Monday, July 19, 2004


And some old pics from past pit parties!

Saturday, July 17th, will always be remembered by a lot of slurrey folk as the best pit parties ever. Well, unless of course we manage to beat it with a better party soon.

The turnout was great, a lot of people cancelled but I invited enough that at there were at least 35 people who came. A ton of my friends came, and friends of their friends, and even people I knew from high school. Chad W was even there!

Slurrey people who attended: Me (no shit), Val, Chad, Robin, Mel, Eric, Sara, Gavin, Aron Marty, Chris Hale, Pat, Mya, Tink, Mike, Ivar, Jessie, and Calen.

I brought Pat's stereo and the bastard had given me dead batteries to go in it! Pat you fucker! So I got Eric to get some... the damn thing took 8 D's and 4 AA's... fuck man might as well have brought a nuclear power plant to the pit with us. All the batteries cost $20... Pat you owe me at least half of that.

Basically everyone got really drunk except me and Chad (we were the DD's). Aron totally went crazy and was saying/doing the funniest shit. He started giving everyone east-indian names, and from that point on in the night his new name was Sukhwinder. Mya was pretty drunk too, apparently she went around looking for Cloud (a retard on our message board) and I must say, there were a few people there I thought might actually be him! Someone passed out for the entire night, and fell into a pile of broken glass (people were smashing bottles all over the good places to sit).

The fire... oh god the fire. Best bonfire ever. Me and Eric lit the fire, Mya helped by crazily squirting lighter fluid all over it. We threw a printer and Gavin's busted VCR into it, and later on Mark comes back with a plastic shopping cart, which burned like nothing I've ever seen before. It melted so weird and pools of melting plastic flowed down the fire, check out the pics, they look sweet! The shopping cart then became a throne for Mya, the Queen of Whalley.

So many things happened during the night I'm having a hard time remembering them, and I was sober!

- A couple of people picked up hot embers from the fire and were throwing them to each other.
- Pat's friends started a mosh pit.
- Couples were randomly walking in and out of the bushes hmmm.
- Tink got a date.
- Darren and Jari were there too!
- Darren was Chad's secret service agent!
- Robin was pretty wasted and kept talking about "picking up bitchez".
- Chad had to keep going back to the car to give everyone rides too.

That's about all I remember! I'll add more to this post as people remind me!

Sunday, July 18, 2004

What the fuck is wrong with slurrey?
Nothing now, apparently.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I'll make a real post soon, I promise!
In the meantime, check out the message board, which has exploded in activity in the past few days (like a bitch on hastings... HA that'll never get old!)

BTW, pit party this saturday. I'm trying to get as many people as I can to this thing! For details look in the message board.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

How VANCOUVER are you?

You've peed in the staff can at the Railway.

You've stair-surfed at the Railway.

You've slept overnight on one of the couches at the Sugar Refinery.

You've been so shitfaced you actually danced to the house band at the Fairview or the Yale.

You've laughed at the gallery of old Leather Ranch ads on the walls of their store in the Granville Mall.

You've eaten a piece of Prime Time Chicken (when inebriated, of course).

You've eaten at the lunch counter of Save On Meats.

You've heckled during Jokes for Beer at Shindig.

You've put a friend on Roofies Watch any time you needed to abandon your drink at The Roxy.

You've thought about making T-shirts every time you passed Ph?B?h Nga on Kingsway.

You know what the BOW-MAC sign used to be.

You know how to turn on the BOW-MAC sign.

You have a Wally's Burgers T-shirt.

You have a Juicy Chicken T-shirt.

You know at least three places you can get served after hours.

You got crabs at a bar that self-defines as "upscale".

You have your Videomatica membership card.

You remember skinny paper bus transfers.

You were born at St. Paul's, VGH, Children's, Grace, St. Joseph's, or UBC hospital.

You don't own a snow shovel.

You've smacked your forehead on the doorway of the "John Malkovich Room" at the Railway.

You know the name of the voice actor that did the pre-recorded Seabus safety announcement.

You've received annoying promotional emails from the management of Jazzberry Ram.

You've seen someone you know naked at Wreck Beach.

You've seen Courtney Love take it off at the No. 5 back in her early career as a janky-ass ho.

You've met someone who's actually from Vancouver and said, "oh, you're the other one."

You've barfed on the Skytrain.

You've had your dog off-leash at a non-off-leash dog park.

You've had someone vow never to lend you their Whistler condo again.

You remember when Savage Love made its Canadian debut 뾦n the pages of Terminal City.

You've hauled your carcass out to the 'burbs to see a band you liked (at Cheers, The Breakers, Studebakers, The Brit, etc).

You've been verbally abused by the staff of the Elbow Room while consuming a hangover breakfast with a one-night-stand.

You've made the Pine Free Clinic preferred customer list.

You voted for the Dance Party Party.

You voted for The Captain when he ran for mayor.

You ran for mayor when TC offered a free pint to anyone who got their name on the ballot.

You've skipped school/work to go to the beach.

You've lived in the Lee Building, the Holly Lodge or Shaughnessy Lodge.

You've stayed out late on warm night and made a bonfire on a beach where it's prohibited.

You've put on your own late night show at the Kitsilano Showboat.

You've purchased fake ID from someone on Granville.

You've been chased out of Stanley Park by racoons, geese or tourists while high on mushrooms.

You've tried to steal boats in Coal Harbour or Granville Island.

You've been caught smoking a joint by the cops and let off with a warning.

You've had your home or car broken into.

You've spent two hours circulating Granville Island Market gorging on free samples for breakfast/lunch/dinner.

You've gorged on Those Little Donuts, and watched Superdogs and the smash-up derby at the PNE, all while under the influence of heat stroke and cheap draft beer. And maybe later on, you barfed there.

You remember spending almost half an hour trying to order a drink (one that ended up being way too sweet), drinking it anyway, and then lapsing into a near-diabetic coma under the eerie "Polynesian" lighting at the old Trader Vic's. And maybe later on, you barfed there.

You've bounced and barfed at the old Commodore.

You've got a tattoo from The Dutchman.

You've learned where they hide the keys on film set trucks.

You've eaten craft service on a set where you aren't even working.

You've said "who the fuck is the lady who tows around the fuckin' duck?" (gads I want to smack her upside the head and take that poor duck back to the beach -_-)

You've said "what the fuck is with the ventriloquist and the stupid monkeys?"

At the corner of "Midlife and Crisis" (Robson and Thurlow) you've fought the urge to push over all the bikes at the Southwest corner Starbucks, then had to fight the urge at the Northeast corner Starbucks to push over all the yuppies.

You've felt sick after bad sushi.

You've worn shorts in every month of the year.

You've been a total asshole and phoned a friend in Toronto to brag about the weather after seeing east coast snowstorms on TV.

You've obtained illegal roof access to at least 3 buildings in Vancouver (the bigger, the better)?and NOT to watch fireworks.

You've fallen asleep at Wreck Beach, burned your personal areas and been too wasted to get up the stairs.

You've put on a bathing suit and spent a summer afternoon pool-hopping through apartment buildings in Kitsifornia.

You've had sex in Stanley Park.

You've had sex on one of the bridges.

You've hocked a loogie off the Georgia Viaduct.

You've dropped out of Langara at some point in your academic career.

You've lived in shitty, overpriced, pet-unfriendly housing in at least 5 neighbourhoods.

You laugh when people back east tell you they really can get good pot.

You cry when people back east tell you they really can get good hash.

Your home has indications of a previous (or current) grow show.

You've got video games on your shelf that have names you know (or your own) in the credits.

You've been hit by poo flung from the hand of George Puil.

You've had food from the Hari Krishnas or the Sikh Temple.

You swam to the Folk Fest.

You've been stabbed slammed into a metal pole and used as a shield in a fight (-_-) at the fireworks.

You've thrown away a signed Douglas Coupland book.

You've been smuggled onto a BC Ferry.

You've had scabies.

You've sold your books, CDs, TV and bike just to make rent.

You've been an extra. 3 crappy times XD

You've stopped a friend from beating up Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

One of your friends stopped you from beating up Nardwuar the Human Serviette.

You know the punchline to "Why do Surrey girls wear underwear?"

You've bought underwear at the Chinatown night market.

You've snowboarded, gone swimming, roller-bladed, scored 'shrooms or weed, got laid on a beach and gone windsurfing, all in the same day.

You claim you did the Grouse Grind.

You've dropped acid and went to the Pink Floyd laser show at the Planetarium.

Ditto the Pink Floyd Wizard of Oz at the Blinding Light!!

You once worked at Duthie Books.

Your band made its biggest payday at Ms. T's.

You've tried to throw a rock through the windows of the sugar refinery (the Rogers one, down by the train tracks).

You've been caught jumping the Skytrain.

You miss Sam the Record Man.

You protested _________________ outside the VAG.

You've made a Downtown Ambassador cry.

You've told a tourist the steam clock is a scam and doesn't run on steam.

You've never been to Bard on the Beach.

You've checked out an ass in Lululemon pants.

You've bought meat and cheese at the Ivanhoe.

You've explained to a tourist that they can't go swimming inside the Law Courts.

You've climbed over the dome of the Sun Tower.

BONUS: You've had sex inside one of the zeroes in the big concrete "100" at the South end of the Granville Bridge.


0 Very Cornerbrook
1-10 Very Toronto
11-20 Very Whitehorse
21-30 Very Winnipeg
31-40 Very Edmonton
41-50 Very Calgary
51-60 Very Montr?l
61-70 Very Surrey
71-80 Very Burquitlam
81-90 Very Vancouver
91-100 Pretty Seattle

Sunday, July 04, 2004

And you wondered why all Nickelback songs sound the same?

Thursday, July 01, 2004

For a while, slurrey was down. (like a bitch on hastings)

But now, it's back... and better than ever. (like a bitch on hastings)

Do you know you can add "like a bitch on hastings" to the end of any sentence describing something? And it's always true! Only someone like Blago could come up with that...

Spiderman 2 was one of the greatest movies I've ever seen. I loved the original, and the sequel tops it in every way possible!!!
I ended up going with Val, Eric, Sara, Robin, and Gavin and his friend showed up later!

We had to buy our tickets 4 hours early, and wait in line for 2 hours to get good seats. I think it's fafe to say that this movie broke a lot of records at the box office.

Goddamn, I fucking loved the movie. Everything about it rocks.... there's also a wicked scene that pays tribute to Sam Raimi's previous Evil Dead movies. You'll know it when you see it.... it was absolutely hilarious.

Oh yeah, last saturday was the pit party!!! There was a pretty good turnout, and I got excessively intoxicated. We had another VCR, an old 486, and a printer to smash around. The VCR flew apart with the first throw, and the 486 was almost indestructible, as was the printer. We ended up throwing them all into the fire throughout the night, but this time there weren't as many green/blue/white/purple flames. I was too drunk to be pissed off about it.

The printer ended up exploding, and then burning ink was pouring out! Then Mark took fucking blasting caps and threw them in, the result was amazing. They almost blew the wood off the fire!!!!! The boom was so loud we must have woken up the entire Scott Rd area. \m/

Everyone had lots of fun and the pit party was a big success.

So, tomorrow (friday), we're celebrating Canada Day at the pit! It's not gonna be as big of a party as last time, and we probably won't have anything to smash/burn, but we'll have fireworks!!! A bunch of us are just gonna get together and drink and maybe roast marshmellows or something. If you want to come, let me know by commenting below!