Thursday, December 15, 2005

I have these weird snake bite marks on my neck. I think a snake may have bit me when I wasn't looking. Or maybe a vampire, according to some people. I really should be more aware of my surroundings and things biting me.

Funny thing is, people think it's a hickey from my girlfriend. I'm sorry, but my girlfriend doesn't have FANGS. Gawshdamnit.

So I got my car last thursday. It's pretty sweet. It's a 97 bonneville SSE. It's got the sexyest black leather interior, and has 2.7 billion features that I will probably never use, but enjoy having them there anyways so I can brag about it. It's got a compass on it with 80's computer graphics, seat adjustment buttons that can mold the seat into whatever shape you want, and a CARD HOLDER. I think I'm gonna use it to hold business cards.

What kind of business does slurrey do exactly? That's none of you're business. In fact it's so classified that the business card is BLANK.

Me and Vuv went and saw Narnia yesterday. I really liked it, most likely due to the fact that it wasn't as DISNEY as I thought it would be. Though the lack of blood anywhere in the movie leads me to believe that nothing in Narnia bleeds. Ever.

Tomorrow a bunch of us are going to see KING KONG. That movie will kick my ass in 28 different ways!! Stay tuned for a slurrey review!


Tune in to the SLURREY SHOW tonight, 9 pm to 11 pm on !!!

Monday, December 12, 2005

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Monday, November 28, 2005


Well my birthday party was a huge success.... as you can see in the above image gallery and the most recent cam image. I had a ton to drink, lots of people came, Pat got hit by a girl, Dianne Watts won (ugh), and it was an all around good time!

Oh yeah I got a new computer a couple of weeks back, here's a description of its guts.

AMD64 X2 dual core 4400+ with 1MB L2 cache per core
1 GB dual channel ddr ram
ATI All-in-Wonder X800XL video card with 256 MB GDDR3 ram
660 GB total hard drive space
Sound Blaster Audigy2 Platinum 7.1
BenQ Lightscribe dual layer DVD burner

I bought it from, I chose the parts and they put the whole thing together, charging only $40 for labor.

It's pretty fast, in fact it's so fast that when I edit video and add effects, I don't have to render the video to see what the effects will look like!

Not much else is going on, last friday I went to Club 23 for Mark's birthday. It was the closest thing to a rave I'm ever gonna get, it even had the kid waving around glow sticks like he was trying to flag a plane or something. It was fun, though I didn't dance much. Here's the pics from the event!


Saturday, November 19, 2005


Yes, that's right. It's that time again to throw one of the largest and most talked about slurrey events of the year! And as usual, the webcam will be LIVE during this party so whoever isn't here can see all the fun they're missing!


Sunday, November 13, 2005

The next Team Slurrey video is finished! I know you've all been eagerly waiting for this one with your pants unzipped, so hear you go! Team Slurrey 2: The Prostitron Reactor.

This one runs a bit longer than the previous one, it's about 10 minutes long. Here's some screen shots of it:

(37 MB WMV)

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I bit the inside of my mouth really hard while eating, and the rest of my dinner tasted like blood :(

Actually, I bit it so hard there's a chunk just hanging around in the inside of my mouth. And I keep flicking it with my tongue.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Apparently, nowadays a "cunt hair" is a unit of measurement.

Gotta love the construction industry, you learn new things all the time.
So I smashed my thumb in at work on thursday.

Note to self, when you are hammering something with your pliers really hard, make sure you can actually SEE what you're doing.

When I hit the edge of my thumb, the nail didn't break! Instead, my thumbail split the end of my thumb so deep that I could actually see the fat inside my thumb at one point.

At the same time, I yelled the loudest and most extended version of "FUCK" that I have ever yelled!

The thing bled for like almost 2 hours afterwards. And now it still bleeds now and then whenever it feels like it.

I made the best out of the situation though. You know how when you get a paper cut, you like to make it talk? Ok maybe that's just me. Well with this one, I recorded it on video singing. It's very dramatic, I even drew eyes on it. I'll put that one up here soon!

So I dunno how long this thing's gonna take to heal! My thumbnail keeps holding it open! nd it always feels hot and tingly at the end.... meaning it's either getting savagely infected, or it's healing quite ferociously. Or maybe there's an epic battle going on in there, between my white blood cells and whatever's trying to infect it.

Cha cha cha, that's all for now folks. This halloween is going to be the best, I bought 40 air bombs, and have a whole bag of other different fireworks as well! The video will give any pyro a fierce uncontainable erection. Boo-ya!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Anyone remember this show? It used to play on TV all the time, it was my favorite as a kid. I enjoyed many things about it, like the special effects that seemed like they were rendered on old nintendo, how in the year 3000 everything is devoid of the color black, and how in the year 2500 the current fashion trend is wearing computer motherboards.

Testing the time gate!

But the best part about it was, the storyline was so good that you didn't even care about all those other things! I'm downloading the entire series right now, there were 2 seasons with 12 episodes each. The great thing is, you HAVE to watch the episodes on irder, because each one actually picks up where the previous one left off. It's not like "Sliders", where you can watch the shows in ANY order and it'd still make sense (or not).

Stupid Sliders, I'm watching like season 3 now and the show is just degenerating to the point where it embarrasing to admit watching it. I don't even know why I'm typing this right now. It's starting to get painful.... I mean in season 1 they went from world to world trying to just get home, and now they're always SAVING every world they land on, by doing heroic things like... uh.

I don't even remember, it's just that bad... that the memories have self-erased themselves from my mind.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

On thursday I came home from work to find that my main computer's video card has died on me. I had to rush to the store and buy a new one, an ATI ALL-IN-WONDER 9800 PRO. They cost $329 at anitec but I got it at future shop for like $199.

It's pretty fast, it ran all the 3D stuff I threw at it perfectly, even when I maxed out all the settings. I sould even swear I heard the card laughing at me. That's when I pulled out 3Dmark2005 and you should have seen it, that thing made my video card its bitch.

I didn't know what to do with my dead video card, so I ate it. It tasted a little overcooked, I guess it died from the heat caused by overclocking it.

Anyways I won free tickets to Laff Lines and we went last night. It was pretty good. Something tells me we might win free tickets again, hmmm.

Haven't had much time to edit video lately, so no new updates there. I really think I need a new computer.... I'm trying to do all these insane effects with adobe premiere that no normal human being would ever attempt, and when I try to render them I catch myself ducking in fear that my CPU is going to explode. When I try and render 1732 layers of semi-transparent video at once, premiere tells me that it'll take around 3 years to finish rendering or something.

Now you know why the full bhangra video project is stalled for now...

This is the computer I'm looking at. Pretty fucking spiffy if you ask me!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yeah, slurrey's back.

Haven't had time to update this site lately, though the message board and the Slurrey Show are as popular as ever.

What's been new lately? Well, our number one party place, the pit, is now gone. We went there for a party one day and they had torn down half the forest, exposing the pit and all its dark evil party activities to all of scott rd and new westminster. I figured pit parties are done for since there's no bushes around for people to sneak off into and fornicate.

Reminds me of what they did to holland park by surrey central. It's tragic, they ripped down the entire forest there too! Where is all the fildlife to go... such as the birds, squirrels, crack heads, etc.

I'm looking at buying a new car, since the Bhangra Bus is getting kind of shitty to drive. Having a gas needle that doesn't work is kind of shitty. I mean if it was only me who was driving it, then I'd know how much gas I put in. But when my parents drive it or something it's like a gamble whenever I take it out on the road cause I dunno how much is left. Fuckin thing has left me stranded in places a few times, and it likes to do that only when I have to get up for work at 5:30 am the next day.

We've been filming a lot lately. Expect a TON of new videos up soon, such as Slurrey Ninja, Burns Bog is on Fire!, Team Slurrey 2: The Prostitron Reactor, and an announcement about a new Slurrey DVD coming out.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Since MiKE didnt bother...


Yep, apparently MiKE has found hosting again... or... well... got the same hosting back again.

Go team MiKE!

Wow, I cant believe I can still post here, thats awesome.

That is all.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Jacob Hoggard's band Hedley has their new CD out. Well I'm assuming it's out because it's already floating around on the internet if you look in the right place.

I just finished listening to the CD. My opinion? It's quite... alright. Their radio song, Villain, is actually pretty good. Most of the other songs on the CD are ok, but have a bit too much emo in them for me.

That's my opinion, for any Jacob Hoggard fans that might still be lurking on this site. They say that opinions are like assholes, and well if you don't like mine then you can lick it like an asshole.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

So today I had to kick in my bedroom door because I locked the keys inside.

The best part is, I forgot about the spare key I had OUTSIDE the room.

Quite the winner, I am!

Friday, August 05, 2005

[F.U.schia] says:
Where would you put an AC unit?

(o_o) o O ( Best quote ever: "I can tie up an entire kindengarten class with all the cables in mikes room" ) says:

(o_o) o O ( Best quote ever: "I can tie up an entire kindengarten class with all the cables in mikes room" ) says:
and then the cooling liquid could drip directly onto my FACE

[F.U.schia] says:

[F.U.schia] says:

Monday, August 01, 2005

You know it's way too hot out, when the water in the toilet that no one uses has almost completely evaporated.

Thursday, July 28, 2005


Tonight we will be having Nick (aka Havoc) replacing Chad as the co-host, Ample Josh as the special guest, and......

If you've read the NOW newspaper, the guy who put his family on Ebay and it was one of the most popular auctions (recent local news), Chris Sewell will be making a visit to the show for an interview!!! Here's the article:

So remember to listen to the show tonight at 9 pm, on !!!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Time for a gross post.

A word of advide, if you have a recent deep paper cut on the tip of your finger, having a shower without a bandaid holding the cut closed is sorta FUCKING PAINFUL.

The water washes the clotted blood out so when you're washing your hair and stuff, you can feel any odd individual hair slip into the cut and slide across it, resulting in a type of pain unheard of! I guess maybe the shampoo makes it feel even worse or something.

We saw The Island last night, and for the amount of stupid plot holes and script retardisms, it was still a really fun movie!

Thursday, July 14, 2005


With special guest, Eric Van Egdom! This is going to be an awesome show, so tune in everyone!

Starts at 9 PM on AKARADIO.COM!

Send all your topic ideas and questions about sex to and we'll address them on the show.
Alternatively, you can message us on AIM, our screen name is "THE SLURREY SHOW".

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Monday, July 04, 2005

What's with the FUCKING weather here?

When is summer going to start? I'm sick of this half-assed bullshit weather.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Last thursday was my grad ceremony from BCIT. It was pretty sweet.

Funny thing is, I go back to BCIT in a year or so for my electrical ticket.
The Slurrey Server is offline!

Yeah the fucking computer that hosts a lot of the files on this site, kinda blew it's power supply tonight. So until I get a new one (sometime today) a lot of stuff on this site won't work.

Guess what's back, back again.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Tonight I watched The Crow: Wicked Prayer.

The latest Crow movie looks so good, yet the story is so fucking bad. Especially when Edward Furlong in crow makeup looks like a 12 year old goth girl.

The storyline was so bad. I don't even want to write about it. Who knew Satan whore tighty-whities?

At least it's better than the other 2 or 3 shit-inhaling sequels. But nothing will ever come close to the original fucking masterpiece of a movie.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Thanks to an exploit released, I can now run emulators and other homebrew code on my v1.50 PSP!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Well here's a new slurrey flick for you to enjoy. This one was finished a few months ago, but I was too lazy to put it up until now.

One night we just decided to film a 5 minute long movie. This is where the "TEAM SLURREY" series was born. It's me, Eric, and Chad saving the world from evil villains using our superhuman powers.

This is the project where I first learned to use transparent images in Adobe Premiere. You'll be impressed.

While you're watching this movie, check out the lighting. I started fucking around in premiere trying to get a halo effect around bright parts of the picture for a future project we're doing. It's like the style in Sky Captain or the backgrounds in Sin City. I still haven't got it perfect yet but I've applied it to this video and you can really see the difference from our other vids.

Here's some screen shots:

(33 MB WMV)

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Last week's Slurrey Show was a fucking blast. Everyone who listened in loved it, and wanted more and more. Like a surrey girl.


It will satisfy your inner surrey girl, trust me.

Tune in at 9 PM on!
To see what you can expect on the show, listen to this promo that Graham made for us!

Monday, May 02, 2005


Wednesday, April 27, 2005

What happens when you throw a can of paint primer into a fire? If thou art a pyromaniac, this video will giveth thou a great woody.

DOWNLOAD "Spray Can Explodes"
(4.8 MB WMV)

Got a lot more video from where that came from. For a preview, check out the music video Nick (Havoc) made out of slurrey footage!

In other news, I haven't been sent a single entry for the Vancouver 2010 logo contest yet. Let me get this straight, I get 120 visitors a day, and not one person has entered? Damn, at least if no one enters I can declare myself the winner :-)

Peace out motherfuckers. Ps for pics from the recent pit parties, check out the message board. I'll post the pics here on the main site in a couple of days.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

The new Vancouver 2010 olympic logo:

I think it's ugly as fuck. Does a multicolored retard really represent Vancouver the most? Cause that's what it looks like to anyone not from here! Hell, even most people here don't know what that thing is.


UPDATE: Slurrey2010 logo contest!!! Make a creative photo manipulation of the logo above! I'll post the best ones on May 15th. Send your edits to!

Here's one I quickly threw together!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I am such a fucking geek:

From top to bottom:
- Dolby Digital/DTS receiver.
- My keys.
- PS1 that I haven't played in 5 years.
- CD player I haven't put a CD in since MP3's were invented.
- Modded xbox with 17 billion games and roms on it.
- Unmodded Xbox to play any legitimate games I own on Xbox Live.
- VCR that was dug up in an archaeological dig
- PS2
- Dreamcast with blue LED and case mod, both done by me.
- DVD player I haven't used in 4 years
- 20 year old power supply, supplying power to my 10 other power supplies.
- Silver gamecube covered in 2 inches of dust.

If you look closely behind the stand, you can see a black package of oreos that has been sitting in my room for like 2 years. One day I'll eat them.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Swatt> wait, whats 2nd base?
Garay> well 1st is making out, 2nd is hand job/fingering, 3rd is oral, and 4th or home is sex...
Swatt> what about 5th?
Garay> 5th?
Swatt> anal...
Garay> oh thats not 5th, thats a foul


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Turn to page A4 in today's (thursday's) province?

Does the eagle pic make anyone else laugh really hard?

For those who don't read The Province:

Sunday, April 03, 2005

I want my hour back, damnit.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's been a while since I last posted, so now you're going to get a huge chunk of updates at once!

In the last 2 weeks, there were 4 parties. Two of them were pit parties...


It was a good party... because Nick brought a hatchet I could chop wood with. I also ended up chopping many other things.

Megan was able to capture video from that night with her digital camera. In the first clip, I beat the fuck out of a phone with the axe.

(1.7 MB WMV)

In the second video, I attack the fire with the burning printer in it. I like how Pat gets so scared of my pyromania when he's drunk:

(4.9 MB WMV)

This pit party was quite interesting. Mainly due to the fact that near the end of the party IT STARTED FUCKING HAILING! The fire nearly went out and everyone was soaked, but the party survived. Plus we met some new people, one of which REALLY hated cops and the other who got really aquainted with Robin while he was passed out drunk! It was a long lasting party too... Mark, Mya, Nick, and some other people stayed there until 5 am.

So the next day, Chad had a party at his house. Kicked an extremely adequate amount of ass. And also... that was the night YO UNIT was born. Check the message boards for more details.


A bunch of people ended up cancelling, but it was still a decent turnout. THe party divided itself into 3 groups. THe people who were playing video games, the people who were playing cards, and the people who were PARTY ANIMALS:

(4.7 MB WMV)

(10.6 MB WMV)

Yes, we were THAT COOL. I bet the impressiveness of these videos is sending shockwaves throughout the internet as I write this. Even though no one has seen them yet until you're able to see this post on slurrey.

Well, that's a lot of updating.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Last weekend the weather was great, and it was really hot out. On friday me and Chad went to the pit to see how it was doing. It looked pretty much the same, only with less stuff growing due to it not being summer.

There was an old, busted cash register sitting there. An offering! I knew it was a sign.

Saturday was even nicer outside, hell it felt like a typical summer day. I was thinking "today would be a most excellent day for a pit party". But who would be able to come out with so little notice?

At 5pm my cell phone rings, it's The Patmeister. He was thinking Pit Party, I was thinking Pit Party. And we decided to throw a pit party in 2 hours!

I called up everyone I knew! And a lot of people were in. Everyone was excited about the party and we had an excellent turnout considering the 2 hour notice.

So the highlights of the party?

- Getting wood for the fire. Nick used his superhuman strength to drag a few dead trees to the pit.

- Lighting the fire. This one was a bitch to light and keep going. See, we didn't actually bring any paper or anything to light. The only way we got the fire going was by lighting an old knapsack I found on fire!

- Chadwick got really drunk.

- We didn't end up throwing the sacrificial cash register into the fire, cause it was in the middle of a swamp.

- I got covered in soot.

- I don't remember what else happened, and I WAS SOBER. The party was THAT GOOD I guess.

Oh hey! We have video from the party too! Thanks to Megan.

(3.5 MB .wmv file)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Last weekend we did a bit of filming, and managed to capture this wonderful little clip.

(4 MB WMV)

Yeah, that's right. WMV.
That's the video format I'll use from now on, because it works on everyone's computer and it's also free. I also think it pretty much has beaten the shit out of DiVX in terms of size vs quality.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I got a hair cut. After growing it for 2 years (I started when me and Val started going out), I had to get rid of it. Why?

Because I finished school and had to find work, and it'd be kinda hard finding work looking like I did!

I actually cut my hair like 2 months ago, but I didn't put any pics of it online so I could see the surprise on people's faces and hear their "holy shits!" when they saw me in person.



It was kinda depressing to see it go, we've been through a lot together. Like it nearly catching fire at every pit party, people's pets getting lost in it, etc. Wanted it to reach Rake Yohn level, but I didn't make it that far... maybe next time I'll last longer!

And so the cycle goes on: grow my hair really long, cut it, wait a while, then start growing it all over again. I don't think I'll start again for at least a year or two though, my new hair is so easy to deal with!

Anyways, I made a tribute for it on the message board. Check it out here (you need to be registered).

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why did Jacob Hoggard replace his band?
Is Hedley no more?

Does anyone give a flap-shit?

Sunday, February 27, 2005

So a while ago I found out that my video camera can capture close objects in really high quality.

Here's my eye, where you can see every bloodshot vein in great detail:

Pretty gross eh? Think of the things I could do with this technology at my fingertips. Scared? Well check out my newest video:

(9 MB DiVX)

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Attention blogger and myspace employees:

Ramming your tiny peckers into the servers causes them to not function properly.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Me and El Valito beat Halo 2... holy fuck what an anti-climatic ending. We had just beaten a level and then suddenly: "THE END". I mean, we didn't even beat the final boss... our AI team members killed it for us while we ran around confused. Still a truly wonderful game.

We also went and watched "Constantine". I've never read the Hellblazer comic book, but I thought the movie was pretty fun. Sure, some parts of it made no sense and happened for no reason, but it had some rad scenes. Such as "fucking crab" and "the finger".

Mya's birthday was fun fun. First we went to a strip club, with strippers who were lacking certain attractive qualities (like teeth). Then we went to a regular club, where it seems most clubbers seemed to be lacking something called intelligence. There was this one guy who would keep hitting on this chick down below and get rejected. Repeatedly.

After the club it was 1 am and we walked quickly to granville station to catch the last skytrain. Well we made it in time, but we didn't catch the skytrain. Why? Because the cocksuckers closed the gate to the skytrain station early. So we were stranded downtown until the late night #20 bus came. Good thing I drove to Mya's, I don't trust transit due to situations like these!

You can check out the pics in the message board in the field trips section. Wow, I'm whoring my message board more then Karyn does!

Being an electrician is a fucking awesome job.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Madrid tower in flames, top 6 floors have collapsed

MADRID (Reuters) - The biggest fire in Madrid's history gutted a 32-storey skyscraper in the Spanish capital's financial district on Sunday without causing injuries but raising fears the charred tower could collapse.

As scores of firefighters quelled the final flames inside the Windsor building almost a day after it caught alight, authorities said the spectacular blaze was probably started by an electrical short-circuit.

Officials said there was still a risk that Madrid's eighth tallest building -- now reduced to a blackened concrete skeleton -- could disintegrate as its structure cooled.

"It is clear the structure has been damaged and has suffered high temperatures, and we cannot be certain that a pillar, girder or some other structural element will not collapse," Javier Sanz, fire chief for the Madrid region, told state radio.

At its peak, the fire lit up the Madrid sky like a huge torch. Flames devoured the 106-meter-high building from the top down, raining burning debris on to the street below. Surrounding buildings were evacuated and roads blocked.

Seven firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation.

"We have confronted the most extensive fire that this city has ever had," Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardon said.

Spanish media on Sunday questioned how the blaze was able to devour the building without triggering fire alarms.

The building, which was one of Madrid's first skyscrapers, completed in 1979, had been undergoing building work on its upper levels. State radio said the privately-owned building had been insured for a sale value of 83 million euros in 2003.

U.S. accounting firm Deloitte & Touche, which has its offices in the building, said it would attend clients normally on Monday and reroute calls to other bureaux in Spain.

Streets, shops and offices in the area and some sections of the Metro network will remain closed until officials are sure the building is safe, Mayor Ruiz Gallardon said.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero visited the scene and offered the government's support to local authorities "so that we can overcome this situation as soon as possible and life in this area can get back to normal."

The blazing tower evoked memories for many Spaniards of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

It was the second drama to strike Madrid in less than a week, after armed Basque separatists ETA detonated a bomb near a major conference center on Wednesday, wounding 43 people. Madrid is vying with four other cities to host the 2012 Olympic Games


Well I was gonna write a post about what we did last night, but I was a lazy dick so I let Chad do it instead!

By: Chad

So last night we decided to trek out to Abbotsford to see our good buddy Eric. Considering it's been quite some time since we managed to get our collective ass out to his remote mountain enclave. I picked up Eric's girlfriend Sara at the skytrain, collected Robin and Mike and we headed out. Abbotsford is a pain in the ass to get to even on a good day, and the way I drive just compounds the time problems even more. However, tonight was looking different, at least initially. I decided to be a rebel and drive 110 km/h in a 100 zone, so we would arrive at our destination approximately 6 minutes faster than usual. Well it was a good plan in theory.

One thing I've learned from life so far is that when something should work "in theory" it's simply a synonym for "never". My estimated 6 minute advantage soon turned into a 30 minute delay. As I'm going along the freeway I see ahead a line up of tail lights as far as the eye can see. I contemplated taking the exit and going down the hick roads towards even more hick Abbotsford. Then Robin chimes in "Hey man it's a 50/50 chance that this will clear up on the other side of the exit." I didn't see how it could be a 50/50 chance considering traffic was lined up as far as the eye can see, stopped, and this was happening WELL PAST the exit. But, I stupidly listened to the less than logical (and somewhat arbitrary) probability statistic that was placed before me and decided to stay on the freeway.

We sat and sat.. and sat.. and made body noises.. and sat.For half an hour we inched through traffic and what do we see at the end. A blown up van!! Even I got a little excited seeing this, I'm sure Mike wet himself. He had the video camera out and was taping the carnage. We figured that at least it wasn't a stupid reason for slowing down traffic (like that time the cops blocked off two lanes on the Port Mann bridge so they could stand there and have coffee).

Since we were all hungry we decided to head to Boston Pizza. At this point all I have to say is WOW. I was extremely impressed with the girls in that place. My God, not a single one of them was below a B+ on the McRae scale (Prez I'm not joking). We had this Icelandic server with a different sounding name, I think it was "Burger Kid" or at least it sounded like that. Anyway I didn't want to leave considering the abundance of B+ and higher material, but sadly it was time to go up to the "House of Eric" and play poker.

We arrived there and got playing. I won the first round thanks in part to my experience of playing a small amount of poker back in my WC days. Basically I was teaching everyone to play the best I could remember. I was out early the second game, with Robin shortly behind me due to our overzealous betting habits when we had dick all for cards. Sara looked like she was going to take the last game as she won hand after hand of games and Mike's pot shrank and shrank. It was a standoff between Sara and Mike, with Mike being left with 35 cents to his name. It was getting close to 12:30 (the time that we said we would leave) so we figured this would be the last hand.

Boy were we wrong! Mike went all in and was winning hand after hand against Sara until he was back in the game. Then Mike went on to win the next 12 consecutive hands and take the game. I could not believe my eyes, this had to have been the greatest poker comeback I have ever seen. Mike was down to 35 cents and won all those hands in a row to take the game!! The odds of this happening are approximately 1 in 10,000. If you don't believe in divine intervention you'd better start, there was something keeping us there that night, needless to say we had a safe ride home.

We ended up leaving at 1:50 am! Chad was saying how it must have been divine intervention otherwise if we left at the time we had planned, we woulda died or something. Then I said "well what if it's the other way around?". Hah, I am such a bastard.

Monday, February 07, 2005

White Noise sucked dick. Limp quadriplegic-retard dick.

Fuck, why can't they make a proper horror movie these days? This time, they took the whole concept of EVP and shat all over it. Filling the movie with cheap "pop-up scares" between the boring parts made it even worse.

There is good news though. This movie was shot here in Vancouver! And they sure don't try to hide it either.... almost every shot in the movie is in a familiar looking place.

THE BEST FUCKING PART THOUGH.... this is just rad. The blonde chick who the Michael Keaton meets in the movie, her apartment is in The Beresford. THE BUILDING I WORKED AT WHEN IT WAS BEING BUILT! That made me feel awesome, they shot a movie at my previous construction site!

Other than that, the movie was basically like running feces being projected onto a screen.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

(Get it now while it's still up! Looks pretty sweet, the look of horror on the girl's face is priceless!)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Big news, fuckers. At least for me.

Starting tomorrow, I will be an apprentice electrician! I was presented with the opportunity to train with the electrical guys on the site I work at, and like hell I was going to pass that up. It would take 4 years to get my ticket, or maybe even 2 years if I kick ass.

Combining this with my computer background, I could be working higher up with the computers that control the electrical systems in mines and mills and stuff. It'd pay $45 - $60 an hour. Not only that, but I'd be working for 8 weeks, then have 4 weeks time off! That would be the cat's ass... not only would I be making shitloads of money and have lots of time off, but I'd be playing with electricity! (cue evil laughter)

Now on to other shiaot. Here's a video that I shot up at burnaby mountain on January 9th, 2005. The view from up there was spectacular, you could see most of greater Vancouver.

I filmed about an hour of footage of downtown with the sunset behind it, and it turned out really good. Then I sped up the footage and made this nice video!

(14.2 MB DiVX)

The song playing in the background is "Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice.mp3".

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Check out what they're going to build in Whalley!

5 towers, 36 storeys high! They're gonna look huge compared to the current tallest, the 26-storey leaning tower of Surrey. I'm glad that they're finally erecting some real buildings up in what's supposed to be the city centre, as opposed to fucking townhouses. Cause we all know Surrey needs more erections.

Remember that loose bone/cartilage thing I was talking about in my last post? Since then, it's gotten about 10.2 times more painful, and sometimes when I bend my finger it gets caught in the knuckle and makes cracking noises. Nice eh? I also found out when my appointment to see the surgeon is.

It's on June 16th. I could say a plethora of four letter words right now, but you won't hear them. So I'll just type them instead. FUCK SHIT PISS CUNT ASS COCK JIZZ CUNT CUNT FSCK dsf;jdwafiwjefvoaimsdo;ivjfo;ij!!!!!!!

Then, I'll probably have to wait another four months to get the surgery done if I need it! So why do they keep sending me those damn medical bills?

That felt GROOOOD!

New video up soon!