Thursday, December 15, 2005

I have these weird snake bite marks on my neck. I think a snake may have bit me when I wasn't looking. Or maybe a vampire, according to some people. I really should be more aware of my surroundings and things biting me.

Funny thing is, people think it's a hickey from my girlfriend. I'm sorry, but my girlfriend doesn't have FANGS. Gawshdamnit.

So I got my car last thursday. It's pretty sweet. It's a 97 bonneville SSE. It's got the sexyest black leather interior, and has 2.7 billion features that I will probably never use, but enjoy having them there anyways so I can brag about it. It's got a compass on it with 80's computer graphics, seat adjustment buttons that can mold the seat into whatever shape you want, and a CARD HOLDER. I think I'm gonna use it to hold business cards.

What kind of business does slurrey do exactly? That's none of you're business. In fact it's so classified that the business card is BLANK.

Me and Vuv went and saw Narnia yesterday. I really liked it, most likely due to the fact that it wasn't as DISNEY as I thought it would be. Though the lack of blood anywhere in the movie leads me to believe that nothing in Narnia bleeds. Ever.

Tomorrow a bunch of us are going to see KING KONG. That movie will kick my ass in 28 different ways!! Stay tuned for a slurrey review!


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