Tuesday, January 15, 2008


So, it was Rhianna's bday, and the occaision called for some celebration. Of the drunken variety.

At the Blarney Stone....

Historically.... I've never done well at the Blarney Stone. I always get wrecked everytime I go there! Last friday was no exception.

Kyle and I went to scott rd skytrain stn, where I took 3 good swigs of tequila and met up with Kevin and Brad. We head downtown to the Blarney Stone, and meet Shani in the lineup.

When we get in, I got a vodka & red bull and.... that was pretty much the last drink I bought. Kyle kept feeding me endless beers and before you know it I couldn't remember shit!

From what I remember, ummm... _____________.

That's about it. I remember Rhianna passing out for a while, and the girls making out, and meeting one of Rhianna's friends who was greek whose name I had forgotten like 7 times. Then Brad kept saying how I looked like Roberto Luongo.... and then some random chick came up to me saying I was in a band or something?? And tried to get me to go up on the stage.... I ran outside and couldn't find Kyle Kevin or Brad anywhere, so I stumbled around the area eventually running into Kevin.

After the gongshow at the Blarney Stone one would think that the night would end? Nope.... we missed the last skytrain and wandered around downtown. The next 2 hours were packed full of events, from a flying doobie to McDick's to the search for Kyle's wallet (mission failed) to mushroomy ride home on the night bus..... yeah it was fun.

Val Erin and I watched Pan's Labyrinth (on blu-ray) over the weekend, it was beautiful. Wow it's definitely not a kids movie either.... that one sewing scene (you'll know it when you see it) had both the girls hiding from the TV! (Whoa, did you see that?? I pulled a pic from a FUTURE photo gallery!). Anyways yeah it was definitely all I was expecting and even more.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Wow man, I should update this thing more often, now that it works again.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I'm also booking the Hick's Lake group campsite for this summer, due to high demand for a good time. Last year's camping trip was the shit and then some, so naturally more people want to go this year. Stay tuned for more info!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

HEY! It's news story time! Cause I know how all you out there give multiple shits about current events!


Wow.... leaps and advances in technology never cease to baffle me. Imagine going back in time and telling George Orwell that we're jizzing out robots in the future. Imagine the books he would write, oh dear god. Awesome.

So if this whole powered-by-spurm thing works and nanotechnology can be used to cure disease and cancer..... ummm how would it work for women? It's not like they produce sperm, so they'd miss out on the benefits of this recent discovery! Unless it like.... somehow found its way in there.... either orally, vaginally, or anally??


I think the scientists who came up with this plan are either geniuses or have never gotten laid and want an excuse to give someone a cock suppository.


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Well, it's been another year and slurrey's still kickin'!
Of course it would be, I plan on running this goddamn site until the internet is obsolete. Until everyone has wi-fi brain implants and telepathically MSNing and sending porn to each other.

Imagine a future where someone can beam 2girls1cup directly into your mind. We're one year closer to that future!


Pffff new years plans? Who needs them! 5 or 6 parties people may or may not throw? That's good enough plans for us these days!

Me, Vuv, Ash, Matt, David, and Christina had made plans to have dinner at Earl's at 6:30. They didn't take reservations that night, so we get there and are told that it was a 2 and a half hour wait!

WHAT THE FUCK! We just went and ate at Boston Pizza instead.

The two main things that coulda happened were a party at Marko's friend's house, and if that fell through a party at Tracy and Cory's. Murphy's law dictated that both of those plans would fail, and they did :P

Luckily one of Kyle's friends was throwing a party, and invited us. Val and I left BP and went an picked up Erin and Eric, then punched the address of the house into my GPS. It took us through a variety of places.... we got kinda worried when the route started leading us towards bridgeview though :P

We end up in a nice neighborhood by where Brophy lives, and hoooboy... out of all the people we know, we were the first ones at this party. Fuck walking into a party not knowing anyone, we were gonna drink in the car till the rest of our friends arrived!

It didn't take too long for everyone else to show up, we go into the party and there was food and a fooseball table and a PS3, good ingredients for a rockin party.

Alcohol-wise, I was drinking napoleon brandy and chasing it with fireball. Then the brandy started tasting like shit so I stuck to the fireball!

We got drunk and had fun and had a happy new year.... two of them actually, no one knew who's clock was right so we had 2 countdowns. Slurrey style!

All in all it was a good night considering we didn't have plans until like 8 pm!! Doesn't beat last years crazy Dudley party though.... my god that was insane!