Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The worst part of halloween is picking out a fucking costume!!!! Every year I've had some great ideas, but in the past all my costumes sucked to wear/drink in. There was no way I was wearing a mask again, those things get hot and sweaty inside and you can't see shit, or see shit all. I guess it means the same thing.

Like that one year I went as THE CROW, fuckin... all that makeup on my face felt disgusting!! I would imagine the same feeling if a girl let a guy spunk on her face, smeared it around, and then left it there to cake on dry.

The next year I went as an xbox. Great idea, but having the pointy insides of an xbox cover stab at my organs and having a controller tied to my crotch was a wee bit uncomfortable.

This year I was gonna keep it simple. I was gonna be Doc Brown from Back to the Future, cause he's one of the greatest movie characters ever and it'd be damn easy to pull it off cause I can replicate all of his crazy faces. Plus all I had to wear was a wig, goggles, and a friggin lab coat and it all worked!

Friday night we went to Tracy's for a wee bit of partying. It was a decent turnout, I didn't drink that much till Tracy got me to do 2 big shots of jamaican rum. It was great.

Next day Val and I went over to Kevin and Erin's for their halloween party with Mark, Jessika, and Pearce. It was cool seeing everyone dressed up, and it was cool having a costume that wasn't annoying the fuck outta me! Mark, Pearce and Jess left for some rave, and after the party when I was driving Vuv home, they called and said the rave had been shut down by cops. So we go downtown and pick them up, I drop Vuv off, and we go back to Mark's and stay up all night watching stucco and waving around a plastic skull on a stick. It was funner than it sounds, really!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

So on saturday I went to the BC Lions game with some of my coworkers. Even though I barely know how the fuck football works, it'd still be fun to go!

So like, random things would happen on the field, and people would start cheering! I didn't know what was going on at all, but didn't mind too much cause I just watched the cheerleaders most of the time.

After that I got Valyce and Tracy and we went to One20 for Kyle's birthday. Kyle was like, already hammered so we had to play catchup with a bunch of jagerbombs. It ended up being a fun night!

That's about it really.... narf

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Whooooo! I can't post to my site anymore, apparently blogger forgot how to ftp.

Fuckin thing has more bugs in it than roadkill on a hot sunny day.

Last friday was Shannon's 20th birthday, and what a night that was. I didn't know I could drink that many tequila shots. I didn't know I could actually get REAL hangovers. Aaaaaand I didn't know taxi drivers were crazy ASSHOLES!

The night began like any other standard birthday thanger. Met up with Val, hung out with her for a bit, picked up Tracy and Jess and headed to Shannon's place for some pre-drinkin! Krystal and Eric(h?) were already there and I met them for the first time, they were pretty cool. I didn't do any pre-drinkin, I was gonna save all that for the Blarney Stone.

I made the (probably bad?) decision to get completely fuckin hammered, therefore I would leave my car at Shannon's and rely on cabs/transit. Eventually we get down to there and even though Shannon had made a guest list, we still had to wait in a lineup. The VIP lineup. Which was LONGER than the regular lineup? Haaahahahah.

After what seemed like an entire geological time period, we get in and the drinking commences. This is the point where I stop remembering shit, so again... the rest of the night is what I could reconstruct from looking at the pictures.

It was a crazy good time, I had 11 (!!!) tequila shots that night. Plus a vodka and redbull and a jagerbomb. I was fuckin blasted! GARGAFARGALARGLLGGLdfkdslfasldkasd etc etc.

We all bought drinks for Shannywack too, you know someone's drunk enough for their bday when they can't spell their own name!

A bunch of people left to catch the last skytrain home (probably the smart thing to do!). We stayed and met with a bunch of Shannon's friends from work, and wandered around downtown. Val and Sara took a cab back to their places, since they live in Vancouver anyways. The rest of us were gonna take the nightbus back, but that didn't work out. Why, I haven't a clue, it's all a blur.

The one thing I DO remember is we stopped to get pizza, and I was so drunk that I just gave the dude the last $5 on me and was like "what can I get with this much??". I think he gave me 2 slices and a coke.

We missed the nightbus, so we wandered around downtown some more and tried to get a cab. 2 problems with that... one being that there were 5 of us, and the other..... cab drivers are greedy assholes and want to stick around downtown and make as much money as possible. We ended up being stranded downtown till like 4 or 5 am!! And it was fuckin COLD too.

It's almost the asscrack of dawn and finally we find some cab drivers willing to go back to slurrey. We take 2 cabs back, the guy driving the one me and Shannon got in was a total retard though. He tried to kidnap us or something, and we got ripped off something fierce.

It was good to be back though, waiting another hour for the skytrain to start up would have sucked a variety of balls.

All in all it was a fucking AWESOME night, even being stranded wasn't too bad cause I was too hammered to care. I DID get a killer hangover the next morning, something that hasn't happened to me in YEARS!!

The rest of the weekend was pretty standard. Tracy and Cory had people over on sunday night and lots of drinking was done... mostly by Justin though he threw up pretty good!

Wish I had gotten pics of that :P

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Holy shit/crap/poop I haven't posted here in over a week!
And this post doesn't count either, as it's just me realizing that I haven't updated in a week.