Wednesday, December 31, 2003

What resolution do you have your desktop set to?
Personally I can't stand anything less than 1280x1024. It bugs the fuck out of me because everything is so HUGE, it's like I'm in kindergarten or something.

As an experiment a while ago I tried setting my resolution to 320x240:

Thanks to Mya for linking my ass on Cam-mafia.

After not touching this site for a month, I need to start getting my hits back again.

The last month or so was spent killing my assfucking final exams, working, and doing christmas in the poopchute. It's been a grand time, and the whole time I was unable to update slurrey due to my site's FTP being a cock-inhaler.

How shit, it SNEW last night like a big white jizm party. Val was over last night and when I tried to drive her home, my shit-colored raper van was performing figure skater moves on the roads. Nearly dying was entertaining, but since dying is not on my to-do list we headed back home and Vuv was stranded here. Hey, not like it's a bad thing... 0:)

Last time I checked I was supposed to be having a new years party at my house, but is anyone going to end up coming? There's almost a foot of snow outside my house. How many people are going to risk their lives going to my house, only to drink enough to risk their lives all over again?

Well, there's no way that this New Years is going to suck. I just bought a 128 MB smartmedia card for $20 (cdn!!), and I plan on FILLING the motherfucker with pictures tonight.

Fuck, it's still snowing! What do bible thumpers call snow?
"The coming of the lord."

Have a happy new year, but not happier than mine.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

For the next 5 days, I do not exist:
It's finals time.