dion poster). She also recorded a movie of me running into a pole on her camera. It was great fun, she sure is a cool person!

Monday, April 08, 2002

Which PPG are you?

See what Care Bear you are.

See what Rugrat you are.

Which of Valerie's friends are you?

Which of Valerie's friends are you?

That last one was inspired by this chick ---> www.geocities.com/c0rrosion

So she does. Blood is everywhere. I even saw her placenta hangin out.

Sunday, April 07, 2002


Check out all the drunken pictures from Mya's all-night party last night! I would right about it, but I'm too lazy right now (not that I remember most of what happened). Anyone else want to write about what happened last night?

And we think Surrey is boring! Apparently there isn't much for a teenager to do in Afghanistan.

A man appreciating a fine piece of art.
divorce just keeps getting better, not only what i posted before, but now i have to move into an apartment,. the worst part.... made me cry for hours... is that i have to get rid of my dog. my dog is my baby and i dont know if ill be avle to handle him being gone. anyways, i jaded myself, i stopped crying, im just too blah, im like unresponsive as hell somthing that made me laugh yeserdaymeans nothing to me now... my favorite song doesnt cheer me anymore nothing is fulfilling... it's very odd. they are talking up sdtairs, and i and making my ears not hear words. im coming back to message board simply because i need to force myself into talking to people.
Boys confuse me to the point of no return. they think that girls all want the same thing.. and we don't! And girls think that guys want one thing. And most of them do want that one thing. But somewhere out there. There are a few guys that don't want just that ONE thing. .
I believe that lack of communication is the problem with relationships. Any relationship, whether it is with your friends or your boyfriend/girlfriend.
I have this one boy on my mind all the time. and i just realized that maybe he doesn't like me the way that i like him. Maybe him and i aren't suited for each other. Maybe im not his type. Maybe i bore him.
But what i don't get is why most guys want to get to know the girl before they ask them out. Isn't dating the same as getting to know a person?
Oh well. Ill get over it. I think i will. I hate this lack of communication, its a bunch of BS!
I just feel like crying out of frustration! I know that most of you don't want to read this and don't give a shit if i am upset. But this is my way of venting my anger and resentment.
Oh my god. The last ten years of my life mean like... nothing now. My mom told me today that she's going to divorce my stepdad, but she doesn't know when... he's being more of an asshole lately, and they fought about it this morning when i was asleep. she told me that in the ten years of being married he hasn't EVER said she looked nice or complimented her or anything... it made me cry when she told me everything because he has treated her so badly, but it's so weird because now i dont even know how to look at him because he's not going to be around... and when we kick him out we're selling the house... god im so scared. I'm not sad that he's going, but im sad that i dont know what to do and everythings going to change... it's going back to me and my mom in an apartment... and that scares me a bit... Shit hell, if i knew how to deal with this it would be so much better but the last time i went throug h a divorce i was 2 so i dont remember much of it :P. Well anyhoo, if anyone has some like input or anything that would be good... wish me luck :P

Saturday, April 06, 2002

This is Mike posting from Mya's computer!!!
You can watch Field Trip #16 LIVE right now!
Just watch Mya's Cam on the cam portal for all the action! Or refresh this image!
The Internet�s popularity, given rise to a new meaning of the word friend to include someone who shares your life without physically being in it?

It is also possible that this is another hurdle we must deal with in our evolution as a society. Further back in history, the practise of people moving across great distances for employment or education was rare. Today such practises are commonplace, with people crossing the world to study or work.

Recently, in the media, there has been a lot of talk of �globalisation� whether in the business sense or through the Internet. Perhaps the emergence of such interpersonal relationships over vast distances is simply a sign of this at a more human level.

At the present moment, long distance travel is still a relatively slow and usually expensive process. In ten or twenty years, with the advent of faster, cheaper aeronautics, it may be just as easy to visit your cyber-friend in Sydney as it is to visit someone in your own country.

I am so fucking horney right now. I'm about to rip off all of my clothes and rub my pussy against the chair as I sit backwards in it and fuck the fucking thing! FUCKING A CHAIR?! GOOD GOD!! SHE'S INSANE! Nah, just tid bit desperate, ya know? Then again I DON'T WANT SEX! I DON'T WANT ORAL SEX! AND I WILL NOT GIVE ORAL SEX! Cept for maybe possibly to Jon...but I still dunno. I have a 8.5 inch long vibrator called the 'Penthouse Hustler' waiting for me in my bottom drawer. I wish someone was here to stick it, ya know? Someone nice with a nice voice and soft hands. Someone that will kiss me and hold me and talk to me while he rubs my clit with the vibe, ya know? I'd also like to buy another sex toy, but no $$$. Hell, we just lost our house and we are moving into a shithole pretty soon. So, uhm, fuck. FUCK ME! EVERYONE! I WANT IT! GUYS, GIRLS, IM DOWN WITH IT! And bi curious so, ya know. Gimme some time to warm up to it.
DiVX 5.0 is a shovel-load of baboon shit. It comes bundled with all this spyware and ad-ware and other shit. It sucks to see a good codec go down the shitter like that! Fuck I'd rather use QUICKTIME to encode my movies from now on.

Here's a couple more pics.

I wonder if he's tried smuggling anything in there?

Soldiers get bored too sometimes.
I haven't posted for a while. I'm glad the rest of the staff has been keeping the site alive by posting on it, I thought everything was just going to wither and die. Well I have a few things to say..

I watched Donnie Darko last night. I loved that movie, it was quite a mindfuck. Go to the website and see for yourself. The movie is a hell of a lot weirder than the site too, it deserves a few viewings.

I got a new futuristic-looking lamp for my room. It's really sexy. When I turn it on, it turns me on. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. But still, it's a very sexy lamp. I can't leave it on for more than an hour though or it'll burn my house down. That's what you get for 10 bucks.

Did y'all hear about that baby that's already been cloned? Isn't that fucked! Just watch it come out all FUCKING DEFORMED and shit!!! Gee that'll set cloning back another 10 years. You know why this baby will be all fucked up and deformed? Cause this baby was probably cloned in some cheap ass hidden underground lab. If cloning would have been funded by the US government and done in a high tech lab, then we wouldn't have the first cloned baby be a fucking mutant! But noooo all these fucking over-sensetive people had to go ahead and ban it! Fucking retards, cloning is going to happen eventually, so why try to ban it now and have all these weirdos do it secretly and fuck up even worse? Fuck I don't feel like writing about this anymore, it's too stupid.

It's garbage week here in surrey! You know what that means? People putting all sorts of weird shit on the curb for garbage trucks to pick up. There's a plethora of shit outside just waiting to be smashed up!! Chairs, microwaves, TV's... fuck all we need is a baseball bat and the video camera and we'd have enough slurrey material for weeks!

WTC workers have a tough job

Well, goodnight motherfuckers, and don't drink too much (cause you saw what happened on field trip #15!).

Friday, April 05, 2002

Wow adventures with alcoholism are fun! My mother goes out last night and gets drunk. She goes out again tonight and gets VERY VERY soused tipsy drunk... at least she has reasons like that a friend of hers is retiring.... anyhoo. So me and my stepdad are home... and there is no dinner left for us. So my mother calls he tells her I'm not home, so I don't talk to her, and he makes himself dinner, and proceeds to get drunk while watching star trek reruns. I bitch at him for being such a lout and an asswench and he just pushes me out of his room and slams the door. My stepdad is so retarded and i am so mad.

Hope the rest of you are having a lovely day -cheesy smile-
bord... BORD!

broke.... BROKE!

pissed at people ..... PISSED AT PEOPLE!

im sitting here . in my towel. wating for the hair dryer. i dont wanna go to work. i want to pu tmy jammies back on and go to bed.
i've gotta question, what is YOUR ideal job?
I haven't posted much here lately because I really think it would get tiring to hear my latest rant about my father.

That and the fact that the sadistic, control-hungry bastard kicked me out of my house. If you don't see me online much lately, don't be all that surprised.

Happy birthday to me, I guess. I don't know if I'll be able to post on Sunday, so I guess I should tell you now. Sunday is my birthday, I will be 20. Whoopdie shit, right? I remember when birthdays used to be exciting. I will be spending mine getting so trashed that I don't remember it, or much else. My gift to myself.

I miss everyone, but shit happens. Hasta. <3

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

PHUCK i have to stop drinking so late by my self! here is the result

PipeLineS182: its under my bed
PipeLineS182: i didnt think u needed it sorry
PipeLineS182: what ya need ta shit?
QueenBakamya: YES VERY MUCH
PipeLineS182: aight good excuse
PipeLineS182: -hands over butt crack
PipeLineS182: there ya go!
PipeLineS182: enjoy
QueenBakamya: - SEWS IT BACK ON
QueenBakamya: PLOP
PipeLineS182: yeah looks better 2
PipeLineS182: -reaches into pocket
PipeLineS182: this it?
PipeLineS182: o nm
PipeLineS182: no
PipeLineS182: -reaches farther down and brings out a alarm clock
PipeLineS182: o yeah i forgot i put it there
PipeLineS182: my bad
PipeLineS182: want it?
QueenBakamya: GOOIE
PipeLineS182: -hands it 2 u
PipeLineS182: LOL
QueenBakamya: ARE YOU A FROG?
PipeLineS182: LOLLLLL
PipeLineS182: sorry inside joke lol
PipeLineS182: nah
PipeLineS182: im a toad
QueenBakamya: NO!!!!!!!!
PipeLineS182: kiss me and i might turn ninto ure prince
PipeLineS182: or.....u just might get warts.....
PipeLineS182: aight lol
QueenBakamya: ???
PipeLineS182: no
PipeLineS182: blue ostrich but u were close!
PipeLineS182: whats ya name girl
PipeLineS182: so ya high mya?
PipeLineS182: yeah
QueenBakamya: "OW" IS WHAT THEY SAY
PipeLineS182: y the hell u so hyper at 4 fuckin 30?
QueenBakamya: 230
QueenBakamya: HARDY HAR HAR
PipeLineS182: 4:30 here
PipeLineS182: whee u at?
QueenBakamya: URANUS
PipeLineS182: -looks behind
PipeLineS182: damn u must b small

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

o0 o0 o0 im home! just thought i would tell everyone.
ciao for now

and if that don't do it for ya, go look at the REDNECK MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY

Aren't you all my FrIeNdZ?
Ok, dead people in the papers, poor kitty had to go to sleep. We need some humour. Signs and stupider signs are a couple of f*cking H!lar!ous pics of STUPID SHIT! The Road to Hell and the COCK Polishers are my faves. ENJOY!

Monday, April 01, 2002

Hey people go visit Karyn!! She has a new domain, new layout, and she definitely kicks ass!
what is a witch?

Witchcraft is one of the oldest nature religions on our planet. Witches who follow the religion of witchcraft do not now, nor ever have worshiped a devil. The devil in all actuality was a figure created by the early christian and jewish sects. This figure of the devil came about to engage God in a debate on morality and ethics. Modern witches believe that the "devil" is fear and ignorance. Witches respect all faiths and hope to get the same respect back. It is very unfortunate that christinaty and witchcraft are often portrayed as "enemies", when in fact the two religions have more similarities than it does have differences. If one decides to read more, they will see that many of the holidays that a christian may celebrate are rooted from Paganism. Yes, Christinaty's Pagan roots are well documented ! There are many paths a Witch may follow..here are just a few: Teutonic, Eclectic, Pictish, Solitary, Strega, Celtic, Pagan. Witches are not only female, but male too! The words sometimes get mixed up and some people tend to call male witches 'Warlocks,' but that is not correct. A male witch is ... well, just a Witch. The word Warlock means 'oath breaker.'

The Movies today such as "The Craft," "Charmed," and "Casper and Wendy" are cute, but they do not portray the true way of a Witch. Witches are not men or women who place evil spells on people, or we don't think it is our job to cast 'evil' out of the world by fighting evil warlocks.

Witches' beliefs are as diverse as their traditions, but there are some principles on which a large number of Witches agree on such as: 1) Everyone is responsible for their own actions, 2) The three fold law: Many Witches believe that one's actions return three times over. Thus, a Witch who commits a harmful act can expect three times as much harm as his/her action caused; and if he/she commits an act of kindness, he/she can expect three times as much kindness as a result. This is viewed as a law of the Universe, much like gravity or the conservation of energy.

Do Witches have speacial powers?
To be a Witch is to recognize the divine within yourself. To be a witch is to be in tune with nature. Witches have the same abilities as everyone else. They do, however, allow and indeed encourage the development of talents (such as spiritual healing, spells and psychic abilities) which are seldom valued outside of the Craft community.

Trying to educate people on the many misconceptions that have been placed on Witchcraft and Witches is very important to me. I hope someday we can find it in our hearts to realize that we are all human and we should learn to respect one another. We as a people must learn to get the hate out of our hearts and minds, because this hate will consume you too.

luv always mya
Has anyone else noticed that everything is more funny than usual when your tired? Yeah, I wasn't tired but i had a two hour nap anyways and i dont know how but i just woke up and like im abnormallyu tired and everything is very funny and people think im more crazy than i should be. Anyways, I thought I should like say something because i havent in a while.... yeah happy bunny day
but im going now before i collapse or some such