Monday, December 31, 2007

Here comes 2008!
I'm always asked if I have any resolutions for the new year. I say of course, mine is 1680 x 1050.

Making new years resolutions is freakin shtupid. If you want to improve yourself, why wait till the end of the year to do it?? Get off your lazy ass and quit procrastinating!

This inspirational post has been brought to you by me finally fixing slurrey.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Thursday, December 27, 2007


On saturday Eric and I went and saw Vanessa sing at the Wired Monk in Vancouver, then went to Mark and Jessika's apartment for a wee bit of partyin! It was fun shtuff, oh yes it was!!

Then on monday I had to do some last minute xmas shoopin'! Jessika came with me and we went to guildford mall, Blockbuster Video and Winners, and I finished xmas shoppin no problem!

I picked up a little something for myself at the mall.... the telus booth was right there so I grabbed myself.... an HTC Touch phone. It was free with a 3 year contract, so why the fuck not! Goodbye Razr, you served me well (considering you're the only phone I hadn't thrown against a wall yet.... then again I'd be scared to anyways, lest it slice through a support beam or something).

I can't believe how awesome this phone is, especially with Telus' unlimited data plan for just $15/mnth.... something like that is unheard of!!!

Other great things you can do with this phone:

- Surf the net
- Use MSN
- Take pics and video
- Weather updates
- Sync your contacts to outlook on your computer
- Voice recorder
- Microsoft Office
- Email Client
- Calendar and Alerts
- MP3 player

Then I hacked the shit out of it and installed way better software, now I can:

- Surfe the net on a GOOD browser (Opera mobile)
- Watch youtube videos (fullscreen) and download them!
- Watch divx movies
- Use a photoshop-like paint program
- Automatically update everyone in my contact lists' photo with their current facebook photo!!!
- Text messages that look like chat windows

The one flaw? It has worse reception than my Razr did, but if you turn off the screen while talking it'll work way better!

So yah later on monday I met up with El Valito and we exchanged presents. I got her a fancy new glass desk, an R4DS flash cartridge, and 3 DVD movies she really wanted. Plus some gross soap candies.

She got me a Garmin Nuvi 250 GPS and The Matrix Ultimate Trilogy on HD-DVD. Fucking AWESOME x AWESOME.

Christmas day was the usual family thang, big dinner and all! It fuckin snowed too! Who's ever heard of a white christmas in Vancouver? It usually rains every christmas.

Boxing day I was gonna go shopping early, but sleep (something I was lacking lately) sounded way better than spending money (something else I've been lacking lately). I went to future shop later on and bought a new PSP Slim, for only $169 they're a great deal.

Later on I went and saw Alien Vs Predator: Requiem with a bunch of people. Calling that movie a piece of shit would be a compliment. At least it wasn't as awful as I thought it was gonna be, but goddamn there were some head-shaking moments in that film!

Fuck how do movies like this get made and Halo doesn't? It's so hard these days to not be exposed to cinematic fecal matter.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Ashleigh threw her annual christmas party, and it was pretty fun. I didn't drink that much but everyone else did, and it led to some entertaining events.


- Jessika will never ride in a trunk again... especially after that speedbump. Ouch :(
- There was tons of food there, rivalling my birthday party!
- I had the worst headache in the world, which started going away when I had an alcoholic beverage. Weeeeeiiirrddd...
- Shannon showed me how slurrey loads "properly" on her HTC Touch phone. I want one even more now, especially seeing that telus doesn't disable the wi-fi like I've heard.
- Kyle showed me his staph infection on both hands, it was pretty badass looking. That shit can kill ya!
- Boobsh! (reaction?)
- Mark scored some rum?
- Cherie went east indian for a bit.
- Slight drama occurred, thank god I barely got out of the crossfire :P

It was a crazy time!!

On sunday I met up with Vuvito and we went and saw Erin's new place. She lives in the same apartments but she now lives in this awesome one bedroom apt! We hung out there, looked around for Kevin's keys, didn't find them, then went and saw I AM LEGEND.


I AM LEGEND is probable not the movie you expected it to be from watching the previews. In fact, half the shit in the previews doesn't even appear in the movie. I'm serious... no Will Smith crying in front of a family photo, no mutant grabbing his dog, no big new york city explosion, no mutant standing beside him ready to chomp half his fucking face off!!

Nope, the first 3/4 of this movie is Will Smith and his dog surviving, with flashbacks to what happened to create the whole mess in the first place. Still though, the movie is really well done, it will still turn some people off though if they're expecting it to be an action movie where he goes around kicking mutant ass.

I can tell someone with a straight face that one of the most emotional scenes in the movie involves Will Smith talking to a mannequinn. And the unforgettable scene with "Fred". Hahahaha fuck, I love it.

If you're religious this movie might stroke you in the right places at the end. And if you're not down with JC you'll probably think "oh c'mon what a lame way to wrap up the plot, fuck you movie!!".

Hopefully they release the extended edition with the supposedly bleaker ending when it comes out on DVD. Errrrrr... high def. I can't watch regular DVD's anymore after seeing blu-ray of HD-DVD... it's like a nearsighted person never wearing glasses again.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Blarghaflargh I've run out of happy lately!
Fuck winter, it's so depressing.
*shakes fist at the earth's natural rotation around the sun*

On sunday Erin, Erik and I went to the flea market! There wasn't much there cause of the craptacular weather though. Afterwards we picked up Val, Eric came over and we watched Superbad:Unrated Edition on blu-ray! It was just as funny as when we saw it back in the theatres...

Afterwards we all had dinner at BP, and then I drove el Valito home!

Gaaaah I'm boreded!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Soooo earlier this week I took my car in to get fixed. I took it in to Canadian Tire.
They fixed everything.... or so I thought.

You see, when I pay $1100 to get my car fixed, only to have even more problems a few days later.... it kinda pisses me off. Especially when this same shit has happened before!!

Like what the fuck assholes, if you're gonna fix my car, do it right the first time!! On friday me and Vuv were heading to her work christmas party when my battery started dying cause the alternator wasn't alternating or whatever the fuck it's supposed to do.

When I first took my car in, they insisted I change my current alternator with a new one cause apparently it wasn't working right.


So yeah we couldn't make it to the christmas party, had to try and make it home to surrey, get to Canadian tire, they say they can't even look at it that night, so go home, and try and figure out how the fuck we're getting to the Vanilla Room without a goddamn vehicle.

Me and Vuv end up taking a taxi there and back, and the next day I had to get car insurance for the spare van which cost me another $50.

Canadian Tire sucks dick, ass, and everything in between (eg, BALLS)

Oh btw,


Not a lot of pics, but it was still fun. I did a lot of pre-drinking, and even more post-drinking. It was Erin M's birthday, and Heather was there too.... I hadn't hung out with her in like almost a year. They were wearing mustaches.

Other than that, not much happened. Shannon went out and got my friggin dream phone, HTC Touch. Think of an iPhone that runs Windows Mobile (pocket pc) and actually lets you install your own shit on it... and it's from Telus too. I think I'll have to pick one up sooner rather than later, my razr battery can't last worth shit these days.

I got Tracy a shot of tequila and she disappeared.... turns out the shot was probably the straw that broke the camel's back. Oops 0:)

After the Vanilla Room, Vuv and I took a cab home and she slept over, cause there was no way to get back to vancouver!


Canadian Tire sucks. I'll prolly add more pics to this gallery if anything else happens this weekend.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Mark had his 25th birthday party at his house last weekend. It started at noon. It was trippy. Stuff was crazy. Everyone had fun. We went to some rave after called "dub forms" or something. The music there raped my ears, in either a good or bad way.... I couldn't tell. All in all, it was a wicked time!!

This weekend was also pretty good. Friday night I went over to Justin's and had some red absinthe, tastes just like the green stuff and gets you wasted almost twice as fast as regular alcohol! It's good shit.

We all hung out, watched some bits and pieces of Anchorman and Tenacious D, more people arrived, Ashleigh got her cell phone jacked, and I can't really remember what else.

Saturday I hung out with El Valito, and it was funfun as always!

Sunday I hung out with Erin and Kevin, we went to Best Buy and then to Ricky's where they bought me breakfast... thanks guys! It was snowing really hard so I came up with the idea to go tobogganing!!!

Jessika had left her cell phone in my car, and I had to go to her and Mark's apartment to give it back to her. Trouble is, there's no way of contacting her at all, cause Mark's buzzer doesn't work. So I stood outside in the cold waiting for someone to let me in there, no one came though. Then I went around back and yelled at their living room window hoping they could hear me, no luck!!! Fuck I was freezing my ass off too!! So I go back around front and ring the office, and they just let me in! No questions asked! Nice security.... not that I was complaining :P

So Mark is there, turns out Jessika went to Tracy's, where I could easily have called and given her her phone! YARGH! But Mark was down for tobogganing! Eric gave me a call to and said he wanted to go!

I go to Tracy's and give Jess her phone, Tracy's down for tobogganing too, and asks if I want to wait for Shannon to get off work so she can come too. I'm like sure and go home to get ready, and wait!

Eric calls and says he can't make it... some semis jacknifed on the freeway and they shut it down! Then Shannon didn't want to drive in so much snow, plus it started raining and it was too late to go, so it looks like tobogganing was cancelled! I went and hung out at Mark's for a bit, and that was Sunday night. Whoooooop?