Sunday, November 21, 2004

Wow, last nights birthday party was the best one I've ever had!!!!!
Here's who came (in order of appearance... to the best I can remember):


25 people.... holy mother of shit, that's as many as my LAST TWO BIRTHDAY PARTIES COMBINED. And we only had two rooms to fit everyone in! It was pretty chaotic/awesome.

And now, the presents people got me!!!

Parents: New 5.1 speaker set to replace my old ones, and a 256 MB memory card for my mp3 player!!!

Val: Paper Mario for gamecube, and that sexy fiber-optic light from Ikea!

Melissa and Sarah: Their present was both cool and frightening at the same time! They got me a bag of different asian food thingies.... such as Wang soup!!! I really can't tell if the main ingredient is actual wang, but I'll probably never know since I don't know what wang tastes like anyways! Oh yeah, their card fucking rocked! They went all out with the drawings (and the wang references!). That deserves a lot of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s!

Chad: Ohhh man. Brought back a whole bunch of nightmares from highschool by getting me... a physics 12 textbook, complete with a... lovely note from Mr. Mitchell (my physics teacher). That course kicked my ass nicely! But within the textbook there was a Boston Pizza coupon, which helped make some of the bad memories go away!

Gavin: Gavin got me a cute and cuddly teddy bear! It sure stood out from the rest of the presents I got... I mean it was so goddamn cute that my penis temporarily inverted itself! I hugged it and it made me feel better about the Physics textbook Chad got me :-P

Matty: Matty got me a party Bag which included many cool things that I dropped all over the place! I was pretty liquored up when I got this present, though I think I would have done the exact same thing had I been sober!

Aron: I think he tried to touch my ass!

Brendan & Susan: They burnt me a great DVD with about 3 gigs of sweet music on it, a script writing program, the goodfellas and godfather scripts, and the movie Napoleon Dynamite! I heard it's a really good movie, so me and Val are going to watch it soon! And now we will start writing the script for our new movie! Hahaha that reminds me, I think Brendan was talking about the movie but we were totally wasted and out of it! We'll have to have a more sober meeting about the movie soon.

Mark & Katie: Mark got me some extremely TINY condoms (a gift I've gotten for 3 years in a row... I just think you guys are jealous of my 72 feet of manliness), and a hilarious card that scared me, and the game ANIMAL CRACK err... CROSSING for Gamecube! I can't wait to get addicted to it and lose all contact with the world outside my room!

Mike & Steph: They got me enough booze to KILL me! A bottle of JD, and a bottle of Malibu! Now I'm set for the next party, I might get to "POISONED" and/or "DEATH" on the drunk chart!

I'm trying to think of any more presents people got me, but at a certain point yesterday the night started to become a blur! If I forgot something, let me know!

So the party was fucking mind-blowing. Me and Chad came up with a new idea, the drunk chart! See there would be levels of drunkedness on this chart, and people would put their name on stickeys and stick it in the appropriate place in the chart depending on how drunk they were. It was a genius idea, and since Josh was above all of us alcoholics he put his sticker ABOVE the chart!

Stuff that happened!

    - An INSANE amount of alcohol was consumed.

    - We watched a couple of videos, Copside 1 and SLURREY MAN. There was too much drunken noise to actually hear anything (the commentary on SLURREY MAN is the best part) but I think people still enjoyed the movies!

    - Melissa shitkicked me in Dr. Mario once again. It was like playing against Shigeru Miyamoto himself!

    - Both of the party rooms crowded to the point where everyone ended up sprawled on the floor drinking! Hey when you're drunk enough, who cares of your sitting in different types of potato chips... which was what the floor was covered with! Wow, I think out of all the chips and nachos I bought for the party, half of them ended up on the floor :-P

    - Whoever liked VIDEOGAMES ended up taking over my room and playing multiplayer Halo 2 and Dr. Mario for about 7 hours straight! You guys are nuts!!! There was also a Halo 2 game set up outside in the main room, but no one was playing it because, and I quote, "all the cool people are in this room"! Also instead of an actual Xbox controller in the xbox, I had a PS2 controller hooked up to it. People were like "WTF did you do MiKE?". It's called a PS2-to-Xbox adapter!!

    - We ordered pizza. It was extremely difficult due to our drunken state. Adding up the money and stuff and trying to figure out who was getting what... it all took a total of like 40 minutes. Panago was almost closed by the time we ordered, they weren't delivering anymore so people had to go pick it up!

    - There were two webcams running, a LIVE one in my room, and one in the other room. I saved ALL the pics and will convert them into another fast-forward video like every year. Unfortunately no couples locked themselves in my room and made whoopee in front of the cam, mainly because it was filled with HALO 2 addicts!!! Check out Eric's "game face".

    - Aron (aka The Prez) set up a WC info booth. I don't think very much info was given out.

    - My screaming chicken made so much fucking noise!

    - There are many wet spots on my carpet which I am hoping are spilled drinks!!

    - The party lasted until around 5:30, when the last people left. Me and Val cleaned up for a bit, and then went to bed at around 7. I was way too hammered to remember much else about the party, but everyone's talking about it on the message board so read more about it there!

All in all this has been the best birthday I've ever had, thanks to everyone for making it so fucking rad!

Fuck that rhymed, and what a bad rhyme! I'll never be a rapper.

Stay tuned for more party-related footage coming soon!

Saturday, November 20, 2004


To see this webcam LIVE, click the image!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

The coolest stupid thing I've ever seen.

So I couldn't update the site for a while, the FTP wasn't letting me in. So instead I worked on SLURREY MAN: DEFENDER OF JUSTICE. The video will be up soon, I just need to DiVX-ify it since it's 4 gigs. Not something I'd want to waste bandwidth uploading...

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday! I wrote that in my MSN and when I came home from school, I had like 200 msn messages wishing me a happy birthday. It was awesome!

This saturday is my bday party, I can't wait. There will be TWO webcams broadcasting LIVE from my room, so if you're stuck at home on a saturday night and have nothing better to do, you can watch the live webcam and pretend you're partying with us!! (And what could be better than that? Oh yeah actually BEING at the party!)

Owww my fucking brain.

Soon I will also have video of us being complete pyros on haloween, so stick around for that too.
Better updates later, I'm off to a free screening of the movie Immortel, thanks to Gavin!
(I hope the movie itself isn't in french...)

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This past weekend has been rather eventful. Mya's haloween party was quite literally a blast (pics will be up soon!), and on Haloween night we participated in some mindless destruction via air bombs.

I think my favorite part of the night was picking up the burning stereo and throwing it at another burning stereo. I'll post the videos as soon as school releases the firm grip it has on my balls.

I blew all my speakers the other day.... actually it wasn't I who blew them, my home theatre receiver decided to do it for me. You see, sometimes it likes to turn up the volume by itself, and I guess this time it felt like turning it ALL THE WAY UP, killing every speaker in my 5.1 setup. They were the old massive 70's type of speakers too, the kind that if you had the volume really loud and sat in front of them, they'd liquify your face.

Needless to say, when my receiver decided to turn itself ALL THE WAY UP, I sure as hell fucking heard it.

Anyways, on to better things. Anyone watching the US election? Me neither. I have it playing in the background, and while I do admit that it's getting pretty intense, pretty much everyone knows Bush has ripped Kerry a new vagina. I guess we'll know for sure in a few weeks.