Saturday, October 29, 2005

Apparently, nowadays a "cunt hair" is a unit of measurement.

Gotta love the construction industry, you learn new things all the time.
So I smashed my thumb in at work on thursday.

Note to self, when you are hammering something with your pliers really hard, make sure you can actually SEE what you're doing.

When I hit the edge of my thumb, the nail didn't break! Instead, my thumbail split the end of my thumb so deep that I could actually see the fat inside my thumb at one point.

At the same time, I yelled the loudest and most extended version of "FUCK" that I have ever yelled!

The thing bled for like almost 2 hours afterwards. And now it still bleeds now and then whenever it feels like it.

I made the best out of the situation though. You know how when you get a paper cut, you like to make it talk? Ok maybe that's just me. Well with this one, I recorded it on video singing. It's very dramatic, I even drew eyes on it. I'll put that one up here soon!

So I dunno how long this thing's gonna take to heal! My thumbnail keeps holding it open! nd it always feels hot and tingly at the end.... meaning it's either getting savagely infected, or it's healing quite ferociously. Or maybe there's an epic battle going on in there, between my white blood cells and whatever's trying to infect it.

Cha cha cha, that's all for now folks. This halloween is going to be the best, I bought 40 air bombs, and have a whole bag of other different fireworks as well! The video will give any pyro a fierce uncontainable erection. Boo-ya!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Anyone remember this show? It used to play on TV all the time, it was my favorite as a kid. I enjoyed many things about it, like the special effects that seemed like they were rendered on old nintendo, how in the year 3000 everything is devoid of the color black, and how in the year 2500 the current fashion trend is wearing computer motherboards.

Testing the time gate!

But the best part about it was, the storyline was so good that you didn't even care about all those other things! I'm downloading the entire series right now, there were 2 seasons with 12 episodes each. The great thing is, you HAVE to watch the episodes on irder, because each one actually picks up where the previous one left off. It's not like "Sliders", where you can watch the shows in ANY order and it'd still make sense (or not).

Stupid Sliders, I'm watching like season 3 now and the show is just degenerating to the point where it embarrasing to admit watching it. I don't even know why I'm typing this right now. It's starting to get painful.... I mean in season 1 they went from world to world trying to just get home, and now they're always SAVING every world they land on, by doing heroic things like... uh.

I don't even remember, it's just that bad... that the memories have self-erased themselves from my mind.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

On thursday I came home from work to find that my main computer's video card has died on me. I had to rush to the store and buy a new one, an ATI ALL-IN-WONDER 9800 PRO. They cost $329 at anitec but I got it at future shop for like $199.

It's pretty fast, it ran all the 3D stuff I threw at it perfectly, even when I maxed out all the settings. I sould even swear I heard the card laughing at me. That's when I pulled out 3Dmark2005 and you should have seen it, that thing made my video card its bitch.

I didn't know what to do with my dead video card, so I ate it. It tasted a little overcooked, I guess it died from the heat caused by overclocking it.

Anyways I won free tickets to Laff Lines and we went last night. It was pretty good. Something tells me we might win free tickets again, hmmm.

Haven't had much time to edit video lately, so no new updates there. I really think I need a new computer.... I'm trying to do all these insane effects with adobe premiere that no normal human being would ever attempt, and when I try to render them I catch myself ducking in fear that my CPU is going to explode. When I try and render 1732 layers of semi-transparent video at once, premiere tells me that it'll take around 3 years to finish rendering or something.

Now you know why the full bhangra video project is stalled for now...

This is the computer I'm looking at. Pretty fucking spiffy if you ask me!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Yeah, slurrey's back.

Haven't had time to update this site lately, though the message board and the Slurrey Show are as popular as ever.

What's been new lately? Well, our number one party place, the pit, is now gone. We went there for a party one day and they had torn down half the forest, exposing the pit and all its dark evil party activities to all of scott rd and new westminster. I figured pit parties are done for since there's no bushes around for people to sneak off into and fornicate.

Reminds me of what they did to holland park by surrey central. It's tragic, they ripped down the entire forest there too! Where is all the fildlife to go... such as the birds, squirrels, crack heads, etc.

I'm looking at buying a new car, since the Bhangra Bus is getting kind of shitty to drive. Having a gas needle that doesn't work is kind of shitty. I mean if it was only me who was driving it, then I'd know how much gas I put in. But when my parents drive it or something it's like a gamble whenever I take it out on the road cause I dunno how much is left. Fuckin thing has left me stranded in places a few times, and it likes to do that only when I have to get up for work at 5:30 am the next day.

We've been filming a lot lately. Expect a TON of new videos up soon, such as Slurrey Ninja, Burns Bog is on Fire!, Team Slurrey 2: The Prostitron Reactor, and an announcement about a new Slurrey DVD coming out.