Thursday, July 31, 2003

So today I went to The Patmeisters party. Pretty fun, lots of drinking (I stayed sober due to the fact that I was driving and I have work tomorrow).

Anyways, at around 10:45 I leave to take Val home, and then I drive back there to stay for a little bit and see if Mark wanted a ride.

I get there, and there's 2 cop cars in front of Pat's house, and the cops in both cars look at me as I *casually* drive by the place trying to hide the "what the fuck" look on my face!

Looks like Pat's party got BUSTED!! Lucky I left just in time!
Anyways, pictures soon. I go to bed now.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

From now on, I'm cutting MY OWN fucking hair. This is bullshit, it'll take forever to grow back.

Anyways, friday was our big Copside 3 filming day. I met up with Val early, and we watched.... uhhh... videos. Then we went down to Scott Rd Stn to pick everyone up, but the only people there were Brendan and Susan.

After nearly getting an $85 ticket from a fucking rent-a-cop, we waited for Mya and Erin to show up. They said they'd be late and would be there by 4:30. Well 4:30 came and went and we were still sitting there in the boiling hot car. It was almost 5 when I got pretty pissed off and just left.

We went to my house, and Chad and Robin showed up. We hung out there for a while and then kevin messaged me that mya and erin were stranded at the skytrain stn. So I had to leave everyone here and drive all the way down there and pick them up, and then on the way back I tried to find blank video tapes, but it looks like the kind my camcorder uses are obsolete and no one uses them anymore. FUCK!

So back to my house we go. Eric shows up. Mike hadn't showed up so we replaced his character with Robin, and started filming. We did a lot of filming... we did the Villain intro scene, and I tried to use my "greek accent" voice but it was impossible, everyone would start laughing whenever I used it. So I talked normally and I think I'm going to voiceover my lines during editing.

Then we filmed 3 more scenes.

Then we all went to McD's and got food, and joked around. Afterwards, Mya and Erin disappeared, so me and Eric went to look for them at a nearby liquor store. Some guys asked us if we had change as soon as we got to the front of the store, and I gave them 25 cents and turned around to open the door, and right there was a sign saying "Do NOT support the panhandlers". Oops!

Then I dropped Mya and Erin off at scott rd, and we hung out at my house and joked around and watched funny videos from school, and made fun of people!

On saturday we filmed yet another two scenes. It all worked out great!

Sunday though, was a total BLAST.

On sunday we got up early, and went up to Eric's house to film even more Copside 3, and also to blow up stuff.

We filmed the car chase scene, the roads were pretty empty up there, After that we went to a "deserted" mine, even though the entire place was covered with "no trespassing" signs. We were paranoid that we were gonna get caught. So we grabbed Val's monitor, and a prehistoric computer that I had, and we stuffed the computer with 2 bottles of gasoline, lit it, and started running.

The computer monitor I had packed with explosives, and you could definitely hear them going off!

The thing burned for a good 10 minutes, and eventually the black smoke was so thick that it looked like anyone could notice from REALLY far away. Eric got worried that we'd get caugh so he went over there with the fire extinguisher, even though we weren't sure if the gasoline was all burnt out yet. Shot, I wouldn't risk it blowing up in my face while trying to put it out!!!

It was funny cause once Eric put it out with the fire extinguisher, it flared back up again shortly after.

Here's a time lapse video you can watch of it catching fire. It's 14 minutes squeezed into 14 seconds, but it's only a 1.5 meg file:

Friday, July 25, 2003


Its official, the Patmeister is having a party!

And its on Thursday night! RSVP if your gonna be there!

If you dont tell me you'll be there and how much liquor you want, then you have to bring your own! If you DO tell me then I'm going to be paying for a good amount of it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I made up a new insult word: duckfucker!

Monday, July 21, 2003

COPSIDE 3 and other shit

I haven't updated this site for a while cause I'm busy with Copside 3, girlfriend, friends, school, real life, etc.

So on friday we filmed the first major scene for our movie, Copside 3. What a night it became.

So we were all planning on going up to Sumas mtn to film the car chase scene, and blowing up Val's computer monitor. Unfortunately we couldn't get ahold of Eric in time, so we decided to meet at my house. Ashlee messages me in the afternoon wanting to hang out, so I tell her about filming Copside and said we could do the hooker scene today. So she and Debbie come over at 6 wearing the hookerish clothes, and then Chad and Robin show up, and finally Eric and Sara.

We filmed the hooker scene right in front of my house. It was funny, a couple of mormon guys walked by, and many cars full of east indians drove by too it was fucking funny! The filming went rather well, we watched the footage it was pretty good, though the quality of the lighting sucks (way too bright). I can fix it in premiere though!

After filming we hung out in my room for a while, then Ashlee and Debbie left. A bit bored, the rest of us decided to go to Boston Pizza. We go there and who do we see? Ashlee and Debbie again! So they came and joined our huge round table, and we spent the next few hours there joking around. Lots of memorable lines from that night.

Later Ashlee and Debbie left BP, we stuck around though and Chad paid his bill with the brand new credit card he got. This started a chain reaction that will forever be remembered as one of the funniest inside jokes ever.

We left BP and I pumped greek music, while everyone else screamed stuff out the window at people, it was rad. They were also rocking the van, and I never noticed how hard it was to drive that thing with so many people crammed into it... and screaming and rocking the thing while "RAY BOUZOUKI" blared in the background. We saw *real* hookers, bums, drug dealers, and then we sorta ran into Kevin on his way home too! After lots of driving and yelling all over surrey, we were burnt out and ended up at my house again, where my room had transformed into a sauna.

And then it begins.

Sara said something like "well what if you had a credit card, and the other person bent over and you swiped it through his asscrack?". That alone nearly made me nearly die laughing. Then I did an impression of a "double swipe" and then Chad was like "OVER LIMIT BSSSTHHSSSHHTH" and made an exploding sound. Then Eric joined in and was like "Well what if you stuck the credit card in the girl's cunt? If it was accepted, her clit would turn green. And if the card was rejected, a RED LIGHT WOULD COME OUT OF HER ASS". He said it so seriously and that made it even 10 times funnier. Then I was like "yeah and after the transaction her ass would spit out a receipt, while making 80's printer noises!". Ah, how to pay a prostitute in 2050!

If the above paragraph made no sense at all, you just had to be there. I never laughed so fucking hard in my life.

So then, Eric and Sara leave, and me, Chad, and Robin are sitting around. I pull out the 70's "laptop" which was really a massive computer with a monitor built in, and turn it on. It used to belong to some rich guy, who lived in the Casa Mia on marine drive. I was working there for a while cleaning the place out, and found the computer and took it home with me. Chad thought it might have band account numbers and stuff on it, so we looked through it. All the files were empty, except for one, which contained only this text:

"I like to eat penis!"

FUCKING HILARIOUS, so this is what rich people do when bored.

On saturday we filmed another scene, it was pretty good. I'm rather happy with the way the film is going!

I also watched BRAZIL. What a fucked up movie, I loved every second of it! (sorry Val! :P )

Sunday, July 13, 2003

The Patmeister is Working in Pornography!

The Patmeister is Working in Pornography!

Yup, thats right. And you can read al about it too!

Just go to my blog! Updated after every shift!
The things I learn at work:

"Mambo pants: It's when you can see the lips, but you're not sure what they're saying."

my co-workers have way too much time on their hands.

Sunday, July 06, 2003