Sunday, July 09, 2006

Hey hey I'm back with another post to grace you with. Cha cha.

So this weekend was pretty good, tomorrow I'll be posting pics from the greatest pit party of all time (for the most part). Right now I have an exam to study for. I have one more page of electrical symbols to memorize then I should be good & ready for the exam.

I'm averaging in the low 90's right now so I'm trying my best to get it to the high 90's by the end of school. Did I mention that my company reimburses my tuition by how good of a mark I get? I love it.

So I just thought I'd say that my room is pissing me off. Today I had most of the heat generating electronics in my room off, but it STILL felt like an oven in there. I was pissed off cause I find it quite hard to study while I'm cooking.

So where is this heat coming from? Is my room permanently radioactive from all the crazy shit I have in it? I don't glow green and my piss doesn't burn itself though brick walls, so that can't be the case. Maybe my room just happens to be sitting on a geothermal vent or something, who knows.

My car's electrical system has been acting up lately. The screen keeps displaying all this garbage and makes a beeping sound and it doesn't fix itself until I hit it. I'm slightly worried, because each time I have to hit it to fix it, I have to hit it just a little bit harder for it to work. Now the way I see this situation progressing, eventually the thing is either gonna fuck itself up for good, or I'll have to punch the dashboard so hard that I break my arm in 27 different places.

I can take it in and get it fixed, but everyone knows how much they like to screw you moneywise with fixing electrical problems.

I KNOW it's only a loose wire or bad connection, and I have an alright background in embedded microcontrollers in automobiles, so I hope they try and tell me something like "oh we had to rewire the entire computer system and hack the software and reinstall the car version of Windows, and oh yeah and it had spyware and viruses too, which took us 436 hours to get rid of and 2 of our best men lost their lives doing it, so that'll be $375.00".

I think I'll try fixing it myself, so if I fuck it up badly I KNOW it's fucked up badly and I'll be getting what I'm paying for :)

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