Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Yeah, since Val always cracks me up with the funny things she says, I'm gonna post it on slurrey!!

Today I got an email from her, and at the end of it, this is what she wrote:

ps> while checking my website meter I saw this:

"Country of origin: Hong Kong S.A.R.
number of page views: 2" site has SARS :'(

Monday, April 28, 2003

�:: she - prime assinator :: says:
"do not: wear contact lenses, makeup, jewlery, nail polish, or high heeled shoes to surgery"

�:: she - prime assinator :: says:
But i was planning on dressing like a whore :'{
Ok, so I'm about to do something that will probably result in the slurrey server being down for a bit:
I'm moving the entire server off my main computer and onto a spare.

Things like the slurrey cams, message boards, and pictures won't work, until it's back up. Shouldn't be too long!
�:: she - prime assinator :: says:
I called fujifilm camera repair about 30 mins ago

�:: she - prime assinator :: says:
The chick said that my camera was still there...

:: she - prime assinator :: says:
and that the guy who worked on the A201's was on his lunch break

�:: she - prime assinator :: says:
so she would have to get back to me

�\m/ (>_<) o O (In surrey, when darkness falls... p3nis rises.) says:

�:: she - prime assinator :: says:
I think he's eating my camera :\

Sunday, April 20, 2003

I haven't made a real post in this for a while.
I had a computer architecture midterm on wednesday which I was studying my ass off for. When I walked in to the class to write it, I felt happy and confident I was gonna wipe the floor with this midterm. Then, when I began writing it, all that confidence faded away, like a fart in the wind... (that was soooo deep).

All the questions on the fucking thing were messed up, almost like trich question. While most of the questions we did in class, quizzes, and assignments were straightforward, these ones on the midterm were just fucked up. For not one, but two of the large written questions in the end, they asked us to do something in 2's complement, something that we were learning in math. Unfortunately, I took the fucking math course over a year ago!! How the fuck am I supposed to remember that shit?

I hate it when BCIT courses combine things with other courses... cause if you're failing one course or took it a loooong time ago, you are fucked in the goat ass.
So I failed that midterm, not because I don't know the course material, but because the instructor who made that midterm was an asshole. FUCK.

Anyways, the past 3 days have been crazy, ho here's that shiot:

Since Val was working all day on friday, we decided to hang out on thurday instead. I went and picked her up, and I surprised her with a rose, and then she surprised me with a big chocolate easter bunny on a stick. Sweet!! We watched Fight Club, which I think she really liked heh heh heh. My parents also got us 2 medium pizzas! Sweet! Then we just hung out ;). I guess we didn't notice the time fly by, but it got to around 2 am and the skytrain/buses had stopped running. So we drove all the way down to her house in east Van! On the way back, traffic wasn't moving at all because of a HUGE accident, which I'll probably read about in the paper today. The 3 cars were totally smashed together into one piece of metal. By the time I went to bed, it was 4 am.

Me and Ashlee spent the entire day hanging out. I woke up to a phone call from her at 11:30 am. She's like "wakey wakey!". She wanted to go hang out at Timmies. So I get ready and we hang out at timmies for 2 hours, then hang out at bear creek park, then go to my house, hang out some more, she goes home to eat dinner, and comes back with Kim, we go on a field trip to some street to look for something, Kim got licked by a cow, Ashlee got many honks, and then some brown guys in a yellow jeep pulled up and gave her their number, it was hilarious! She gave the number to me to feed to a cow or something, but the cows weren't that hungry, and I don't think they like paper! Then we went back to my house, Kim left, Ashlee took over the computer(s), and I sorta passed out on my bed because of the lack of sleep I had gotten the previous night.

This was the best fucking day ever!!! First off, I met Val at Joyce Stn at 3, and then we went to her house. She has the nicest house I have ever seen, and an AWESOME view too!! Niiiice! We chilled there for a while, and then went to Jen's house and picked her up, and then went to London Drugs and I got some hair dye! We went to Jessie's, and died my hair, while Val took pictures. I didn't know that hair dying involved such scary sexual innuendo. First she got the vaseline, and then she put on the rubber gloves, and I was like :O !!! She poured the hair dye gunk on my head, and then later washed it off. She was like "get back down on your knees, I'm not done with you yet!!" I'm like oh shit, and I get this white gloopy stuff poured on my head. The pictures are grand! My hair is now black/dark blue.

Then we went down to the vogue, where Matt Good was playing. The lineup was massive. We met up with Kim and Deniz and went in there, and Val was successful in smuggling my camera in! We also got REALLY good seats! Jen found Jessie and brought her, and the concert started.

The opening band was The Deers... boy did they need to be shot. A couple of songs were good, but the rest of them were just noise, with some guy screaming on a megaphone into the microphone, and 2 chicks standing by keyboards barely doing anything at all! At one point the lead singer took his coat off, and tried for like 5 minutes to open some long black box... I was afraid of what he was gonna pull outta there. He was also blowing on a keyboard at one point. What of teh fuck?

Matt Good came on. His playing was sloppy at best... just kidding rofl. Now that was fucking awesome. He played a ton of his best songs, lots of new ones from the Avalanche CD, and some old goodies as well. It was a wonderful night, thanks to Val for getting me a ticket... she's the best gf in the world :). Sitting there watching such a wicked concert and holding her in my arms was the awesomest thing ever.

After that we all went to McDick's, and got some food. We ran into Stoner Mike on the way too! Of course, he was smoking up as always!
Best night ever.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Ok! Party at the Patmeisters!

Well, heres the deal:

Second Saturday of May, weather permitting, there will be a Birthday party for yours truly. Im dropping some cash on the boozin, and it'll be a backyard thing.

For those not in the know (most everyone) I live a couple'a blocks from MiKE's house, and about a half block from one of the latest and most often bus's in Surrey.

More info to come later, this is just a heads up.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Monday, April 07, 2003

Any Terminator fans out there?
You know... the movies where Arnold is a robot and comes from a future where apparently clothing is optional... and blows stuff up (but not before aquiring clothes in an ultra-violent way). ;)

Shortly I will post the new T3 TV spot... as soon as it plays during tonight's basketball game and I capture it!!!
Stay tuned.

UPDATE: No clip, cause the ad never ended up playing. I wasted 2 hours of my time watching that stupid fucking basketball game. Fuck you Warner Bros.
Allright. Show. Friday. Java Joint. 5 bucks. 7 pm.

New World on Fire and Dysfunctional will both be playing, and a couple of other bands.

Whose going? Come on! This looks awesome!

Wednesday, April 02, 2003

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GANG NAME:______________

1. Rupinder has half a kilo of cocaine. If he sells an 8 ball to Ranjit for $300 and 90 grams to Darm for $90 a gram, what isthe street value of the rest of his stash?

2. Devinder pimps 3 whores. If the price is $40 a trick, how many tricks per day must each whore perform to support Devinder $500 a day crack habit?

3. Sukhjit wants to cut the kilo of cocaine he bought for $7000 to make 20% profit. How many grams of strychnine will he need?

4. Balwinder got 6 years for murder. He also got $350,000 for the hit. If his common law wife spends $33,100 per month, how much money will be left when gets out? (Extra Credit Bonus: How much more time will Balwinder get for killing the bitch that spent his money?)

5. If an average can of spray paint covers 22 square meters and the average letter is 1 square meter, how many letters can be sprayed with eight fluid ounce cans of spray paint with 20% extra paint free?

6. Abdul steals Hareem's skateboard. As Abdul skates away at a speed of 35km/h, Hareem loads his brother's piece. If it takes Hareem 20 seconds to load the gun, how far will Abdul have traveled when he gets whacked?

Thanks to Val for sending that to me!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

FIELD TRIP #54 PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (JESSIE'S PARTY)

On friday I went to school and at 1:20 I was supposed to meet Val in front of the school. She ended up coming late because some asshole bus driver drove right past her. We snuck into my last class and she got a taste of what BCIT was like... a taste that would have anyone running for a toothbrush.

Albert was teaching C and saying "isn't it?" after every sentence, which is always entertaining.

It was supposed to be Jessie's party that night, but she was nowhere to be found. We called her and AIM'd her and everything... turns out she was sleeping! We didn't end up going to her party that night, instead we stayed at my house and got pizza and had lots of fun :D

On saturday I met up with Mark, we met up with Val, and went to Jessie's house. It was gonna be a legendary party!! Well, we got pizza, and me and Val went down for a liquor run. I got Kahlua and she got a Silent Sam. On the way back, someone called my cell, and wanted me to boot for them. Fuck that, I'm not going all the way down there again! I already had to go 3 times at Mya's party!!!

Many people showed up at Jessies. We watched half baked, it was good. Then they put on 8 mile, and I was falling asleep. The party did pick up when we went outside in the pouring rain though! We went to some school, and then McDick's, and then back to Jessie's. Stoner Mike had shown up there with Mark's booze, but since we weren't there he just disappeared.

Back at Jessie's we just sat around and listened to crap and stuff. When it was like 12:45 am me and Val left. She walked me to the bus stop and hung out with me till the bus came! What a sweetie :)
So yeah, the party itself was good. Spending time with my fucking amazing girlfriend made it a wicked night though!!! :D
Looks like everyone enjoyed the April Fool's joke.

I got a phone call early this morning that woke me up. It was Ashlee, and she was like "I think you better look at what happened to slurrey". I cackled evilly.... oh wait no I didn't cause I was too groggy from just waking up. I went over to the computer and saw that my computer screen was full of IM's from people who saw the site.

monofonik: hey
monofonik: dude!
monofonik: who killed slurrey?!?!?! THEY'RE DEAD.

MissMya2004: dead dead dead

stonethechildren: nice april fools hack

And some other ones that I closed and forgot to save.

In other news, this is what slurrey's hits looked like over the past few days:

See that huge spike in hits that almost looks like a middle finger? No I did not pull a camgirl and take clothes off (otherwise the graph above would be inverted). Mya decided to point her old URL to this site!!! So it was getting around 400 hits a day for a few days!! By people who WEREN'T searching on search engines for "vin diseal naked", more like people who were looking for "mya naked have sex". I managed to attracked a different form of freaks to this site.

Oh yeah, happy birthday Jessie!! Here's a fansign!!!
Hope you all liked the april fool's joke!!!

People's reactions and a message left in my voicemail coming soon!!
And ugh..... I gotta get rid of this pink crap too :P