Wednesday, March 31, 2004

You know those safety signs you see in places like construction sites, high risk areas, and up surrey hookers' skirts? Well, now you can design your own!
The following signs have been made by members of the System Zero message board, and the thread can be found here.

Check out this awesome shitnuts!

Monday, March 29, 2004

So saturday night after the canucks game no one wanted to do anything, and I was feeling pretty broke. So I ended up driving Richelle from Langley to Richmond... and she paid me 25 bucks for it!

It was an adventure and a half, I didn't know I could get lost in so many different places in one night! And Richmond it one fuck of a big place... if there's ever an earthquake here and Richmond fills up with water... I don't think we'll have to worry about global warming making the oceans rise.. since there won't be much ocean left :P

After that, I went from Richmond to Vancouver to visit Vuv, but it was 1:30 am! I was pretty sure she was asleep, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyways. So I park in front of her house, and walk up her porch, and tap on her window. Yep, she was probably sleeping, I didn't want to wake her up.

I drove back home and ate my calculus book.
You know, for such an overpriced piece of shit, it sure tasted delicious. I sure hope I didn't fail the course, cause I'll probably still need that textbook. (not like it was useful to me WHILE I was taking the class... heh).

I guess now it's too late to puke up any pages, and it sure as fuck ain't worth it waiting for them to come out the other end.

Saturday, March 27, 2004

Tonight I went to the Canucks game, it kicked some serious (as opposed to non-serious?) ass!!!

It seems like every Canucks game I go to, they win!!!

Hmmm...... I think someone should start a "Get MiKE to every Canucks game" fund. C'mon people, do it for the team!

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Did you like Dawn of The Dead?
Then check out the trailer for this new zombie movie!

It's called "Shaun of the Dead" and from what I hear, it's supposed to be REALLY good.
I was too lazy to come up with something to post here, so I just thought I'd post the kind of crap on here that I post on my livejournal. I don't think any of you fuckers give a rat's twat about my daily life but at least you can't say I'm neglecting this site.

So last Saturday me, Eric, and Robin went rock climbing in Coquitlam. I had worked the entire week before, so I was pretty sore and in no condition to rock climb, but I did it anyways. Still really fun, and well worth the $20.

Afterwards we went to The Cactus Club with the people we were rock climbing with. The food I ordered was shitty, I ate half of it and couldn't go on cause it was too goddamn spicy.

Then we went to see Dawn Of The Dead, Unfortunately it didn't start for another 3 hours and we were in Poco in the ass end of nowhere. We wasted time by playing videogames at the arcade in the theatre, and Eric beat Soul Calibur. After that we just walked around and ended up in some big asphalt feild with huge metal pipes sticking out of the ground!

I looked inside one of the pipes and it seemed to go down for ever. If you talk into it, it morphs your voice so it sounds like super-ass. So Eric dropped a rock down there, and it took over 5 seconds before we heard it hit the water at the bottom. Shit :]

We hung out in Superstore for a long ass time and Eric realized he didn't have his wallet on him. He left it at the movie theatre!!! So we ran back there (not like running would have made much of a difference, we had been gone 2 hours). Luckily someone had turned it in, surprisingly WITHOUT taking the money inside it first. I sure ain't used to being in a city other than Surrey.

We watched the movie and I thought it was very well done, except the character problems everyone's always talking about. Yeah, so no one seems to care that their loved ones die, oh well. I tried to ignore flaws like that and I ended up enjoying the movie a lot! The opening scene is my favorite. If you've seen the movie, you can probably tell why, it's SO fucking good.

After that we went back to Surrey and hung out at my house for a while. I talked with Val and we made plans to pick her up and hang out downtown. Robin left and me and Eric went to Vancouver and picked Val up, and off we went downtown.

So we played some pool till 1:30 am, and called it an early night. It was fun as fuck! And most of you should know how fun that is... especially any surrey girls reading this?

Moving on...

Yesterday I took Val to see Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind... due to me finding a silvercity gift certificate lying around in my room. The movie is FUCKING GREAT, I highly recommend it. It's probably not for everyone, but I thought it was good enough to recommend it to you all anyways... so even if you don't like it at least it'll make some more money.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Guess what? I need hits.
Link me.
Guys, do you ever wonder if you're the father of any illegitimate children?

I was thinking about this one day and remember an incident involving me and aliens from outer space. Yeah a few months ago I was abducted by aliens.

I remember waking up on some weird alien operating table, with some dipshit alien standing over me. I was chained to the table and things didn't look too good. Then he pulled out a long tubular object and before you could say "anal probe" I ripped the chains off me and jumped off the table. Them fucking aliens need to stop making their spacecraft out of alumininum foil... no wonder the Roswell crash site was covered in that stuff.

So I grabbed E.T., bent him over, and made him my bitch. After I was done I threw his alien ass on the ground. "How'd you like THAT probing motherfucker?" I yelled into the side of his head where I assumed his ear was, and then kicked him in the alien gonads.

Suddenlty a bunch of aliens teleported into the room. They had little guns or something so I didn't stick around to find out how their phaser technology worked. So I teleported myself back into my house and went to bed.

However, little did I know that they aliens had won. They got the sample that they came for, even though they had to retrieve it from Mr. E.T.'s butt. Now they have the power to create a powerful new race of half-MiKE half-alien motherfuckers who will destroy their planet and take over other planets, possibly even this one.

It doesn't really bother me that my offspirng is busy conquering other planets. I'm more worried about them asking me for money when they come to earth. And I'm even MORE worried that I might have contracted some alien STD... like UFH (Unidentified Fucking Herpes).

Fucking aliens.

Friday, March 19, 2004

Goddamn that fucking pisses me off.

RETARDS should not be allowed to encode DiVX files. Period. I've had to put up with too much bullshit divx files with unsynced audo/video, poor quality, or it's in the wrong goddamn language. There's nothing worse than watching a movie and slowly noticing that it's starting to look like a bad japanese dubbed movie. By the end of it things are so out of sync you don't even know what's going on anymore.

But tonight, was the ultimate fucking dick in the ass:

I was watching this japanese movie called "The Eye". It's supposed to be pretty scary, it's about some blind chick who gets an eye transplant and can see again, but starts seeing weird shit. It's in japanese though, but luckily the DiVX I got had english subtitles.

So I'm watching the movie and LOVING IT, and suddenly halfway through the movie the subtitles fuck up, I mean subtitles appear when no one's saying anything and they're completely not where they're supposed to be. I don't even know if those subtitles were from the same goddamn movie.

FUCK YOU! I was so into the movie and now I can't watch the rest of it.

I would like to give the dipshit who encoded this movie a big middle finger. THROUGH THE EYE!!! ASSHOLE!

This is what happens when programs are developed that make it too easy for brain-deficient slobbertards to do things they are too stupid to be allowed to do. In this case, encoding a movie. AGSADJSAGHFDGdgsdgdsfas.

Thursday, March 18, 2004


Yeah after like 2 weeks, I finally put the ass-rammingly exciting pics up. Have fun looking through an excessive amount of photos of random stuff... some even from the show itself!

Work has been tough, but it feels DAMN GOOD to have a steady flow of income again. Also it helps fund our roadtrip to Seattle to see HIM! It's something good to look forward to.

A couple of weeks ago I cut my mullet again, since it was doing a really good job of pissing me off. It seems like my mullet grows faster than the rest of my hair, as if it wants to take over or something.
Evil fucking mullet!!!!! No wonder they're making a comeback, must be some form of genetic mutation.

I finally got that flash cart for my GBA. All I've been doing lately is loading it with GBA games I've downloaded from the internet. I just can't get bored of this thing (having every Gameboy Advance game ever made doesn't help either). Right now I have a few games on it, like Donkey Kong Country, Castlevania Circle of The Moon, Zelda 3, and Yoshi's Island. All really addictive games.

And I also have tons of Nintendo games on it too! Seriously. I can play old-skool NES games on my GBA. That is fucking radtastic!!
Piss shit fuck.

Remember BADGERS?!
Well, from the same genius who created that, come a few more gut-bustingly hilarious videos.

SCAMPI: Such repetetive hilarity. Catchy as hell, and pay close attention to the budgies.

BONJOUR: One of the funniest things I've ever seen on the internet. This one doesn't loop, so make sure you keep watching it till the end! Even catchier than "Badgers". The expression on the bird's face is priceless.

KENYA: Someone was playing this video at school and I got the song stuck in my head for the next 27 hours. The "zebrah" is awesome!

Saturday, March 13, 2004

MSN messenger is being a dickfuck.
Me and Val went and got HIM tickets. Then we went to Crescent beach for a while, it was nice. Good way to end a hellish week of fiery assfuck exams.

Anyways at Crescent beach there was a decomposing dead crab on the ground and I went over to it and I said to Val:

"Hey how about we have some seafood tonight... with a side of flies?"

Tomorrow I'm gonna buy a flash cartridge for my GBA. Cause you know.. being a poor student and all... my GBA is the ONLY video game system I have that I actually HAD to BUY games for it, which I can't really do. So, piracy solves everything!

If I ever become a software developer, I'm sure gonna hate myself.

Friday, March 12, 2004

FUCK YEAH I'm done my exams!
Spring break time.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

The embedded systems final exam today went pretty poorly. I guess I was relying on it to be too much like the practice final we got. I was particularly wicked with user input, which this final had none of.

I just really hope I got the 10% mark I needed on that exam to pass the course.

Tomorrow is my graphics final. I've got a lot of shit to study for that... bezier curves? What the fuck are those?

Shit sons, why am I even on here posting, I got a lot of studying to do still.
This is the most retarded thing I have ever fucking seen.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004

I'm studying for my embedded systems exam now. This exam is the one I should be least worried about because I need to get only one mark on it to pass the course. For some reason though this exam still worries me.

All this studying has made me lightheaded... I believe it's because my brain has evaporated.

This friday I must buy HIM tickets.
That's right fuckers... HIM, aka His Infernal Majesty, aka the best thing to ever happen to music as we know it, is coming to Seattle. And we're fucking going, no matter what.

The concert is on April 30th, and we'll be taking the greyhound bus there since my van the rustmobile definitely won't survive the 3 hour drive there. (pretty sad huh?)

If anyone else wants to come with us, just let me know.

Monday, March 08, 2004

So here I am studying for my OS final, which is tomorrow.
I'd say that this is the worst course I have right now. Something really needs to be done about how it is taught, or more specifically, who's teaching it.

I'm looking at the answer key for the second assignment we got, these are the kinds of answers to the questions that are on this "answer key".


1. Define using your own words: race condition, critical section, mutual exclusion.

Answer: see the text book.

2. What are the requirements for mutual exclusion? For every requirement give a reason.

Answer: See the text book.


I shit you not. That's what's written on the answer key. Wow... my tuition money hard at work here.

I wonder, if I had put that on my assignment and handed it in, would I have gotten full marks?

Other questions on the exam that are worth 5-10 marks, are answered with one sentence. Some of them aren't even answered! Absolutely fantastic!

It's stuff like this that makes me hate an otherwise interesting, fun course. There's so many things that piss me off it's pathetic. The lectures are a joke, it's a wonder how even those 20 people are still attending.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

This week I have 5 final exams/midterms, each one on a different day. So I won't be around too much.

It'll be a week of hell, but at least I have a week off for spring break. I can't wait! I'll be working the entire week, but at least my poor brain will be getting a rest. I'm pretty fucking mentally exhausted. And working outside will get me used to all that natural light that happens during summer, which is coming up pretty soon.

Sometimes I wonder how much easier my courses would seem if I didn't have an appetite for lead paint chips when I was a kid.

Mmmm... now I'm hungry. Oh look, asbestos! :d

Saturday, March 06, 2004

Yesterday was the Crowned King show. Here is what happened, in chronological order:

- I pick up Val, Jen, and Shawn and we go to my house. Vuv didn't want to come cause she was feeling really sick and crampy, but I convinced her to come out ;)

- We look up how to get to the Langley Civic Centre on my computer. Mapquest was thinking we wanted to look up langley's in the US.

- We end up taking the skytrain to surrey central to take a bus there instead.

- The bus driver is an asshole and says the bus won't take us there. Jen and Shawn had already gone to the back of the bus, so we tried to get off the bus but the bus driver was too retarded to open the back door. He didn't even notice Shawn pulling the string, which would make a ding noise and make the "next stop" sign come on and off.

- We take the skytrain back to Scott Rd Stn. On the way there Pat calls, and asks where we were. We end up going to his house and waiting for his girlfriend.

- We go down to Scott Rd Stn (it was the 6th time yesterday for me) to pick up Pat's girlfriend, then we follow Pat to the gas station and I put gas in the van and fill up its constantly deflating front tire. It was an adventure and a half trying to find a tire pressure guage... we never ended up finding one.

- While following Pat, watched his car nearly get run into by some retarded fat bitch in a truck.

- Went to Mark's house to pick up Mark THE WHITE.

- Followed Pat's car into langley, losing him at one point and somehow getting IN FRONT of him. We found the civic centre no problem.

- Went into the show, and discovered that it was full of 12 year old teenyboppers.

- Everyone decided that booze was required to have any chance of enjoying this event.

- We went to the liquor store across the street and got beer.

- We took the booze and went to the skate park. Me and Pat (who had to drive) got to sit there and watch everyone drink. Wheee.

- Went back into the place, some band was playing.

- We saw Chad there! And Richelle was there too! That was great!

- Crowned King came on! They kicked so much ass, and they were worth the $7 ticket alone.

- Afterwards we headed back to Surrey and we went to Tim Whoretons (the one on king george). I saw this huge tarantula crawling across the floor. I never having anything to eat from that place again... "mmmm tastes like spider".

Pictures coming soon!

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Apparently they actually showed this on TV. Oh. My. Fuck.

I wonder if I ever watched it when I was a kid. It could sorta explain some things...
The other day I went to see The Passion, aka the "let's beat up Jesus as much as we can" movie everyone's talking about.

It's one of those movies that I've been waiting for a while to see.

Definitely better than what I expected. I wouldn't say I'm religious but I still enjoyed the fuck out of this movie. Very well done, and you really feel like you're watching something real, not just some half-assed reenactment. The violence and gore was just crazy, I was impressed at how real they made everything look, like the chunks of skin hanging from his body after the lashings.

I'm really glad that I didn't see this with Val. I was trying to convince her to come, but she doesn't like gory stuff so imagine if she came. I think she'd give ME a good lashing for putting her through that. Not that I'd complain ;)

Before the movie I knew I was in for something violent as I watched everyone come out of the previous showing. They all looked pretty disturbed.

The only complaint I had with the movie was that if anyone had gotten beaten to shit like that, they would have gone into shock and most likely died. Then again, this is JESUS we're talking about. I mean, he had a million different gashes on him, and they barely bled!

I recommend this movie to anyone, except people who don't like violence/blood.

PS, I didn't know that Jesus invented the table. That's way cool.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Vlaka malaka.
I want to fornicate this OS assignment IN THE ASS.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Man... WHAT THE FUCK is that bright thing outside in the sky?
It burns... agh.

Proof that I've been in this CST program for far too long.

Monday, March 01, 2004

I'm studying for my Operating Systems course right now... by smashing my face into the book repeatedly, hoping that I might somehow absorb some of the information that way.

Hey, I already tried reading the damn thing, that sure didn't work. Someone should tell the authors that having 50 page chapters, run-on sentences, and in-depth references to diargams that aren't even on the SAME ASSLICKING PAGE... is just fucking retarded.


ROOMATES WANTED ASAP!!!!$245/month + 1/8th util. Each
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Seeking young unique individuals for 2 small unfurnished bedrooms in co-ed 4 bedroom basement suite
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Small pet OK
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