Thursday, November 30, 2006

OMG if my car stereo dying was not enough, now my computer's DVD burner just died!! I paid over a hundred bucks for that thing! It had the ability to print labels on the CD (which I never got working lol). What the fuck!

I'm gonna take it back to anitec and see what they can do for me. It's 2 weeks past the 1 year warranty, great :(

So if they can't do anything to replace my broken drive, I'm just gonna eat it. I mean, fuck, I wanna get my full money's worth, and the damn thing's got to have some nutrients in it.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Who's going to the Canucks game tonight? I AM!
Who's jealous? YOU ARE!


Well.... probably not.

Monday, November 27, 2006

So I'm gonna update on the weekend cause I'm snowed in and can't get to work today!

On saturday afternoon it started snowing hardcore. It was obvious that the weather wasn't fucking around this time. It wasn't gonna just snow for 2 hours and then rain to melt the snow away. No way, this was gonna be some big shit!

In an extreme weather situation like this there's only one thing you can do... take advantage of it!!

So I rounded up as many people as I could and we went up to burnaby mountain for some badass sledding! It was good shit, and Jessika took lots of pictures of us wiping out at high speeds.

Sunday there was at least a foot of snow outside in the morning. It was still soft so I could sorta drive in it and not get stuck too often. Can't say the same for other drivers though, you'd think they'd never fucking seen snow before.. the way they're drivin. And in Surrey, with our multicultural population, most of them probably haven't!

I pick up Tracy and Cory and we go to IHOP for some good breakfast. We're all hungry as shit and suddenly the power goes out. Great! Ashleigh and Andrew show up and we end up goin to DeDutch farther down Scott Rd where the stores weren't electrically-retarded. It was the good shit!

After that I dropped ppl off and went back home, only to find my house dark and with no power. Rather than sit in the dark and cold I went back out to join Ash, Matt, and Andrew in building a snowman.

I have a problem with snow men. They have no defining features that distinguish them from snow-women. So I added one.

It was quickly ravaged. Only in surrey!

Today I woke up and couldn't even get into my car to go to work, cause EVERYTHING THAT COULD FREEZE, DID. I did take some rad pics outside though, you'll find them near the end!!


Saturday, November 25, 2006

My car CD/DVD player decided that it didn't want to read CD's anymore. God damn you JVC, you were such a reliable brand. Car stereos shouldn't just stop reading CD's for no reason! Especially $600 ones.

So now I have to ship my corpse of a car stereo off to who-knows-where so they can do who-knows-what to it and ship it back to me still broken... which is what always happens to me in these situations.

After dropping my car stereo off, I looked at the hole in my dash and had the intense urge to fill it in with something. No not THAT you fucking perverts.... though I gotta admit I thought about it for a second.

No, I had to buy a cheap-ass piece of shit car stereo to fill the musicless void, cause driving in silence just irks me. Especially when caught in traffic... gahdamn.
Last night me Vanessa James Tracy Cory Jessika and Shannon went and saw THE FOUNTAIN. I think I'm the only one who really liked the movie.... that's not to say I wasn't disappointed with it!


I've been waiting for over 5 years for this movie to come out. And all the great things I'd been hearing about the movie over those years built up so much anticipation that I couldn't stand it! And I finally got to see it last night!

I knew I was going to be disappointed, cause there was NO WAY any movie would live up to the expectations I had! I still thought it was an amazing movie, but I also thought it was slow and way too cut up. The story jumped around time periods way too much, seemingly at random. I think most people will get really annoyed with that, and the pace of the movie will turn them off even more. You really gotta give it a chance and get into it.

The music and visuals are the best things I've ever witnessed since... ever. It's some beautiful stuff, and when it comes out on blu-ray or HD-DVD I'm buing it for sure.

The ending got me, I'm still trying to wrap my mind around what happened :P I guess it'll take a couple more viewings like Donnie Darko did.

In conclusion you'll either love this movie or hate it depending on what kind of person you are. If you have a short attention span though, don't watch it!!!! People started walking out of the theatre during the opening tattoo scene. The movie showed every single step of him making a tattoo needle out of his pen, and the ink ingredients, including slowly lighting a fire to boil the ink, and for a while you didn't even know what he was doing! That was too much for some people! But if you can sit through a movie that pays attention to so much detail, then you'll probably really enjoy it.

After the movie we stood outside in the freezing cold trying to figure out what we were gonna do! Now you'd think that when figureing out what to do while being so cold, you'd want go somewhere warm right? Haha no way.. we ended up going to White Rock, damn near the coldest place in surrey probably. We tried to walk the pier but only made it halfway :P

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


First of all, here are the presents I got from people!

From El Valito: An Xbox 360 HD-DVD player (high definition movies on it look so real it's unreal!), Maddox's book "The Alphabet of Manliness", and a King Kong game! Wow... those were the best gifts ever!!! I know I'm gonna be using the HD-DVD player a lot, now that I'm starting to build a new collection of movies in HD!

From Susan I got an AWESOME scarf with a 8-bit Mario mushroom on it! She made the whole thing herself! And also a Playstation 3 tshirt and keychain type thinger!

Mya got me this HILARIOUS book with a hole in the middle of it. You stick your wang through, and your wang stars in a series of pictures! It was a great party prop and an awesome idea... now if only my wang could actually fit through that hole :P

From Brian and Shannyn I got a FANCY drinking glass and a mini-bottle of BOLS!

I got some cool stuff from other people too!

So saturday night was my birthday party, also known as "the annual event to see how many people we can cram into 2 rooms". I dare to say, that it just might be the FREATEST PARTY I HAVE EVER THROWN. It was crazy!!!! This is who all showed up:

Ashlita's Eric
The Prez
Mike Brophy
Karyn's Kevin
Dave Marshall
Chad W
Dave Dudley
Erin #2

So in total, 37 people ended up coming!! Last years birthday party was 25 people in comparison. I'm scared to see what next year's numbers are gonna look like.

A bunch of people were MIA too though. Mel, Megan, Kevin's Erin, Aidan, Angela, and Jessika didn't show up. Neither did Shannon but she's the only person who actually let me know beforehand that she couldn't make it... I guess most people are afraid to inform me that they can't come for fear of being ridiculed for missing a near-historical event. Psh you don't have to worry about that, I know the deep inner pain caused by missing out on so much fun is punishment enough :-)

I bet the amount of alcohol consumed would be able to keep a small european country drunk for a week. And with that drinking came some shit you don't see at regular parties. Full grown men crowded around a karaoke game singing Avril Lavigne at the top of their lungs, people picking up CARS and moving them, four people playing DDR at once.. on the SAME pad, and other stuff that well... some things that happen at my party stay at my party... narf.

Now you'd think that by 5 am or so... the party would be dying out right? Nope. The 10 or so of us left decided to go straight to the local Best Buy and continue partying while waiting in line for a Nintendo Wii! Me and Vuv didn't end up staying the whole time though... with the horrors of camping for a PS3 still so fresh in my mind.

I found out the next day that JOSH, who was waiting in the lineup with everyone else, went and bought a PS2 instead of the Wii! He said the reaction of the Best Buy employees was priceless. Here are all these people scrambling for the latest nintendo system, and Josh walks up to the cashier with a PS2! Awesome \m/

And that's my bday party update! I'm 24 now, I feel old as shit... wait that's an inaccurate statement since shit doesn't last very long unless it's preserved in jars or something. But damn, 24 already. I'm suffering through a mid-life crisis right now! AJSDJdsjfsdo;jfso;jfs!!!

Stay tuned, next post will be special, though I can't guarantee it'll be special in a non retarded way.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So now I'm gonna tell you the epic tale of how I got my Playstation 3.

So thursday rolls around... I leave work early and stop at home to get the necessary items to ensure my survival while camping out. These items included 4829 layers of warm clothing, a laptop, a chair, and a Nintendo DS... which I forgot to bring games for.

I head down to Future Shop and get in the line at approximately 3:45 pm. There were 15 people already there, but I still thought my chances were good.

I set up camp and sat down in the spot I was gonna be spending the next 14 hours in. I took out my laptop and tried to connect to Future Shop's wireless internets. One of them, called "bbhotspot", was really fast and reliable. Unfortunately, it blocked half the sites I was trying to access. I couldn't even connect to akaradio with it.

The other one was "TechRoom" and it allowed me to go wherever I wanted in the internets, but it kept cutting out, and disappearing for a while. Making that one impossible to do the slurrey show with as well.

Goddamn it was only 4:15 pm and it was already fucking freezing!

Chad and Erin came for a few minutes and visited me, and went back to their warm homes (Chad HAD to emphasize the warmthness of his house).

Other people in the lineup were excited about me doing a live radio show from there, I do admit it was a great idea. All I had to do was make it work!

So I fucked around in the lineup for a while and slowly lost what little body heat I had left. Eventually Jessika showed up and kept me company for a while, and held my spot in line while I ran to Tim Hortons so empty the bladder unit and to get us some hot chocolates...

The lady at Tim Hortons told me that they couldn't serve any hot drinks because of the tap water quality from the storm we had. I was like "well can you use that crappy tap water anyways? I won't mind" and she still said no. Stupid media-fueled panic about our drinking water.... makes people go stir-fucking-crazy.

So I got overpriced hot chocolates at Starbucks instead and ran back to the lineup. Waited around with Jessika for a bit, and Tracy and Cory came to visit, and hung out for a while. Ashleigh and Matt came for a bit, and then Chad showed up to do the Slurrey Show. Josh and Matt appeared out of nowhere, and boy this was almost turning into a slurrey party, especially when Andrew and Lena showed up too! It was a good crowd!

Unfortunately we didn't get the slurrey show working right, but Cinco SOMEHOW found me and Chad's cell #'s and called us, and we were able to do the Slurrey SHow through my cell phone! We interviewed a bunch of other people waiting in line and stuff, and made fun of each other and whatnot. It was good times!

At some point a Futureshop employee came out and confirmed that the store was getting 16 PS3 consoles in. I was # 16 in line. meaning that I would probably be getting the last PS3 if no one in front of me was saving a spot for a friend who was also getting one!

Jessika ended up DITCHING me cause it was too cold (you goober!), so when everyone left to go back to their warm homes, I was left with no one to hold my place in line in case I needed to go pee. So for the rest of the night I knew I had to hold it. I wasn't going to leave my place in line, because I was potentially getting the last PS3 and the people behind me knew that, so I didn't wanna risk anything.

I held it all night, not only that but I had to hold back a #2 as well. TMI maybe, but I think you should all know the full extent of what I had to suffer through :P

By 11:30 my feet were completely numb from the cold, I probably got frostbite on my wang, and my nipples were hard enough to cut diamonds. Robin came by to laugh at me, and Eric showed up and brought me some Timbits.

12:00 came and... IT WAS MY 24TH BIRTHDAY!!!

Gotta love spending the first half of your birthday outside in the freezing cold waiting to shell out $700 for a game system.

So after everyone left it was 12:30 amd and... it started to RAIN. Yes, RAIN. THere was no awning directly above me, so I was getting wet. AND not only rain, but it was windy as fuck too. For the next 7 hours, I drifted in and out of delirious consciousness. I got soaked in the rain, and the parts of my brain that weren't frozen were putting together simple thoughts such as "why am I even doing something this stupid?".

I talked to other people in the lineup to pass the time, and suddenly a car from THE BEAT pulls up. 2 of the DJ's come out and offer people money for their spot in line. Some girl sells her sopt in line for $750 AND 2 canucks tickets! Awesome! PICTURE.

At 6:30 am a future shop employee came out and handed tickets to whoever was gonna get a PS3. I got the last ticket, meaning I was getting the LAST PS3. Everyone waiting in line behind me had to go home.... poor bastards.

At 7:30 they started letting each person in 2 at a time to buy their Playstations. The line was moving so slowly I thought I was gonna freeze myself to my current spot where I was standing!

I FINALLY got in, and bought my PS3, an extra controller, a game, and an HDMI cable. Total came to $1000. WOW.

I take the PS3 home, and try it out. Was it worth waiting in line overnight to have this thing? Fuck no. Was it worth waiting in line that long to sell it? FUCK YEAH! We'll see how much money I make selling this thing ;)

Coming tomorrow: My Birthday Party post!!

Coming soon... My PS3 review video! Including footage from the lineup. Hilarity will ensue, I can guarantee that.

Monday, November 20, 2006

You know your week is off to a good start when you do this 5 minutes after you start work on monday morning:

I somehow managed to get my knuckle caught in a piece of sharp metal, and it sliced a chunk of skin off.

It's not every day you get to see inside your own knuckle. Mmmmm bone.

For a high resolution picture of the aftermath after it was all cleaned, click here. It's awesomely disgusting :P


Vuv: awww hunny... i'd kiss it better but it's a little too gapey
Me: you can french kiss it ;)

I still have a few posts to catch up on, such as my PS3 experience, a review of my actual PS3 system, and the post about my birthday party! If you're looking for the birthday party pics, they're up on the message board!

Saturday, November 18, 2006


STARTS AT 7 PM PST!!! Click on the image above to access the live cam!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ok so I am sitting outside Future Shop in the FREEZING cold stealing their wireless internets to make this post.

Their internets are internetly-retarded cause half the sites I try and go to are blocked... including slurrey. So I can post to my own site, I just can't see it.

I'm trying to get the the radio show working but the wireless keeps cutting out.... so I don't know if there'll be a slurrey show live from Future Shop tonight...

It is SO fucking cold....

If the slurrey show doesn't work, I will update my site hourly!
Newxt update soon..... god this is retarded.

Monday, November 13, 2006


This thursday, I will be CAMPING OUT in front of a best buy location to wait in line for a PS3. Thursday also happens to be the day of THE SLURREY SHOW.

Normally I would just cancel the show, but I found out I can use the wireless internet at best buy to broadcast the show!

That means,


So if you're smart enough to not be doing something as stupid as camping out in front of a store, then you can listen to people who are!!!

There will be lots of slurrey folk visiting and making guest appearances on the show, plus PS3 fanboy interviews, commentary on how retarded this is, and much more. It will be cold, miserable, and awesome, and you can catch all the excitement on from 9-11 pm PST thursday!

Best part is, Playstation 3 comes out on my birthday ;)

If you want to join us on the slurrey show, just send me a message on msn or email me and I'll give you the info!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I got my car back again, and they said they fixed the water leak! It's one of those things though, it takes a while to find out if the problem is actually fixed. Bwargh!

Next friday, the 17th, is my birthday.
The PLAYSTATION 3 comes out on that day.

I will be CAMPING in front of a store for almost 20 hours, in the freezing cold, to get my hands on a PS3. If I don't freeze to death in the process, I will sell it for triple the money!

Cause really.... no current PS3 games grab my interest right now. And I might as well make a few bucks in the process! I'll need the money, as I'm going to school for 2nd year electrical in January.

Time to get ready for THE SLURREY SHOW tonight! Tune in, it'll be grood :)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Remember when that tire flew off some truck and hit the back end of my parked car?

Remember how I had to wait a month to get it fixed, and it took 2 weeks to fix?

Well.... now I have to take it in again, because it's not as "fixed" as I thought it was. See, now with this friggin biblical rainfall we've been having, aka the 3 day long vertical tsunami, it seems that damn near half of it has somehow been getting into my trunk. And from my trunk, it has been seeping into the floor of my car.

This is lame.

So tomorrow I have to give them my car to get that all fixed and cleaned out. And I don't get a courtesy car this time... nooo. I have to drive the VAN for a few days. Yes the very same van that likes to strand me places. I positively sure you could replace the engine in that thing with a retarded chimpanzee and still get better reliability and performance out of it.


This awesome site can best be though of as a spoof of wikipedia, where you can look up anything, and have it made fun of:


"Citizens of Canadia are often referred to as "Canadians," "Canadianans," "Canadiananalists," "Mother Canuckers" or "Ice Niggers,"."


- Vaginas often contain centipedes or sand.
- Most cunts smell like Kid Cuisine fishsticks.
- Asian vaginas are sideways. It's in the Bible.


"The Internet is a series of tubes, once used to transfer information worldwide but now used only to spread porn. "

"Computers talk like this:

People talk like this
"LOLLERCOASTER!!!! ^_________________^ ASL"

Neither one makes any sense but sometimes the computers replace the ONE ZERO stuff with BEEPS and BOOPS like on non-cable modems (the phone kind, aka dial-up). Because that travels over speech wires. Cable Modems are faster because they travel over TV. The scrolling stuff at the bottom of CNN Headline News is fast like a cable modem."