Sunday, September 29, 2002

I know I haven't updated this in a while. Please don't kill me. Well, it's not like many people visit this site right now so I'm not outnumbered by that much. Anyways, on to...


Today, on this glorious Sunday, I bought a whole plethora of shiat. I went down to the flea market. I had taken Zelda: Majora's Mask with me to see if someone had Ocarina of Time to trade with me... because as I said before MAJORA'S MASK IS A MAJORA PIECE OF SHIT!!! So I go down there, holding the feces-colored game cartrigde, while every now and then trying hard to suppress the urge to huck the thing against a wall, and looked for the REAL Zelda game, Ocarina of Time.

What do I see? Yep, some guy selling Zelda: OoT. I ask how much, he says "$15". I pull out Majora's Mask, and ask if he'll trade. "Sorry sir I cannot do that" he said in an accent that didn't seem to belong to any other foreign country I've heard of. @%#%@&@!!!!! Slightly dissapointed, I take the game inside, and there's these guys selling videogames. I ask them if they buy games, and they say "yep". I whip out Zelda: MM in shame, much in the same way I would whip out a 3 inch penis (if I had one that small).

Him: "How much do you want for it?"
Me: "Ummmm... uhhh... (wondering if he'd actually give me cash for this thing) ummm.... 20 bucks?"
Him: "sold!"

I can't believe it!! I got almost the same amount of money as I had paid for it in the first place!! I run down to the guy who's selling Zelda 64: OoT for $15, and buy it off him. Not only did I trade that game, but I also made $5!!! SUCCESS!!!

Other things I bought include a wicked cold-cathode blue light for my computer, which is a long glass tube that glows bright blue. I hung it on my wall, and when I turn off the lights it add an excellent "ambience" to my room. I also bought a ATI Rage XL video card for $20. It's now sitting in my older computer being useless, cause I never use that one. Way to have too much money, MiKE.

Saturday, September 28, 2002

So i went to the concert in Maple Ridge last night, the 1st 2 bands KICKED ASS, Freds Fear looked shitty after hearing those bands, the pit was ALOT better than the last concert! I was kinda upset because Malcolm and MiKE didnt show up!!! *grrr* But, regardless of that, i met a lot of awesome people, and gained some new fellow freindships! I had a really good time, and although Freds Fear lacked, the 1st 2 bands made up for it. So after the concert, there was an after party at big nose's house, so a group of us that were to lazy to take the bus, walked to his house. But when we got there, IT SUCKED. We ended up sitting there watching people make asses of themselves and puke all over their buddies. I took some neat pics, but i cant put them up..... MEH! Well, i best be off to werk.... Talk to you all later :D

Thursday, September 26, 2002

The following post is not by me, but by Leanne (Martha), who couldn't post it herself because Blogger was being a testicle chewer. Well, here goes:
Okay, some seriously freaky shit happened to me today, (OK, for those who dont know, i dont live or have connections with my parents) I was on the internet the otherday, and i was searching for stoopid things on Yahoo, so i decided to look up my last name - Buschlen. So i got the results, and there was an art gallery called the Buschlen Mowatt Galery, and it is located in vancouver! so i thought that was neat! So i read the history and i read about a guy named Don Buschlen, and i thouht that was neat, myabe im related to him! And i read a little further an found that he past away in 1992... bummer. So i email the other dood, and this is what I wrote:

Dear Mr. Mowatt,

My name is Leane Buschlen, and my letter to you is in regards to Don Buschlen. Today while i was in my Drafting class, i went onto the internet, and in my bordum, I searched for the name Buschlen. In my search, I came upon the Buschlen Mowatt Gallery link, so I decided to look. When i finally finished reading the information, i had realized that this Gallery is located in Vancouver! It was quite surprising, and i decided to read the History, since this has been the only link to my last name, except for my Dad, Walter Buschlen. I dont know if i am mistaken or not, but I have always wondered if there was any family on my dads side in the lower mainland. I dont know if this has any intrest to you or not, or if you could possibly find out or help me, but if there is a family connection, and if i could get more info on Don Buschlen. I know for a fact that my Father was adopted at birth, and in the last few years, he has found and visited Family in Texas and Ontario - if im not mistaken. Well, i think that is all I should write for now, thank you for your time.
I would greatly appreciate it if you could contact me in regards to this letter.

Thank you.

Leane Buschlen, 17.

And so this is what he wrote back to me today:

Hello leane,

Where are you living currently? And who are your parents? Don's father was a Walter and his brothers lived in Ottawa and Texas.....and still do. Don's step brother was named after their father and lived for a period in New Westminster. I am in Palm Desert California currently and will be back in Vancouver for a week after the second of October. Love to meet you and hear more about your search as it sounds like there is a link.


So I emailed him back with all the info, and hopefully this big "mystery" will all come into place! I'll keep you guys updated on my search, and OH YEAH, dont forget about the concert tomorrow night in Ridge!

New world on fire
and Aphasia

Friday, September 27th
St. Andrews hall
22165 Dewdney Trunk Rd.
3 bucks at the door
doors at 6:30


By far, one of the funniest safety videos I have seen in a long time.
I am Slurrey Guy: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MissMya2004: what
I am Slurrey Guy: Guess how many hits I got from being linked on IG??
MissMya2004: hmm?
I am Slurrey Guy: 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am Slurrey Guy: :O
MissMya2004: WOW!
I am Slurrey Guy: My site's hits have doubled... :D
MissMya2004: haha thats sad :-P

Wednesday, September 25, 2002

I'd like to link Rachel, a girl I've been talking to on MSN for a while now. I just found out she had Cystic Fibrosis (sp?). Anyways, check out her website, she's a really cool chick and she's written about her experiences in the hospital and things like that in her bio, it's a very good read.
Yesterday I went to a Vancouver livejournal meetup. I've never been to one of these things before... mostly I just meet people off the net by making plans, or by accident. Yes... yesterday was quite interesting.

So yeah at around 7 or something Ashley (girlmecha) came to pick me up. She was in a hurry, and at that time several people decided to start messaging me at once. While rushing to go, I left my bedroom window wide open for the night. Retarded I am.

About Ashley's driving skills... all I have to say is that I've never seen my life flash before my eyes so many times in one night!!! The fact that I came home in one piece is incomprehensible. I know I was a much worse driver 3 weeks after I got my N, so I shouldn't complain about about going down wrong ways on one way streets, backing into hedges, and running red lights! We've all been there before... but last night I got to relive the experience, through the eyes of a terrified passenger. Haha actually it wasn't TOO bad! :D

Getting there was totally nuts though. At first, it looked like we knew what we were doing. She had printed out the directions from Mapquest, and I was reading them out to her. The thing about Mapquest though, it's about as useful as a screen door on a submarine wheen you're trying to find a place. The directions were totally fucked up, and we ended up getting extremely lost. Then Gavin (Halkeye) phones me up, and asks us how to get there. Uhhhh.... we're the wrong people to ask. That was even proven when gave him the address of the restaurant where we were supposed to meet at, and he ended up at some random house. So yeah, the next hour or so we spent trying to find the damn place.

We finally find it, thanks to Gavin. We get in there, and there were like 10-15 livejournal people I have never seen before. Well actually I was pretty sure I've read Jocelynn's journal a few times before, now that I've been to it again I see that she looks EXACTLY like her livejournal icon. Why I didn't recognize her, I don't know. So ja, it was pretty fun! It's CRAZY how many people I've met over the internet this week! So far it's over 5.

Time to leave, and we drove Knigel back too. That guy is FUCKING FUNNY. I remember reading a post he posted on the Vancouver community about how he went to some hippie thing, and he was so happy he almost sprouted a dread. That line made me laugh for a while! He's pretty cool, we talked about stuff all the way home.

I should start going to these meetups more often!

In other news, I went to work today. Every Wednesdays from now in I get to work, which is great cause I already work every Saturday too. That gets me around... $200 a week. Not bad! Today at work was ok, no hard work again this time, just cleaning stuff up for the first few hours. Towards the end of the day it got sorta shitty cause I had to scrape that drywall putty off of the ground with the wire brush, and that stuff is hard to come off. I must have looked funny scraping white stuff off the ground... kinda like when I scrape the white stuff off my bedroom ceiling! Ewww... just kidding. I'm serious, I'm was joking! :Q

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Some funny bumper stickers:

Don't play stupid with me... I'm better at it!

This car is designed by computer, built by a robot, driven by a moron.

Welcome to America, now fuck off!

This truck has been in 15 accidents...
and hasn't lost one yet...


As long as there are tests, there will be prayer in public schools.

It's as BAD as you think, and they ARE out to get you.

The less hair I have, the more head I get.

Due to budget cuts, light at end of tunnel will be out.

If your bumper sticker wasn't so damned small I wouldn't have to drive
so close to read it!

Why can't I be rich instead of well hung...

This car is constipated: hasn't passed a thing all day!

Faster than a speeding ticket

Save a mouse -- eat a pussy.

I (club) my wife.

I (spade) my dog.

Orgasm Donor.

If your not a hemmorroid... GET OFF MY ARSE!!!

I brake for no apparent reason.

Yes, As A Matter Of Fact, I Do Own The Whole Damn Road!

Dont follow me or you'll end up at my place.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I want to stick
My penis in you

Man who drive like hell bound to get there!


If you get any closer I'll fart!

Drink til' he's cute.


Clones are people 2

Monday, September 23, 2002

Well, today I met Melissa, Nicky, and Lindsay! It was really fun! Their school is right across from BCIT, so I went up there during their lunch time (I had a 4 hour break) and hung out with them! They took me on a tour of their high school. It was uhhh... just like how I remember highschool being! Lots of tiny insect-like grade 8's, stupid teeny-boppers, and all that fun stuff. Not to mention their school looked like a hospital!! Ther were tiny windowless white rooms all over the place! It reminded me of a mental institution I'm probably going to end up in.

We had lots of fun, but unfortunately we lost Nicky along the way and I didn't get to say bye to her!

After I was finished school, I met up with Melissa and Lindsay again and we went to metrotown. It was great, there was this lady in the Disney store giving out free samples of cereal, and she gave us each like 2 or 3! That stuff is so good, it's more addictive than crack. I'm STILL craving that shit. Anyways it was a groovy day! Melissa is cooler than hell, and Lindsay fucking rocks!!! Nicki was also awesome!!! But I didn't get to talk to her that much cause she disappeared! They're a bunch of cool girls, hopefully we'll do something again soon.

Anyways, check out the fansign I got from Michelle!

*****LOCAL CONCERT $3*****

New world on fire
and Aphasia

Friday, September 27th
St. Andrews hall
22165 Dewdney Trunk Rd.
3 bucks at the door
doors at 6:30


Sunday, September 22, 2002

MarissaDarling: omg MiKE
MarissaDarling: you have a hot ass
MarissaDarling: seriously
MarissaDarling: you're awesome

For those of you who caught my ass on the webcam for 2 seconds, I'm sorry for blinding you. Not like you can read this now. Well I was writing a huge ass post, but then someone sent me a link of something REALLY GROSS, so I lost the entire post. Fuckit, I'm tired of writing!

FIELD TRIP #35 PICS!!!!!!!!!

No, these are not of the Langley show, I never ended up going to that! People were either sick (COUGHCOUGHMYACOUGH) or busy, luckily I had a backup plan to go downtown friday night and pick a little something up. It's sitting in my driveway right now and needs some work, but more on that some other time.

Today was quite a fucking excellent day. I'm so tired I am actually writing this in my sleep, so excuse any speeling errors I might make. The day began with Ashlee phoning me, waking me up at like 9 AM. We made plans to do something later. Now.... what to do until then? Suddenly I get a phone call from Martha (Leane) to go downtown! I get ready, rush to the Skytrain, and I'm already late. I get on the Skytrain, and I run into Leeane, Lindseey, and Jamie (sp?) at Columbia station! We all go to Granville station to meet up with the rest of the gang..... and GUESS WHO I FUCKING SEE?!

Michelle. The girl who I've been talking to on MSN a lot lately! I didn't know she was friends with one of Leane's friends! That was nuts!!! It was so unexpected and cool! She's pretty cute in real life! Go check out her site!

So we all go and walk around downtown, go to stores, and do stupid things like peeking up mannequin's skirts. There was a hole in the crotch of one of the mannequins!!! What does the owner do to them??? The hole was pretty small.. apparently he doesn't have much to do them with. We even ended up at "gay Mike's" house. I dunno why, but so many of my friends know this guy! And one of his cats kept staring at me like it was plotting to kill me. I took a picture of it. It didn't even blink. It would have scared the shit out of me, except I had already gone to the lavatory earlier in the day so that wasn't physically possible.

Downtown was nuts, but I had to run! At around 6 I had to depart back to good ole Slurrey. Ashlee came over, and I ordered some pizza (like I do every saturday night). We messed on the computer for a bit, and then took off on an adventure to Bear Creek Park. I don't know why, but that place is really cool to hang out at night. We go in there, and see a whole bunch of drunk kids, so we start talking to them. It was so funny cause some of them were so gone! They all leave, and then they came back! One dude had forgotten his cell phone somewhere there! They left for the second time, and we're sitting on the swings, making up funny lyrics to "Aerials" by System of a Down. It gets kinda cold, I get a strange phone call from a party involving lots of "ass", and promptly figure out who's behind it all! We do a few stakeouts while cracking McFag jokes, but we got bored of it after a while so we went back to my house. Unfortunately we didn't get any pics from Bear Creek park because it was too fucking DARK in there (the running track lights were off). It was definitely an action-packed day though, and I'm really fucking tired so I should crawl into bed.

Tomorrow if the weather's nice, should be even MORE action packed! Also on Monday I'm meeting Melissa, Mable, and Lindsay!! Their school is right across from BCIT (it's Moscrop) so I'll probably hang out with them during my 4 hour break at lunch, or after school.

Saturday, September 21, 2002

Fuck man! I cant reply to shit on the message board. WTF???

Oh well, Too bad I missed the fucking show at the Civic Center!!


Friday, September 20, 2002

MIKE, you need to UPDATE.... like the pics, and the feild trips, and the PAST bitching and complaining... I MEAN COMMON BUDDY!
Yesterday i went downtown to see Andy, and i met his friend Kineko. (i think thats how you spell it, sorry if i spelt it wrong) On the way there (on the skytrain) a man came and sat behind me and read a news paper, but he wacked me in the head with it! I didnt really think much of it, untill he kept dong it periodicly... thats when it started PISSING me off! The next time he did it, i turned around, and I said "Do you REALLY have to wack me in the back of my head with that?" It was an older man, and at that time i kinda felt bad using that sorta tone with him, UNTILL he said "well why dont you move!" A whole bunch of emotions and words i wanted to say circulated in my head.... and i got really mad, not to mention, I WAS THERE 1ST!! So i said "I shouldnt have to move! Your being quite rude! Cant you sit to the side and read your news paper?" He looked at me for a moment. He then said "Well i guess your right, im sorry!" and he turned to the side and continued reading his paper like that untill he got off! I hope i didnt make a scene =S!!

Meh, well i had fun while i was downtown, i saw my mommy! (Billy) Hes having his birthday soon, and hes turning 51! HOLY SNYEKIES! I love my new mommy! i didnt buy anything while i was there, but now I have some good ideas for christmas preasents =D Nothing wrong with a little early shopping =P i only spent my moolah on food, i ate broccoli and chees pizza =| it was odd!

The night beofre yesterday, i went to mission's Silversity, and i saw 'One Hour Photo'... its that wacked one where Robin Williams is a bad guy.... If you like suspense, and weird fucked up things, you'll like this movie, if you like blood, gore, horror, and all that fun stuff, you wont like this movie... its not very graphic, except for the odd boobie here and there....

The other day at work, i was mopping because someone had spilt a pop, so i put out a wet floor sign, and this trailor trash chick walks over the wet floor with her hands propped up in the air, and taking little bab steps, and she tries to walk by with out slipping, and looks aat me wih this dirty look..... to myself i thought, OMG, i wonder if her fater would let her out if he saw what she is wearing. Then she says.... "You know this could be a hazzard", and i look up at her, stop what im doing, and say "Yeah.... thats why i put the sign out." What a moron, i mean Common', then must teach you something in that school for trash! GEES

Well, ne ways, i dont know whatelse to say, im in my Drafting class, and im the only girl, and the only Grade 12 in the class...... BORING! im done all my work, and we are listening to CRAP music, i could go for some dayglo or casualties right now..... GABBA GABBA HEY!
Today I watched Survivor. It was quite different. The rumors were that the teams were to be divided by gender. Uh huh, I didn't believe that for a second. I mean, right at the beginning they had the chicks on one side and the guys on the other, which looked a little too obvious. Finally the smartass of a host Jeff Probst pulled a fast one on them and the 2 oldest people got to choose their teams.

As a general rule, most old men are horny. This old guy on survivor who chose his teeam members (can't remember his name), he picked all the young, hot looking chicks, and even all the young guys too. The other group that the old woman picked, were all older and she had strategically picked them based on their abilities to play the actual game, rather than in hopes to get laid.

The show was pretty much the same as always. The tribal council had all the same phrases from all the previous shows, complete with the overly dramatic closeups of random people and things while everyone was voting. I don't mind, at least it gives the show a consistent feel. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. ]

PS I realize that sometimes my "e" key actually goes "ee" and screws up my spelling. It's not my fault... or my keyboard's for some fucked up reason. I tried plugging another keyboard in and the same thing kept happening. What the fuck?

Go visit Mya, she plugged me so I returned the favor! Thanks dude.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Slurrey needs a new message board.

All these pop-ups and shit are REALLY annoying. Slurrey's board not only has banners and text links, but more pop-ups than a fucking porn site! Or even... Karyn's site!

No wonder no one uses the board anymore with all the pop-ups scaring people away. Fuck, they scare ME away. And I'm used to going to sites with lots of pop-ups.... yes.

If anyone knows a good board that works like the one we have right now (minus the annoying advertising), let me know.
clang clang clang went the trolly

ring ring ring went the bell
I thought about renting a movie last night, but thought nah, why not just download one instead? I've always wanted to see American Beauty, so last night I fired up good ole Kazaa Lite and downloaded it within a couple of hours. What an excellent movie, it had me hooked right from the beginning. I was so into the movie that I didn't notice Ashlee messaging me 2.7 billion times to fix her computer.

I recommend this movie to anyone with a TV set and a machine capable of playing movies, like a DVD or VCR. DVD is preferable since VCR's are pre-historic artifacts with picture quality that looks like someone smeared your TV screen with Eminem's feces, which I believe consist of 67% semen from miscellaneous other guys giving it to him from behind. High resolution image quality or Eminem's feces... it's all up to you.

Speaking of VCR's, we are planning to blow one up soon. It's one of those really bulky old ones, it'll take a lot to blow it up. First we havee to find a place to do it though, somewhere where no on will mind a lot of noise and a lot of smoke. Smashing that printer last time was a lot noisier than I thought it would be, it was sorta a bad idea too to do it at 12 am next to some guy's house. If anyone wants to show up the the blowing up of the old VCR, gimme a shout. It'll also be videotaped and put on the site.

I bought a Gameboy Advance game today, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon. It's an ok game, well worth the umm... no cash I spent on it. Yeah I had $30 in store credit from cash converters, so I just used that to buy the game. This game would be a lot better it it WASN'T SO FUCKING DARK. The game is challenging, but it's pretty sad that most of the challenge is tilting the GBA at every conceivable angle just to see what the fuck is going on on the screen!

Monday, September 16, 2002

Went to school today. On mondays I have a class first thing in the morning, then a 4 hour break, and then a lab. Sitting around at BCIT for 4 hours is FUCKING BORING. Today wasn't that bad though. Gavin called me and showed me a room that the second year students were using. I saw a whole bunch of people I knew from last year, it was great. Also, while I was showing the pictures I took in Greece to Malcolm, a few interesting pictures. Most notably this one, to which I said a little too loudly, "I shall call this picture... Dinosaur Orgy". Pretty much the entire class heard it, and Gavin, Evan, and David made quite a joke out of it.

Hey... there's nothing funny about dinosaurs having orgies.

That's funny, last year the joke of the year about me was "penguin porn". Now it's "dinosaur orgies".

On the way home, I nearly got into an accident because some FUCKING RETARD couldn't decide whether to stop or keep going on a yellow light! Hey asshole! When the light starts turning yellow and you almost stop, don't speed up again to try and make it through the intersection, especially when I'm turning left and I think you were going to stop, but then speed up again and nearly hit me head on! I slammed on the brakes and he swerved into the other lane around my van and he even had the nerve to honk. YOU STUPID FUCKCHUNK!!!

Fuck it, I hate N64. The graphics in almost any game on it look like mud. YOu know what? If you have a Playstation and you want its graphics to look like the N64's, take a shit in a pan, and then huck it against your TV screen as hard as you can. Splat... instant N64-style graphics.

I'm still trying to get rid of Majora's Mask for the damned system... I would rather insert a frozen dog turd into my N64's cartridge slot than that piece of shit game ever again.
***a plead for help from martha***

INSIPID will be nearly out of commision in the studio for the
next year so if you want to see them...

SNACKERZ(former Java Joint): Sept 27 w/some kickass punk bands *ALL AGES*
THE BRICKYARD: JOEL'S 19th BIRTHDAY BASH Friday Oct. 4 w/ montreal skapunk

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Video In Studios. 1965 Main Street, Vancouver, BC.
$7. Doors at 7:30 pm, show starts at 8:00 pm.

Seattle hardcore on Bridge Nine Records... Champion.
Winnipeg hardcore... One Of These Days.
Vancouver hardcore... Blue Monday.
Ex-members of Strain and Sparkmarker... Dead Sure.
Melodic Vancouver hardcore... Means To An End.

P.S. - im not going to fridays show... dont miss me TOO MUCH ;)

hello slurrey remember me?
I'm the official slurrey shit starter.

Tell me this why do thoughs loud street cleaning machines have to run by my house all the time at three am?

That's usually when I'm heading to bed, so I'm half asleep getting ready to dream about my boyfriend naked and unlimited supply of chocolate and 'VRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" for like five minuets strait!

Close the doors? Close the windows? nope doesn't help in the least, because I happen to live on a main street woo woo happy day!
So I'm thinking the only way to stop it is to kill everyone? makes sense doesn't it?

In Other news.... well there isn't any you see where I happen to live (BC), there is nothing to do around here NOTHING, maybe if your new to the area there is but if lived here for ten years and I know this place like the back of my hand. I find my self wanting to take the bus from downtown instead on the much faster sky train, so I can bus in to the bad areas and get a smiget of excitement.

Mya + No Money + Vancouver = Nothing to do

Also I got a new layout so check it out

Also Mike From Pheends and my bedroom (rawr) got a new site go there
"Sexy Man"

well I'm done for now I'm going to go eat some Mr.noodles and coke.

Friday, September 13, 2002

I am Slurrey Guy: slurrey needs something to get hits
I am Slurrey Guy: hmmmmm
I am Slurrey Guy: maybe i should get naked

Thursday, September 12, 2002

Apparently some people think that the local show at the Langley Civic Centre is tomorrow. It is NOT tomorrow, it is next friday on the 20th! So Mya it's NOT tomorrow dude! I hope you read this in time to make some other plans!
Mike from pheends finally launched his new site today. Go check it out it has a good layout, and all the comments and stuff are working too!!

This local girl linked me, and I got a SHITLOAD of hits from her site. She must have quite a lot of readers. It's probably because her posts are fun to read, and she seems to update like 3 times a day. Thumbs up to her!

I paid a whopping $535 for my tuition. Haha. I thought it was gonna be over a grand. Well, that's what I get when I'm only taking one course. I don't have to buy any books either, they're still using last years edition. I'm extremely happy now that I didn't burn it when I found out that I failed the course. I did sorta put a crack in the CD that came with it though, when I threw it across the room.

Next term I have a total of 5 courses, all of them actually computer related (not that database/communications/accounting bullshit). Not too shabby, this year at BCIT is going to be rather easy.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK... ok, I spent half an hour writing this FUCKING HUGE POST about 9/11. Then Mya sent me a link on AIM and I foolishly clicked it. Byebye big angry 9/11 post. Hello frustration/anger/psychoticness. ARGHH FUCK ME IN THE GOAT ASS, possibly one of the best rants about 9/11 gone, to see a video of some guy dancing around in his unbeleivably tight tighty-whities.

Oh well fuck it. I'm too tired/lazy/pissed off to write about it again. Fuck it.

I found this new local girl, Michelle! She's cute, and I talked to her today and she's one of the funnest people to ever talk to. I added her to the local cams page too.

MSN is a big steaming pile of giraffe shit. In fact, everytime I load up MSN on my computer, flies gather around it. There's nothing quite like having an awesome conversation with a friend, and getting cut off in the middle of it while MSN logs you out without you wanting to log out. Then you can't log back in again! FUCK YOU BILL!!!! I'm willing to bet money that he spends 90% of his free time sucking the crusted-over shit off of his grandpa's bleeding hemmoroids. Pissed off am I? I guess you could say that.

I feel like pissing in a bottle and breaking it over a Microsoft employee's head.
Friday September 20th

Haf wit
Harmless Heroes

Langley Civic Centre 20699 42 ave Langley

$6 at the door
$5 with a can of food!
Doors 7pm

They are giving away free CD's

It's 9/11

September 11, 2001. I was sleeping with the radio on. I remember having really weird dreams while sleeping, about breaking up a fight, and being on an airplane about to crash. My mom is banging on the door and telling me to wake up. I tell her I don't have to be up for another few hours. She says a plane crashed into a building in NY. I stumble out of bed, half asleep, and turn on the TV. The first thing I see is the north WTC tower with smoke coming out of it. I'm like "what the fuck!!". There was a giant hole in the building, hmmm yeees it did look like SOMETHING crashed into it. Then another plane crashes into the tower. I'm sitting there watching this like it's a really bad movie, with really good special effects. Unlike a movie though this was really happening, thousands of people were dying live on TV.

I was always a big fan of the twin towers, they were one of the places I always wanted to visit. You see them everywhere, in movies, on TV, magazines, posters, book covers... there's no avoiding them. They made NYC have a truly unique skyline. I couldn't believe that was happening.

The south tower collapses. I am thinking WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!. It looked like it had just turned into a cloud of dust. The news reporter was saying that there was another bomb and part of the tower collaped, but it looked pretty obvious that it wasn't standing at all anymore!! The way it fell looked quite fucked up and freaky, I'd never seen a building that large fall before. When it fell it even pulled somee of the smoke down with it, looking like some fucked up tornado. I couldn't imagine how many people just died.

I was in shock and disbelief, pretty much like anyone else who was watching that. Too much was happening at once, the worst part was not knowing what the hell was going on. No one had a clue! I watched as the second tower fell, the pentagon burned, a cloud of dust cover all of lower manhattan, and then rumors that many other planes were also hijacked. Eventually I had to leave to go to school.

Before I left I captured a TV image on my webcam of the north tower collapsing (because they replayed that one OVER AND OVER AND OVER again). The previous night I had taken a cam pic with the caption "GIANT COCKZILLA ATTACKING THE CITY!!! NA NA NA!!!", and when I took the webcam picture, that same caption appeared on it. OOPS.

Everyone on the Skytrain was really silent. No one said anything at all, not even when passing that house that had "ISLAM READ? QURAN" written on the roof. The next day though everyone was making fun of it on the skytrain. "Honey, did you take those letters off the roof?"

Couldn't concentrate at school at all, mind was totally racing about what had happened. It was way too much to take in at once.

Got home at around 6:30, watched CNN, and saw footage of another building collapsing, WTC7. Another "WHAT THE FUCK" in a day already full of "WHAT THE FUCKS".

And that's my Sept 11 story, which I didn't post a year ago because everyone else was talking about it so much so who'd read mine? I don't really remember much else that happened, my memory is as good as a dead goldfish's. Also on that day (or the day after) is when me and Ashlee talked for the first time. It was an awesome conversation, finding out we had EVERYTHING in common and stuff!

So it's now a year later. It doesn't seem things have changed much though. At first it looked like World War 3 was going to start, personal privacy would be a thing of the past, people would be too scared to go outside their homes, and no movies would ever have terrorism, explosions, or the twin towers in them ever again. Even though things don't seem like they've changed much, a lot has happened in the past year. Security has been tightened, Afghanistan was freed of Taliban control, and the NY skyline was changed forever, losing its two landmark buildings that made it so distinct. Oh yeah and me! I met awesome new people, found out the hard way who my real friends are, went through a few months of depression, and basically learned a lot. If you look at all the old archives, you can tell how much I've changed. But that was not because of Sept 11 but I'll always remember this year as a year of change.

Now the part that pisses me off. Well, a lot of things piss me off. First of all, every fucking TV station out there is gonna milk this day for all it's worth. All that they will play on TV is the same shit we saw last year, people crying, all this sappy memorial shit. It's going to be WAY FUCKING OVERKILL. HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!

"REMEMBER". Yeah like I said before it's pretty hard to forget. Except for the part of WHY THE FUCK DID IT HAPPEN. Everything happens for a reason, and the U.S. brought it on itself. I'm not saying killing innocent civilians by ramming planes into buildings is what America deserves, but we have to remember that in this violent world, everything is solved by violence. THAT'S the fucking thing to remember. Gee how did the US deal with it? "LET'S BOMB THE FUCK OUT OF AFGHANISTAN, AND KILL BIN LADEN AND EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT". Yeah, the U.S. sure had it coming. And yet the entire country is going to make such a big deal on this day, but what about all the people THEY killed?

Another thing. Was the world trade centre the ONLY thing attacked on 9/11? Cause I sure as hell don't hear much about the pentagon or Flight 93. PEOPLE DIED THERE TOO YOU KNOW!!!!

Fucking shit, look at Ground Zeero today. People crowding around it to get a picture by the hole, people climbing fences to take pictures.... and tons of vendors down there selling 9/11 memorabilia, making moneey off of the fucking tragedy that happened! IT'S A FUCKING ZOO DOWN THERE!!! And the media is not much better either. It's all about money, and getting people to watch their fucking crap.

It's 2 am, I'm tired. I have a lot more stuff to write, but I'm too tired to write anything that makes sense right now so I'll probably post it tomorrow after watching all the garbage on TV.
Today, i went downtown, and on my way there, this olderly woman came up to me on the skytrain, grabbed me by the arm, and said "you are someone special", gave me a book, and then disappeared out the doors. I looked down at the book. It's called "ZOO in our HOUSE" by Dorinda Day...... I looked at where it was published, and it was done right here in Maple Ditch. WEIRD! Also, inside she signed it saying "Never give up, D. Day." STRANGE you say?! i think so... NE ways, i met up with andy and we shopped around, AND GUESS WHAT I FOUND!! PINK CONVERSE! (no help to you guys) WOO! they cost me $20 bucks. Hmmm, well anyways, i am finally home from an exhausting day of ball room dancing/tackel football. SHEESH! what a sport. On the way home i saw my old friend Tim, he was going to his dads, good to see him alive and kicking! ne who, im off to bed, school in the morning, werk in the evening! ** NIGHT **

Tuesday, September 10, 2002


Remember that retarded greek law that banned videogames in Greece? Well, it looks like some brains down there finally started functioning somewhat! There were trials for 3 people accused of letting people play Counter-Strike at their internet cafe's. They were all found innocent, and they judged the law unconstitutional. The only question is... WHY THE FUCK DID IT TAKE THIS LONG TO REALIZE THAT!!! It's a great day for greek gamers around the world, now they can stop looking at so much porn on the internet and doing drugs and stuff since that's all that was left to do after vidogames became illegal.

Still, SIGN THE PETITION, and check out how many signatures it has so far! Over 27,000 last time I checked!! Looks like I can safely go back to greece with my Gameboy Advance and my laptop, and not have to worry about being shot and arrested.

Also, you might wanna check out this site. Their web design is pretty good, but has a few problems and they're hosted on geoshities, so there's that huge penis-like banner blocking half the page. But still, it has a lot of potential. Much downloadable stuff off there.
I finally saw Austin Powers 3: Goldmember. It was quite funny, especially the scene with the shadows, that had me laughing so hard I thought I was gonna implode. Anyone who's seen the movie knows what I'm talking about, it's quite possibly the funniest thing I've ever fucking seen. I think the movie was almost ass good as the first one, and a lot better than the second one. For some reason though, it feels a bit rushed, especially the ending. One of the best things about that movie is Beyonce Knowles, who is so fucking hot I nearly lost a load. I've never had a thing for black chicks, but she totally blew me away... well I can only wish she did heh heh heh. I think I'll be listening to Destiny's Child a lot more often.

Tomorrow is 9/11. No matter what channel you'll switch to on TV, you'll be force-fed more 9/11 crap than what you saw on 9/11 itself. Well, tune in tomorrow to this website to see what I think of that day. I didn't really write anything about it on that day, I just told people to go read it on other people's personal websites, because all I had to saw someone's probably written it before and I was pretty much glued to CNN.

Guess who's back? Tara. Go check out her site, she has a pretty good article on 9/11 posted on there.
Well here I am, posting. MiKE told me to post "something cool". I can't really think of anything cool yet.

Its like 1:45 am (approx.) and I'm slightly tired and lacking the brain power to come up with "something cool" to post. I didn't really do anything today worth telling about. Well I did break the customer commets card box at the timmy's today (*lol*) I didn't try to I just was curious what would happen if I pulled on the lid, so I did... and nothing happened, then I tried to lift the box and it wasn't moving then I tried again and pulled it off. Woopsie heh. Oh well. I guess that was the highlight of my day so far. I heard a good joke but fot the life of me I can't remember it.

Oh well it's late and I got no more to say.

Saturday, September 07, 2002

FIELD TRIP #34 PICS!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm finally getting to know my way around downtown. Today began with a major fuckup. I went to BCIT for my one class, got there late, so I missed it. So to pass the time I went outside and slept on a bench. I guess I slept a little too long... I was late meeting Mya at broadway.

We went downtown, saw Mya's mom, Mya bought Mike's birthday present, and I bought some stuff too, including an amazing WTC poster. Then we walked around for a good 2 or 3 hours taking pictures of stuff. It was hilarious, we even went in a church and Mya took some pictures in there. I gave a bum some money in hopes that good ole karma would help me out sometime, but that never usually happens. Mya took some really cool pictures, so go gawk at them in awe.

Friday, September 06, 2002

Dear Mike:
You are a jerk. You took my rights away so I COULD NOT post about how Surrey is the car theft capital of North America, and quite possibly the world. Its also surprising to see that NYC wasn't anywhere close to the top 5. Canadian's are just a bunch of moose fucking car thiefs. DAMN YOU SURREY FUCKS :D

Why do football players fight like pussys? Theres no punching, theres no getting it on, the fuckers shove eachother. Oh yea, I PUSH YOU MUTHAFUCKA CUZ I AM A CAR THIEF FROM SURREY. I must make some Surrey car thief jokes now. I'm such a fucker :D

I had an anxiety attack today because of a fucking essay. :(

Surrey is the auto theft capital of North America!!!!!!!

I'm SO proud!!! And for once I'm sorta glad I don't have a car cause it'd probably be stolen already.
i have a question....

today after school, my sister picked me up and i went straight to the bank to go cash my cheque before it closed. so i get there and i have to wait in line and then i FINALLY get my chequed cashed... so the bank is closing now (4pm), and i have some cash.. WOO! so me and lindsay go downtown to go shopping. i was going to call my mom before i left, but her cell is broken, and lindsay told me that she was apparently going to some golf thing, and she wasnt comming home. (which she didnt tell me about) so me and lindsay just go. then when i get home (9:30pm) EARLY! especially for a friday night!! i go on msn, and my friend angie was like, "are you guys grounded?" im like... um, no.. why? and shes like "cause i called and mom was mad cause she didnt know where you were and she said she was going to ground you for 2 weeks, unless you showed her a note.... " OH PLEASE! and then i find out moms planning on going to seattle this weekend... THANKS FOR TELLING ME! shes the one who should be grounded! i wouldnt have even known where she is unless lindsay knew! GAWD, and she thinks we have no respect for her!!

NOW, all i want is your opinion about this, and so i can have good aguments against her!! (add in the point on how im 18 and i shouldnt get grounded anymore, cause thats just sad, and its pathetic!) THX
While driving home right now, I just saw this huge ass airplane do a 360 turn over my house. Terrorism or pilot retardation? You decide.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Something strange just happened. I was listening to music and then the volume started going really loud. I looked at my reciever, and the volume numbers were climbing up to over 77. I quickly turned the knob back before my speakers burst into flame. What the fuck was this? I paid a lot of money for this piece of shit! Did it just feel like turning the volume up to triple-digit decibel levels cause it FUCKING FELT LIKE IT??

Maybe this is a new "feature" in these high-end recievers. "It automatically adjusts the volume for you! Who needs volume control! It will also blow your speakers so you have to buy new ones from us!"

I don't like the idea of being ripped off. So I'll just take this as some sort of supernatural experience or something. WooOooo my home theater is haunted!!! Yeah I'm normal.
ALRIGHT, i did my homewerk, and i found out that the concert is on the 27th, so WRITE IT DOWN!! um, the line up is not confirmed yet, but its at st. Andrews, (MAPLE RIDGE) and it will cost about 3 or 4 bucks... NICE! so i hope to see you all there, now that you have a lil more notice! well, im going to go paint rocks with muh little sis so CYA!

p.s. - MAPLE DITCH will be up and running ASAP!
so aparently there is some sorta cheap concert going on in maple ridge on FRIDAY, this friday.... and so ive heard... Haf-Wit, Freads Fear, and some metal band are playing... hmmm, alot of info EH?!? well, i still have NO IDEA what time it starts and how much it is... all i know is that its at St. Andrews, and 222nd and Dewdney. Same place as last time... i will TRY MY HARDEST to find out more info on this. NOW, im going to bed, NIGHT!

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

What IGN thinks of Greece banning videogames:

FIELD TRIP #33 PICS!!!!!!!!!

Yeah so Leane messages me to meet her at Columbia at 2 pm. Well I go down there and get there at 2:05, and wait for half an hour, and Alicia shows up. We waited for probably an hour for Leane and the rest of them to show up. We go downtown, go shopping around for a bit. I didn't buy anything cause I was broke. Something really funny that happened was the bus pole thingies (don't know what they're called) that are attatched to the cable on the street, well on one bus they came off. Then while the guy was trying to re-attatch them, another buss passed and those came off too! It was so funny I took many pictures of that.

Today I went to school. The program head will email me when a slot has opened up for me to be swiftly inserted into a class, much like the cock is stiffly inserted into the ass. (thanks to the infamous Mr. Blonde for the inspiration for that quote).
Yay! Posting rights again

That is all untill next time...


Tuesday, September 03, 2002

ANYWAYS.... today the family, and MiKE from =P went downtown to do nothing..... NOTHING! and i ate pizza, and tryed to find pink converse's... but i couldn't >:( HELP ME FIND THEM! PLEASE!!

Today was an especially exciting day because i got my pager hooked up again.. YA! now i am reachable, at mostly, all times =D YA! For other exciting news.... as most of you know... NEAT was the werd for a while, then it was scratched, then DEF, and RAD was used. now, RANK is the new fab word. (but it means a bad thing) CO-founded by my little sister. (its her 15th birthday today.. she literally got rocks for her gift) it was ALSO the first day of school, IT WAS RANK! (heh) I cant belive im back... YA GRADE 13! \:-| GEES..... i only have 4 classes for the whole year. it cant be that bad. Im the only girl in my drafting class, and i know NO ONE.... except my little sister and her geeky friends.... THIS IS SO RANK! Well, i got bored one day and i made a little cheasy site called beetmeaf.. cause BEEF is MEAT... im still waiting for MAPLE DITCH to be up and running..... *cries*

well, i really dont know what else to say right now..... THIS IS SO RANK!

Monday, September 02, 2002


The governement of Greece has passed a law that forbids any kind of electronic games in the country. This goes for arcades, PC games, console games, even pinball and cellphone games! WHAT THE FUCK!!! Now it's illegal to play games there? The stupidity of this shit is mind blowing.

I am ashamed to be Greek after seeing this. Is Greece the next fucking Afghanistan? They might not have rags on their heads but they sure look like they've turned into the Taliban!! Are the game nazi's going to arrest you cause you're been playing pac-man? How the fuck did this law even get passed? I thought this was a democracy for fuck sakes!!

Oh my god I am so pissed off I could shit on their fucking flag right now. Freedom or death huh? Does that sound like a phrase from a country that tells their people that they can't sit down and enjoy a fucking game? Greece is going to be the laughing stock of the entire world for this. I hope the country collapses under the stupidity of its government. I know those are harsh words for a place where I'm from, but fuck it, shit like this in unheard of in the civilized world! FUCKING SHIT LICKING CUM-BUBBLE GOATFUCKING SUCKERS OF CAT PENIS!!! MAY YOU DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH BY BEING ASSRAPED WITH A HOT LEAD PIPE AND THEN BEATEN WITH IT UNTIL YOUR EMPTY FUCKING SKULLS CAVE IN!!!!!!

Please check out this site for more info, and SIGN THE PETITION.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Well hello there kiddies I haven't posted in a wile except for the odd animal noise, as you may know, I made slurrey a fan sign the other day, how about we make a fad out of that and you all send slurrey some fan signs , pretty pretty please *puppy dog eyes* send all fan signs to

On the flip side of things school is starting again for most, so h0h0h0 you silly fuckers, WORK IS FOR PUSSYS don't you all wish you could be highschool kickouts like my self?

and btw its 5 months without a cigarette BOOYA!