Saturday, January 24, 2004

Take a lot of drugs and then watch this cartoon:
(Thanks to Val, who I stole this link from, who stole it from Jen, etc etc etc)

And yeah, I'll write up a post that's actually LONGER than 2 sentences soon.
Tomorrow I'm going to see The Butterfly Effect with Val.

"The Butterfly Effect.... FLAP FLAP FLAP FUCK!!!!!!!" <------ my msn name

I guess it's sort of easy to tell that I'm excited about this movie.
Ashton Kutcher? Capable of acting?
I'll be sitting there watching the movie and expecting him to be like "Dude... where's my memories?".
Well... not really. From what I heard he's actually an insanely good actor, and does drama better than he does comedy.

I don't know, some of the stuff he would say in that 70's show would really cause me to bust a few guts.
"Let's throw stuff at other stuff!"

Thursday, January 15, 2004

I fixed some stuff around the site.
See if you can find any changes!

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Text hacking: 95% done
Graphics Hacking: 70% done
Sprite hacking: 02% done
Level hacking: 25% done
ASM code hacking: 10% done

Coming soon!

Thursday, January 01, 2004


So last night started off being really goddamn shitty. But we fixed that pretty fucking quick.

So we just headed to Mya's party, which was fucking great! Some memorable moments:

- The trip there. All the fucking weirdos on the skytrain were totally entertaining. There was this one old guy, who called himself "Constatinople" or some shit like that, he was obviously drunk as fuck but he was going around the skytrain talking to people and trying to shake their hands. He was blabbering about the weirdest shit, like gypsies and being spanish. THe best part was when he asked some guy is age. "How old are you?", "I'm 18", "Fuck you.".

- Going up onto Mya's roof and celebrating new years by throwing snowballs at anything that moved right below. A bunch of cars would go by and around 7 or 8 of us had snowballs ready to throw down at them. We were so drunk that sometimes a car would go by and not one snowball would hit it. Then on the other side of the roof the skytrain track was only 30 feet away, so whenever a skytrain would come someone would yell "SKYTRAIN" and a bunch of us would run over there and hit it. Also, Mark was taking big huge chunks of snow and throwing them at the parked cars below. THen him and Kevin rolled a huge ball and pushed it over the edge of the building, I fucking swear when it hit the sidewalk it made a shockwave, snow was sent flying in every direction, all the way to the other side of the street!

- The dead baby jokes. "What do you get when you stab a dead baby with a pair of scissors? An erection".

- Drinking, I don't remember all that much.

- The skytrain ride back home. This time, as we were getting on the skytrain we saw a couple of skytrain cops pullling out a bunch of ruffians. There was lots of yelling and shit, apparently there was a fight on the skytrain. When we got on there were these wiggers left over from the fight being loud and one of them seemed so proud "I fucked some guy up on the skytrain.". Jesus christ, people are retarded. At least it was funny.

After that me and Val hung out at my house and she slept over for the second day in a row! It was fucking grand :D