Monday, July 31, 2006

Well here I am, awake at a stupidly early hour unable to go back to bed. AGAIN!

Some braincell-deficient moron called my cell (wrong number) at 7, waking me up.

There's nothing quite like waking up to "MOSCOW MOSCOW HO HO HO HO HO" in the morning. There really isn't.

Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh today I will have even more zombie-like attributes :(

Sunday, July 30, 2006

My god I'm exhausted.... my sleeping patterns are all fucked up or something! I'm averaging about 4 hours sleep per night. Reminds me my old BCIT days when I was taking that programming thang.

Sooooooooooo.......... this happened a few days ago while I was brushing my teeth. My toothbrush slipped... and you know that TINY piece of skin that joins your lower lip to your gums? I hit it and ripped it clean off.

It hurt for a sonofabitch for a second and then nothing, so I didn't think much of it. It didn't even bleed that much! Though I told someone else a different story which I will be sharing in the next post I make soon.

The NEXT DAY.... it stung like nothing has ever stung before. FUCK that hurt! I could just be talking or eating or whatever and I'd move my lip the wrong way and totally feel it. And it seemed to be getting worse by the day! I couldn't fathom how such a useless piece of skin would be causing so much pain.

Today though it hasn't hurt as much so I think my body's lazy-as-fuck healing process finally kicked into gear. Usually I heal fine, but I guess whenever I get something that really hurts, it HAS to take longer then usual :P

The bed is looking pretty comfy right now.... CIAO

Friday, July 28, 2006

So I got my final marks from school back. 90%! I was the second highest mark in the class. I'm sure my company would like that.... had they not layed me off.

Yep, I call them to see when and what site I'm working on, and they were like "we don't have any work right now" and gave me a number for another company.

That wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't probably getting screwed out of almost $1000. See, my company would reimburse my tuition depending on the mark I got in school. Now that I don't work for them anymore, they don't have to do that.


After that I wasn't much in the mood to study for the final exam. I knew all the material anyways.

What did I end up doing that night? Going to south surrey. To catch crabs.

Not THOSE kinds of crabs, no. Andrew had his crabbing licence so a few of us went to south surrey (called "White Rock" by the people who live there and don't want to be associated with Surrey's "bad rep").


Notice we did end up catching a few, but had to throw them back because they weren't the right kind or something. Isn't a crab a crab? Stupid regulations. Though I'm not sure if I would EVER eat anything that grew up in those waters :P

Yeah so we were planning on going camping this weekend, but things fell through so we're gonna try it again next week I believe. Last year's camping trip was probably one of the greatest camping trips in the history of mankind.


Thursday, July 27, 2006


I love this video. Especially the dramatic zoom-in of the shoulder.
Ah yes, finished school today. Since the cramming for exams is officially over, once again my posting on here will be as regular as my bowel movements.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Just thought I'd give a quick update on the weekend!

Friday at school, our teacher Don gave us the most BRUTAL pop quiz I had ever done. The thing was a fucking monster. I knew I wasn't gonna get anywhere NEAR a passing grade. There were 120 questions to do in 3 hours. 3 hours sounds like sufficient time but... when you have to look up the answer to each question in a 2 foot thick codebook, 3 hours doesn't look like much anymore.

So we're all pissed off doing this horrible quiz he decided to spring on us on a friday afternoon. Then, about 2 hours in, he's like "can I interrupt this for a minute".


Hahaha well he did anyways, and was like "well I'm not gonna be here next week to go over this exam. So I'll just give you the answers!". An he proceeded to pass out the answer sheets out to everyone.

I don't think I've ever heard such a collective happy groan!

Friday night I was gonna go downtown for a birthday dinner and casino thang, but was way too hot and tired to want to do anything so I stayed home and scratched myself in various areas.

Approximately 6 hours of saturday afternoon were spent in Jessika's porn store killing time. I discovered that it MAY just be possible to get sick of hanging in a porn store! Hell we even went out to look at fucking PONIES!

I guess the 1% of wholesomeness I have in me was able to take over for a bit.
PONIES!!! Jesus.

Great stories from the porn store though. Enough people came to visit, it was almost like a pit party. Even PATTYWACK made an appearance. We don't see much of him these days due to him being shipped off to the army to learn how to kill babies and get gassed or something. SERVE OUR COUNTRY WELL, SOLDIER!

Something hilarious happened while we were all there. Two really old east indian men and a 4 YEAR OLD BOY came walking into the PORN store, and start looking at dildos and buttplugs. A 4 YEAR OLD BOY! Being exposed to veiny giant dicks nearly as tall as he is!

That's some fucked up parenting right there.

Then we went to BP for dinn0r, and then to a party.

We took 3 cars to the party. Everyone was following me, and Jessika or Royce were giving me directions. Actually I think Jessika was too busy skipping songs on my car stereo before they actually got to start playing.

Anyways I make a few wrong turns, make some U-turns over lawns etc, and everyone HAS to follow me! So we get to the party house and theres 3 COP CARS pulled up to the house next to it.

So I go to park in front of a cop car, pull up too far ahead, try and go backwards, then just drive away. With the cops watching. Everyone was laughing so hard at how stupid it must have looked! I wish I could have seen it through the cops' perspective, 3 cars pulling up with the lead car going back and forth trying not to look suspicious!

Sunday I studied all day at BCIT like a CHAMP. My nerdiness level shot through the roof and penetrated the stratosphere's vagina. I think my vision has gotten weaker, meaning a need for thicker glasses. I also realized that pocket protectors are a great idea, and that girls are icky. And I think my skin got so greasy the world's oil supply would last an extra 100 years.

But then I got home and had a beer and all the nerd symptoms vanished.


Sunday, July 23, 2006

It's way too hot in my room! WAY TOO HOT!
How the fuck am I gonna sleep tonight? Other than going unconscious from the heat.

So I have a retarded THREE exams this week so I don't know if I'll be able to keep my at-least-one-post-a-day promise. I think I already broke it on thursday....
Whoops :T


Saturday, July 22, 2006

So yesterday I was sitting at my computer, just minding my own business. I had my window open cause it was STUPIDLY hot out,

SUDDENLY out of nowhere a STREAM of water comes in through my window, all over my computer monitor, laptop, video camera, receiver, and a bunch of other stuff. I was like OMG WTF BBQ as I rushed to turn everything off and soak up the water with my shirt.

I saw smoke coming from somewhere, which was somewhat frighteni9ng. I turned everything off and let it dry, luckly in this retarded heat, that didn't take too long.

So what happened? My grandma forgot my window was open while watering the plants, and hosed my room down. What the fuck!

420chan is full of fucking pedophiles. It doesn't help either that the webmaster gave the pedo's their own hidden board to post images. It hasn't gotten shut down yet because all they post is child models and stuff. But I mean if they like looking at that stuff, what's stopping them from looking at worse stuff? Losers.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wow what a show tonight, we really tore it up this time!

Dunno what to post today! So maybe just a random image or two:

Well have a good night! Or at least good luck sleeping after seeing that image...

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I love talking to my girlfriend on msn:

[*Star no Star*] says:
Oh god, I'm so itchy right now
(x_o) o 0 ( PICS FROM MCRAE'S ARE UP! ) says:
(x_o) o 0 ( PICS FROM MCRAE'S ARE UP! ) says:
should I be seeing a doctor

... 5 min later ...

[*Star no Star*] says:
Yes mike...there's something I need to tell you..
[*Star no Star*] says:
I have....
[*Star no Star*] says:
a sunburn
[*Star no Star*] says:
The trip computer on my car doing what it does best. It's been doing it less often though, so maybe it's fixing itself without the help of some $500 repairs. Here's hopin'.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Part 2 of the big weekend update.

Saturday was some good times. We were at Jessika's porn store ("wow you can run!!"), then we hung out at Ashleigh's for some steaks and cake, then picked up El Valito and headed to the night market.

It was so crowded there I thought I was gonna die. We managed to run into Lena and a bunch of people there too. I'm surprised I didn't run into EVERYONE I KNOW there, cause THAT'S how crowded it felt!

Sunday me Val Ashleigh and Andrew went to the flea market, so hopefully I could get my damn gamecube cable I've been trying to get for the past 6 months. Still didn't get it! I'd give up, but I've already wasted too much time trying to get it that defeat is not the answer. Besides, I can't find the fucking thing anywhere else! Well maybe I can, for a RIDICULOUS price.

After the flea market we went to jolly good TIM HORTONS and got some ice caps cause outside it was hotter than Satan's asshole, and then went to Chapters and spent a good hour or so checking out the sex books they had there. I ended up buying the greatest book ever:


I knew I had to buy the damn thing when the first page I opened to had me nearly ROFLing in the middle of chapters. Here are some examples of the fine writing in this book:

On anal sex:
"It is only the uncivilized lady or gentleman who believes that backdoor friends, are always a pain in the ass. In fact, when we hear otherwise enlightened ladies and gentlemen dismiss bum-love -- or just laugh it off -- it makes us wonder what kind of Neanderthals have been knocking on their back doors."

On watching porn together:
Things not to say while watching porn with one's partner: "Wow, I didn't know they came that big!"; "How come you never spurt that far?";Oh! I remember doing that with my ex!"; "See? She doesn't have an pubic hair."; "Mom?".

On casual sex:
"You should not draw on one booty source more than once a week."

On oral sex:
"Of all things horrible, it is the limit to push someone down by the shoulders, using their ears as a steering wheel, or to accelerate the pace by pushing their head as if it were a toilet plunger"

Definitely a well written book, and probably quite useful for any retards out there who couldn't fornicate their way out of a paper bag.

Then we just walked to the movie theatre a few feet away to get tickets to see the new Pirates of the Carribean movie.

Now I don't think we've pulled this off in a while, but we managed to fill up almost an entire ROW of seats in the theatre! The people involved in this seat takeover were (cue flight of the valkyries music) me, Vuvvifer, Ashleigh, Tracy, Cory, Shannon, Jessika, Royce, Tanner, Bill, Chantelle, and finally Eric, who showed up just in time. Had Andrew, Mel, and Vanessa not cancelled, we would have taken up the entire row and maybe then some!

Ok here goes.... SEQUEL REVIEW TIME!


The movie was fucking badass. I loved it, but not as much as the original. It had parts that were so good in a way the first movie never even came close to, but as a whole I kinda found this movie was a bit less coherent.

I think Gore Verbinski has a fetish with fighting in/on things that roll! It's some great stuff though, entertained the fuck out of moi.

Now I'm wondering how much coke Kiera Knightley snorted to lose 90 percent of her body weight for this movie. She is a fucking STICK! I don't know about you guys but I believe all of her attractiveness disappeared with the pounds she dropped. What a waste, she looked a lot better before. She was great in the movie though.

Johnny Depp was kick ass in this movie, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow is one of the greatest characters ever in movie history. Damn fine acting I must say.

Orlando Bloom.... bleh. He was alright.

The computer generated graphics look real as fuck. Really, except for a few scenes with the giant tentacles, everything looked PERFECT. I think the time has come when CG in movies looks good enough that I don't care if it's used a lot in a flick. And the goo, perfectly animated.

So all in all I give this movie 2 thumbs and a 3/4 erect penis up. Go see it!
Can't wait for the 3rd one...

Off to bed cause I'm practically asleep already. -_-

Monday, July 17, 2006

So on friday was the annual "Party at McRae's" and it was quite a lot of fun. Shits and giggles galore, more giggles than shits though.

I chose to not drink, as I was A) tired as fuck and B) handling semi-expensive equipment of mine to bring to the party. Yep, once again this year I brought my xbox and wannabe-TV to the party so the gamers among us could have 8 player Halo shootouts at the party!

The party began with Aqua on the stereo, nascar 2006 running on one xbox with no one playing it, and me playing Sonic 3 on the other xbox. But from there.... the party evolved in an exponential way to something extremely kick ass. So kick ass that I haven't been able to sit down since then.

Everyone started showing up at around 9. The party cast included me, Chad, Robin, Eric, Vanessa, Sara, Tara, Megan, Thomas, Mel, The Prez, Josh, Derek, Katie, Jessica, Jevon, and even NICK... who has been absent for months from slurrey parties due to his incompatible employment hours.

So take a look at the pics, as pictures are worth a thousand words I don't feel like writing about right now! I'm so sleepy I'm wondering how I still have the mental capacity to press the "post" button for this update!

Tomorrow, I review the NEW Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This time I promise the review will be longer than once sentence long.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

You know, it's pretty sad when my tagboard (below my cam image) is starting to look like my email inbox.

Fucking spammers :[

Saturday, July 15, 2006

This ranks right up there as one of the funniest things I've ever seen.

It's nsfw though! You should even be visiting this site if you're at work anyways, slacker!

Friday, July 14, 2006



Good movie. I give it two thumbs and one penis up.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I really gotta get my mind out of the gutter while I'm at school. It's quite difficult though when we're learning about stuff like ZENER diodes and SHUNT resistors.

"I'd sure like to stick my zener in a shunt right about now."

Today it rained for the first time in forever. And as usual, people were driving like retards. I don't know what is it with people, did they forget how to drive in the rain or something? From the knobheads driving painfully slow to the mentally deficient jackasses driving stupidly fast, I find myself thinking it's a bit too easy for idiots to get their driver's licence around here.

"Oh hey, I'm gonna change a lane without checking it to see if there's a car there already!"

Eat shit! The fact a moron like you has a license defies logic and common sense. Oh yeah common sense. What an oxymoron :)

Jesus Christ I'm not getting much sleep these days.... even when I am sleeping I'm dreaming about tossing and turning in my bed trying to sleep.

I love ranting.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I took this pic this morning when I got to school:

I've gone all camera-happy lately, last night I took new pics of my room. The old ones I had on here were so old, they might as well have been black and white. Half the stuff in them I didn't even own anymore. Check out the new pics here!

I just realized that I forgot to post about one of my biggest achievements EVER.

I made a YTMND that became one of the most popular ones EVER on It was about the xbox game HALO. I fucking LOVE the Halo games in both sexual and non sexual ways. Me and El Valito beat both of them on co-op. So here's the YTMND I made:

HALO 3 ENDING - Leaked

The site became so popular that it stayed on the top 15 on the front page of ytmnd for a WEEK AND A HALF. Only truly legendary sites are able to do that.

But here's the ultimate kick to the balls (in a good way): BUNGIE SAW THE YTMND AND POSTED IT ON THEIR FRONT PAGE!!! BUNGIE!! HOLY MOTHER OF FUCK! THE PEOPLE MAKING THE GAME I'M MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO POSTED MY SITE ON THEIR FRONT PAGE!!! FUCKING HOLY SHIT! And from there it got linked to on damn near every videogame message board ever!

Awesome shit :)

Monday, July 10, 2006


So we just had what could have been the greatest pit party ever, but wasn't. It came pretty close though!

It all started weeks ago when Ashleigh was like "MIKE!!! I want a surprise birthday pit party!!!". Oh yeah it's gonna be SUCH a surprise, telling me that.

So I started planning this whole crazy party with live bands and electricity at the pit and stuff, sent out the invites and got everyone all hyped up! It was going to be a pit party unlike any pit party before it, and not in a bad way this time! It was gonna make the pit cool again.

I wasn't able to get a generator, and the other band that was coming cancelled, but things were still looking good. How the fuck would I bring a generator to the pit anyways? I'd have to walk the thing all the way down scott rd hill cause it wouldn't fit in my car. Imagine bringing it back home? Wheeling it all the way UP scott rd hill?

The day arrives and me and Eric go to the pit early and make it suitable for the excellent party ahead of it. Eric starts building the "party gate" while I nearly kill myself DRAGGING an old refridgerator from the bushes to be used as our new fire pit.

Mark, Brian, his gf, and a few more people arrive, and start blowing up balloons. And fondling them. With balloons shaped like that, how could you NOT fondle them?
Ample Josh came too!

So Ashleigh phones and says she's coming so we get the silly string ready for the grand entrance! Pictures didn't do this justice, so here's the video.

AND THEN, THE PARTY STARTED. Mike Brophy (classmate) and Vuv showed up, and then a bunch of people started putting balloons over the fire and RACING them to see who's balloon reached the upper stratosphere first. Usually the balloons just ended up stuck in trees and any attempts to rescue them (by THROWING ROCKS at them) failed miserably. Who woulda thought throwing a rock at a balloon would POP it? Every time?

Someone ended up bringing a LIGHTSABER to the pit, in case any stormtroopers or cops showed up maybe? Who knows. I think the lightsaber was broken or something, cause it didn't cut through anything. It didn't even get hot! Instead of me getting cut in half, getting hit with that thing gave me like a half assed bruise. DISAPPOINTING

Then at some point, some people brought a FENCE to the pit. I don't know where it came from, or how they ripped it out of the ground, or WHY THEY PUT IT OVER THE FIRE! See, in my experience of always throwing metal shopping carts on the fire and watching them NOT burn, I've realized that hey... metal things don't burn!

I suppose that fence could have been used as a barbeque grill or something. We didn't have anything to cook though. Maybe catch an animal from the pit. However, would anyone WANT to eat an animal from the pit? Friggin mutant surrey radioactive deer? Yum.

We decided to replace the non-burning fence with a GIANT LOG that was supposed to burn. I swear, by the end of the party it looked like it was the same size as when we put it on the fire!

THEN... something happened. A whole shitload of people ditched the party for another party. They didn't even wait for the band to arrive, they were just like "this party sucks we're going to a better one". It wasn't even dark yet! Whatever, it was their loss for jumping a ship that wasn't sinking!

Despite all the people leaving, all the cool people still stayed and more people arrived! The PREZ made a humble entrance and was bombarded with leftover silly string. Tracy, Cory and Shannon made a brief appearance as well, and Eric Andersen (who I hadn't seen in over a year!) came and we caught up and stuff and he lit off firecrackers and shit.


In the path in the distance, there was a headlight and we could hear some kind of motor vehicle coming towards us. Someone was like "oh shit, it's the cops!". But it pulled up closer and we could see....


They pulled up in the coolest ATV I'd ever seen, the reason they were late was cause they were trying to find a way to drive it into the pit! WHAT A FUCKING RAD ENTRANCE.

The fence that someone tried to burn was turned into a trampoline, which after it was all bent from people jumping on it, became some kind of metal hammock for everyone to lie down on. And do other stuff. People were chilling on it listening to the band playing its acoustic songs and someone was working on the ATV to get it running again and using the lightsaber as a flashlight. It was a great time!

The Pimpin Kings are gonna be big, I can tell. Their songs are catchy as fuck, how could a song about a mushroom trip with a space mantis not be? Keep an eye out for these guys! The songs they played on the slurrey show will be up soon!

The Pimpin Kings exited the pit in as awesome of a way as they entered it!! The pit party was over soon after and we all left...

When I got to my car, I saw this. And this. I knew I shouldn't have given Eric the keys to my car. When he was with Ash.

They did it as a joke though!

... I hope.



(BTW, the foxfest pics are up as well!!)

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hey hey I'm back with another post to grace you with. Cha cha.

So this weekend was pretty good, tomorrow I'll be posting pics from the greatest pit party of all time (for the most part). Right now I have an exam to study for. I have one more page of electrical symbols to memorize then I should be good & ready for the exam.

I'm averaging in the low 90's right now so I'm trying my best to get it to the high 90's by the end of school. Did I mention that my company reimburses my tuition by how good of a mark I get? I love it.

So I just thought I'd say that my room is pissing me off. Today I had most of the heat generating electronics in my room off, but it STILL felt like an oven in there. I was pissed off cause I find it quite hard to study while I'm cooking.

So where is this heat coming from? Is my room permanently radioactive from all the crazy shit I have in it? I don't glow green and my piss doesn't burn itself though brick walls, so that can't be the case. Maybe my room just happens to be sitting on a geothermal vent or something, who knows.

My car's electrical system has been acting up lately. The screen keeps displaying all this garbage and makes a beeping sound and it doesn't fix itself until I hit it. I'm slightly worried, because each time I have to hit it to fix it, I have to hit it just a little bit harder for it to work. Now the way I see this situation progressing, eventually the thing is either gonna fuck itself up for good, or I'll have to punch the dashboard so hard that I break my arm in 27 different places.

I can take it in and get it fixed, but everyone knows how much they like to screw you moneywise with fixing electrical problems.

I KNOW it's only a loose wire or bad connection, and I have an alright background in embedded microcontrollers in automobiles, so I hope they try and tell me something like "oh we had to rewire the entire computer system and hack the software and reinstall the car version of Windows, and oh yeah and it had spyware and viruses too, which took us 436 hours to get rid of and 2 of our best men lost their lives doing it, so that'll be $375.00".

I think I'll try fixing it myself, so if I fuck it up badly I KNOW it's fucked up badly and I'll be getting what I'm paying for :)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

This is a double post for shits n giggles!
This is a double post for shits n giggles!
Still a wee bit drunk, the Blarney Stone was fun.

Tomorrow is gonna be a fucking blast, I'm excited in a non-sexual way.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I woke up way less tired today, but staying till 8pm at school studying sorta fixed that.

This is all the update you're gonna get today, cause I came home so late. But at least it's an update!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I thought I'd open today's post with something interesting for once.

So when I met up with Eric today to head downtown via (ugh) Skytrain, we saw a truck on fire at Scott Rd. There weren't any police or firetrucks there yet, it was just sitting on the road burning. So I got a few good pics of it that I'm sure many of our pyromaniac readers will find useful in wanking to. Coming soon!

So we go downtown for a very high class dining experience at VCC. We had some excellent gourmet food. However, Vanessa made an interesting observation about one thing she didn't find so tasty!

Vanessa: "You know, gin tastes like ass."
Eric: (In a high class voice) "Ah, well I see you have sampled both."

Oh man good times. Eric ordered an alcoholic beverage and kept licking the clear plastic stir stick and commenting on the taste each time. Finally Vanessa said "I think you just like licking the shaft."

Yep, I'd say we fit quite well in an upper class society, don't you think?

After that we wandered around Hastings and saw some cool stuff, and then headed home! I took the skytrain with Vuv, kinda reminded me back when we first met and took the skytrain everywhere! Yeah my vehicle at the time was so retarded I had to rely on public transit :P

So I've figured out that I SUCK AT SLEEPING. Really, I think I spend 90% of the night half awake. It's pretty stupid, when I'm at SCHOOL and fall asleep no problem. Maybe if I pull a couple of all nighters in a row it'll scare my body into wanting to sleep WHEN THE FUCK IT'S SUPPOSED TO!

I end tonight's post with another cool picture, that I took on the way home to surrey:

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

See I'm updating for the second day in a row! This can't be too hard.

Today I was retardedly tired at school. From the moment I got there to when I left, I was fighting the whole time to keep my eyes open. I won, for the most part.

So today me and Vuv were hanging out and usually I don't answer the phone during inconvenient times, which scares some of my friends because who knows WHAT I COULD BE DOING that keeps me from being able to answer the phone.

So one of my friends calls to ask about plans we have tomorrow and FINALLY I answer the phone.

Me: "Did you try and call me earlier? Cause I was kinda busy"
Ash: "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwww gross Mike"
Me: "Hah"
Ash: "I was just wanting to know if you guys were coming."

Well, I'm off to sleep, or at least toss and turn from the heat till I pass out from exhaustion.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Hey I thought I'd make a real update real quick!

I've been really busy with school and having a life lately so I've been neglecting this wonderful piece of shit website. I call it a piece of shit now, because that's what it will seem like when compared to the new redesign I have coming for it when I get the time.

I've already started changing a few things, have a look around! First of all I've updated the slurrey logo to a new sorta sleeker looking one I designed.

This summer has been going awesome so far. I'm kinda broke cause I'm in school right now for my job. I DO get EI but that just covers my bills, so I get the pleasure of watching my bank account deplete itself as the weeks go by. Still though, this summer has been a lot of fun and school is also retardedly EASY so it's like I'm on vacation almost. It has mostly consisted of beaches, patrying, swimming, beaches, some drinking, more partying, and more beaches.

FUCK, I LOVE THIS WEATHER. Finally we get a summer that is actually worthy enough to be called a summer.

SO HERE IS MY NEW PLAN. I will update this thing AT LEAST once a day from now on. And if I don't... well..... YOU GET TO...



be slightly displeased.

So yes, now I'll update on what I did for the past 2 weeks, cause anything earlier than that.. I can't really remember?

So waayyy last thursday (a week ago) was the slurrey show with Karbomb, who hadn't been on the show for like a good month due to things like work, winning poker games, etc! His triumphant return brought tears of joy to the fans of the slurrey show who missed his crazy humor! Things with the slurrey show should be pretty regular now.

Then friday I started work on a new movie idea I want to do (HINT: Push it to the limit). I think also that night we hung out at Tracy's. It was a jawlly good time even though I was exhausted from not getting any sleep the night before..... due to an extremely loud east indian party behind my house. As great as the music is, I discovered that night that I CAN'T SLEEP TO IT.

Saturday was Cultus lake for the first part of the day, where we burnt ourselves in the sun. I'm the only one who didn't peel, I don't know if that's cause I'm greek, or if I've burnt myself so many times that my skin has lost the ability to regrow. Anyways I'm starting to get my yearly brown look again :)

Saturday night was Vanessa's birthday party, which was interesting. There's nothing better than going to a beach and getting LOCKED there. We had to do a death-defying climb over a fence to get back to the party, and I got my hands covered in this greasy fence crap that took forever to wash off. The pics from that party are up in the field trips section, if you want to take a look.

Sunday we went to the Flea Market and then me and the Valinator went and saw NACHO LIBRE. I had my doubts about the movie, which vanished when the opening scene, a young Nacho was practicing his wrestling moves by LIGHTLY beating up a holy statue. What a grand movie!

During the week I studied my ass off for an exam with I kicked the shit out of, then on thursday we had the slurrey show featuring the local band, the PIMPIN KINGS. One of our best shows ever for sure, they played a bunch of songs on air and were really good, we had the most listeners ever apparently. GOOD SHIT!

Friday I don't remember what we did!

Saturday was FOXFEST. IT WAS AWESOME, best Canaday ever I'd say. It was really hot and crowded, and we lost each other a bunch of times. In a fun sort of way of course! My one gripe is that everything they sold there was CASH-ONLY, and they didn't have a single ATM in there. Stupid. Anyways pics from that will be up soon. After foxfest I went to a pit party I was too late for, so I ran into my friends leaving it and heading towards scott rd stn. We ended up chilling for a bit.

Sunday me and Ashleigh went to the flea market, then met up with Vuv and went to White Rock and hung out there for a while. We also met up with Andrew and Lena there. I tried east indian food (it was pretty good) and then we hung out at Chris's house. It was all going fine until we were ATTACKED BY A LARGE ALIEN COCKROACH-LIKE CREATURE that the cat brought in, no one knew WHAT THE FUCK that thing was but it looked all crazy and poisonous and shit. AWESOME.

That bring us to today, we went to some nice lake in abbotsford and swam there. Well it was really nice until I found that band-aid in the sand, that was sorta gross. There was also one part of the lake which was... unnaturally warm. I'm hoping it was from some gelological lava vent thing and not just a place where a bunch of people felt the need to pee. Good times though, I fell asleep tanning and didn't burn myself this time.

Ok I'm going to bed this post is ovar!