Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sup assholes, it's been awhile.

Stuff has been keeping me busy lately so I haven't had much time to update this thing. School's coming to an end and I gotta restudy all the shit I've learned the past 2 months for the final, and that's not gonna be fun. Trying to cram all that information in my head will be similar in nature to a horse trying to cram its dick in a poodle's ass.

The weekend was pretty good, there were 2 parties (well... technically 3), and I got pics from all of them right here:


We partied at Erin's on friday, and then Chad's on saturday. Chad's party was tragically cut short so me and Vuvvito drove Ash home and then got some dinner. On the way back from dropping her off I stopped off at Kyle's party for a bit, and then was gonna go to Chad's but was told nothing was really happening there. Still an alright night.

On Sunday I bought a mini-PC I can install in my car. It's a VIA C3-something-or-other running at 800 MHZ. Fast enough to run GPS and engine ODBII scanning software, and even DVD's and winamp. All I need is a better case for it (the current case has a HOLE cut into it for the DVD drive to stick out... it's so ghetto) and an LCD touchscreen!

How much did I buy it for? $80.
How much does a similar CarPC/carputer cost if you buy it off the internets? At least $250.
Thrifty, I am.

Fuck, I really don't want to do this 27648 page assignment. It would be easier to do if it didn't feel like I've been working it for 2 eternities. Jesus this is overkill!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I've been making a few improvements to this site, as you probably haven't noticed. You see those two new links on the left menu that you can't click? No I didn't put them there just to torture you. Though I'm willing to bet some of the lower life forms visiting this site (by searching for "teeny boper blowjobs" on google) will spend at least half an hour trying to click them and get somewhere.

As I was saying.... I am putting 2 new sections up! One is for the Slurrey Show, which will have show info, podcasts, etc. You'll be able to tune in to the radio station that streams the old shows from there too!

Hell, you can tune in right now!

The other section is the "upcoming events" section. For the imbeciles that need it explained to them, it's going to be a page about planned events coming soon, such as going to see the movie "300" in a ridiculously large group, and the big summer camping trip too!

Now I'm going to try and go to bed, and get some sleep (which is usually the point of going to bed, unless there is a hot girl in it). Lately though me going to bed doesn't necessarily mean I get any sleeping done. Apparently my body prefers to sleep in class rather than my own bed.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Someone keeps turning the heat up in this classroom... I feel like I'm slowly evaporating! Combine that with how my instructor apparently doesn't like natural light and keeps closing the blinds, and it makes the classroom not a very fun place to learn stuff in! Unless you're... either a cactus or a vampire I guess. Blurrgh.

What's with all the fucking potholes everywhere? I can barely drive down any one street without fearing I'm gonna fall into the center of the earth! That's probably how my tire got ruined a few weeks back.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Remember that turd of a laptop hard drive I was talking about a couple of posts back? It somehow fixed itself. I just left the laptop running in its sad little corner, contiously trying to boot into windows over and over again. And eventually it did!!! Even though diagnostic tests showed the hard drive was fried!

Fucking computers, I'll never understand why they do some of the weird shit they do...

So today on the patullo bridge a big fucking semi almost hit my car! It's bad enough these huge pieces of shit are way too big for the bridge, but when you have a complete fuckin retard piloting it... ARGH.

Anyways as you drive up the bridge it kinda turns to the right.... well this truck was right beside me (I was on the left) and as we were going around the curve it just keeps going straight into my lane and almost into my car with no warning whatsoever!! It coulda pushed me into oncoming traffic! It scared the shit outta me!!! Seriously!! Like... the shit was scared out of me so hard that it ripped through my pants, through the seat, shot down through the bridge and the fraser river, and embedded itself 5 km into the earth's crust.

Lots of people die on this bridge every year. But it isn't the bridge that's dangerous... anyone with even half a brain could drive over it safely with no problems at all. It's the other single-digit-IQ mongoloids (who knows how they were even handed a licence) that put other peoples lives at risk with their piss poor driving.

Fuckin... you'd think them jackasses would drive more carefully, when constantly hearing about how many of their kind get into accidents there.

I love ranting about stupid drivers. Cause there's so many of them!!! Sometimes I wish I had a rocket launcher mounted on my car.

In other news.. (in case hearing about my near death experience wasn't entertaining enough)..


Well at least now her head matches her severly depreciated cooter. Which also has pictures of it all over the internets. I dunno why... I mean it's just any other pussy. What makes it so special being attatched to Britney Spears, if anything that fact would lower its value.

And don't even get me started on Lindsay Lohan's... whatever the fuck that thing is. What's wrong with it?!!? Did it get attacked by a shark or something??

Sunday, February 18, 2007

So my girlfriend got a new job, and is making more money than me!
My ego dropped faster than an erect penis exposed to Simple Plan's music.

That's alright though, it'll only last until I get another raise :)

So friday we went out to Montana's in langley for Tracy's birthday! The food there was excellent! I didn't care too much for the propane heater above me that was melting my face off, but whatever! It was grood times.

Saturday night was David's party, and it reached a level of awesomeness only exceeded by his new years party.

So check out the pics, they are friggin awesome:


You'll probably notice that the pics load faster, and the URL for the page isn't 3786431 letters long. That's because they are hosted on my current host, instead of my home computer now. I have tons of gigs of free space on here, so I might as well make some use of it!

Now I gotta go study for a test on... light bulbs. Year 2 at electrical school and I have to memorize lightbulb SHAPES! Whoohoo.

Friday, February 16, 2007

It's been a busy past week, with all the birthdays and stuff, not to mention valentines day/me and El Valito's 4 year anniversary (holy shit!).

So I haven't posted in a while, due to the fact I spent most of my time running around trying to find a gift for our anniversary. And no not just any gift, it had to outdo all the previous gifts I had given her for the past anniversaries! In the end I finally found something, but I'm REALLY not looking forward to having to outdo it next year :(

In other news, my main laptop seems to have unrecoverable disk error. What a piece of shit... I'm never buying an IBM thinkpad again. The first battery that it came with was awesome, it lasted a good 3 hours! Then out of nowhere, its charge capacity dropped to 5 minutes!!!

I'm bloody serious, if you unplugged the damn thing it would start beeping saying the battery was too low! I dunno if I'd still call it a laptop if I had to be tethered to the wall with a power cord wherever I took the fucking thing.

Then IBM sent me a replacement battery for free, which was even better cause this one lasted for 4 hours!!!! For about 6 months, till it suddenly conked out like the prevous battery I had. Fuck, what does IBM make their batteries out of? Recycled monkey feces? I almost wanna bust one open to see if there's anything actually battery-related inside. Fuck I'm even hesitant to call the damn thing a power source.... it takes an hour to charge it and it only lasts 5 minutes!

What an epic failure.

And now the hard drive offed itself. Thank you IBM, your laptops are made of suck and fail.

Thursday, February 08, 2007


So yesterday I went and got a Shaw HDTV terminal for my room. I get something like 400 channels (though a lot of them are in french so they don't count).

Now the thing is, out of those 400 channels.... only like 20 of them are in high definition. And out of those 20 channels, half the stuff playing on them isn't even in high definition!

But when a high definition show comes on, you'll never want to watch regular TV again. Yeah shaw hdtv isn't as high quality as HD-DVD or blu-ray movies, who'd expect that kind of bandwidth over cable lines anyways.

So last night I watched the season premiere of LOST in high definition and the picture quality resulted in me having to wash my pants (and the floor... and the ceiling...). I fucking love that show so much that seeing it in HD was a near religious experience for me!

I'll review the shaw HDTV terminal later, maybe even on video.

LISTEN TO THE SLURREY SHOW TONIGHT!!! Or the feeling of FAIL that you'll feel if you miss it may cause a minimum week-long depression!

Monday, February 05, 2007

For some reason, the commenting system on slurrey is all fuckerred up.
Just thought I'd let all you readers know, in case you haven't noticed it already.

EDIT: Oh wait... this post is fine? What the fuck?! :S
I'm so tired, the keyboard in front of me looks like it would make a great pillow.

So you'd think that after I studied for 7264283746 hours straight yesterday that I'd be tired enough to get a full night's sleep.

I woke up at 3 am and couldn't go back to sleep. It was pissing me off, cause I knew I had a test in the morning! And being so pissed of at not being able to sleep made it so much harder to fall asleep.

So I said fuck it, I'll just head to BCIT and get some more studying done. I got here at 5 am. And studied for 2 and a half hours before the test.

So I wrote the exam in some half asleep state. There were a few unintentional naps in that period too, but luckily I didn't sleep through the whole exam. If there's one thing I'd like to sleep through, it's the next 15 minutes when we get our marks back.

UPDATE: 86%.... hahh not too bad considering the state of mind I was in.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

So I'm studying for my exam on transformers, and I have the transformers theme song stuck in my head. Fuck, I'm retarded or something.

This is one long fucking cat. Click the picture to see the video I made about it!

LOST STARTS IN 3 DAYS!!! I'm so excited I think my pants just ripped.
This post was written with only 4% of my brain capacity left. The rest was burnt away whilst studying for that goddamn exam.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

(Movie Review)

If you're scared of sudden loud noises, then this movie will scare you. If you're not, then this movie will annoy the shit out of you. Why? Cause EVERYTHING that happens in the movie is accompanied by a loud unnecessary sound effect. Even things that aren't supposed to be scary!! Like a change in camera angle!!

Wtf hollywood, stop making these cheap jump-scare tactic formulaic retarded horror movies already. Your damn trailers have already tricked me into seeing enough of these turds, I thought this one was actually going to be good :P

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I am posting this from school cause.... I can!
(This post brought to you by MiKE trying to stay awake in class)