Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In the future, vehicle engines will be powered by our shit.
No really.
The stuff that comes out of your ass, it will be taking you to the supermarket in 10 years.

You ask how? Well due to high oil demand we need alternatives that are plentiful and easy to harvest. And what is more plentiful than shit and farts?

You have to wonder how the idea came about. Buddy goes to the gas station to fill up on gas, and is so pissed off at paying $1.37/litre that he farts in anger. He remembers how he used to light his farts on fire at college parties, and ponders why the fuck he's emptying his wallet on something that does the same thing as what comes out of his butt for free?

I swear man gas prices are so bad these days, who hasn't considered funneling a coiler into their gas tank?

PS I'll update tslurrey soon with pics! Oh, and I have to disable the message board for now, it's been hijacked by spam bots.
I have to fight spam bots?
Jesus christ it's only 2008 and we're already battling fucking robots.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008



9 - 11 PM ON

It's a Karbomb Edition with another special guest: Trena!

Monday, May 05, 2008

You know what sucks? Fucking driving around here.
It seems as though my vehicle is a magnet for other vehicles. Am I that invisible or something? I drive a pretty big car, so you'd have to be like 47 different kinds of stupid to not see it as you're changing lanes or turning.
Which brings me to a wonderful incident on Scott Rd last week.... I'm driving in the center lane and TWO cars try to merge into me from either side of me, AT THE SAME TIME. A moment of raw unrefined stupidity that probably lost me 30 IQ points just for being there. And I wasn't even driving in Richmond!

Random MSN convo time between me and El Valito.

{*~Sandy Streetcorner~*} says:
It was sooooo warm today ^.^

{*~Sandy Streetcorner~*} says:
*rolls around*

\m/ ( ๏̯͡๏) \m/ says:

\m/ ( ๏̯͡๏) \m/ says:
you're so cute it hurts my nuts <3

{*~Sandy Streetcorner~*} says:
LOL awwwwww, that was the sweetest thing anyone's ever said to me <3
I've been lazy with my posts again, but that's ok.... probably no one reads this except Erin, who loves to point out how barren and lifeless slurrey looks (especially compared to her blog).

This post is gonna be completely random because I just came back from Erin's, and we all know what shenanigans happen on that patio of hers.

I'm thinking of changing the way slurrey looks, but it's not easy anymore. Now instead of simple HTML codes there's shit like "style sheets" and codes have colons and question marks in them. I feel fucking old because I don't know how to make my posts have rainbow text.

So now that the sun has finally come out after like 2 winters in a row, I feel the need to go outside and do something outdoorsy. Like uhhhhh..... fuck. What do people do outdoors these days? Fight dinosaurs? It feels like it's been THAT long since we last had weather decent enough to go outside in.

So I've had my High Definition video camera for a while now and taking it with me wherever I may find something worth filming. Uhhhhhh, so the only worthwhile clips I've taken so far are people headbanging in slow motion, dogs fighting in slow motion, other slow motion stuff, and Mya's baby Chloe acting so cute that if you're a chick, it'll kick you in the ovaries and jumpstart your biological clock. Unfortunately I can't really edit footage yet, as Adobe Premiere CS3 Pro (yeah the latest one) DOES NOT support AVCHD. What the fuck. That's like windows media player not supporting MP3 files.

I'd talk about rising gas prices but that calls for a whole other post, plus the issue pisses me off so much I may cockwhip the computer screen in anger. It's an LCD so I gotta be careful, I remember my old 21" CRT monitor was so sturdy, that thing took many dick punches to the screen, particularly during a blue screen of death, a program crashing and taking an unsaved file with it, or some viciously epic porn. LCD's don't take that shit though.

I fucking love LOLcats.