Wednesday, December 20, 2006

5 days till Christmas!
Notice how I said "CHRISTMAS" and not "HOLIDAY". If you're such a tightass that you shit at an atomic level and you think the term Christmas is offensive, you deserve to be offended!

Damn political correctness out of control. This is what happens when advances in technology make it too easy for unfit people to survive and breed in today's world. It's not "survival of the fittest" anymore, and that's probably why the gene pool is closed due to contamination.

So 5 days till CHRISTMAS!!!
That means 4 days till christmas shopping..... I guess I ain't doin a good job of keeping the pool clean either!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Coming soon: The TRUTH about Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility. Yeah, it's not as traumatizing to the eyes as the PS3's glitch, but it's still something that videophiles like me will notice. Two words: SCREEN TEARING.

So yeah, my PS3 video has gotten almost 600,000 views so far, and briefly reached the #2 spot on youtube for popularity. Also, it has spawned news articles on sites such as ZDnet, Joystiq, PS3scene, and a few million non-english gaming sites you english speaking people wouldn't care about.

In other non-videogame-nerd news, we finished work at SFU and now I'm working 5 minutes from my house! The time and gas I'm saving is mind blowing... I can sleep in till 6:30 am AND I would only have to fill my tank once every 2 weeks!

Too bad this won't last as I start school in a week and a half.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Today is what one would call a rather "shitty day".
No, I don't have diarrhea. Though... I probably rather would :P

You see, this shitty day.. or even week.. consists of a specific type of shit, namely bull. With a surprising variety of sources!

Ah well, shit happens to everyone, it's how they choose to deal with it that really matters. Wish everyone was as good at dealing with bullshit as I am, then other people's bullshit wouldn't spill into my life :)

Keep it real, fuckers!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Goddamn I'm tired.
Goddamn I'm tired, I'm so tired that I had a dream about writing this post and then I woke up while writing this post.

Goddamn people, I AM TIRED!
You know, when I pay an obscene amount of money for a video game system, I sort of expect it to work properly.

When I bought my PS3, it seemed to work alright. It played PS3 games just fine. Blu-ray movies worked like a dream. A dream that shattered when I inserted a Playstation 2 game into my Playstation 3's front vaginal opening.

When you play your PS1 or PS2 games on your PS3, they end up looking like someone peed, shat, and vomited all over them. Multiple times. Then ran the resulting mess through a shredder while setting it on fire. And jizzing on it to put it out.

You see the PS3 resizes the video output of PS1 and PS2 games at a low resolution without filtering, causing distortion and jaggies ON TOP OF JAGGIES. This occurs no matter what type of TV of video cable you use, though the problem is harder to notice on non-HDTV's and composite cables. It's also harder to notice if you're a sony fanboy doing whatever you can to deny your systems flaws.

I WANT Sony to fix this issue, and theoretically it would be quite easy to work it into a firmware update. Will they? Not unless enough people bitch about this to them.

So anyways I was sick of all these firmware updates coming out and not fixing fuck all. So I made a video detailing the problem, and boy is it ever popular! Check it out:

At the time of this posting, it has been viewed over 146,000 times, gotten 600 comments and received 16 honors:

#5 - Most Viewed (Today) - All
#1 - Most Viewed (Today) - Video Games - All
#5 - Most Viewed (Today) - English
#1 - Most Viewed (Today) - Video Games - English
#4 - Top Rated (Today) - All
#1 - Top Rated (Today) - Video Games - All
#4 - Top Rated (Today) - English
#1 - Top Rated (Today) - Video Games - English
#4 - Most Discussed (Today) - All
#1 - Most Discussed (Today) - Video Games - All
#4 - Most Discussed (Today) - English
#1 - Most Discussed (Today) - Video Games - English
#16 - Top Favorites (Today) - All
#2 - Top Favorites (Today) - Video Games - All
#15 - Top Favorites (Today) - English
#2 - Top Favorites (Today) - Video Games - English

It has also been linked on countless sites, and is spreading like wildfire right now!
Mission accomplished. Maybe now Sony will find it worth it to fix this epic fuckup.

With the popularity of this video, large masses of what is known as "fanboys" are attracted to it like flies on shit. Whether they are Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo fanboys, they fiercly and blindly defend their systems.... wielding a mouse pointer to hit "Post Comment" buttons with, they battle with each other on such an intellectually low level that it is near incomprehensible to the average human mind.

Fanboys brains work differently than a normal person's. When they put words together, usually numbers are involved. Eg, "l33t, h4ck3d" etc, possibly due to not knowing the full extent of the alphabet. Sentences constructed by a fanboy are usually padded with LOLs, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'s, 1111111's, or any combination of the above. They also show complete disregard for any grammar structure, or periods, commas, or even spaces.

That being said, it may make it easier for you to understand some of the comments I am about to post. Try to mentally revert yourself to the maturity level of an 8 year old when reading these, and it'll be even simpler yet.

chaingangricky (3 minutes ago)
F**** u you dont know notting it makes i look way better

It makes you look way better? Sorry to burst your bubble but you just made yourself look like an idiot with those legendary spelling skills.

Meko5 (3 minutes ago)
liek teh PS2 teh ownz PS3 HhHAhHAaHha!!!

PS3 iz teh sukz OMGZ!!

+5 points for the "OMGZ"

liverlad (7 minutes ago)
Here's an idea.... why doesn't the guy who made this video make a video of himself killing himself and let his friend, that's assuming he has any real friends - which I doubt judging by this stupid video - to put it on here, so we can all laugh at him dying. Next, why don't all the stupid fanboy queers fuck off and get a real life? You know, go out and actually make some real friends and get off the shitty computer for a while.

What a waste of perfectly good grammar on an idiotic post :P

15HighFlyer15 (11 minutes ago)
You FINALLY get the PS3 and what do you do???
Play PS1/PS2 games.. I just NEED to know.. How STUPID are you..?

How stupid am I for using a feature that's advertised by the PS3? Well I think you're beating me by a longshot.

Vwall2006 (50 minutes ago)
nigggers all niggers , why back in the day you all would be hung upside down with corks in your asses...look a nigger hes a nigger fuck all you of you for your ps2 games on ps2 don't be a fucking pussy flipper with std's

I have to give this guy kudos for that comma hidden somewhere in that long example of retardation.

joelbrn (1 hour ago)
THIS IS A LIE WHAT A RETARD THING TO POST ITS JUS A FUCKING LIE and i have ps3 which is batter than the XBOX360 OR Wii

I have spelling skills which are batter than yours.

ziggy775 (4 hours ago)
wow there gay ps3 kickes the x box 360's ass man fuck x box

^This post brought to you by all 3 of his brain cells.

iBegToDiffer (3 hours ago)
Are you effin retarded? If you have a ps2 game avaiable to play on your ps3 than that obviously means that YOU HAVE A PS2 IN THE FIRST PLACE so why the hell are you using your ps3 to play them on? You douche.

I'm a douche for wanting to play my older games on my new system rather than going through the hassle of hooking up my old one. Ah logic, I miss you.

Reborner (2 hours ago)
doesnt the ps3 have a blue ray instead of the red doesnt that affect the graphic?

Mikeysama (1 hour ago)
... that doesn't make any sense. All that changes is how the PS3 reads data. PS3 games require a more precise sort of laser to be read due to the media. The laser has absolutely nothing to do with the graphics. Thats like saying an mp3 file burned to a cd sounds worse than an mp3 burned to a DVD. Its nonsense.


Demspoopwecleanitup (42 minutes ago)
the girl on the video is hot. She's backwards compatible if you know what I mean. Hehe. I'd like to PS her 3, if you know where I'm coming from. Haha. I'd like to update her software with my firmware if you know what I'm saying. haha ok that's enough.

BT09 (34 minutes ago)
your fucked up you stupid piece of shit its a fucking video game animation

and her name is yuna

you stupid nigger

if you fucking like her that much you can probably go find some porn of her to whack off to because the way your talking you aint ever goina get laid stupid animation loving pervert


rayalan13 (1 minute ago)
wut a noob, the graphics difference isnt that obvious idiot, and theres no way we can tell the difference (if there is any) on youtube

I suggest you invest in some glasses, and possibly an IQ test. You may be eligible for disability benefits from the government.

That's all I have for now, but check back later as I will be posting the most entertaining comments I've gotten on my youtube page!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

It's great having a girlfriend who sometimes sends you porn links.

Hell, even if these porn links are somewhat questionable.


Yes. Questionable.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

So I work at SFU. It's a renovation of a fancy building which is going to have robotics labs and whatnot, so everything there is kinda high tech. Or something.

It has this neat toilet, which flushes automatically, so you don't have to touch anything that someone else touched after touching their gonads.

Yes, whenever I go to use it, it flushes automatically all right.... before I take a piss.

Artificial intelligence. If robots are supposed to take over mankind... well I wouldn't start worrying just yet.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

GAH I have a new gaping wound! This time on my other hand!

I was cutting a half inch pipe and the hacksaw slipped and cut the skin between my thumb and index finger. The result was a meaty mess that I couldn't quite figure out. It was a small but ridiculously deep incision, because the skin was folded when the hacksaw tore into it.

Now here's the gross part. You may want to skip this if you are a pathetic, gore-fearing pussy :)

There was this chunk of meat hanging where I got the cut. And you all know that when you have a wound involving a hanging chunk, if that hanging chunk doesn't contain any vital organ or anything, you gotta cut it off. It's instinct. Damn thing will never heal with a friggin meaty thing always hanging and moving around.

So I tried to grab it and tear it off. OWWW OWW OWWWWW!!!! Apparently it was still connected to some nerves or something. I would have to give it a quick yank. OWWW FUCK!!!! It's all slippery with all the blood coming out so it slipped out as I pulled on it! Lemme try again...

HOLY FUCK MOTHER OF CHRIST AAAGGHHHH THE PAIN!!! This wasn't working.... I would need to use something to pull it off. I was wearing my tool belt, so I looked for any suitable tools in it.

First up, the needlenose pliers. I pinched chunky with the ends and tried to pull it off..... but the needlenose pliers just crushed the chunk of meat and cause me a lot of pain in the process. Well that was dumb.

Up next, was the side cutters! I took them and put them around the meaty hanging piece, and snip Owwww holy fuck it worked!! It only started bleeding twice as much but now it could heal a lot faster! I went and washed it out thoroughly, put a bandaid on it, and went back to work.

That's my story!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Update from the weekend!

Friday was boring as fuck, due to people not knowing how to use their cellular phones. I ended up watching paint dry, then peeling it off and eating it. It wasn't the yummy lead kind :(

Saturday was a whole new level of awesome though. For the first time in years, I got a birthday cake! Jess calls me up and tells me to go to Tracy's cause they were getting me a cake! Outta nowhere! I was like whaaat! Awesome!!!!

We went to dairy queen and got an ice cream cake, and had enough icing put on it to give someone diabetes 12 times over! Then went back and ate it and it was damn good. I've come to the conclusion that I've got some pretty rad friends!!

We ended up parting ways, I was gonna go to Ashleighs and they headed off to some party type thing in Vancouver. The original plan was a few of us go to Ashleigh's, get sorta drunk, and film a movie about zombies!!!! ZOMBIES!!!!

So I met up with Chad and Eric, and we picked up Valzilla at the skytrain, and went to Ash's house. We get there, and Matt and Justin are playing cards. Everything was calm and quiet so far.

Andrew and Lena show up and we kinda start talking about the movie. Then Jess, Tracy, and Shannon end up coming too.... turns out they didn't make it to vancouver after all. Dave and Dave show up, along with Jessica, and at that point it looked like this little gathering may be turning into a party!

A fair bit of people ended up showing up that night, though it was never too crowded cause as more people came others left.... like when Andrew and like 6 other people (including my girlfriend) took off to RICHMOND for sushi!!!!! Way to miss the best 3 hours of the party!

We still tried to make a movie... or at least come up with ideas for it, but in the end we were all either too drunk, lazy, or tired to film anything. Alternate video footage WAS captured though, and it is pretty hilarious. Youtube will be blessed with it in the coming days.


That's aboot it really.