Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I just jad PRK Laser Eye surgery, and I will be updating this post regularly over the next few days as my eyes heal up.

Day 1:
3 PM:
This is when I got it done. Will actually write about it later, as my vision it blurry as fuck right now. A really blurrey fuck. Like a Bigfoot sex tape.

4 PM:
Getting a ride home, no pain at all, my eyes are so watery that I look like an emo kid who couldn't afford the latest My Chemical Romance CD. I have awesome distance vision but really shitty near vision. I can barely see what I'm typing. Eyes are starting to get a little sensetive to light.

4:30 PM:
Put some lubricating eyedrops in my eyes, gotta keep stuff lubed up. They're starting to sting a little, I think it's time for some shuteye. At 6 PM I take a whole new set of drops.

I turned down the brightness and contrast all the way down on my computer monitors cause they are starting to hurt my face.

5:30 PM
Had a nap. Hard to sleep with some type of verbal apocalypse ocurring outside my room. Eyes still teary like the lead singer of Simple Plan. More sensetive to light, but still only slightly stinging. Every blink feels gross.

6 PM:
Put the 2 hour and 4 hour drops in. The 4 hour ones sting... good thing they're only every 4 hours! Aghk. Eyes are starting to feel dryer than a nun's pussy. From reading other PRK experiences on here this seems a bit early. EWWW I can taste the eyedrops in my mouth, through my eye! Lol what the fuck?

7 PM:
Another nap, then woke up and put more lube eyedrops in. Ran into somewhat of an emergency. There was a fucking eyelash in my eye, stuck next to the contact lens they put in. It felt like my eyeball had a needle sticking out of it. I had to use the tip of my finger to nudge it out, while looking in the mirror with a bright light next to me. It was some ER type shit I was doing.

Everytime I go on here to update it seemd the screen is more and more of a pain to look at.

8:30 PM
Just wooke up from like my 439089234th nap, eyes still feel the same. Sweet! Now I'm just hungry as fuck, so I'm gonna go grab a bite to eat. I'm looking forward to some fresh air as my eyes feel kinda hot right now.

By the way, a miraculous thing has occurred, I've actually been remembering to take all my eyedrops when I'm supposed to!! Eyes, I don't fuck around with them.

DAY 2:

1:30 AM
Went out with Cherie for a bit, got food, went for a drive. Been keeping my eyes closed whenever I can, it's less irritating that way. Still remembering to put the drops in too. No extra pain, but a bit more blurry. Off to bed, will update in morning if I can still see.

6:30 AM
Woke up with super dry and scratchy eyes, it was so bloody hard to put the eyedrops in cause I couldn't stop squinting! Eventually I got them in and went back to sleep.

11:30 AM
Woke up, eyes feeling great! Can't see worth a damn though.

1:30 PM
No pain at all, Cherie drove me to get my follow up, they said I was healing super fast, but tonight might still be really painful. I haven't used the numbing drops at all yet. He put some in though and my eyes felt fucking awesome.

2:30 PM
Back at Cherie's house everything started looking crystal clear, even close-up stuff wasn't too bad for a while.

5:30 PM
Ended up downtown on the beach for a while with Valyce, Cherie, Mark and Pearce. Beach isn't as fun when you can't face the sun and have to cover up your eyes with clothing. My face is prolly the only thing that isn't tanned.

6:30 PM
On the drive home my eyes are starting to hurt. The drops don't help. Nooooooo

8:30 PM
We've dropped everyone off, and stop at Shopper's to get more Refresh Tears. Jesus Christ they are expensive!!! I'm in quite a bit of pain at this point. CHerie drops me off at home and I have a nap.

10 PM
I wake up to eat, my eyes feeling fine. In the middle of eating (I can barely see my food,,, frustrating) my eyes start killing me. It feels like they're too big for my goddamn sockets. So I decide to take a T3, have a Valium, and go to bed. I couldn't fall asleep right away for I gave in and used the numbing drops. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!

8 AM
I wake up, my eyes are feeling AWESOME. I put my drops in and am going back to bed. (After updating this for yesterday)

4:30 PM
Been sleeping most of the day, Eric's gonna be here soon for The Slurrey Show. My vision is really really blurry. A weird kinda blurry. Everything is sharp, except there's like 10 of it, in a circle.

11:30 PM
Driving around with Cherie at night. Traffic lights all look like bubbles. I can barely friggin see! Besides that, no pain or discomfort in my eyes whatsoever. I'm light sensetive though so I still have to wear my sunglasses at night. (insert yet another lame Corey Hart joke here)

DAY 4:
8:30 AM
Woke up and everything is STILL blurry. Durrrr? Still light sensetive too, but it's no problem with shades on, even in the daylight. I have to wear these things everywhere! Durrrr. I got my 72 hour follow-up appointment at 2:20, they're taking out the protective contacts today! YAY

72 hour follow up appointment:
They told me that the blurriness was normal and my eyes are healing pretty awesomely. They took out the contacts and my eyes already felt WAY better. My vision was still fucked up though.


Well here I am updating this post like... 7 or 8 months later. Basically after the last update, my vision was so shitty that typing shit up on the computer was damn near impossible. And my eyes were so sensitive to light that I just said 'fuck it'. It took a few days for my vision to get good enough to be on the computer, but only long enough to check facebook and email quickly and then fuck off. Don't know why my eyes took a while to get better, but now they're damn near 100% and I'm quite happy! Fuck glasses.

Might update this post again, a full year after I had the surgery, to let you guys know if I actually reach 20/20 vision.