Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Starts 1 week from today!

Monday, September 25, 2006


I finally got my friggin car back! It's all fixed, good as new! I must say they did a pretty fine job, well I mean it was in there for 2 weeks so I didn't really expect any less. But the best part is... I don't have to drive that slow ass piece of shit courtesy car anymore!!

It felt so damn good to drive my car again. I generally prefer to drive vehicles that actually react when you push the gas pedal. When I floored the gas on my car it felt as if I slightly altered the rotation of the earth, it was great.

I'll always prefer driving to taking transit. I kinda do feel bad for polluting the environment, but at least I'm doing it in the best way possible! Driving my car, it's almost worth it.

Jesus, my grandkids will be cursing my name.... in the dreary future when all the sunlight is being blocked by the smog clouds, which happen to be pissing down acid rain. But hey.... I'm sure artificial cybernetic lungs will be invented by then... and artificial trees.... and artificial animals...

Hoooooo boy this'll be a long one!

So last weekend I helped Cory and Tracy move. It was like the end of an era, it was quite awesome being able to get shittered at a party and then stumble back home... 3 houses away!

The rest of the last week consisted mostly of work. In the past 2 weeks, I've worked at like 5 different sites.

However on wednesday I was sent to work at Royal Columbian hospital in new west, and it looks like I'll be staying there for a while. It's pretty nice working there, lots of interesting stuff to learn.

Did you know that the hospital has hidden mechanical floors between each floor? You need a special key for the elevator to stop there! But it's just badass. There's pipes, cables, and ductwork everywhere, but the coolest thing about it is the ROBOTS going around on these tracks, carrying boxes of random stuff! They're always whizzing about everywhere and it's neat as fuck.

Then one robot almost smoked me in the nuts as I was stepping over a track and it came around the corner. It was frightening, nearly being rendered infertile by one of The Terminator's ancestors.

We also work right by the morgue and on 2 seperate occaisions I saw them wheeling a cart with a full bodybag into a truck. I SEE DEAD PEOPLE (O_O).

So this weekend was an eventful one. Wanna see what it consisted of?


And that pretty much sums it up! Friday night we just hung out, I was kinda tired even though I had an accidental hour long nap. It was still a fun night though, and JESUS CHRIST WAS IT COLD OUTSIDE. My nipples could probably cut through glass whenever I went outside, I'm surpised I don't have holes in my shirt.

Saturday was the REAL party. It was pretty good, tons of people showed up. Then tons more showed up, and then people no one knew showed up! It was an interesting night, for sure.

Some 32 year old chinese dude showed up outta nowhere, and I guess he was hitting on the girls at the table or something. In the end as he was leaving one of them poked him in the butt with a chopstick. AWESOME!

There were lots of good times had, and the pictures are good enough to show that without me having to write about it! So check'em out! I sorta assume that most slurrey readers find it much easier to look at pictures than read :P

Ohhhhh I almost forgot to mention....

I bought this digital video camera, which cost $1399 when it first came out in 1999, for $20. It works PERFECTLY FINE, the only reason it was selling for so cheap was because it was missing the power cord, which I have.

The quality on the camera is almost as good as the one I paid $900 for! Pretty sweet deal eh? It's a Sony DCR-TRV510, with a friggin 4 INCH SCREEN. Why anyone would want a 4 INCH SCREEN for a camcorder is beyond me, but it just looks damn cool.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

This is a post of even lesser substance of the preceding post.

Oh wait....

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This is a post. Just to say I posted today. There is no substance to this post, it is merely a representation of my lack of energy to post tonight. But there's a lot coming, I just need to have enough brain cells awake to be able to crank a good post out!


Sunday, September 17, 2006

I just noticed that there is an EVEN number of comments for any of the posts on the front page.

So I'm working in vancouver again, so I have to wake up at 5:30 like I used to. I feel more zombie-like than normal these days.

Friday though, we were sent to a different site. A rendering plant by the port.

A rendering plant! This was gonna be fun.

So by the end of the day I smelled like melted animals, I guess it didn't help that we were working by the incinerator thingy all day. Every now and then it would make a noise and blow steam out, unleashing a smell so bad that I wondered why the fuck the human brain is capable of processing a smell so bad. It was sick! Then the incinterator broke down and all this slimy oily shit started oozing out from under it, and everyone would be walking through it and going up and down the ladders there. The ladders got covered in that shit and when I had to go up or down them, my hands got covered in it. Yum yum!

And you have to love all the trucks bringing loads of carcasses in with tons of seagulls and crows circling them, fighting over bits and pieces of whatever-the-fuck that used to be!

The day went by pretty fast though. I got to work with a first year apprentice who somehow thought he could order me around like a foreman. The first couple of days I knew him he seemed like a regular guy, but on friday he was getting all cocky and thinking he was god's gift to electricians. And he somehow thought, even though I'm second year, that I have no clue what I'm doing! Hoo boy, I have a feeling the next few days are gonna be mighty interesting :-)

A cool thing about the rendering plant is that it can convert all these dead things into biodiesel, which can be run in any diesel engine. Apparently you can throw a human body in there and get like 3 litres of biodiesel from it. Imagine that.... think of all the pedophiles, murderers, exes, and rapists that could make themselves useful in your gas tank.

Hahaha wow, that's morbid. Someone should make some kinda movie out of it or something. "WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE WORLDS OIL SUPPLY RUNS OUT".

Oh I almost forgot to mention my spider story. On thursday, it was almost the end of the day at work and I was strapping cable to these rust pipes on the wall. I feel something tingly on my face and a bite, and I flicked it off, not seeing what it was. I'm now assuming it was a spider, cause a giant bump formed on my face. But it was the same skin color of the rest of my face, so it just looked like I had a tumor-face. So I spent this weekend looking like the elephant man :-)

More later, I'm pooped!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I'd post about something except I have nothing to post about. You ever get that writer's block kind of shit, where you WANT to write about something but don't know what? That's exactly what I'm going through. It's horrible, I have no idea what to post about...

Hey HEY! Looks like I just posted something... about posting about nothing! FUCK YEAH.
Once again, I saved the day.

Goodnight all you faithful slurrey readers out there.... wow I even said "readers" in plural. As you can see I'm getting pretty confident about this site's popularity :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Gotta love it when the courtesy car that the autobody shop gives me is DEAD in my driveway cause the lights decided to stay on and drain the battery.

Gotta love it when I charge the battery again and am finally able to start the car, be all happy, only to have the car die again a minute later. I guess the pathetic thing that calls itself an engine isn't capable of keeping the battery charging while it's running?

Still better than driving the van of death though. At least the corolla died in front of my house, as opposed to the van which dies as far away from it as possible. I might have to drive that piece of shit tomorrow.... (x__x)

Monday, September 11, 2006

OH MY GOD!!! 2 POSTS IN ONE DAY!!! What the fuvk! The world must be ending! How will slurrey ever be able to handle me posting twice in one day!?!!?! The awesomeness must be overwhelming. I must be like internet-jesus or something.

Well, no. I've been starving this site of my magnificent posts lately so I figured I'd fix everything by overfeeding it with posts. That'll do it!

SOOOOOOO I take my car in to get fixed, and they give me my courtesy car.

A friggin corolla. Which I'll be driving for the next 2-3 weeks. The opposite of my car in a variety of different ways.

I guess the reality truly sank in when I stepped on the gas to go faster... but instead of going faster, the engine just made louder noises.

Lol 4-cylinder :(
So it's only taken them 5 friggin years, but this is what's going to be built on the WTC site:

Sunday, September 10, 2006


So what did we do over the long weekend? Just a lot of hanging out and stuff. Sometime during the long weekend we walked along crescent beach, through the nude part of the beach. The amount of penis I saw that day exceded the amount of penis that I ever want to see in a given day (zero). Yeah I don't count mine.

This weekend was good, on friday I felt so damn sick at work I had to go home, my stomach was doing its whole "I DON'T LIKE WHAT YOU ATE LAST NIGHT SO NOW YOU'RE PAYING FOR IT, BITCH" kinda thing. At least this time on my way home I didn't have another INCIDENT. What incident you may ask? Well, you'll either have to have heard it on the slurrey show, or me telling the story in person to ever know. One can't just WRITE about it!

Friday night we partied at Tracy's, who lives like 4 houses away so I wasn't tooooo worried about how much I had to drink. I still remember most of the night.

Last night was a different story. What I DO remember makes no sense! I was THAT fucked. There was that drinking board game I played with Tracy n Cory, which we never really got through. Then I remember Jessika trying to pick up her fish right out of the miniscule fishbowl with her hands, probably to attack me with it or something. Some point after that I got really hungry and had a jerky craving. Me and Shannon took off to Mac's and I bought 7 bucks worth of pepperoni sticks.... only to find out the hard way that they were the hot spicy kind. So to ease my hunger I ate a cookie I maybe shouldn't have used to ease my hunger with. The cookie sealed the deal, I was NOT gonna make it home..... or even 10 feet in any direction. Me Kyle and David were bullshitting around for a while.... and between that time and when I woke up on the couch at 9 am, is one big blank spot where my memory should be! I'm sure I had fun though.

I'll post party pics soonish.

Today I saw the best movie, LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN. Check it out if you haven't already, it's great.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006


(Yeah, I suck at posting lately)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Well it is now officially the end of my 5 day long weekend!

Luckily for you readers, you won't have to endure another super-long post about what we did this weekend! Unluckily for me, it's cause we didn't do much.


The big rave-party-camping thing that was supposed to go down in Squamish got cancelled cause bears were spotted in the area. So the whole thing was cancelled. Cause of bears!!

I dunno about you, but I believe that bears have at least enough intelligence to stay away from a place with a massive crowd of people and (especially) the loud techno music. I mean, pump that stuff loud enough and the area within its radius would scare away anything that's not human and not on drugs :P

So what did we do instead? Stay tuned for tomorrows post.


(Hah I'm such an asshole blogger.....)