Thursday, June 28, 2007

(and may cause you to involuntarily spunk yourself in the eye)

Tune in, it's the Eric edition, with special guest Val!! We will talk about all sorts of crazy shit! And non-crazy shit too!! See, the show appeals to everyone!!

9 - 11 PM PST!!! Only on

Sooo yea... gotta build up our listeners again after that month long Sechelt-related hiatus!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I love having all this free time, it's so relaxing. I guess it'd be too much to ask for to have some FUCKING SUNSHINE OUTSIDE!!!! Y'know, with it being SUMMER and all. I am so pissed off from being pissed on by the persistent clouds here, that if I could channel all my anger into my groin I could piss directly upward right back into them!

I also love having free time cause when my computer decides to buttfuck itself out of a hard drive (ie: TODAY) because then I actually have the time to fix it! Oh and lucky lucky, anitec is selling 500 gig hard drives for $120! All I had to do was battle my way through rush hour traffic (both ways) to get to vancouver and back, while being half asleep... meanwhile I'm going over the speed limit and some brain-deficient RETARD cuts in front of me with his BOAT of a rustbucket car.... chhhhhrriiiissstttt!

Yesterday was a busy day. Met up with Ash and Tracy in the morning and went to the local pub for lunch, then I met up with el Valito after her work and we chilled out, had quite some fun. I love her new hair, it's fucking HOT. I watched a romantic movie with her too (only cause it had guns and stabbings with shards of glass: Romeo and Juliet). They really should make more romance movies like that, there's something for everyone.

After driving Val home I came back, bummed around on the internets for a bit, then met up with Shannon and drove around randomly till the wee hours of the morning. I guess it wasn't entirely random, we got some timmies and had a top secret stake out! Who knows if it was successful or not, but that'd probably be top secret as well :P

So I think I've discovered that my natural sleeping cycle is from 4 am till noon. That explains why often when I go to bed early I don't fall asleep till 2 or 3 friggin hours later. I wonder how much I could save on electricity if I could harness the power from me tossing and turning half the night. I'm sure if I had a webcam recording me when I got up at 5:45 for work, it would make perfect stock footage for a zombie film.

Let's see how late I can stay up tooonight!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I love it when people attack the stupidity of other people. It makes for a great read.

But I found this article written by TommyV2, and it was one of the greatest things I have ever read on the internet. Thank god for whoever invented reading and writing, because this is one of the greatest results from it!

Check out the article here: A Convenient, Upgraded Truth, and be prepared to read the greatest article about stupid people ever. I love it, hell read this excerpt from it when he talks about "wasting water":

As you can see, 'water' evaporates into the sky into these big things called 'clouds.' Eventually the clouds get too dense and heavy and this water (a type of liquid, chemical compound H2O Source: Wikipedia) comes back down to the ground as something called 'rain.' This rain then goes back into the water (of which the planet is mostly made up of - Source: my dad) and the cycle repeats itself. The law of physics states that matter cannot be created or destroyed, so please tell me how the fuck you created a garden hose that destroys the laws of physics?

You cannot WASTE water. Refer to diagram A. You merely temporarily change where it's residing. Whether it's in your garden or in the lake, it's going to go back up and come down again. You can't change that, pal. You can't destroy it. You can't ruin it. If you choose to pollute it, that's hardly about the water. Whether you pour your automotive coolant sludge into 2 gallons or 20 gallons of water doesn't change anything. The water will evaporate back up and the coolant will not. You're always just polluting the ground in a way. That's not good, but that's not about the water. That just makes you an asshole. It's gotten really out of control I find. On our street, there are certain days (usually alternating days/even or odd house numbers) that you're allowed to use water outdoors. Now why is that? I pay for my water just fine. I use more, I pay more. You can use that profit to make bigger clouds or something. God forbid I have a fire at my house on the 27th of June.

Pure fucking genius. If there is one time I wouldn't care if someone clicked on a link to go to another site, this would be it!

If that wasn't enough, here's ANOTHER article! Now imagine running into GOD on a train and having a deep conversation with him. And you could ask him whatever you wanted and he gave satisfying answers for everything. This article is also an entertaining read, and a bit of a mindfuck too. If there is a god, and that's his story, then the universe would make a bit more sense.

Holy fuck I'm tired!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So I'm playing a game today on my PS3 and when I'm done I eject the disc. The damn disc nearly burns my hands off it's so goddamn hot!

I thought I bought a game console, not a disc toaster. Now I have 3 ways of burning DVD's... with my DVD burner (like most normal non-pyro people do), with my lighter, or with my PS3. Fawk... from now on I'm gonna think twice before putting any of my good movie DVD's in Sony's hot little slit. They's probably be safer in a surrey girl's... I could probably fit my entire DVD collection in there too.

Ohhhhhh snap!

Sunday, June 17, 2007



Tune in and prepare for a return to the airwaves so triumphant that the ground will rumble from the sound of our thousands of fans getting excited in the pants at the same time! I know that is I was a fan of the show and reading this, I'd pop a boner big enough to throw the earth off its axis.

Special guests this week are Karyn Lee, who is moving away to Kingston, Ontario for a year, and Erin (ulovetrouble)!!!

Karyn's going-away party last night was quite a blast! If you missed this party, these JPEGs will show you the magnitude of fun you missed out on:



Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Why do people say they want to take a shit, when they actually intend to do the opposite? Why would I say I'm gonna take something when in fact, I'm gonna leave it behind?

Anyways, I took a shit on the internet, and it's this post!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Well fuck, only 3 days after my "I'll post once a day from now on" post, I stop posting for like... 6 days! What can I say, I don't have much to post about in suck-chelt.

I guess I'll write about the weekend, since the only events that occur in my life that are worth the energy spent on keystrokes occur on friday, saturday, and sunday. Coincidentally when I'm NOT in the middle of nowhere! Woohah.

I spent friday night with el Valito, we went out for dinner and a movie. Nothing much else to write about, as most of the noteworthy events of the night occurred in my bedroom... and she'd kill me if I wrote about that ;)

Saturday I hung out with Mark, Kevin, and Erin. It was trippy times, for more details check out the VIP board soon!

Sunday morning I woke up all out of it, met up with Shannon who was also out of it, and we went down to the flea market! I dunno, the flea market kinda sucked this week, probably cause of the rain scaring most of the people who sell good stuff away. On the way back from there some chick pulled up next to us at a stop light and she was drumming away on her steering wheel........ with actual drum sticks. You'd think she was doing a drum solo for a Strapping Young Lad song the way she was swingin' away... crazy people.

Then we met up with Val and chilled for a while. Met Ash later on and saw Hostel 2.... I give Val mad props for actually going to see that movie cause she HATES gory movies. Apparently I owe her something like seeing a romantic comedy for putting her through that, even thought she loved the movie anyways! Pff it was worth it:


If you liked the first movie, you'll like this one even better. When I first heard they were making a sequel, I thought to myself "oh god another cash grab, they're just gonna rehash the first movie and have 3 chicks instead of 3 guys". Well I was glad I was wrong, cause this movie kicks serious and semi-serious ass. Hell it kicks groins and tits, it takes other horror films and fucks them in the ass with a chainsaw. Which happens to be on fire.

The storyline is x 287209108 better than the first flick, and it's unpredictable. That fact alone sets it apart from most other horror movies, which follow the hollywood horror formula so closely you don't even have to watch them to know what happens. The characters are much more likeable than the first movie (making some of their deaths a lot worse). And you'll notice all the new little details, like how they beefed up the security at the factory so you're wondering the whole time how anyone can escape from there this time.

It's good stuff.

There ya go! I dunno if I have anything else to write about. Facebook? I love the fucking thing, it takes up most of my time on the internet, and trust me when I say I need a lot of time to kill while over here. Gotta love knowing who blocked me on there too! What a bunch of fail. Get over it! Is it really worth the effort, does my existence really bother you that much? I feel kinda honored in a way, to get this kind of response without ever really doing anything.

Honesty, integrity, and treating people right, that'll take me farther than money and elitism ever will. I give a shit about people! I give everyone I meet a chance, perhaps I've given certain people one too many :P

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! Yadda yadda etc..

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

In 50 years, we'll all have computers wrapped around our heads to be wirelessly telepathic! If everyone's brain hasn't already been fried by cellphones by then.

Of course this shit will be run by cell phone companies, which will probably charge 10 cents per brainwave you send to someone. Probably 50 cents if you want to send someone a mental image... or course I'll be paying out my ass for this shit, cause it'd be damn cool.

Don't forget though, the vast majority of people are stupid idiots. Among all the "lolz", "omgz" and "wtfz" being communicated everywhere, spammers will use this technology to their benefit. They'll be able to beam their ads directly into your mind..... imagine "get a bigger penis TODAY!" or "jdsljsdfijfs tramadol oidjfiwej joie" interrupting your thoughts every 3 seconds!

Sounds annoying.. on second thought I think I'd end up being the technology-hating old guy who sticks to getting spammed on computers with actual mice and keyboards.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

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That is today's post. It is so boring here, that the lack of any sensory stimulation has put my mind into a retarded state. However, the above strings of random letters make more sense than the crap in my email inbox. Kinda says a lot about spammers huh? That's what happens when it's too easy for morons to use the internet.

Today I was up in the ceiling putting up pipe, and a fucking giant wolf spider ran towards me and tried to eat my face. I hit it with my pliers.... and the fucking thing survived!! It was like "BRING IT ON, BITCH!" and I did!!! I hit it again and... it disappeared.

How does something that big just find a place to hide?! Spiders piss me off. I mean I know I'm really attractive (commence the lulz) but it shouldn't work on SPIDERS! Cocksuckers.

Fuck I don't know what else to post about. Hey at least this update contained actual words! When I first sat down here the only thing going through my head was "dsfkjiewjoiejfdsknlkdsnf". Good thing the internet (my last link to civilization) was able to jumpstart any mental processes I lost while vegetating on the couch all day!

Till next time, fuckers!

Monday, June 04, 2007


Clicking on the above link not only shows your the pics from Ashleigh's party last weekend, it's got the pics from this weekend as well! That's like..... 2 galleries in one!! is not responsible for you overdosing on awesomeness from viewing all these pictures.

On friday we didn't do much, just had a fire in Ashleigh's back yard. Saturday was BBQ and poker at Tracy's, and sunday me Jess Tracy Amanda Colin and Eric went swimming Cultus lake.

Looks like the geese have tried to claim cultus lake as their territory, cause they marked it quite well. With their shit. There was goose poop everywhere, and walking barefeet through the grass felt like walking through a minefield! I almost would have rather walked through a minefield.

I know I haven't been updating that much lately. Sometimes life kicks you in the balls. The best thing to do is kick it back. I'll try and keep make at least one post a day from now on.