Monday, January 23, 2006

Saturday night we went up to Eric's place and had a jolly good time playing with gasoline, as you'll see in the video below. It was great fun and I got rid of 2 tons of junk from my room at the same time.

Anyways with this clip here we filled a bottle with gasoline, put a cork in it to build up pressure, and put it in the fire. The idea was that all the pressure building up from the gas boiling would pop the cork, shooting out a vertical fireball at least 30 feet into the air. Did it work? Well, maybe you should watch the video and find out. (Hint: I probably wouldn't have posted this video if it didn't work) :)

(4 MB WMV)

Today was also the federal election, you all better have voted. If you didn't vote, and start bitching afterwards about what the government is doing, you will receive a free penis in the ass, courtesy of

I'm off to edit a new movie of ours, SLURREY NINJA. You'll see so many ninja style... things... that your inner Bruce Lee will rip himself out of your body and shitkick you while you're watching the movie for a truly asskicking experience.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm going to be rich fuckers!
Just you wait!

In other news, I saw HOSTEL and it was an excellent movie. It's disturbing in a great way, and I thought it was really well done. Fuck wannabe-horror movies like The Grudge and White Noise, which are designed for semi-retarded teenagers. It's not the gore that disturbs you, it's how close to reality this movie really is.

And jesus I love the Tarantino-like moments in that movie. Like eyeball goo. You'll know it when you see it!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm toying with the idea of turning this main page into a surrey news/commentary site, and adding the ability to have user profiles on here, kinda like myspace or nexopia, except with some features I've thought up that none of those sites would even dream to implement.

When I get the time, this site might even get a new layout.
Last night I got stranded because I needed gas, but was unable to put any in my car. Why? Cause the goddamn gas lock wouldn't unlock.

So just as I was running out of gas, I pulled into the nearest gas station hoping that there would be someone to help get the thing open somehow. But guess what, the gas station I pulled into was CLOSED. I did eventually get it open, but what a pain in the ass.

I'm debating on whether to start looking for a new job. I used to love this job, but things have changed.