Saturday, June 28, 2003

Been a while

Been a while since I posted on Slurrey, so I thought I would do so.

Hiyo everyone!

Saw "28 Days" today.

It was allright... not money well spent, but if you can see it really cheap or free then its a good movie.

It was kind of a rip off of a lot of post apocalyptic books Ive read, so maybe I was just annoyed by the references.

Well, apparently Im going to Eric Andersons party tonight, should be lots of fun!

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

�:: Vas Deferens :: the penis mightier than the sword. says:
kirby is such a useless character in smash brothers

�:: Vas Deferens :: the penis mightier than the sword. says:
all he does is suck ;|
Fuck butt fuck fuck butt fucka fucka ass-fucka


It's a good game. Most of the time playing it is spent making Link run around and hump things. This game was designed with people like me in mind!! My favorite character in the game so far is the snot-nosed kid at the beginning!!! Anyone who's played the game knows exactly what I mean.... the programmers must have spent SO MUCH TIME animating that snotsicle so fluidly!

I also found Lunar: Silver Star Story for PSX for 15 bucks. The game is nearly impossible to find and any video game stored that DO have it sell it for $75-100. Hah.

Speaking of Lunar, I got the GBA game in the mail today!! Holy fuck is it good. So good infact, that I did not care how much of a fucking geek I looked like when I whipped out the GBA and played it on the skytrain/bus on the way to school! Hardcore nerdiness.

So on Saturday I met up with Val after she was done work, and we went to Bear Creek park. Then we went to London Drugs where I bought 2 more Gamecube controllers for 6 bucks and I pointed out to her a CD that she really wanted and ended up buying!! Then we went to my house and.... played Gamecube. That's pretty much all we did but we still had SHITLOADS of fun!! I �� Val so much :D

Oh man this has been a really nerdy week for me, I better balance it out this week by working out, drinking a lot, and grunting every 30 seconds or so.

I forgot to mention the AWESOME shirt Vuv got me, I'll post a picture of it later on.

Monday, June 23, 2003

It's funny how slurrey gets the most hits when I least post!
Right now it gets around 160 a day. Don't believe me? Check out our stats.

Terminator 3 is coming out soon.

I've finished editing a movie we filmed ages ago, back in high school. It's our version of a Terminator movie, but to avoid getting sued we called it "ALIEN MACHINE". We were filming this during the same time we were filming Copside. While Copside was more of an after-school thing we worked on, we would film this during video class. ALIEN MACHINE never got finished, we only filmed it on 3 days and then forgot about it. For years, the raw footage just sat on taped, occaisionally watched by people cause it was so fucking hilarious.

So after a few years, I finally transferred the footage onto my computer and edited it. I added "special" effects, which make it look even funnier. My original plan was to just make a trailer out of the little footage we had, but I quickly saw that I could make an actual short film from it by using some creative editing! I added music from the Terminator 2 soundtrack onto it, and also I stuck in a Terminator 3 song (the T3 soundtrack was released onto the internet a bit early) on there too.

So here you guys go... ALIEN MACHINE. This is a 10 minute action-comedy movie. The storyline is hilarious. The horrendous acting is hilarious. The fight scenes are hilarious. The "special" effects are hilarious. This movie is so bad that it's good. REALLY good.

Storyline: The ALIEN MACHINE was sent back in time to start a nuclea war and stop it. 2 computer hackers and a secret agent must team up and stop this war. Derf makes a virus CD, which must be uploaded into the main computer at a top secret facility to stopp the nukes from going off. Can they do it in time? Will the ALIEN MACHINE stop them?

Here are some pictures:


PS, this is not the "SOMETHING BIG" I was referring to in my last post. We're planning huge project for this summer, but for now it's top secret!!

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Friday, June 13, 2003

I went on an online chat featuring the actress who plays the bad terminator chick in the upcoming T3 movie. I got to ask her a question.

slurrey_dot_com in Onstage4 asks: In the movie do you use your sexiness as a way to get what you want?
Kristanna_Loken_Live says: Absolutely she uses her feminine side to get what she wants. She can be conniving.

Looks like the terminator chick DOES use her feminininininity to get what she wants. I just hope this isn't used stupidly in the movie:

Security guard: Sorry I can't let you in.
TX: I'll show you my tits if you do.
Security guard: OKAY!!!!!!
Techno-style terminator porno music comes on. TX whips out her boobs and they fire laser beams at the guard and kill him.


The TX has sex with the general, and she can read his mind by downloading data through his penis.

I guess you can tell I'm bored.

Monday, June 09, 2003


Pictures from the last week or two:
- Ashlee's fucked up crazy cat.
- Going to Crescent Beach with Val
- Hanging out downtown with Karyn and Mya.
Fuck man, some of these search engine queries that people use to find my site are fucking scary:

"nuked girl get fucked"
"why is islam so fucked up
"asleep while i played with my cousins pussy"
"How to masterbate properly images penis"

Yeah uhhhhh.... wow. So Mya's site is finally back. Go check it out!
Nat linked me the other day, agreeing with my driving rant. I always have a problem linking her cause I dunno if her URL is spelled "pr3tend" or "pret3nd" cause I'm dumb.

Aidan also linked me because of my driving rant!
Here's another phantom update for you guys, cause I'm just that fucking lazy.

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Ah, the new proposed driving regulations. It will take a lot longer to get a drivers licence, and when you are finally able to drive, there will be a limit to how many passengers you can take with you. Supposedly, this will save the lives of many teenagers.


Just because a tiny percentage of stupid teenagers drive like fucking maniacs and get themselves killed, means all other teenagers get fucked in the ass too? Is everyone THAT stupid, thinking that every teenager is a speed-hungry moron?

The limit on passengers makes no sense, and will only cause more problems. One of the mest things about having a car is being able to get rides from your friends or going places with a group of people that aren't easily accessible otherwise. Now this passenger limit is going to screw everything up. How the hell are people going to go out with their friends somewhere, if they can only have one passenger in the car?

An example of what kind of problems this will cause. Say that 6 people want to go hang out somewhere but have to drive there. Normally the guy with a van could drive them all there, but now, there's these new restrictions in place so the driver can only have one passenger in the vehicle. Assuming that at least 3 of them drive, instead of having one vehicle on the road you'll have 3 driving to the same place. Now what if one of the drivers is a dumbshit and decides to speed? Will the rest of them speed too to catch up? Well if they are the same kind of people who'd pressure someone to drive like an asshole, then of course they will. So now instead of having one speeding car you'll have 3. Nice.

Another thing. Has anyone ever heard of a designated driver? You know, the people who drive home the other people who are definitely in no condition to drive? Well that's going to be fucking hard when you can only have one passenger in your car! What's everyone else going to do? Drive themselves home? Way to encourage drunk driving, knobgobblers.

Studies have shown that the risk of an accident increases depending on how many passengers are in the car. Does that mean that we should limit the number of passengers a new driver can have? Fuck no!!!!!

- Part of learning to drive is getting used to having lots of people in your car.

- Only really stupid drivers will listen to their friends telling them to drive stupid. It doesn't matter how many people are in the car, whether you have 1 person or 5, and a nice fast car, you can gurantee you'll have someone wanting to see how fast the fucker will go.

- If the new restrictions are put in place, I gurantee that accidents involving speeding/drunk teens will still happen. And their sad parents will "make a plea for other teens to drive safer", as usual. They will wonder what more could be done to keep this from happening, and more restrictions on teenage drivers will be proposed. And it'll just keep getting worse and worse, due to those numbskulls making these dumbass restrictions not knowing what the real problem is.

They keep making a drivers license harder and harder to get. It's not that all these teenagers who die on the road were uneducated. It was their attitude towards driving. If people speed, I'd say they know the consequences, but feel like it's not going to happen to them. It's a stupid fucking attitude, but most teenagers aren't like that.

I think parents should also do their damn jobs too. Make sure your kids don't speed! And don't buy them fast cars you dumb fucks!

You know what I would do to make sure less people died from stupid car accidents?

- The obvious stiffer penalties for stupid driving.
- Make a mandatory high school course for driving. Oh and show some students the goriest pictures from car crashes just so they know how fucked up it can be. A course like that would be much better than the shit like CAPP there is now.
- Movies glorify car chases. More movies should have car chases end in gory horrible ways!
- Other shit I can't think of right now cause I'm bored of writing this already.

If these new restrictions are passed, they won't affect me much. But it pisses me off to see how people can be so stupid and punish all teens for the few who are stupid. Whenever I hear about many people being fucked over for what a few people did, it really makes me want to go postal. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE NEW RULES WON'T MAKE A FUCKING DIFFERENCE AARRRGGGHHHDJDDSDsd;cvvv.

Well that's all I'm gonna write about that shit cause I'm hot and tired. If anyone has anything to say leave a comment.

�:: Vas Deferens :: says:
the whole proposed driving desicion reminds me of back in elementary when the teacher would punish the whole class as a result of something one student did.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

I updated a bunch of parts of this site, so check out the field trips page, the image galleries page, and the new about me page!
Enjoy fuckers!