Sunday, January 30, 2005

Big news, fuckers. At least for me.

Starting tomorrow, I will be an apprentice electrician! I was presented with the opportunity to train with the electrical guys on the site I work at, and like hell I was going to pass that up. It would take 4 years to get my ticket, or maybe even 2 years if I kick ass.

Combining this with my computer background, I could be working higher up with the computers that control the electrical systems in mines and mills and stuff. It'd pay $45 - $60 an hour. Not only that, but I'd be working for 8 weeks, then have 4 weeks time off! That would be the cat's ass... not only would I be making shitloads of money and have lots of time off, but I'd be playing with electricity! (cue evil laughter)

Now on to other shiaot. Here's a video that I shot up at burnaby mountain on January 9th, 2005. The view from up there was spectacular, you could see most of greater Vancouver.

I filmed about an hour of footage of downtown with the sunset behind it, and it turned out really good. Then I sped up the footage and made this nice video!

(14.2 MB DiVX)

The song playing in the background is "Mogwai - Take Me Somewhere Nice.mp3".

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Check out what they're going to build in Whalley!

5 towers, 36 storeys high! They're gonna look huge compared to the current tallest, the 26-storey leaning tower of Surrey. I'm glad that they're finally erecting some real buildings up in what's supposed to be the city centre, as opposed to fucking townhouses. Cause we all know Surrey needs more erections.

Remember that loose bone/cartilage thing I was talking about in my last post? Since then, it's gotten about 10.2 times more painful, and sometimes when I bend my finger it gets caught in the knuckle and makes cracking noises. Nice eh? I also found out when my appointment to see the surgeon is.

It's on June 16th. I could say a plethora of four letter words right now, but you won't hear them. So I'll just type them instead. FUCK SHIT PISS CUNT ASS COCK JIZZ CUNT CUNT FSCK dsf;jdwafiwjefvoaimsdo;ivjfo;ij!!!!!!!

Then, I'll probably have to wait another four months to get the surgery done if I need it! So why do they keep sending me those damn medical bills?

That felt GROOOOD!

New video up soon!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

On the palm of my right hand, where my middle finger knuckle is, it feels like theres a bone splinter or something loose in it. It's really painful and feels fucking gross, especially when I put pressure on it!

So today I saw the doc and he was like "yeah, it's probably a loose piece of cartilage in there". Isn't that gross? I went to get X-rays and the receptionist looked exactly like someone I went to school with. I think it was Anna Marta, but I sorta forgot what she looked like because high school happened 5 years ago.

Then I ran to future shop to get a new battery for my cam, because the battery that came with it lasts around 20 minutes. Fucking useless pieces of shit. Anyone notice how much they suck? Or rather... get sucked?

It's like you recharge it twice and it never lasts half as long as before. So the new battery I bought lasts 3 hours, which rocks. Until two months from now when it'll last 1 hour.

I also picked up some goddamn Sony Digital8 tapes. I noticed that EVERY TIME I go to buy them, the price has risen by at least 2 bucks. Bullshit I tell you! Is there some kind of hidden levy on it or something? Like the thing they have on recordable media here in Canada to pay artists over "lost CD sales due to downloading"?

Because I sure as FUCK don't record Celine Dion mp3's onto my DV tapes.

We didn't get to film anything with ninjas yesterday, but today we probably will. Something like realultimatepower! Fuck, I love ninjas.

But they don't love me... or you.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

What I can now do with my xbox:

- View the local weather.
- View trailers live from the apple trailer site.
- View stocks (Chad will like that option).
- View a live cam from the Alps.
- Browse and watch any music videos off of
- Browse and watch any movies from
- View satellite images of the local weather.

Oh yeah, and my xbox plays xbox games too. Isn't that great?

Monday, January 17, 2005

Guess what? Today at work DID suck.
It didn't snow that much, it just rained. And rained. And rained.

So today I figured out that working outside in monsoon conditions without rain gear is about as fun as sticking a cactus up your ass. For 8 hours straight.

I really did think I could tough out the rain, but I wasn't expecting a goddamn non-stop downpour that could drown a fish. By the end of the day I was completely soaked, and my gum boots had pools of water in them.

And it's supposed to be even worse tomorrow! So the first thing I did when I got back from work was to spend $75 on rain gear. The rain won today, but with the rain gear I say bring it on. Fucking Pineapple Express, and its endless downpour of cloud-urine.

See those asian tsunami videos? They're fucking insane. That's how wet I felt today.

Watch for a couple of new vids on here soon!

Saturday, January 15, 2005

15 to 20 centimetres of snow expected to fall from tonight until sunday night.

My feelings about this: a mix of "WOOO HOOO!!!" and "Fuck, work is gonna suck on monday..".

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


So I've finished BCIT! I probably posted about that here before, can't really remember. The past few years in the CST program have left me with 1/4 the brain cells I went in with.

So while I wait for my diploma and look for a job where I actually work INDOORS, right now I'm working construction again. Perfect timing too, as we are in the middle of a goddamn blizzard/snowstorm. In vancouver that qualifies as 5 centimeters of snow and chilly temperatures.

So most of my tasks at work involve ice in some way. Sometimes I get to use the torch to melt it off of stuff, which is pretty cool, and keeps me warm. But most of the time, during the course of the day I get soaking wet and my body temperature drops to -20 degrees.

Ah well, with snow comes fun (when you're not battling it at work) so last weekend we went sledding! On friday we went to the local park and video taped ourselves going down the hill there. It was too easy.

On saturday, we tried having a small pit party with a fire. I realized that winter pit parties don't work, because there's no more leaves on the trees, therefore all the houses up on the hill have a pretty clear view to what we're doing. So after getting chased away by "fucking firemen", we went up to burnaby mountain (the actual steep hills this time) with some sleds.

It resulted both fun and injuries. It was fun as fuck, though the inuries were a bit high in proportion to the fun we had. I fell off the sled a few times and it attacked me, Val fell of her sled and it almost hit pat, as Chad ran into her. Pat lost his skateboard-minus-wheels sled, and used a car door instead.... etc. The view from up there was also spectacular.

Then on Sunday, Pat, Robin and I went to burnaby mountain again. We went during the day this time so we could see where we were going! It was great, and I got a FUCKING BEAUTIFUL time lapse footage of the sun setting by downtown vancouver. Watch for it on slurrey soon, that video = instant erection.

Not much else to say really, just felt like posting whatever.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

I've updated some other parts of the site, so take a look around.
The other day we went toboganning. There was no snow, but we still did it anyways!

We got it all on video, and I used a new night vision technique so that you'd actually be able to see what was going on (cause it was really dark where we filmed and there were no lights around).

Here's some screen grabs from the movie:

And here's the video:'s tobogganing video [DiVX]
(20 MB Divx avi)

Want to know what we did on halloween this year?!

We went and bought some explosives, such as "air bombs", and I found a couple of old stereos on the side of the road.

As you can already tell, I believe explosives and old stereos mix quite well. We taped the whole thing, and I managed to condense 3 hours of pyromania into a nice 7 minute long video file.

Here's some screenshots:

And here's the video:'s Halloween Pyromania [DiVX]
(40 MB Divx avi)

Saturday, January 01, 2005