Saturday, December 25, 2004

This is the coolest fucking movie trailer I've ever seen. Hell, the trailer itself beats some movies I've seen over the past year.
Can't wait till this comes out.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I got my marks from school back, 81% in datacomm, 79% in algorithms, and a boner-inducing 66% in ACCOUNTING 2. Accounting 2... the same course I had already failed twice, and thought I had a good chance of failing again. Fuck yea.

So now, I'm 100% finished the CST program at BCIT! To celebrate, I'll uh..... go find a job or something.

Did you notice how people drive like complete retards around christmas time? With all the last-minute shoppers out there, there's an increased volume on traffic on the roads. It appears that most people don't know how to react when there's more cars on the road, and they turn into simpering fucking morons (more so than they already were).

It's like in the summer, when it's been sunny almost 2 weeks straight, and then the first day it rains lightly, traffic screeches to a halt. Why? Because dipshits that don't have the brain capacity to remember what rain is are mortified to go over 30 km/hr.

It makes you wonder sometimes, where the fuck did these assholes get their licenses?

In other news... keep an eye out for our halloween pyro video that I'll be putting up soon. We went to an abandoned field in the middle of nowhere and blew the fuck out of old stereos, printers, and a teddy bear, and threw burning stuff at other burning stuff.

Hmm, looks like someone hacked the Hedley board using the phpbb highlight exploit. Pretty shitty, especially when they could have avoided it by upgrading to the newest phpbb or at least backing up the database daily.

Merry CHRISTMAS everyone! That's right, CHRISTMAS with a capital CHRIST. I'm not religious or anything, but when they want to get rid of the word "christmas" so that easily-offended tightasses don't get offended, that really pisses me off.

Whoever gets offended by "Merry Christmas" should remove the large stick from their easily-offendable asses.

I could go on more, but I'd imagine there's not that many people out there who enjoy reading 4 pages of ranting. Especially when 90% of it is four-letter words.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Hey bitches, I can still post here! Go figure!

Go me.

So heres the scoop, on May 1st, I will be holding a birthday party, but thats a long ways off, so Im planning more short term.

Who wants to party it up in January? I know I do. So whose house are we crashing the party at, and on what day?

Uhh... yeah, this was more just a test to see if I could still post...

Guess I can...


Move along.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

It's that time again!
Here's the list of the top FUCKED UP keywords people used to find slurrey!

"Controller is fucked"
"Preteen Penis"
"Jacob Hoggard"
"Greek sluts"
"Fucked up cars"
"Whore got trich"
"Picture of deer screwing"
"Why bleeding after sticking banana up pussy"

Is this the kind of scum slurrey attracts?

I've got 3 exams this week, and after those I'm DONE at BCIT!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

It's finally here.

Our latest film, "The Birth Of Slurrey Man" is now available for download!

Now, this video was filmed all in about 2 or 3 hours, with no planning whatsoever. I just grabbed the camera to witness SLURREY MAN become the superhero he is today!

This video is 25 minutes long, with a lot of random footage of Slurrey Man doing his thing. It's a 54 MB divx avi, so you need to download divx to be able to view it.

The video quality is utter crap, cause of how much I had to compress it. If you want the 300 MB DVD-quality version, just let me know.