Monday, November 26, 2007

Whoa! Yesterday! Did everyone see that? That bright thing in the sky came out again! It was really bright!

Tracy and I went to willowbrook mall so she could get pants and give Justin a box of Trix! She found pants, we didn't find Justin though!

Later I picked up Vuv and bunch of us went and saw The Mist. Well.... part of it! No one liked it and wanted to leave, so we left and had dinner at BP. I could always just download the movie later anyways :P

Dinner was interesting. A certain someone showed up and barely said a friggin word to me!! Goddamn.... people need to stop being weird. Or at least tell me why they're being weird. I swear this feels like a breakup or something. Uhhh hi we never went out. Did I miss something?

I'm getting excited for december, not cause of christmas or new years or any of that shiaht (though I DO get a week off work). I AM LEGEND comes out in theatres, plus Superbad and Pan's Labyrinth on high-def, and LOST: Season 3 on blu-ray... fuck I'm gonna be broke ass.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Augh my fucking head is KILLING me! Fuck it's been like this the whole week, I've missed like 2 days of work now. Fuckin' bullshit!

A few days ago me Tracy Cory Kaydence and Shannon went up to whistler for the day. Just walked around and looked at stores, the standard dealio. It was interesting.

The way home though.... oh shit. My car stalled like 3 or 4 times on the sea-to-sky. I lose steering when my car stalls. That's not a good thing to happen in that particular area! It was fucking scary! Who can say they saw their life flash before their eyes 3 times in one night??

Fucking car, looks like it's finally time to get it fixed. Fucking headache, making me miss work which means less money which means fixing my car will be less affordable. Which means arhhgh, fuckin shoot me!


Sunday, November 18, 2007


So for the past little while Erin has had a secret birthday surprise for me! And there was no figuring it out either, with horrible hints like "its arms are tired" or "john A macdonald".

She was scheduled to be on this last slurrey show, and ended up bringing the surprise with her: Karyn!!! I was fuckin floored, she flew all the way from Kingston, Ont. to be here!!! And had to somehow stay hidden as to not spoil the surprise! Goddamn how many people have friends who will fly across the country to not miss their bday party??

Other stuff I got from people:
- Scanguage II from Vuv
- Raving Rabbit stuffed animal MADE by Susan! AWESOME
- Funny card from Brendan
- Lightsaber from Pearce
- Bottle of tequila from Erin and Karyn
- Bottle of Jager from Kyle

Yeah last night I had my birthday party, and it was once again legendary as always. I styled my hair all vertical like, indicating that this wasn't gonna be no ordinary fuckin' party. Even though I don't remember most of last night, lots of stuff happened that will be talked about years from now?

First things first, I had to get some food for the party. The greatest thing about my birthday parties is the amount of munchies always there! This year was no different... in fact I bought way more food than last year. I spent like $150 bucks!!!!!

As people started pouring in I did jager bombs, I finished almost the entire bottle of jager and then moved on to the bottle of tequila Karyn and Erin had got for me! I drank a little faster than I should have and started getting sick... coupled with the fact someone I was good friends with didn't want to come... the night started going downhill fast!

I realized I had to puke. I didn't want to this early in the night, plus I NEVER fucking puke! Alcohol never defeats me, I say. I take a walk a bit up the street and I feel it coming.

What happened next was both the grossest and most badass thing I've ever done. I held the puke in my mouth (a little still shot out) and then fucking swallowed it again.

Me: 1
Alcohol: 0

Although feeling somewhat proud of myself the night could only go uphill from there, and it shure did. Shannon did end up coming, which was a total surprise. We went for a walk and talked about... can't really remember but I do know we worked shit out and everything's all peachy-fuckin-keen again!! After like a month or so of things being weird it was rad for everything to be normal again.

We were only gone for half an hour but it turned out a lot happened at the party... like a street war almost starting cause a bunch of guys in a car tried to get Jess to go in it, and my brother telling them to fuck off, then them circling around and throwing a slurpee at him, prompting like half the party to run outside looking for them... then Jess threw up in my brother's room! Wow.

It also dawned on moi that a lot of people had missed my birthday! Like at least 10 people didn't show up... that's ok though, almost 40 people showed up :P

The rest of the night was more of a blur, the last of everyone left probably around 4 am. A bit earlier than most bday parties... but when you look at how many people puked last night, it makes sense!

Me and Vuv woke up the next day, and I had something I hadn't had in a while.... a hangover.

Me: 1
Alcohol: 389328198 (that's what it felt like)

I love birthdays!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


- Went to a concert
- Bought the smallest computer EVER
- Went indoor rock climbing
- Had a fire in abbotsford
- Got stranded in a McDonalds parking lot

Yes, the long weekend was packed with shit I did without being too shitty!

Friday night me and El Voolito went to the HIM concert. The opening band (Bleeding Through) was also fuckin fantastic, but HIM rocked the place. We were pretty close to the speakers too so my ears bled happiness.

Next day I bought a micro pc. It's a Sony VAIO VGN-UX380CN!!! The thing is fucking TINY, and powerful.

It currently retails for over $2000 new in stores.
I bought it near-brand-new for $900.

So fuckin.... this thing has a touchscreen, 40 gig hard drive, fingerprint scanner (it's how you log into windows vista!), 2 built-in webcams, wifi, bluetooth, a docking station, etc. It's a real piece of work, I love it more than my future children.

After I picked up the microPC, I met up with Eric, Marta, Vanessa, Karbomb, Steph, her boyfriend, etc and we went indoor rock climbing!! That was quite fun, then we picked up Kevin and went up to Eric's for a bonfire and youtube video fest. Not too shabby.

Sunday I went to fix Vuv's busted ass computer, I had to install a new hard drive, re-install windows, etc. When I opened the computer case, the amount of dust inside made it seem like the computer had survived the twin towers collapse. My god, I didn't know that much dust could accumulate inside a PC! It even jammed up the case fan!

Sunday night me Tracy Cory Shannon made (poor) plans to go up to Whistler.... at like 8 pm while a windstorm was occurring. (Un?)fortunately plans fell through and even more unfortunately, my car battery suddenly suicided itself in the McDonald's parking lot so I was stranded there for like 2 hours. I didn't want to walk home in the middle of a fucking windstorm! Luckily Shannon came and gave me a jump!

The next day the power was out. The internet was still working though! That's cause I had my cable modem and router hooked up to a UPS, and the micropc I bought still had battery power.

Then the power comes back on, but the internet fucking croaked. FOR THE WHOLE DAY!!
This happens EVERY TIME there's a windstorm!!! Come on SHAW, it can't be the same goddamn tree branch that keeps knocking out power to your servers! Fawk.

That's my post, and no one can probably read it till blogger starts working again. I'd fire off an email to them.... but at the moment I don't really care too much.