Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Hmmmmm I wonder what Dick Cheney is looking at.....

Monday, April 07, 2008

Today I nearly sharted myself. Luckily, I cut the fart short in the last possible millisecond, closing the gate and locking in the outpour of whatever wanted out of there so badly. Thank god for lightning quick reflexes.

This is why I don't like farting. Because in the farting process, the knowledge that the gas expelled may be accompanied by liquid or solid matter is usually aquired late in the sequence of events... in most cases too late. Thus the effect of sharting, when you fart and inadvertently shit your pants (ever so slightly) at the same time.

So my advice is, if you need to vent and don't know what else may come out, don't risk it!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Parts of this slurrey (webcam/forum) will be offline for a while due to the slurrey slerver getting anally fistfucked but some botnet virus!

I went out drinking with Shani and Valyce and a buncha people last night, it was great cause I drank a lot and got a 2 hour hangover that same night!



I noticed I've been slacking with puttin pics on here lately. You've probably noiticed too. That's cause I've been sticking mostly to facebook for posting pics, cause people can actually comment on each picture.... that's totally something slurrey needs!

Now I'm going to post the pic galleries I've been neglecting to link to:

We went up to Eric's jolly good mountain in Abbotsford and blew shit up. Made some mushroom clouds, threw molotov cocktails off the cliff, the usual shit. It was good stuff, and the next day Valyce, Erin, Eric and I went to the sex show. I smelled like burnt plastic there. I also bot 2 things completely sex-unrelated there, a license plate frame and a custom slurrey symbol car sticker.

This was horrible, I took one too many swigs out of my big ole bottle of Jose Cuervo (more like 10 swigs too many) and got a bit too hammered. Rolling around on the bed I apparently knocked Tracy's phone into a bucket of puke, Shannon was the only one there and wasn't 100% sure I did it either. I still paid for it regardless, cause I'm awesome like that. I puked half the night, and dry heaved the other half. Shannon had never seen anyone puke that epically, and Tracy made me a nice breakfast that morning.

A regular party at Dudley's for Dennis' early birthday. I took it easy that night and had a goddamn miniscule bottle of fireball. The party was great, though in the end we had a Life in the ER moment when Jessica got a piece of glass in her foot!

Went and saw some monster trucks, it was alright. I was expecting more fireballs and cars getting busted up, but it was mostly monster trucks driving around in circles jumping over things over and over again. It got repetetive sorta fast. Then we went to the Bourbon and had some fun times. Next day we all hung out with Mya and her kid Chloe, what a cute baby! She even likes to chew on computer cords, finally someone likes the taste of plastic and electricity too.

#186 - FOGGY DEW
I finally managed to coax Erin out on a friday night, we went to the Foggy Dew with everyone and did the drinkin thang again.

We went to the Tree Rock Pub for Tracy's birthday and it was an eventful night. Kelly and Kevin kept on buying me drinks, and well I don't remember most of the night. Roxanne got her shit ripped off or something, and somebody had left her with the bill for everyone's drinks. Kyle helped her out and paid for it though, a hero he is!

I don't remember much of this cause I chugged a fireball bottle and fell asleep.

Just a couple of pics from 2 or 3 slurrey shows, and Dennis's BBQ. The bbq was fun and stuff, and I used a fuckin BIDET for the first time ever. It was a weird experience, but after a lot of thought I decided that yes, bidets are a cool invention. After the BBQ we went to Mark and Jessika's and chilled for a while.

WE GOT DUDLEY HAMMERED. Then we went to Denny's for some grub, which was the same idea everyone else at the Foggy Dew had. Dudley did an epic thing all over Jessica's sweater. "You're lucky I'm stoned or I'd be so mad at you".

#191 - MISC JUNK
Just a bunch of misc pics from a few things we did, I didn't take many pics for a 2 week period because I had gotten my new HI-DEF VIDEO CAMERA (I'll write about it soon), and was mostly using that to document parties and such.

Well that's about it for now....
PS Lookin to change the face of Slurrey soon, we've had the same layout for at least like 6 years!!!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Soooo you were expecting a huge slurrey april fools joke today, were ya??
Welll.... there isn't one! HA!

Happy april fools!

Betcha you didn't see that coming!! What can I say, I gotta keep you guys on your toes.
(Not to mention the fact that I was feeling lazy this year... shhh)

In other news, I may actually start writing here again! Whether or not this is another april fools joke... we'll see!