Tuesday, March 29, 2005

It's been a while since I last posted, so now you're going to get a huge chunk of updates at once!

In the last 2 weeks, there were 4 parties. Two of them were pit parties...


It was a good party... because Nick brought a hatchet I could chop wood with. I also ended up chopping many other things.

Megan was able to capture video from that night with her digital camera. In the first clip, I beat the fuck out of a phone with the axe.

(1.7 MB WMV)

In the second video, I attack the fire with the burning printer in it. I like how Pat gets so scared of my pyromania when he's drunk:

(4.9 MB WMV)

This pit party was quite interesting. Mainly due to the fact that near the end of the party IT STARTED FUCKING HAILING! The fire nearly went out and everyone was soaked, but the party survived. Plus we met some new people, one of which REALLY hated cops and the other who got really aquainted with Robin while he was passed out drunk! It was a long lasting party too... Mark, Mya, Nick, and some other people stayed there until 5 am.

So the next day, Chad had a party at his house. Kicked an extremely adequate amount of ass. And also... that was the night YO UNIT was born. Check the message boards for more details.


A bunch of people ended up cancelling, but it was still a decent turnout. THe party divided itself into 3 groups. THe people who were playing video games, the people who were playing cards, and the people who were PARTY ANIMALS:

(4.7 MB WMV)

(10.6 MB WMV)

Yes, we were THAT COOL. I bet the impressiveness of these videos is sending shockwaves throughout the internet as I write this. Even though no one has seen them yet until you're able to see this post on slurrey.

Well, that's a lot of updating.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Last weekend the weather was great, and it was really hot out. On friday me and Chad went to the pit to see how it was doing. It looked pretty much the same, only with less stuff growing due to it not being summer.

There was an old, busted cash register sitting there. An offering! I knew it was a sign.

Saturday was even nicer outside, hell it felt like a typical summer day. I was thinking "today would be a most excellent day for a pit party". But who would be able to come out with so little notice?

At 5pm my cell phone rings, it's The Patmeister. He was thinking Pit Party, I was thinking Pit Party. And we decided to throw a pit party in 2 hours!

I called up everyone I knew! And a lot of people were in. Everyone was excited about the party and we had an excellent turnout considering the 2 hour notice.

So the highlights of the party?

- Getting wood for the fire. Nick used his superhuman strength to drag a few dead trees to the pit.

- Lighting the fire. This one was a bitch to light and keep going. See, we didn't actually bring any paper or anything to light. The only way we got the fire going was by lighting an old knapsack I found on fire!

- Chadwick got really drunk.

- We didn't end up throwing the sacrificial cash register into the fire, cause it was in the middle of a swamp.

- I got covered in soot.

- I don't remember what else happened, and I WAS SOBER. The party was THAT GOOD I guess.

Oh hey! We have video from the party too! Thanks to Megan.

(3.5 MB .wmv file)

Friday, March 11, 2005

Last weekend we did a bit of filming, and managed to capture this wonderful little clip.

(4 MB WMV)

Yeah, that's right. WMV.
That's the video format I'll use from now on, because it works on everyone's computer and it's also free. I also think it pretty much has beaten the shit out of DiVX in terms of size vs quality.


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I got a hair cut. After growing it for 2 years (I started when me and Val started going out), I had to get rid of it. Why?

Because I finished school and had to find work, and it'd be kinda hard finding work looking like I did!

I actually cut my hair like 2 months ago, but I didn't put any pics of it online so I could see the surprise on people's faces and hear their "holy shits!" when they saw me in person.



It was kinda depressing to see it go, we've been through a lot together. Like it nearly catching fire at every pit party, people's pets getting lost in it, etc. Wanted it to reach Rake Yohn level, but I didn't make it that far... maybe next time I'll last longer!

And so the cycle goes on: grow my hair really long, cut it, wait a while, then start growing it all over again. I don't think I'll start again for at least a year or two though, my new hair is so easy to deal with!

Anyways, I made a tribute for it on the message board. Check it out here (you need to be registered).

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why did Jacob Hoggard replace his band?
Is Hedley no more?

Does anyone give a flap-shit?