Monday, January 17, 2011

So it's 2011 now, and as you can see I have not touched this fucking thing since January 2010. I've been too busy touching other things.

I don't have any hosting for right now, as you need money for that and most of my money is being spent keeping me fed and non-sober. A lifestyle where you do stuff like drive, eat, and avoid homelessness in vancouver is pretty expensive. Yeah, I moved from Surrey to Vancouver a year ago. Some would consider it an upgrade, but sometimes I miss my days of tire fire parties and shopping cart jousting.

(This shopping cart was defective)

I'm actually going to try and update this thing as often as an average human's bowel movements. Why I don't refer to my own.... well let's just say that the quality of my diet is inversely proportional to the money I have to spend on food.


SLURREY said...

I'm testing out the comments. Test test test testivles. Testicles slepped right. Testivles spelled wrong again. Testes!

Anonymous said...

<3 welcome back to internet land

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