Monday, February 27, 2006

You know, the slurrey show only happens once a week. For some of you crazy fans out there, that may not be enough to satisfy your vicious hunger.

So to keep you from going crazy from waiting during the week till the next wonderful, life-changing slurrey show airs, I've set up a streaming radio station that plays ALL our old shows. You can listen to it at:

All the slurrey shows we've done since we;ve started are all on there, and I'll be adding them each week as we do new ones.

For those who don't listen to the slurrey show, you can check it out Thursday nights at 9-11 pm PST!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Server will be down for a bit while I upgrade it.
Once I get it up and running everything should load a lot faster. Well it better, cause upgrading it is a pain.
I have this hardcore sliver in the palm of my hand that won't come out. I know it's freakin LONG cause when I got it, it felt like it was gonna come out the other side or something.

It's not infected anymore which is probably a good and bad thing. Good in that it doesn't hurt like a sonofabitch anymore, bad in that I'll probably have a piece of wood in my hand for the rest of my life!

Oh hey, what's this!

HAPPY 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY VUV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last tuesday was me and Vuv's 3 year anniversary and it was awesome. I bought her the coolest thing and she bought me the coolest thing, and we had a wicked day. She's fucking awesome and I love her. Cha cha!

A couple of days ago I took my car into the mechanic across my work because it wasn't sounding too healthy. He said it was the fuel pump and that it would cost $600 to replace. At that moment I could have sworn my wallet felt like it was shrinking inside my pocket with such velocity that it burnt my right buttcheek.

So I decide against fixing it there, and take my car to where I bought it because they give me a 15% discount for fixing it. Guess what, turns out it wasn't my fuel pump after all, they told me it was the spark plugs and stuff and they fixed it for only $330. The other fucking place nearly ripped me off, I was pissed off being nearly pissed on by those bastards.

Anyways my car runs a lot better now that the cylinders aren't misfiring all the time, fuck it's fast. As opposed to the ex-slurreymobile piece of shit van that I had to put all my weight on the gas pedal to get it to go the legal speed limit.

Last night was Ashleigh's party (Tracy's bday party, but she left early :P) and I didn't go to bed till 6 am after driving everyone home. Highlights of the night included:

- Drinking near half the JD bottle within 5 minutes of getting there and getting a good head start.
- Chad attemting to open the box of sugar cubes.
- Preparing absinth the RIGHT way, according to those anal upper class absinth-aholics.
- Not finishing off the absinth cause I'm a retard.
- Being tricked going into a playground mini house thing where a raccoon could have chewed my face off.
- Andrew trying to put condoms over his head.
- Someone putting one of Ashleighs stuffed animal in a condom, then blowing it up, so it was bouncing around in there. She was mortified.
- "Turtle" prank calling people. Hilarity!
- Jessika eating a condom and blowing condom bubbles. I think she drank some lube as well. Impressive!
- Driving everyone home. Singing our own version of Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" on the way and scarring Jess for life.

I'll post the pics soon, you'll find them on the message board in the field trips section.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Jesus fucking christ work is pissing me off, now I'm getting yelled at for DOING WHAT I WAS TOLD? What the fuck is up with that. This is getting ridiculous.

Maybe I should carry a goddamned voice recorder around at work to actually record what my boss instructs me to do, so then when I get yelled at because he thinks he told me to do something else, I can play it back for him and he can yell at me anyways.

I try my best to be a good worker, too bad it goes totally unnoticed while the stupidest little shit mistakes I do (and now... stuff that isn't my fault too) are made to seem like I'm the worst thing to ever happen to the company. Ain't that a piss off.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

One of the greatest experiences of buying a DVD is the lovely fucking STICKERS you gotta peel off to get the case OPEN. I wonder who had that wonderful idea?!?! And then I wonder how someone who was autistic was able to be in a position where DVD manufacturers LISTENED to that stupid ass idea.

I think I'm gonna go download a few DiVX's.

I got a Motorola RAZR on wednesday. Yeah I know it's trendy and whatthefuckever but I bought it for its size and features and NOT the fact that Paris Hilton has one! Anyways after buying it and playing around with it, I discovered that I could not do with it things that it was able to do, such as assign your MP3's as RINGTONES.

So I call Telus up and have a conversation with them about how I get my own mp3 ringtones on my phone. Long story short:


Of course there are ways around this, but figuring out how to do it was a pain in the ass. Thanks Telus, you controlling bastards! Nice phone though, I'm having lots of fun with it. In a non sexual way of course.