Sunday, February 27, 2005

So a while ago I found out that my video camera can capture close objects in really high quality.

Here's my eye, where you can see every bloodshot vein in great detail:

Pretty gross eh? Think of the things I could do with this technology at my fingertips. Scared? Well check out my newest video:

(9 MB DiVX)

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Attention blogger and myspace employees:

Ramming your tiny peckers into the servers causes them to not function properly.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Me and El Valito beat Halo 2... holy fuck what an anti-climatic ending. We had just beaten a level and then suddenly: "THE END". I mean, we didn't even beat the final boss... our AI team members killed it for us while we ran around confused. Still a truly wonderful game.

We also went and watched "Constantine". I've never read the Hellblazer comic book, but I thought the movie was pretty fun. Sure, some parts of it made no sense and happened for no reason, but it had some rad scenes. Such as "fucking crab" and "the finger".

Mya's birthday was fun fun. First we went to a strip club, with strippers who were lacking certain attractive qualities (like teeth). Then we went to a regular club, where it seems most clubbers seemed to be lacking something called intelligence. There was this one guy who would keep hitting on this chick down below and get rejected. Repeatedly.

After the club it was 1 am and we walked quickly to granville station to catch the last skytrain. Well we made it in time, but we didn't catch the skytrain. Why? Because the cocksuckers closed the gate to the skytrain station early. So we were stranded downtown until the late night #20 bus came. Good thing I drove to Mya's, I don't trust transit due to situations like these!

You can check out the pics in the message board in the field trips section. Wow, I'm whoring my message board more then Karyn does!

Being an electrician is a fucking awesome job.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Madrid tower in flames, top 6 floors have collapsed

MADRID (Reuters) - The biggest fire in Madrid's history gutted a 32-storey skyscraper in the Spanish capital's financial district on Sunday without causing injuries but raising fears the charred tower could collapse.

As scores of firefighters quelled the final flames inside the Windsor building almost a day after it caught alight, authorities said the spectacular blaze was probably started by an electrical short-circuit.

Officials said there was still a risk that Madrid's eighth tallest building -- now reduced to a blackened concrete skeleton -- could disintegrate as its structure cooled.

"It is clear the structure has been damaged and has suffered high temperatures, and we cannot be certain that a pillar, girder or some other structural element will not collapse," Javier Sanz, fire chief for the Madrid region, told state radio.

At its peak, the fire lit up the Madrid sky like a huge torch. Flames devoured the 106-meter-high building from the top down, raining burning debris on to the street below. Surrounding buildings were evacuated and roads blocked.

Seven firefighters were treated for smoke inhalation.

"We have confronted the most extensive fire that this city has ever had," Madrid Mayor Alberto Ruiz Gallardon said.

Spanish media on Sunday questioned how the blaze was able to devour the building without triggering fire alarms.

The building, which was one of Madrid's first skyscrapers, completed in 1979, had been undergoing building work on its upper levels. State radio said the privately-owned building had been insured for a sale value of 83 million euros in 2003.

U.S. accounting firm Deloitte & Touche, which has its offices in the building, said it would attend clients normally on Monday and reroute calls to other bureaux in Spain.

Streets, shops and offices in the area and some sections of the Metro network will remain closed until officials are sure the building is safe, Mayor Ruiz Gallardon said.

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero visited the scene and offered the government's support to local authorities "so that we can overcome this situation as soon as possible and life in this area can get back to normal."

The blazing tower evoked memories for many Spaniards of the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center in New York.

It was the second drama to strike Madrid in less than a week, after armed Basque separatists ETA detonated a bomb near a major conference center on Wednesday, wounding 43 people. Madrid is vying with four other cities to host the 2012 Olympic Games


Well I was gonna write a post about what we did last night, but I was a lazy dick so I let Chad do it instead!

By: Chad

So last night we decided to trek out to Abbotsford to see our good buddy Eric. Considering it's been quite some time since we managed to get our collective ass out to his remote mountain enclave. I picked up Eric's girlfriend Sara at the skytrain, collected Robin and Mike and we headed out. Abbotsford is a pain in the ass to get to even on a good day, and the way I drive just compounds the time problems even more. However, tonight was looking different, at least initially. I decided to be a rebel and drive 110 km/h in a 100 zone, so we would arrive at our destination approximately 6 minutes faster than usual. Well it was a good plan in theory.

One thing I've learned from life so far is that when something should work "in theory" it's simply a synonym for "never". My estimated 6 minute advantage soon turned into a 30 minute delay. As I'm going along the freeway I see ahead a line up of tail lights as far as the eye can see. I contemplated taking the exit and going down the hick roads towards even more hick Abbotsford. Then Robin chimes in "Hey man it's a 50/50 chance that this will clear up on the other side of the exit." I didn't see how it could be a 50/50 chance considering traffic was lined up as far as the eye can see, stopped, and this was happening WELL PAST the exit. But, I stupidly listened to the less than logical (and somewhat arbitrary) probability statistic that was placed before me and decided to stay on the freeway.

We sat and sat.. and sat.. and made body noises.. and sat.For half an hour we inched through traffic and what do we see at the end. A blown up van!! Even I got a little excited seeing this, I'm sure Mike wet himself. He had the video camera out and was taping the carnage. We figured that at least it wasn't a stupid reason for slowing down traffic (like that time the cops blocked off two lanes on the Port Mann bridge so they could stand there and have coffee).

Since we were all hungry we decided to head to Boston Pizza. At this point all I have to say is WOW. I was extremely impressed with the girls in that place. My God, not a single one of them was below a B+ on the McRae scale (Prez I'm not joking). We had this Icelandic server with a different sounding name, I think it was "Burger Kid" or at least it sounded like that. Anyway I didn't want to leave considering the abundance of B+ and higher material, but sadly it was time to go up to the "House of Eric" and play poker.

We arrived there and got playing. I won the first round thanks in part to my experience of playing a small amount of poker back in my WC days. Basically I was teaching everyone to play the best I could remember. I was out early the second game, with Robin shortly behind me due to our overzealous betting habits when we had dick all for cards. Sara looked like she was going to take the last game as she won hand after hand of games and Mike's pot shrank and shrank. It was a standoff between Sara and Mike, with Mike being left with 35 cents to his name. It was getting close to 12:30 (the time that we said we would leave) so we figured this would be the last hand.

Boy were we wrong! Mike went all in and was winning hand after hand against Sara until he was back in the game. Then Mike went on to win the next 12 consecutive hands and take the game. I could not believe my eyes, this had to have been the greatest poker comeback I have ever seen. Mike was down to 35 cents and won all those hands in a row to take the game!! The odds of this happening are approximately 1 in 10,000. If you don't believe in divine intervention you'd better start, there was something keeping us there that night, needless to say we had a safe ride home.

We ended up leaving at 1:50 am! Chad was saying how it must have been divine intervention otherwise if we left at the time we had planned, we woulda died or something. Then I said "well what if it's the other way around?". Hah, I am such a bastard.

Monday, February 07, 2005

White Noise sucked dick. Limp quadriplegic-retard dick.

Fuck, why can't they make a proper horror movie these days? This time, they took the whole concept of EVP and shat all over it. Filling the movie with cheap "pop-up scares" between the boring parts made it even worse.

There is good news though. This movie was shot here in Vancouver! And they sure don't try to hide it either.... almost every shot in the movie is in a familiar looking place.

THE BEST FUCKING PART THOUGH.... this is just rad. The blonde chick who the Michael Keaton meets in the movie, her apartment is in The Beresford. THE BUILDING I WORKED AT WHEN IT WAS BEING BUILT! That made me feel awesome, they shot a movie at my previous construction site!

Other than that, the movie was basically like running feces being projected onto a screen.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

(Get it now while it's still up! Looks pretty sweet, the look of horror on the girl's face is priceless!)